Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

Your son’s birthday is here and you sure don’t want to miss a chance to tell him how much you love him, and also show the world how much of wonder he is. This will make him feel so special and loved.

You can do this by posting on Facebook and any other platform you deem fit so friends and family can join you to celebrate him. This is how to make your son happy and of course, one of the ways to celebrate your son’s birthday.

Post these Facebook birthday wishes for son on your boy’s birthday and you’ll see how much this simple act will make his big day more special and memorable.

Happy Birthday Son to Post on Facebook

Happy birthday, dear son. I love you so much and will tell the world how much you mean to me. You are special, darling and I count myself lucky to have you. Have a beautiful year!

1. Blessed am I in the face of the world because my darling son celebrates his birthday today. Happy birthday, son, I love you.

2. See who is a year older today! My favourite young man, my darling son, I wish you more life and more love. Happy birthday!

3. What joy fills your heart and tears of joy fill your eyes when you see your child gets a year older. Happy birthday, son. I, your mother, am proud of you.

4. I cherish and care for you, son with all my heart. I am proud to be your mother. Happy best birthday.

5. Hello, Facebook family, my son is having his birthday celebrated today. Please, rejoice with me as I celebrate with him.

6. Years ago, you were born, but now, you are fully grown. Everything looks just like yesterday. Thank God for memories. It is your birthday today, enjoy your day to the fullest.

7. You are surely making progress in all your endeavours and I am very much happy for you, my son. Happy birthday!

8. My beloved son is a year older. Help me wish him well. I wish you an amazing new year!

9. Happy birthday, son! Who can be this happy if not me? I wish you a fruitful journey in life son.

10. God blesses this day I bore you, the moment you started taking your first steps and the time you began talking. Watching you grow was a beautiful thing. I love you son. Happy birthday.

11. Counting upon God’s goodness upon you will take forever. His goodness looks so good on you. Happy birthday my dear son.

12. I love you more than ever before son. Happy birthday to you!

13. Glory to God! My darling son’s birthday is finally here. I wish you good luck and the best in everything you do son. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

14. Oh my goodness! Thank you, Lord, for this wonderful day in our lives. My darling is a year older today. All I see is the grace of God. Happy birthday, son.

15. Dear son, God’s will for you will come into fulfilment. I’m so happy for you son. God bless you more than you can imagine. Happy birthday!

16. I am so favoured today. My son is now a year older today. Watching him grow is so beautiful. May you dominate all that God has to put into your care.

17. My prayer dear son is that you experience great and unsearchable things God has in plan for you. Happy birthday, son!

18. Good morning everyone! Today is my son’s birthday. Help me celebrate him and wish him well.

19. God is great and will forever be. I bless Him for today. He has been good to me and my son. I praise His name now and forever. Happy Birthday to my son.

20. Happy birthday lovely son. I pray for good health and a sound mind for you always as you celebrate a new year again. Happy Birthday!

21. Happy birthday my son. I am happy to the next phase of your life in good health. This is your best year yet dear son. With love from your mum.

22. I pray for the blessings of favour, peace and prosperity upon you my darling son. Happy birthday to you.

23. I am glad that the awaited day is finally here. My darling son is a year older. I feel so much blessed like it’s my birthday too. God bless you son.

24. Dear son, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m so grateful to God for the gift of you. Your kind is rare. Live long and prosper. Happy birthday!

25. I have a blessed child. God gave me a wonderful son more than I expected. Dear son, you will forever live-in victory and dominion. I wish you a very happy birthday.

26. Keep making progress from glory to glory my darling son. Happy birthday to you.

27. I covet everyone’s wishes and prayers as my son celebrates his birthday today.

28. My sweet son, you are an expression of God’s righteousness. I love you so much. The sky is just the beginning for you. Happy birthday.

29. Blessed son, you are stepping into a new level of greatness. I am proud of who you are becoming. Many more years to come. Happy birthday.

30. That time of the year has come. I’m happy to see you grow this big. May you keep getting bigger every day without limitations. Happy birthday, son.

31. The presence of God in your life will forevermore be felt strongly. I am grateful to God for your life dear son. Happy birthday to you.

32. It has been God all the way. More grace to your elbow son. Happy birthday!

33. Great is the faithfulness of God in your life and the whole family. Blessed are you son in all that you do. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Son Images for Facebook

Happy birthday, my son. I love you so much and will always do. Friends and family, please, join me to celebrate the most important person in my life.

34. My dear son, happy birthday to you. God’s love will fill your heart. Cheers to your new age.

35. My prayer for you is that God’s abiding presence will forever keep you now and always. Much love from your father. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Son


36. Happy birthday to you!!! It was all God’s grace that you made it this far in life. Enjoy the rest of your day son.

37. You will succeed in all that you do dear son. I love you dearly. Happy birthday to you.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son


38. Happy birthday, son! I am blessed with the amazing people I’m surrounded with. Thanks for your compliments and prayers for my son even though his day has not ended yet. I am so grateful.

39. Today is a very special day for my darling son. May God continue to strengthen and uphold you. Happy birthday to you.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son


40. You will rise among all nations because you have been blessed by God. Happy birthday, son.

41. Happy birthday to that smart, intelligent and amazing young man. You resemble me in everything. I love you dearly, son, happy birthday to you.


42. We’ll celebrate you on this day accordingly. Happy birthday, son. May line fall unto you in pleasant places.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

43. Just as the stars in even cannot be counted, so also your successes and greatness will be. Happy birthday, son.


44. You have not only made me proud, but you have also made the whole family proud. We love you more than you know son. Happy birthday to you.

