Happy 55th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for Husband

Happy 55th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for Husband

At this time when some people die of everything and nothing can be predicted, you are still heavily blessed to have your sweetheart with you even as he approaches his mid-50s.

I bet celebrating your husband’s 55th birthday is one of the best things you can do this year. What’s more? You probably have grandchildren by now. It’s a full house. More like a competition where everyone involved has to impress the celebrant by turning up with a better gift for big daddy.

You are not going to let them outrun you, would you? You have to beat them hands down by giving him the best gift ever on his big day because he was your big baby before he became their big daddy, and still is.

I’m sure these 55 years of his have been filled with great achievements and successes, which makes the celebration even more exciting.

Celebrate him and maximize his special day with acts and words that make husbands feel special. Show him how much you love him, enliven him with joy and hope for the future. You can also make him wipe away the pains and regrets of the past if there is any.

It’s a new season for your husband who is clocking 55 because I’m here to help you make it count. Below are more than enough happy 55th birthday messages, wishes and quotes for husband. You might need to get a cup of coffee and a relaxing chair. This is going to be a long ride.

Ready? Let’s go!!

Cute 55th Birthday Messages for My Husband

Hello there, my husband. You are never too old for a birthday party. So, get ready for one. I just want you to know that I love you so much that it baffles me. I hope this cute message touches your heart. Thank you for being a source of inspiration and sweetness to me. Happy 55th birthday!

1. Sweetheart, good morning and happy birthday. It’s a lovely thing that we’ve both made it to this day. Indeed, it is a day that God has made. Cheers to more wealth, good health and wisdom. Happy birthday.

2. Happy birthday to the one person I can stake my all for. You are highly blessed and favoured. You are a light and you get brighter with each passing day. I love you.

3. Tik Tock! Tik Tock!…boom! And it’s your day! Happy birthday, sweetheart. Prepare for more kisses than you can take. Prepare for more gifts than you could ask for. This new age is going to be a perfect one.

4. As long as I’m alive, I’ll never stop loving you. I hope the heavens open up to show you favour at every point in time. I hope to see all of your God-given potentials fully expressed to the benefit of mankind. Happy birthday!

5. I’ve watched you scale past formidable obstacles incredibly. I’ve seen you do the impossible. Here’s another time to be great. I know you are going to exceed expectations. Happy birthday, honey. You never get too old for me. I love you.

6. Happy birthday, sugar pie. You have no idea how reassuring it is to have a man like you. Continue to enjoy the goodness of God. Cheers to new age filled with richer contents from the very storerooms of heaven above. You are loved. You are blessed. Happy birthday, once again.

7. Happy birthday, honey. It’s so evident that the glory of God upon your life increases as your days do. I can’t wait to see how glorious this new age gets. You have my best wishes and blessings. This heart won’t stop praying for you.

8. Happiness and miracles double in your life in this new age, sir. God increases your influence and makes you a sign and a wonder to all that know you. God bless you. Happy birthday!

9. All I see rushing into your life this time around is good news. God’s presence outshines every element of darkness around and causes you to shine with unimaginable radiance and brilliance. Yours is a story to be told and retold. Happy birthday!!

10. Happy superb birthday, sweetie. I am thankful to God for His grace that has brought you this far. I am also grateful that He is using me to shape you into a gigantic positive influencer. I see more greatness emanating from you this time around. Enjoy.

11. Happy birthday, life partner. I wish you the cuteness of life. Life with you has been so stress-free. I wish it remains that way. Continue to be the kindhearted tall, dark and handsome man that I knew will one day have grey hair. I never expected the potbelly, though (lol!).

12. Hurray, honey. It’s your day again. God empowers you to live a better life in a land that is flowing with everything and everyone amazing. You are set apart for mighty exploits. You and all that belongs to. Right now, I’m just thinking about the kind of blessings that will extend to me this time around just because I am your wife. I can’t wait!

13. Welcome to the new age wherein a lot of strange miraculous things will be happening to you. Because of you, I and our children will be called blessed wherever we go. Congratulations to you. Happy birthday!

14. As I’m writing this, all I can think about is the happy moments we’ve shared. I just noticed that I have more happy moments with you than with anyone else. 55 looks good on you. And I’m sure that means more joy for you, me, our children and our country. Happy birthday!

15. On your 35th birthday, you wanted us to drive across the country singing along to classical music with our hands in the air. Now, you just want to spend the whole day reading. I don’t have a problem with that as long you eat what I’m painstakingly cooking for you right now. I wish you the wisdom that surpasses all understanding.

