Happy Birthday Poems for Pastor

Happy Birthday Poems for Pastor

Pastors devote their lives looking out for other people. They are jewels and should be appreciated. They are known to be the custodians of prayers but you may want to give it back to them on their birthday by sending to them prayers for pastors on their birthdays. Don’t feel awkward if a part of you begins to ask how do you pray for your pastor on their birthdays?

Well, in this section, be it prayers, wishes or messages, I have compressed them all into a poetic nature. Now your messages are going to resemble those books of the Bible. How special! Your pastor is going to appreciate your birthday message and may probably pray for you in return.

Don’t be perturbed on the right birthday messages and poems for your pastor, as I’ve got your back here with these beautiful happy birthday poems for Pastor.

Happy Birthday Pastor Poems

My Pastor, peace like a river,
Pleasures like water,
Greatness that lasts forever,
This is my wish for you.
Happy birthday to you.

Celebrate your pastor’s new age with the best birthday poems for pastor below.

1. Sharp as a razor
Yet, blunt in its operations
Flawlessly delivered and straight to the point
That’s the word of God in your mouth
May your days be crowned in glory
Happy birthday to my Pastor.

2. You have won my heart over
Not with flattery, but with
Action that matches your words
Words cannot describe how I feel
About you being my Pastor
Happy birthday to you.

3. Your birthday has come
A day to examine oneself
You have come through the ages
With Rock of ages as a shield unto you
Happy birthday to my Pastor.

4. The love I have for you
Is not attached to just a day
But on your birthday, we must
Celebrate and rejoice
Because you are an exemplary leader
Happy birthday to my Pastor.

5. Love has its way in the times
It flows through every heart
For a course to show us the way
You are an example of a love passage
Happy birthday to you, Pastor

6. There are many pastors
But you stand out among them all
There are many people we respect
But your son that another level
You are unique in your way
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

7. Dear Pastor,
You are an impeccable leader
Your character is based on your teaching
And the love you display is genuine
Continue to shine
Happy birthday to you.

8. Your birthday is a special one
For you are not just a Pastor but
You have become a father
Continue to rise in influence
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

9. My Pastor,
Blessed be the day you came
You were born to make an impact
And you have been following it
With all zeal and intent.
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

10. My dear Pastor,
How great is the Lord
You were born to touch lives
And mine is one of them
That you have touched amongst
Many other
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

11. Happy birthday to my amiable Pastor
No matter how busy the day maybe
We’ve got you on our minds
Just as you have us on yours every day
Happy birthday to you, dear Pastor
You are a gem.

12. Happy birthday to you, dear Pastor
You are a leader with a true heart
One with whom is love dwells
And expressed to the fullest
Happy birthday to a great man.

13. You are loved because you love
And you do it with the whole of your heart
On your birthday, I call on heaven
To shower you with all blessings
And honour that you deserve
Happy birthday, my Pastor.

14. Happy birthday to you, Pastor
Today is the day to focus on you
You may spend other days with us
But today, you deserve to be showered
With love and care.
It’s your birthday. Cheers.

15. Dear Pastor,
We are indebted to the Almighty
Because he gave you to the world
And we have enjoyed your leader
Because he made you and formed you
And on this day, I say happy birthday.

16. Happy birthday to you, my dear Pastor
You are a shining star
You are a treasure
And today is your birthday
I say a big happy birthday to you.

17. Glory to God on high
For his mercies all these past years
On you and for his kindness
Towards you and your family
We rejoice with you
And wish you a big happy birthday, Pastor.

18. There is time for everything
Time to preach and time to celebrating
This is your birthday, and you’ll be celebrated
For you are the apple of every eye
Happy birthday to you, my Pastor

19. No one can do the things you do
That makes you very special
And as you celebrate your birthday
I wish you a pleasant memory
And a love-filled day
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

20. Birthdays are very special
They are days of joy and celebration
Today is for you, my dear Pastor
And we wish you all the best
Have a great day.

Birthday Poems for my Pastor on His Birthday

My Pastor, many things to say
And many things to celebrate.
In the beauty of all today
I hope the sufficiency of His grace
Will be your poem forever
Happy birthday to you.

21. On your birthday, my dear Pastor
Let the sunshine with intensity
And the breeze blow with love
And the moon reflect for the night
Because you are special
Happy birthday.

22. With birthday come joy and love shared
And within the mood of this celebration
Life is replayed before our very eyes
This moment is special
Happy birthday to you, my Pastor.

23. Your years are swelling in beauty and glory
The best in the days are released unto you
The good things of the years are given unto you
You are special, and so you are
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

24. The calendar is our way of charting
The course of our lives on paper
The diary is also full of dreams and expectation
And on your faithful day, my pastor
When you add another full year
I wish you a happy birthday.

