Long Birthday Wishes for Best Friend in English 1

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend I Care About the Most

Are you tired of sending boring messages or messages that don’t properly express your wishes? Don’t fret anymore.

For your best friend’s birthday, a variety of happy birthday to my best friend quotes and messages have been compiled for your use to celebrate that your friend you care about the most. From simple platitudes to humorous messages that invoke wonderful memories of special times spent with your best friend on his or her birthday. Send this happy birthday to my best friend I care about the most to your friend and see how it will strengthen the cord of your friendship.

Long Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friends

Let your best friend know how special he or she is with you on their birthday by sending these short and long birthday wishes for your best friend in English to him or her. Yes, the best of happy birthday paragraphs for your best of friends.

1. Happy birthday, my dearest and best. You mean much more to me than you’ll ever know. I cherish our friendship and relationship, I care about you and would never trade you for anything in this world.

2. Looking back at the years we’ve spent together, I can only thank God for a friend like you, and you’ve not just been a friend, you’ve been a best friend! Thank you for the gift of you! You are simply the best.

3. Hello, world! Guess what? It’s someone special’s birthday today! Guess who? It’s my best friend! The best anyone could ever have!
I want you to know that I care about you and I always will. You are the bomb, baby!

4. Darling, you know how bad I am with words, but that wouldn’t stop me from trying to put my thoughts into words, even if those words would not be able to convey them the best way. One thing is certain and eternally true, I love you forever, and you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday, bestie!

5. I will shout all I want today because it is one of my best days! I will talk, sing and all write of how special you are even though all the books in this world will not be able to contain it! You are so much to me dear one, so much that I can’t tell enough how much. Thank you for being so dear to my heart. Happy birthday, my honey and best friend.

6. You are not only the best friend I have, but you are also the best friend anyone could ever think of or pray for, you are the best friend everyone should have! I’m really jealous of you and will never share you with anyone else, I will never let you out of my life for a moment. Yes, I am selfishly in love with you. Smiles. Happy birthday, my lover!

7. You have begun this new year with great hopes, life and bliss. You enjoy these a million more times. You deserve everything good, so, I pray that you enjoy all that you desire in good health, wealth and soundness of mind. Happy birthday, to my best friend!

8. The title “Best friend” doesn’t work easily for me but the moment you came into my life, you became even more than a best friend would be. You became family! You have earned my love and affection for life and I promise I will always be your best friend too. Happy birthday, Darling!

9. Falling in love with you over and over is something I do effortlessly. It comes so naturally to me that I realise I don’t need to be told that our hearts have bonded as one. Thank you for being that special person to me. You mean everything to me. Happy birthday, my first and best.

10. Having you around me, and much more in my life is one thing I will cherish for the rest of my life. Your presence brought so much love, peace, bliss and strength that I have never felt anywhere else and with anyone else. These and many more are what you are to me and I will never take your love for granted. I love you, best friend. Happy birthday!

11. Loving and celebrating you every day is one thing I have chosen to do for the rest of my life. This is because you have done and been so much to me that I can never repay you in any way. “Thank you” and “I love you” are the only words that keep bubbling out of my heart to you and of a truth, they will never be enough to tell how much you mean to me. Happy birthday, my best friend!

12. Happy birthday, baby girl. You are my honey bunny, sugarplum. Smiles. You are my heartbeat and all I ever wanted in a friend, that’s why you are my best! Happy birthday, Darling. I love you forever and I care about you.

13. What words can I say to you to tell you how much your presence in my life is worth to me? Interestingly, the worth cannot even be measured! You are so special and amazing. I wouldn’t trade you for silver or gold, or for riches untold. You are my everything! Happy birthday, best.

14. I have met and made many friends in this world but you are uniquely awesome! Your breed is special and more than lovely. A friend like you sticks closer than a brother, a friend like you is family! You are my best friend. Happy birthday!

15. I’m just taking a moment to imagine how my life would have been without you. How boring, dry and lonely it would have been. Thank you for coming into my life to spice things up and make me brighter and better. I owe you forever for all you have done and been to me. Happy birthday, my best friend and girlfriend.

16. Happy birthday to the one who made my childhood fun and memorable. I can’t even imagine growing up without you! Thank you so much for staying through ever since and for your friendship. It means so much to me and is a gift I will jealously guard as long as I live. I love you dearly.

17. To the one who taught me how to love and be loved.
To the one whose love language I first heard, understood and spoke. To the one who sticks closer to my heart than anyone else,
“I love you” is not enough to say how much you mean to me. Thank you for loving and choosing me. Happy birthday, bestie.

18. Nothing compares to my love for you. Your heart is so true and pure, purer than gold or diamond. You are simply God sent because I do not deserve the gift of your love and friendship! I love you, my best friend. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday with love.

19. Hey! Do you know how much you mean to me? I bet you don’t! You are so much more than my head can think or my mouth can say. You are amazing beyond words! Till eternity, words will always fail me to tell of your awesomeness. I can only keep thanking you for you! I love you so much. Happy birthday.

20. Happy birthday, baby boo. It’s a beautiful new year for you, one filled with so much bliss and laughter, opportunities and blessings all around. This new year will bring to you all that you desire, hope and pray for. Amen. Happy birthday to the best friend I’ve ever had.

21. I wish above all other things on this day of yours that you enjoy bliss and God’s favour in all that you do. You are a really good friend and you deserve everything good too. I love you big, best friend.

22. My best friend, I couldn’t think of what to write to wish you a happy birthday today. You are so lovely amazing, even words are not worthy of expressing your worth. Whoa! I love you really big! Happy birthday to you, honey.

23. You’ve always been a source of strength and support for me. You’ve been a brother, father, friend, lover, best friend, teacher. You’ve been everything I needed you to be at every point in time. Thank you for everything. I love you so much, my treasure mine. Happy birthday to you!

