Happy Birthday Wishes for Adopted Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for Adopted Son

Every child, whether they’re adopted or yours biologically, is a blessing in their own way. There’s so much that comes with the arrival of a child into a home; plenty of positive vibes and ecstatic aura and this is because children bring so much joy and fun with the pure innocence that they carry about.

Male or female, every child is a treasure and they deserve to be treated so. That’s why, if you have made that bold decision to adopt and bring in any of these amazing humans into your home and life, you should be ready to showcase all of the love and affection in your heart, for them.

Children are quite sensitive, adopted children are hypersensitive. No matter where they’re coming from, some of them have been through several adoption processes that now, they are always so cautious of their new environment. This is one of the reasons you should make them feel so at ease and very comfortable with you. Make them feel so loved and appreciated and watch them open up all of that juvenile affection to you.

An adopted son is already your son, you made that decision and appended your signature. You gave your word so you must stand by it. You have to give him the best like you do your biological son.
A great way to form a unique bond with your adopted son is to show genuineness in all that you do for him. Celebrate him, appreciate his efforts where little or much, show love even when it seems difficult. There are no better ways to reach into a child’s heart than that.

Goodwill messages every now and then is one of the boosters of family relationship, you might want to send one or two of it across to your adopted son at times.

There are no special routines to being a good parent, just follow your instincts, trust your guts and be smart. Smartness is needed because children can be mischievous and a bit manipulative.

That said, don’t leave anything to chance especially when it is about celebrating your adopted son on his birthday, and these happy birthday wishes for adopted son will best convey your heartfelt prayers and wishes for him as he becomes a year older.

Happy Birthday to My Adopted Son

A sweet boy like you made his way into my heart and got me hooked totally, what a blessing you are to me! Thank you for letting all of the love count, my dear son. It doesn’t matter if you were adopted, you’re always dear to me no matter what. Happy birthday to you today baby.

1. I’m happy that you came into my life and home, now everything seems so perfect. Happy birthday to you my beloved son, I love you forever.

2. You have become a real part of us all, so much that we’re grateful for the decision to have you come into our lives. May your days be beautiful always, dear son, happy birthday to you.

3. No matter what, you’re my real son, my dearest and most loved child. I wish you greater feats in life. Happy birthday to you today darling.

4. You are the best son any family would be grateful to have as their own, I’m just glad you came to me. I love you always son, happy birthday to you.

5. A son like you is worth more than 10 of others. It is a wonderful thing that you are my son and it doesn’t matter that you what happens, I will love you. Cheers to another year baby, happy birthday to you.

6. I am just glad that I took that decision to make you my son, a great choice too. Happy birthday to you today son, I love you always.

7. I promise to hold your hand always and I’m never going back on that because you are my son. Happy birthday to you today, darling, enjoy your day. Best wishes!

8. I should thank you for all the times that you’re like my secret partner. Thank you for seeing us as your real family and we love you that way, so much, dear son. Happy birthday to you today.

9. For all the times that you gave me the chance to hold your hand and guide you all the step of the way, God bless you, dear son. Happy birthday to you today.

10. You are unique in your own way, dear son, and you are special to me no matter what. Happy birthday to you today, many happy returns to you, darling son.

11. Every day with you gives me the vibes that I’m lucky to have you walk into my life, my son. Long life and prosperity as you celebrate your birthday today, dear son.

12. You’re my dear son, no matter what anyone says and that’s it. Happy birthday to you today my champ, enjoy your day and all of your life ahead.

13. I love you so much as if you were my own son and that’s what matters. I wish you the happiest birthday today dear son.

14. You are the one who walked into my life and made it full of smiles and fun. Thank you for being that perfect son, happy birthday to you today dear son.

15. Happy birthday to you today dear son, remember that I’m always here and you are a part of me already. Long life and prosperity champ.

16. May your life be perfect and be so full of happiness dear son. Happy birthday to you today

17. One thing you should always remember is that I’ll be here rooting for you, forever! Happy birthday to you today dear son.

18. You are so much fun and a blessing to me as an adopted child, and I love you dearly. Happy birthday to you today son, may your days be exciting forever.

19. You’re a blessing to me and us all, I hope you’ll always know this as a fact. I’m glad you’re in our lives baby, happy birthday to you today.

20. A special birthday party for my adopted but a very special son. You deserve it all and more my darling. Long life and prosperity are just 2 of the thousands of wishes I’ve got for you today.