25. Many text messages, many calls
Love shared and showered.
Many wishes flying in the air
And you are at the centre
Happy birthday to you, my Pastor.

26. Happy birthday to the most fabulous pastor
On earth, whose birthday is today.
I pray that the best of your years
Be revealed to you
And you continue to enjoy. Happy birthday.

27. Dear Pastor,
How beautiful is your face today
How pleasant is the day you were born
I celebrate you today, happy birthday
Love you all the way.

28. We celebrate you today
Your life be more beautiful
And your days be longer
Happy birthday to you, dear Pastor.

29. Better days are ahead of you
For your years are crowned with splendour
And your grace becomes greater.
By the reason of this day
May your joy be complete, dear Pastor.

30. Like the diamond in the sky
Like a star in the night
Light the rays of the sun in the day
Like the calmness of the morning river
So, you are on your birthday
Happy birthday to you, dear Pastor.

31. We may look for better days ahead
Without appreciating what is before us
But with your birthday today
I thank God for your life
Happy birthday to you, my Pastor.

32. Like a plane in the sky
Navigating the airspace without stress
Like a knife made to pass through the fire
Slices through butter without difficulty
So shall you be, my pastor
As you celebrate your birthday.

33. Determination is the fundamental of pasturing
Love and patience are the bedrock
Diligence and endurance are the attributes
You have all these in full
On your birthday, I celebrate you
Happy birthday to you.

34. Birthday comes definitely
Though once in a year
But its prints last for long
And when his your day
You savour in it
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

35. Love is the air
Love is shared when one is loved
And loved back.
Today is a day of love
A man of love was born
He is the pastor
Happy birthday to him.

36. every day can be for the members
But today is for you, dear Pastor
For no one can rob you of your joy
The joy of your birthday
Culminating in happiness today
Happy birthday to you.

37. Happy birthday to you
Our dear Pastor and mentor
You have been a light to many
And your light shines with intensity
That cannot be stopped
Enjoy your day.

38. Dear Pastor,
Happy birthday to you
I wish you a life full of love and energy
And a peace that transcends our knowledge
Happy birthday to you.

39. Every day belongs to different people
But today is yours.
I wish you love, peace and joy
And everything that constitutes love
For your day to be made perfect
Happy birthday to you, Pastor.

40. A pastor is one in charge of a congregation
Yours is an example of a good pastor
And on your birthday
The trumpets of your birthday must sound
To the sky, we go
Happy birthday to you.

Religious Birthday Poems for Lady Pastor

My dear beautiful pastor.
You taught me not to be religious
But to be spiritual
And today on your birthday,
I have this poem to send to you,
wishing you blessed dawn.
Happy birthday to you, my lady pastor.

41. Our Lady,
You are a leader of unique characteristics
You are beautiful and loving
Happy birthday to you
Congratulations to you.

42. From the deepest part of our hearts
Comes the wellspring of life
Guarding it with all diligence
Becomes our duty
You are the epitome of such teaching
Our lady pastor, happy birthday to you.

43. Perfection is a difficult task
But with you, it is a routine
Because you are rich in good works
And on your birthday, we remember them all
And wish you a happy birthday, our lady Pastor.

44. Combining the beautiful attributes of the two:
A pastor and a virtuous woman
Has brought out the excellent nature of your character
And on your special day
Who wouldn’t want to be associated with success?
Happy birthday to you, ma.

45. You are unique wherever you go
Your words alone soothe the brokenhearted
You do the work of the gospel with all beauty
And matching it with the gentlewoman nature
You are highly celebrated today, our Pastor
Happy birthday to you.

46. Responsibility is one thing everyone runs from
But you don’t shy away from it
As a lady Pastor, you have singled out yourself
Because your hard work is seen by all
And your tenacity cannot be underestimated
Happy birthday to you.

47. Dear Lady Pastor,
You bring so much light and joy to mankind
You are a grace personified
God bless the day I met you
And today, I wish you many beautiful things
Happy birthday, top you.

48. Thanksgiving be unto God for your life
You have made heaven and earth proud
You are an ambassador of Christ
And we celebrate your special day
You deserve all the accolades
Happy birthday to you, Lady Pastor

49. Goodness oozes out from the life of peacemakers
The scripture even affirms their blessedness
Today, we remember you, our Lady Pastor
And share in the joy of your birthday
May it be a permanent one
Happy birthday to you.

50. Birthdays are for everyone
Though it comes once a year
The moments are relived and cherished
I celebrate and share in your joy today
May your smile continue to radiate
Happy birthday to our Lady Pastor.

Even it is for a single day in a year, celebrate and pray for your pastor and make the day a memorable one. It is permitted to have more than one pastor. You are also free to send as many beautiful happy birthday poems to Pastor.

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