Happy Birthday to The Best Son Ever

Happy Birthday to The Best Son Ever

Most people look forward to the day they will embrace their children and enjoy the joy of being a parent. It comes with a lot of responsibility to watch over our little ones with love and care. Seeing the younger version of ourselves comes with a lot of commitment and one of such commitments is celebrating their birthday with them. The love, gifts, joy and happiness from parents makes every child feel fulfilled.

Celebrating your son with these happy birthday to the best son ever wishes allows your son to know that you care for him and adore him. It makes him proud of himself and stands as a reminder in the future to give his best to make his family proud. Never forget your son’s birthday because of what to write on his special day. Give him memories to live with and tell him, “you are my best son in the world” with these messages I have carefully written down for you.

Read through, see which you will love to pick, share and give your son the best treat on his birthday. Make it an excellent moment with family.

Happy Birthday to The Best Son in the World

To the best son in the whole world, I love you, darling and I adore you. You are special and I wish you a happy birthday today and I pray that your desire to be great in life will be fulfilled. Happy birthday, son!

1. My strength and joy, happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and the strength to live right and accomplish your dreams. I cherish you forever.

2. Happy birthday to my best son. Your birth came as a miracle and I look back at your birthday with gratitude every year. You are blessed on all sides. I love you.

3. You are highly favoured before God and men. God will whisper your name in the ears of your helpers and they will hasten to help you until you succeed and become a blessing to others too.

4. My son, you are marvellously helped until you prosper. You break through on all sides and lines fall to you in pleasant places. Your life will be beautiful and you will experience sweetness as you grow. Happy birthday, son.

5. To my son whom I cherish so much, I pray that every day starts with blessings for you and every day ends with gratitude for the great things you have been able to achieve daily. You are lifted, dear.

6. The strength of God rests on you and you will never struggle to get to the top. You experience ease, dear and light shines on your path. I wish you a happy birthday.

7. This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it because God has kept you and He has been the source of your growth. I wish you a life filled with testimonies.

8. Happy birthday to my best son. You are my best son because God looked down and on me with mercy and gave you to me when I felt all hope was lost. I will never mourn over you and we will remember this day to rejoice forever.

9. You are blessed and lifted. No weapon formed against you will prosper and daily as you live and often as you breathe, your life will be an expression of God’s grace. I love you, my son.

10. Happy birthday to the best son in the world. You are special and I love you so. I wish you favour and mercy in all your ways.

11. Men will look for you to honour you. People will come to you to favour you and everywhere you go, you will leave a remarkable impact. You are blessed today and always, dear son.

12. Happy birthday, son. You make family beautiful and I adore you. I hope you enjoy your day and receive a lot of gifts to cheer your heart and keep you happy.

13. I call you my best son because that’s what you are. I’ll always love and cherish you. I pray that your desire for good will come through and nothing will steal your joy. Happy birthday.

14. You won’t be hindered from greatness and mercy will speak for you where your voice cannot reach. I pray you are blessed and lifted always.

15. My son, you will excel and every plan of darkness against you will be destroyed. Light be unto you and the joy of the Lord will forever be your strength.

16. Happy birthday to the best son in the whole world. You will be greater than us, your parents and you will always enjoy peace and progress. You are blessed.

17. Blessings upon blessings to you my son. I love you and I celebrate the man you are becoming. God is with you and you will excel gloriously. I wish you a happy birthday.

18. Happy day of birth to you dearest son. I want you to know that your dad loves you at all times. I wish you a life free from pain and regrets. Grow up to become great and do exploits too.

19. I bless this day and I pray it will always be a remarkable day of God’s goodness in your life and our family. We have known this day for joy, we won’t know it for sadness. Keep winning, dear.

20. Looking forward to celebrating more years with you, my son. I wish you all-around blessings and love that will cheer your heart and give you peace.