16. Cheers, boo. Here’s something to remind you to take a little break from your work so we can celebrate God’s faithfulness over your life. I’ve prepared your favourite meals. Your gifts are overflowing the sitting room. God’s love and mercy over your life are expressed in greater dimensions this time around.

17. Happy birthday, honey. It’s so good to wake up to that innocent smile on your face after all that we have been through. I wish you more happiness, wealth. No stealth shall find its way into your life. Enjoy age 55 with all your heart!

18. I’ll do everything to make you happy because you are my sunrise and heartbeat. Keep glowing. No power of hell can stop your shine. Happy birthday, old buddy.

19. God makes you a sign and wonder to everyone around. Among your peers, God makes you the best. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’ve got your back anywhere and anytime.

20. Doors for great purposes and opportunities open up for you. Men get compelled to be kind to you. You find unmerited favour at work; in business and in every other endeavour you undertake. I see you starting up newer and more beneficial projects in this new age. Happy birthday!!

Best 55th Birthday Quotes for Husband

You were given a key and a bucket. A key to open the best doors of wonders. A bucket to take their content. Cheers to a new age filled with more buckets and keys. Don’t forget that I’ll always be there to help you. It’s a time for a great harvest. Hope this quote makes you smile. Happy 55th birthday, husband!

21. God has called you to influence the world with your gifts. Look inward. Explore. Make your life count. Happy birthday.

22. Isn’t it amazing how God chooses to bless our ordinary lives with extraordinary things and people? Your life promises to be fantastic this time around. Stay alert. Keep up the good work. Everything about you is blessed. Happy birthday!

23. You have greater potentials than you could ever imagine. I see you reach greater height. I see you get stronger. Happy birthday, honey. We are so blessed to have you as the head of the family.

24. A higher age for you means a call to more achievements and blessings. Fulfil all that God wants you to achieve this time around. No losses. No pain. No troubles. God blesses your efforts with increased abundance and miraculous occurrences. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

25. This new age promises to be a fruitful one. Hope you are seeing that? All the amazing things you have prayed for all these years find your location today. Happy birthday!

26. I’ll choose you several times over. Thanks for being there for us when all our enemies want is for you to be taken away from us. May God fill your heart with boundless joy and peace. Happy birthday!!

27. God has big plans for you. And I feel this assurance that none of his words for your life shall fall to the ground. You step into tremendous levels of greatness this time around. You step into a glorious life worth emulating. Happy birthday!

28. Cheers to many amazing returns, honey. Divine healing is magnetized towards you today, in the name of Jesus. This new age is all about you walking the path of wellness. Happy birthday.

29. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I know you have a lot on your mind. A lot more than you’ll want to. It’s my earnest desire that God intervenes and clears up those fears. I hope you learn to trust God more in this new age. Have a blast of fun.

30. Whether those that study numbers have discovered what age 55 stands for or not, know that you have the power to define your future and the quality of your life. Your life is not over yet. So, keep pushing. Make yourself a larger-than-life kind of success. Happy birthday!

31. No amount of astrology can tell you the level of greatness that God has put in you. Continue to be good and upright. You haven’t lost your purpose. If there is anything you have lost, know that there is a God of restoration. Happy birthday!

32. You are not too old to be used by God to wrought wonders in this generation and the next. Believe in yourself. Believe in God. See the impossible as possible. Reach out to satisfy that inner longing of your heart to do great things. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

33. Living right is not easy. But you can do it. Remember that nothing good comes easy. You have a clean slate today to rewrite wrongs and create new rights. I wish you the best of luck believing that because the quality of your belief system changes everything.

34. Take those baby steps. Seek to walk on water. Face your fears and weaknesses. Embrace your strengths and opportunities. Success awaits you if you do. The kind of success that baffles everyone. Happy 55th birthday, sir!!!!

35. Happy birthday, dear. Divine help is here to stay. Gigantic success is on its way. God has brought you this far for something great. Yours is a story of legendary feats. Happy birthday, once again.

36. When you awake, whilst you read this; steel yourself for more responsibilities. I wish you good luck in all you do. God’s empowers your support system to help you adequately to become all that God wants you to be.

37. Your life confirms that from little things the greatest often grow and that God uses the foolish things of this world to put to shame the wise. Continue to win, honey. Here’s to hoping you always have that inner strength to say yes to what is right and no to what’s wrong.