45. The most important day of your life is today. Today is the day the Lord has made, we will always rejoice and be glad in it. Happy birthday, son.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

46. You are greatly blessed, you’re deeply loved, you’re highly favoured! Happy birthday, son.


47. You’d begin to experience explosive blessings all the days of your life son. I wish you a happy birthday!

48. You are my treasure. I may not give you the whole world but I will give you what I have. Happy birthday, son.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

49. If I wouldn’t do anything, I will thank the Lord for how He has been good to me, my son and my family. He counted my son worthy again. Happy birthday, son. I love you.


50. In all things, and in all that you do, everything keeps working together for you always. Happy birthday to you, son.

51. Thank you Father for always. I am grateful for letting my son witness this new year of his life. May Your name be praised.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

52. Each time you celebrate birthdays, you do not get any younger but older. May you fulfil all that is in your care. Happy birthday to you.


53. I pray for you dear son that you will go on and achieve your dreams and never give up. Success to you in everything. Happy birthday to you.

54. I wish you a super doper birthday, dear son. You go higher.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

55. You are always favoured in all you do. I wish you the best year yet son.

56. By God’s grace, you will never be put to shame or be disgraced because the sovereign Lord helps you. Happy birthday to you, son.

57. You are made for signs and wonders son. Long life and prosperity. Happy birthday to you.

Facebook Birthday Wishes for Son

58. I pray that God’s plans for your life will come to pass mightily. Happy birthday, son.

59. May God surround you with His goodness, mercy, favour and love dear one. Happy birthday to you, son.

60. Among many people, you stand out and rank among the best. Happy birthday to you, son

Happy Birthday Son Facebook Post

Happy birthday, darling son. May today be the start of everything great for you. I pray your joy knows no bounds and that all that you do prospers. I love you and will forever be there for you.

61. What God has done is marvellous in our sight. We celebrate you Son on this day. Happy birthday to you.

62. You are cherished, you are loved, you are the best thing that has ever happened to us in this big family. Happy birthday to you.

63. It is the moment to celebrate God’s goodness in my son’s life. Happy birthday to him. May he flourish and excel greatly.

64. I wish you, my dear son, the best, memorable and most spectacular birthday. Have a great day.

65. I’m so grateful to God for blessing my son to be a year older today. May God bless you all the days of your life. Happy birthday.

66. Before this day, I prayed for you and wished you. May you prosper and excel in all that you do. Happy birthday, son.

67. You are a priceless gift to me son. I pray for sound health and long life for you. Long life and prosperity.

68. Dear son, you are full of potentials and greatness. All things will fall in pleasant places for you. Happy birthday.

69. The enemies will not have power over you. You keep winning and excelling in all that you lay your hands on. Happy birthday, son.

70. Dear son, may God forever be merciful and gracious to you till the end. Happy birthday to you.

71. It’s my son’s birthday once again. Thank you, Lord, for the things you have done in his life, the ones you are doing, and the ones you will still do. Happy birthday, son.

72. I wish you dear son a fabulous day. Stay happy, stay strong, stay healthy and stay safe. Happy birthday.

73. May you walk in abundance dear son. You will have in plenty and not lack. Long life and prosperity.

74. You will always tread the path of success and do exceedingly great in everything. My dear son, happy birthday to you.

75. Your life is a success already son. May many people be so blessed through you. Happy birthday to you.

76. May you achieve greater things in life and do remarkable things also. Happy birthday my lovely son.

77. Happy birthday to you, son!
You are the likeness of God. You are beautifully and wonderfully made. Your life will be more beautiful than you can imagine.

78. May you never stop doing well in all things. Happy birthday to you.

79. It’s another step into maturity. It has been God all the way. Counting on the blessings of God in my son’s life cannot be counted. Happy birthday to you, son.

80. I pray that you become a solution to many situations. Happy birthday, son.

81. Please friends, celebrate with my son and me as it is his day today. Happy birthday, darling son. I am grateful for you.

82. Not only will you enjoy the divine blessings and favour of God on your day, but you will also enjoy it every day of your life. Happy birthday, son!

83. May you keep basking in the euphoria of God’s love and grace. Happy birthday dear son.

84. You deserve everything in this world because you are too awesome. Happy birthday, son! Love from your father.

85. God’s grace and peace are multiplied in your life son. Happy birthday to you.

86. May God give you the wisdom and grace to establish your purpose on earth. Happy birthday to you.

87. I pray for you dear son that you will live the higher life of glory prearranged for you in Christ. Happy birthday.

88. May He establish your feet and strengthen your hands to do great exploits. Happy birthday darling, son.

89. Blessed birthday to you son. The righteousness of God will be established through you. I love you.

90. You will experience supernatural progress in every aspect of your life. Happy birthday to you, son.

91. Your way is made prosperous and you have a God success. Happy birthday dear son.

92. Through your journey in life, you are fruitful in the life of righteousness. Happy birthday my son.

93. Dear son, you have been designed to rule over the world for God’s glory. God bless you. Happy birthday dear son.

94. May you always walk in God’s perfect will at all times. You are more than loved, son. Happy birthday to you.

95. May you triumph gloriously in life. You are a cherished son. I love you dearly. Happy birthday to you.

96. As you celebrate your birthday today son, your victories in the Lord are assured. Happy birthday to you dear one!

97. I refuse poverty, sickness and failure over your life. I pray for wealth, strength and success in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, son.

98. By the grace of God, you will fulfil the destiny of God for your life. Happy birthday dear son.

99. Happy birthday my dearest son. Wish you the best in everything. I wish you the good things you wish for yourself.

100. Happy new year to you son. I celebrate you now and forever. Remain blessed and safe and strong son. Many happy returns of the day.

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