21. I wish the best son in the world a happy birthday. I’m glad to be your mom and I am always grateful to have birthed you. We will keep hearing glad tidings from you and your life will be beautiful.

22. Seeing how far God has helped us to raise you, I’m glad you will be a fine man. I wish you more of God’s blessings in all your ways. Happy birthday, son.

23. To the joy of my life, I wish you a beautiful birthday, son. I pray that your actions will lead you to greater heights and success in all your ways.

24. Wisdom and understanding are yours and you will experience grace to live above every negative vice. You will progress in all your ways and open doors for you.

25. To a cheerful young man celebrating his birthday today, I love the man you are becoming and I pray that nothing will alter your growth. Your life is secured in God’s hands. Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday My Best Son Quotes

You are precious, son and I’ll do everything in my power to make your dreams come true. Keep your heads up and be confident in all you do. I wish my best son a happy birthday with lots of love and of course, many gifts to beautify your day.

26. Having the best son is a delight and you get to spoil him with everything you have as a father. I celebrate how far you have come, son and I wish you a happy birthday.

27. A king you are and you will always enjoy the strength of God in all your ways. Keep winning and keep reigning in your dynasty. We love you, son.

28. My son, it is sweet to be your mother. You amaze me every day and I just want you to have all the best that life can offer. You are a blessed child and great you will always be.

29. Happy birthday to my best son. Celebrating your birthday with you is such a huge privilege. I bless God for the grace and I pray to celebrate many more years with you.

30. Sound health and prosperity for the celebrant today. I pray we’ll always have reasons to rejoice with you and celebrate great achievement from you at all times.

31. Your joy is full and you will experience a divine turnaround for good. As you celebrate, always remember that your dad and I care for you and we always have your best interest at heart. Happy birthday, son.

32. Trouble will not come near you and your vision will not perish. You are for signs and for wonders Open ľĺľ

33. As you grow, never see challenges as setbacks, but always make it your stepping stone to success. You can achieve your dreams and I pray your path will be prosperous.

34. You are lifted and if anyone ever tells you otherwise, remind them that your father told you so. Never listen to many voices, dear. Happy birthday to you.

35. My son, you are the best gift I have ever received after your mother. I want you to know that you are special to me every day and I’ll give you my best commitment.

36. Happy birthday to my best son. Since the day you were born, you have been gracious. I pray grace will never depart from you.

37. You are blessed and lifted. You will always be a blessing to the World. I celebrate your day of birth and I wish you joy on all sides. Happy birthday my son.

38. You make loving you easy and I cherish every second of having you in my arms as my son. I pray heaven smiles on you and you obtain favour in everything you set out to do.

39. My best son, I always imagine the day a woman will take my place in your heart and finally take you away from me. Lol. It is amazing seeing how you have grown over the years. Your life won’t be cut short and every dream will come true for you.

40. Happy birthday, son. You are loved and as your parents, we cherish you and keep praying for you. Every step you take will be the beginning of greater heights. I celebrate you.

41. Strength and courage in your way as you grow. Your path drops with fatness and you will never lack anything good. You are lifted, son.

42. Grace unto you, dear son. I pray for you today that your actions will lead to a positive outcome and the end of all you do will be laced with success. Enjoy your birthday.

43. Your life will inspire others and kings will come to the brightness of your rising. Your sun won’t go out and your path shines gloriously. Happy birthday.

44. Grace for today and bright hope for tomorrow. You are blessed and highly favoured by many. It is well with your spirit soul and body. I wish you a happy birthday, son.

45. Today is a day to look back and thank God for keeping you from the day you were born even up until now. Your days are beautiful and you won’t die young.

46. Having you as a son is divine and I pray that the joy and peace we find in you won’t become sadness. Happy birthday to my best son.

47. As you celebrate today, you will find peace and love to grow. What others struggle for will come to you with ease. The clarity to live right and I pray you will be rewarded bountifully. Happy birthday.