38. It’s a new start, sweetheart. Give the devil no chance to awake in your mind. Give him no space. Let God’s spirit lead you every time and everywhere you go. Happy 55th birthday anniversary!!!!

39. All of life’s best locate you today. Cheers to the celebration of great achievements already achieved and the ones you are yet to achieve. God is with you and he will never leave you. This is the year in which he shows forth himself in greater ways. Happy birthday!!!

Birthday Wishes for Husband at 55

Happy womb escape. Sounds more like a prison break if you ask me. You are a naughty piece of art. Your wisdom brings about inventions and creative innovations to solve the world’s problems. I wish you full-time merriment everywhere you go and in all you do. Merry Christmas… oops; Happy 55th Birthday, dear husband!!! It’s Christmas for me anyway.

40. I wish you the best of everything good, babe. Your success will know no bounds in this new age. Savour all of God’s blessings. I love you. Happy birthday!!

41. My husband– my wealth. My husband– my pride. I wish you long life because I can’t do this life without you. Walk in the freedom that God has made available to you. Congratulations and happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday, buddy. I wish you prosperity and effortless wins. More money finds its way to your bank account. More doors of opportunity open up to you daily. Favour never gets tired of visiting you. I hope you enjoy the little party we are planning for you.

43. I hope you’ve seen my gifts, honey. I have been working on it since your last birthday. I hope it represents all the wishes I have for you. Wishes for more love, explosive grace and wholesome joy. Happy 55th birthday, dear.

44. Happy birthday, the love of my life. I guess we can expect more grey hair on your head this time around. That represents more glory and upliftment from the throne of God himself. Men come to your rising, boo. I’m craving to see what age 55 looks like.

45. Happy birthday, my big daddy. Thanks for being a true mentor to me and our kids. You are what every family needs to be happy. You are a true representative of Christ. As your wife, I’m overjoyed for you. Doing life with you is one of the things that I am grateful for. Keep shinning.

46. Arise, honey. Shine. God’s glory has risen upon you in a newer way. I wish you the grace to raise others like you who will keep up the good work that you are doing. Happy birthday, my leader.

47. I wish you divine wisdom, honey. The level of wisdom you have displayed so far is quite amazing. This time around, people will consult you to know the right thing to do. You become a specialist in your field. Cheers to your birthday!!!

48. Happy birthday, my honey pot. I wish you continue to break records like you always do. This time, you set unbeatable records. God bless you!

49. I can’t wait to give you what will likely be the longest kiss in the world. 55 mins, you know what I mean. I’m so glad that today is here already. The day on which only legends are born. Remember that I love you and I will never leave you. I wish you good luck in all you set your aim to achieve. Win and win big. Happy birthday!

50. Happy birthday, sweetie. As you clock 55, I wish you 55 wondrous surprises that will turn our lives around positively. Enjoy your day!!!!

51. I wish you enhanced vigour and motivation as you step into a new phase of life. Age 55 is going to be the age of everything grand-style. Happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday, honey. God’s light illuminates all that you do and gives you the wisdom and insight you need to succeed. I wish you more of God’s presence in all your endeavours. You are a winner.

53. Happy birthday, my sugar. I wish you get all you need to manoeuvre past life’s troubles and all the messes you have gotten yourself into. This is going to be the age wherein you smile in retrospect as all the dots that made no sense before start to make sense.

54. Happy 55th birthday anniversary, sweetheart. I wish you receive more grace to be faithful to all that God has entrusted in your hands. Your fields bear much harvest and you maximize each one of them to create a better life for all of us. God bless you!!!!

55. Hurray! Honey, it’s your day. I can’t wait to see you dance and smile all day long. I wish you sensitivity to the plans and guidance of God over your life. No power of the wicked shall prevail over you. You are blessed and you continue to shine. Happy birthday.

56. Happy birthday to the latest 55-year-old fellow in town. I wish you walk at divine speed. The kind of speed that takes the hard work of 20 years and replaces it with rewards of that weight in just one day. You are the boss. Cheers to God’s goodness.

57. Happy birthday, honey. Every day spent with you gets better than the last. I wish you 100 more years and a truck full of capacity. 55 looks good on you.

58. How time flies! When did I even marry you? You are the best thing that has happened to me. I wish you many good breaks in all that you plan to achieve this time around. Enjoy yourself. Be filled with laughter and joy.

59. Happy birthday, biggie. I wish you many more awards as you clock into a new age. All you’ll see are the fantastic ways of God coming through for you. And all you hear is good news. Happy birthday.