Best Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Adopted Son

I make bold to say that my adopted son is the best in the world and it’s not even up for a debate. You are an answer to one of my deepest wishes. I should send you several banging quotes today. I love you, son, always too. I say a happy birthday to you today, keep being awesome.

21. I love you dearly dear son. You have a special place in my heart and forever at that. Happy birthday from all of us to you, you’re one of us now.

22. Whether you’re adopted or my biological child, you’re my own child and that’s what matters. Happy birthday my darling son.

23. Make sure that nothing stops you from enjoying your special day dear son. May heaven bless you all the days of your life. Happy birthday to you.

24. Your strong spirit and resilience are enviable my baby, I’m moved by it always. Thank you for being an amazing son, happy birthday to you today.

25. Make every day count baby, that’s all I’ll say to you right now. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity my darling child.

26. You’re free-spirited and I just wish you never lose the charm forever. Cheers to your new age my darling son, happy birthday to you today.

27. This new age is an indication that you are growing to be an amazing young man. More strength for you, that’s what I pray for today. Happy birthday, son.

28. Dear son, things will get better and you’re getting there, just trust the process. Many happy returns of today son, happy birthday to you.

29. You’ve had it rough from the beginning but you have turned out just fine that I am so impressed. Have a great year and wonderful life ahead son, happy birthday to you today.

30. This new year, always have it in mind that things can only get better, you’re strong son and you can do well. Happy birthday to you darling.

31. You are the one who came into our lives and changed it, not the other way round. God bless you always dear son, happy birthday, long life and prosperity to you.

32. With each new day, I got to learn a new thing from you and that’s so cool. You’re an outstanding child and you’ll be a great adult, I’m so sure of that. Happy birthday my darling adopted son.

33. May life be so good to you because you’ve been through a lot and you absolutely deserve it. Cheers to more life darling son, happy birthday to you.

34. The picture of a perfect life that you’ve got in your head, may it come to you dearest son. Enjoy today first, it’s your birthday son.

35. May your life be so sweet to make up for all that you have been through my dear son. Happy birthday to you today.

Birthday Messages for Adopted Son

My darling adopted son, thank you for being the ray of sunshine to every one of us. It feels so nice to have you with us. You have a heart so large that I am jealous of you at times. With all of the gifts you’ve got so far, this message is to celebrate you today. Happy birthday, darling son, live long and shine bright.

36. You may be adopted but trust me when I say that you’re one of the biggest joys in our lives. We love you dear son, happy birthday to you today.

37. Today, I hope you take a firm decision to make the best out of everything that comes your way, no matter what it is to be through. I’ll be rooting for you always, dear son. Happy birthday to you.

38. Your positive disposition at all times is quite commendable and a great source of inspiration to me dear son. I am glad I made that decision to choose you. Happy birthday to you, darling son.

39. I am glad to have met you in this life. As a matter of fact, it’s the best decision I ever took. Happy birthday to you today, may your light never go dim, son

40. You have been through the toughest of times and yet, you’ve got the most beautiful smile. You’re an amazing son, and you will remain so, forever. Happy birthday to you today.

41. You remember I told you my family needs you to be complete? That was the basic truth and you are just perfect for us son. Happy birthday to you today, many happy returns of the day.

42. Happy birthday to the most industrious, illustrious, energetic, strong and charming son ever. We love you and we’re glad you’re a part of this family.

43. I’m glad I’m the parent who saw just how precious and amazing that you are as a great kid. You’re the best my darling son, and you are my own son. Happy birthday to you.

44. I hope you will grow to be a young man who spreads love all around no matter what goes on in the world. That’s why we’re giving you all of this love. Happy birthday darling son.

45. Happiest birthday to the best son any parent could ask for! I love you son, and I want you to keep being awesome. Long life and prosperity in good health to you

46. You’re a gift in disguise and thank God I am the one who gets that. I hope you have an amazing life ahead, happy birthday dearest son.

47. Having you add to our numbers in this family is the most perfect part of choosing you. We celebrate you and choose today to remind you that we love you so much. Happy birthday our darling one.

48. You’re special, you’re loved, you’re treasured, you’re our valuable son. Happy birthday son, we chose you and we definitely love you!

49. Your shy smile the day you came into our lives was the most memorable for me and it will forever be enmeshed in my memory. Happy birthday to you, son, you will grow up and well.

50. I love you just as I’ll love every child out of my loins. You’re my precious and treasured adopted son. Happy birthday my cute baby

One of the best ways to let your adopted son know that you love him and he’s an integral part of your life, home and family is by showing it, even in the littlest of things. The anniversary of his birth is another perfect opportunity so make sure you don’t miss it.

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