48. See whom I’m celebrating today! My best son. I wish you a happy birthday and always remember that you have all it takes to be great in life. Fulfil your dreams with ease, dear.

49. I look forward to greater heights in you and I want you to know that beyond just being your mother, I want to see you at the top always. Excel, dear.

50. My son, happy birthday to you. I pray you will always be the head and not the tail. The great heights God has proposed for you, I pray that you will get there.

51. Your future is colourful and bright, you will get there. Nothing will hinder you and your strength is renewed. Happy birthday, handsome son.

52. People will call you to favour you. Grace will see you through and your place will not be given to another. I wish you a happy life, son.

53. I pray for you, son. You will be above always and anything that wants to bring you down will fall and crumble for your sake. You are marvellously helped until you prosper.

54. Help will locate you at every point where you need help and you won’t be stranded at the moment of breakthrough. I wish you a happy birthday.

55. Just as you have always ministered grace since you were born, I pray everywhere you step into, they will experience that sweetness of grace in you. Keep being a blessing.

56. Having you as my son gives me strength and I’m proud to point you out to others that you are mine. I look forward to your success and I ask that nothing will ever stand against it.

57. Happy birthday to a World Champion. When you were born, you were my Champion and your mother’s delight, but as you grow, I want you to know that grace will speak for you to be loved by all. Keep winning.

58. The sky will never be a limit for you, but you will always have a reason to step higher every day. I love you and I wish you all the best that life has to offer.

59. Your birthday comes with sweet memories of your birth and I can’t forget the first moment I held the little you so tight. I pray it will always be a day to remember for good. Happy birthday, son.

60. People always ask me how I have such an amazing son. I don’t have an answer because I’m amazed at how blessed I am to have you too. Happy birthday to my best son.

61. Today, son, I join the host of Angels, your mother, families and friends to wish you a happy birthday. We love you deeply and there’s nothing you can do about that.

62. That dream that seems impossible to others, I want you to know that with determination, you can achieve it and succeed at it. Wishing you a Happy birthday my son.

63. I have found out in you that love is beautiful and I cherish every single phase of your life. It is sometimes tiring and overwhelming, but you are a wonderful son and you have made parenting more fun than a burden. I bless this day and I wish you a happy birthday.

64. To heaven’s gift to me, I wish you a happy birthday. Your words are seasoned with grace and your hands are blessed to prosper.

65. To my best son, I see greatness ahead of you and I pray nothing will alter it. I wish you a prosperous life ahead and joy in all your ways.

66. Pleasant surprises for you, dear as you celebrate. Joy will be your portion and I wish you wisdom to approach life’s issues positively. Happy birthday to you my son.

67. Goodness and mercy will follow you everywhere you go and light will shine on your path to give you exploits. I celebrate the man you are becoming. Happy birthday.

68. You have been strengthened with might to fulfil all your needs. You won’t fall sick and you won’t experience pain as you grow. Be lifted and blessed.

69. Happy birthday to my best son. God has showered me with love and I pray you will always enjoy God’s love too. Peace and grace to you, dear. Be lifted and blessed in all your ways.

70. No matter how complicated life seems to be, always remember that there’s light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t give up. Keep moving and growing in grace, dear son.

Happy Birthday to My Best Son Wishes

I wish my best son a happy birthday filled with love and light. Everything your heart desires will come through for you and you will never lack anything good. You won’t be stopped from being successful and you will be happy every day. Happy birthday to you.

71. My beloved son, here is to a happy birthday filled with glory, love and beautiful gifts. I wish you all your heart desires for good.

72. Happy birthday to the strength of my life. You have made parenting fun and I and your father wish you nothing but bliss and sunshine. You are celebrated.

73. My son, you can have everything you pray for when you keep faith and hope alive. Don’t let go of the hands holding you. Everything you desire will be accomplished for you.

74. You will find yourself in high places and you will be graced with wisdom to solve issues that come your way. You are always blessed. Happy birthday to you.