Funny 55th Birthday Wishes for Husband

You deserve to be celebrated every day of the year. You are extraordinary. I wish you a glorious new age. I guess we’ll spend all that gratuity money you just received today. Don’t expect us to be eating cheap pizzas on a special day like this. Funny, right? Happy 55th birthday!!!!

60. Happy birthday to both of us. I was about to address this to only you when I realized that we both share the same birthday. Hers’s to wish you the happiest moments. I love you.

61. When are you going to get old, honey? Every day you look younger and much stronger. I hope you won’t like people asking whether I’m your elder sister because of the way I’m into this old age thing– full time! I wish you strength, vigour and some old man traits for Christ’s sake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

62. It is common for me to remind you of your birthday because you are always busy. So busy that you leave me with no other option than to be busy myself. Happy birthday!!!! May your labours for us not be in vain. May they yield bountiful fruits. The best yield in the land.

63. Whenever it’s time for testimonies in church you hardly come out. It’s not like God hasn’t done much for us. You are just a shy type (I’m going to tell your grandkids that. Lol). Thank God you weren’t too shy to ask me out. Get ready to be on that testimony line, honey. God is feeling your life with testimonies that will make it difficult to keep silent.

64. I thought you didn’t like parties. Now you are all over the place telling everyone about your birthday. I guess we’ll have to rent the apartment next door so we can accommodate all the guests arriving and the gifts they’ll be bringing along. Happy birthday, my knight in shiny armour.

65. I’m spending a million bucks on your birthday anniversary. I hope you spend times 3 of that on mine. I wish you grace to make that much money, really fast. Simple. Happy birthday. Have a blast.

66. I see you finally master the art of cooking. I’m tired of having you blow up the kitchen every single time. Make this the year wherein you become a professional chef for your wife. I wish you more than enough grace for that. Happy birthday.

67. I was anticipating your birthday so much that I sent you gifts yesterday. I hope you love them. Cheers to a new age filled with everything sweet. That doesn’t include sugar, please. You need to watch your health, dear. Happy birthday!!!!!

68. I’m driving you everywhere you want to go today, honey. The last time you drove on your birthday we almost got hit by a trailer. What were you thinking about again? Your plan to travel around the world? Or the first time we met? I wish you the boldness to face the present and future and extract all the good things they have to offer.

69. On my birthday last year, you left me in the middle of nowhere to look for the best gift in a mall a kilometre away. Don’t be surprised to wake up on a deserted island tomorrow, honey. I’m out to make this new age very special. Happy birthday!!!!

70. I wish you more sense, dear. These days you’ve been making some crazy decisions like learning French. Don’t think you’ll travel to live in any francophone country without me. I’m taking my own lessons too.Happy Born Anniversaire!

Happy 55th Birthday hubby Quotes

I’m proud to be called your wife. It makes me happy even now as I write this. Happy 55th birthday, hubby. Better is not good enough, the best is here to come. That’s my quote for you. So, keep smiling and working. I’m proud of you!

71. Jot down your journey at age 55, so I know the right steps to take when I reach there. At least now I know I shouldn’t try playing the saxophone (lol). I wish you have fewer failures this time around, honey. Happy birthday!!!!

72. Happy birthday, honey. Here’s to hoping we complete our heist and escape with all the money we need. I’m tired of waiting. Let’s make love on our own island, already.

73. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. Husband with the sauce. I wish you meet great people this year, the Queen, Presidents and Ambassadors. They’ll love you and all you do. And I’ll be your manager.

74. I wish that you perform more impactful projects in our community. Everywhere is pollution-free; thanks to your good works. Now we look forward to newer projects like you donating a MacBook to you me. This community really needs that (lol). Happy birthday!!!

75. Happy birthday, dear. I wish you joy, music, peace and all of life’s goodies. You are a light. Continue to shine; blinding your enemies and illuminating your surroundings. May God fill you with the ability to bring about positive changes to your world. Maybe this time you will come up with a new recipe that will bring us a million bucks. I want to be a millionaire.

76. Happy birthday, honey. I wish you the best of luck in your coming in and going out. Be an unstoppable light everywhere you step into. God’s blessings on your life won’t be like the state of electricity supply in poor countries. It’s going to be constant, steady and never-failing. All you have to do is receive.

77. Happy birthday, sweetheart. 55 years on earth is no child’s play. You are an elder now. I wish you pure blessings right from the throne of God himself. Blessings that will keep you smiling all year long.