75. Everything you put your hands on to do will work and your name will open doors for greatness. You will find help when you need it and your path would be laced with favour.

76. You will become great in life and all the big things you desire will be fulfilled for you. I’m glad to celebrate your birthday with you, son and I wish you a happy birthday.

77. Cheers to a wonderful new age. We will tell the story of your birthday with love and sweet memories. You are amazing. Happy birthday, son.

78. My son, you are for signs and for wonders and that is why you remain my best son ever. I love you and I pray that you continue to triumph in all your ways.

79. I wish you a happy birthday and I ask that knowledge will be open to you. You will have more than enough to live each day and fulfil every dream. I wish you a blessed life ahead.

80. God be with you, son and cause His face to shine upon you. May you never experience bitterness, but sweetness in all your ways. Open doors for you always.

81. Favour rest on you and grace makes way for you at all times. You will have more than enough for everything you need to grow. Happy birthday, son.

82. Your beginning was great, your latter years will be greater every day. I wish you long life and peace. Keep being the best son. I love you forever.

83. God has been good to you and to us as a family. We are certain that He will start afresh with us and it will give birth to testimonies. Happy birthday to you, son.

84. This is my prayer for you today, divine help, sound health, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You will have a beautiful life. I wish you a happy birthday.

85. Welcome to your new age, son. We, your parents, wish you a happy birthday today and we wish you progress in life and speed to fulfil your dreams.

86. That you grow up to be a blessing to us and a delight to your World, that is our constant prayer and we are confident that our prayers will be answered over you. Happy birthday to my best son.

87. As the star shines unhindered, so will your life shine bright unhindered. You have been made great and greater exploits you will have as you grow. Your life is beautiful.

88. To the best son in the world, my prayer for you is to become a joy of many generations and a great source of healing to others. You will be a testimony every day.

89. Thank you for being the best son in the world. I wish you nothing but love and grace in your endeavours. You will become a testament of grace to our family. Happy birthday.

90. May you always look back and have reasons to rejoice. May you always look ahead and see reasons to live. You will always enjoy God’s goodness in every aspect of your life.

91. As you grow older, grace will be multiplied to you. Keep reigning for signs and for wonders. Open heaven over you and divine grace in all your ways.

92. Congratulations! It’s your birthday, son. I wish you an amazing year ahead and God will take control of your growth process. It will be swift and comfortable for you. Happy birthday.

93. God will help you navigate through life with ease. No setbacks and every problem will pave way for something greater. I wish you a happy birthday, son.

94. You will win in every circumstance and God will give you the wisdom to make it and reach your goals. You are blessed and I wish you a happy birthday.

95. I’m excited because today is my best son’s birthday. Having you is a blessing and I do not regret every pain I experienced giving birth to you. Keep making mummy proud.

96. You have made it this far, God will take you further. You will find solace and grace to remain focused and strengthened. Have a blissful birthday, son.

97. Now I know that I am truly blessed. Seeing how far you have come, I can’t help but look back and be grateful. I love the man you are becoming. God bless your new age.

98. Happy birthday to my son. You will make it in life and your destiny will not be delayed. You are welcome to your new beginning and a fresh start.

99. I’m really excited to see this day. I look back today and I’m really grateful for the grace to be your mother. I pray you will always remain diligent. Happy birthday my son.

100. Being able to wish you a happy birthday today gives me joy. I ask that God’s blessings rest on you and His presence goes before you and satisfies your positive motives. You are lifted, dear son.

I’m glad you found this page and reading up to this point means this happy birthday to the best son ever wishes has been quite helpful for you. I’m excited and I hope you come back some other time for a friend’s son’s birthday or even a birthday wish for your baby girl. I have you covered in every aspect.

Do you have a word or two for me? I’m excited to know your thoughts about these birthday quotes and wishes for the world’s best son. Please, drop feedback in the comments below.

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