78. Happy birthday anniversary, the great one. You are graced in all in you do. God’s grace envelopes you and makes you find favour and laughter everywhere you go.

79. Happy birthday, honey. I guess this is the age we say bye to our goals of getting muscular. Accept the fact that you are a lean handsome man. And let’s all have peace. I wish you all the stardom and fame you’ve always wanted, and the six-packs if that’s what will make you happy.

55th Birthday Prayers and Blessings for Husband

Happiest 55th birthday to you, my husband. I pray God’s mercies to find you everywhere you go. God’s protection shall never leave you. No evil plan shall prevail over you. Enjoy God’s goodness. May my prayers for God’s blessings be answered. Every single one of them.

80. I pray you to get lifted into higher dimensions in your walk with God. You overcome all temptations and stumbling blocks of the devil. Happy birthday. Cheers to a magnificent life.

81. May you find respect everywhere you go. That international visa is yours. That open door is yours. That important contact that you have been hoping to link up with locates you. Your life takes a better shape from today henceforth. Happy birthday!!!

82. God has called you to be great and to impact your world positively. I pray that you always stay on track. Remember that God is with you and will never forget you. Happy birthday.

83. For the adventures of life, I pray you to receive sufficiency in everything you need to live a fulfilling life. I pray that you always look forward and not backward — always interested in success and never allowing your failure and regrets to hold you back. Happy birthday!!!

84. In no time you’ll be 85 as well. I pray you always find a reason to be happy. May your happiness know no bounds. At this age, you will radiate with so much happiness that people will have no other choice but to be happy whenever they get around you. Happy birthday.

85. All that God has for you is in your spirit. All you need for life and godliness. May you fully condition your mind to believe so that you can receive. Happy birthday!!

86. May the Lord bless you, keep you, cause His face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May his peace and love overflow your heart. Happy birthday!!

87. May God restores all the good things that you have lost over the years. May he fulfil all his promises over your life. May this new age be one of the best. Happy birthday.

88. May all that concerns you receive divine arrangement and organization, in Jesus’ name. Amen. This is that time wherein God places you on a vantage point. No good things will pass you without getting into your hands and fulfilling all that God has ordained for it. Happy birthday, honey.

89. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I pray your prayers. May you receive answers to all of them. God makes you a sign and a wonder to everyone.

90. Your birthday today is a plus. May it signal an increase in your fruitfulness. May your focus and strength never wane one bit. You are a light. SHINE.

91. May only the right people find their way into your life this year. And may you be sensitive enough to identify them and walk with them. Happy birthday! Cheers to a new age filled with tremendous growth opportunities tailored just for you.

92. May the brightness of God’s power infiltrate all areas of your life and demolish every stronghold of darkness that exists therein. Happy birthday. God bless you.

93. Happy birthday, hubby. May the traps of the devil for you never find execution power. You are adequately blessed with honour on every side.

94. May all your projects receive a touch of God’s goodness. May you step into the divine anointing that will set you on track for more and more of God. Happy birthday, dearie. You are unstoppable, unmovable, and unshakeable. You are shaped to bring glory to God, and you do just that.

95. Happy birthday, honey. No element of shame and disgrace shall find its way into your life. You are shielded from the devils’ darts and gimmicks. Yours is a story of endless victories. Have a blast!!!

96. Happy birthday, love of my life. May you live to see your great-grandchildren. May nothing cut off your good expectations, and may your labour of love and commitment not be in vain. I love you always. Enjoy your day.

97. May greatness and dignity always be found in you. May you be outstanding and overly so. May great people be eager to see you. May your light never get dim. Happy birthday! I wish you many more years to come.

98. Happy birthday, the great one. I pray that God pours on you the anointing for divine advancement and great exploits. You are not too old to make that impact you’ve always wanted to make. Happy birthday!!!

99. Happy birthday, dear. I pray that God’s will alone be done in your life and in our family. May his voice always be there to guide you and inform you on the right steps to take. Have a great day!

100. The clouds release their rain. The sun dries away the pain. I declare a downpour of God’s gracious gifts upon your life. Happy 55th birthday anniversary. God bless you.

There you have it. 100 happy birthday messages, quotes, and prayers for your husband to smile with. I didn’t hesitate in putting this together so, don’t hesitate in sending any of them across to your husband. Your husband will be happy to receive them. Happy birthday to your husband, by the way. It is my earnest prayer that his heart desires be fulfilled with every single one of them. I can hear you say “thank you”, already. You are welcome.

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