24. My heart is filled with joy because it has you in it. Your presence makes me so happy and alive. Thank you for being a source of joy to me. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for loving me. Happy birthday, my love.

25. I love you so much, baby girl. Your thought fills my heart with so much love. I will never leave you or let you out of my sight. You are golden! Happy birthday, bestie.

26. Now and then, you always remind me of love, trust and friendship. You make me believe that people can be so dear and loving, and you have proven that to me a million times over. Thank you so much for this!

27. Cheers! To love, more life, friendship and everything good! I hope to be a lot of good things in life, but remaining your best friend tops the list! I cherish you so much, babe. Happy birthday, dearest.

28. May your days be filled with love and your years with life. I pray that you enjoy God’s goodness and blessings in all you do. Amen. Happy birthday, baby girl. Can’t wait to see you and hold you tight! Much love.

29. There’s so much love and happiness in the air because it’s my best friend’s birthday. Yes! He deserves this and even more because he has proven over time to be a best friend to me indeed. Thank you so much for coming into my life. I love you, my main guy. Happy birthday!

30. For the supports and encouragement, words of advice, prayers and instructions. I am grateful!
For the fights, arguments, misunderstandings, I am grateful!
For the rough plays, jokes, fun and all the beautiful memories we’ve shared and will continue to share, I am grateful!
Thank you so much for all you do for me. I couldn’t have prayed for a better best friend. Happy birthday, my love.

31. You are my motivator, encourager, gist partner and helper. You are my friend and sister. There’s this way you play all these roles in my life at different times and you do them perfectly. I can never let you go or do anything to hurt our friendship. This is to reassure you of my love for you. Our friendship bonds are stronger. Happy birthday, my love.

32. You are awesome in your ways. Gentle, loving, understanding and loyal. I know I am not the best I should be and do not deserve you, but still, I am grateful that you love me despite my inadequacies and I don’t ever want to lose that privilege of your friendship. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Happy birthday, best friend.

33. Best friend, I want you to know and always remember that I appreciate your presence in my life and will always cherish our friendship. Nothing will ever change these facts. To me, you are priceless and irreplaceable! Happy birthday with love.

34. I may not be able to cross the Mississippi just to say “I love you”. I may not be able to persevere through the Pacific just to say “I am pleased with you.” But, I will sail the Atlantic just to say “Happy birthday to you.” I love you, I’m pleased with you and…
Happy birthday, my forever best friend.

35. Let the wave of love blow upon me to remind me of you always, let the stars of the nights be a symbol of our friendship always, let the dews of the morning be a shower of all goodness and love and let your special days be a reminder that we grow together through the years. I will always be there for you in all the length of time. Happy birthday to you, my best friend forever.

36. Hey honey bunny, I may forget to do my daily devotions, I may forget to sleep at night, I may forget to take my breakfast (I’m not sure if this is possible anyways coz you know I love food), I may forget to hide my secrets from you (lol…) that’s because you are simply my witch, you have your way of making me let them out, but I simply cannot forget your birthday because your happiness means a lot to me. My Raspberry girlfriend, happy birthday to you.

37. Happy birthday to you, best buddy. This special day of yours bring you to a new horizon, may glitters of grace settle on all of your accomplishments and the greater heights ahead be garnished with God’s approval.

38. Keeping you in my heart is the best record I have in here. The sadness and joy we shared together, which makes our memories, is a record purely significant to me. The records of spending quality time with you are worth it. But the best and most significant record I have kept is your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my bestie.

39. In this new year, let there be an inflow of greater achievement, good and perfect gift, joy unspeakable, manifestations of the spirit of God and let your birthday bring in to us; another fresh page of love so pure, truer and genuine. Happy birthday, darling friend.

40. Cakes
A dance floor
And you
Are all I need to celebrate a friend, so dear, like you.

41. To a new life,
To new hope,
To new dreams,
To new vision,
To a new beginning,
To new achievement.
Cheers! To my best friend, Happy birthday.

42. Guess whose birthday it is today? My darling best friend that I care so much about! Surprise… I know right. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you.

43. The birds sing happy birthday to you, the oceans roar happy birthday to you, the breeze whispers happy birthday to you and I am joining them to say: Happy birthday to you, bestie.

44. I am sending you a rose to remind you of my love, I am sending you a peacock to let you know how beautiful you are, I am sending you a Gold to tell you that you are worth more than precious stones, and above all, I am sending you my love to fill your day. Happy birthday to you my #Raspberry girlfriend.

45. I have never met you before I met you. I don’t think I will ever meet you after I have met you. In simple words, I have never met a person like you before I met you, I don’t think I will ever meet a person so rich in love like you. Happy birthday, bestie.

46. Happy birthday to that one friend that feels homely with me and makes me feel homely anytime we are together. I do not take our friendship for granted. I love you so much. Have a great year.

47. To the one who has taught me the sweetness in friendship, the one who has touched the depth of my love, the one who knows the peak of my feelings and has trimmed down the branches of my pride. Happy birthday my best friend. You have taught me a lot and I am grateful.

48. Dear best friend,
The one who knows the best, worst and ugly part of me and still feels I am amazing. I see myself as a better me whenever I am with you. Happy birthday, to the special gift, handed to me by God.

49. Shout out to the superhuman! Hurray!!! As you mark another beginning of fulfilment. To my forever buddy, Cheers! to a newer life.

50. A growth in stature, a growth in years, growth in experience and growth in success. Happy birthday to you, my best friend, as you experience another all-around growth this year.

51. May all you ever wished for find you. May all the goodness you dream of coming to reality. May all you pray for find fulfilment. May you be celebrated all the days long. Happy birthday, to a friend that has stayed true.

52. Ten thousand miles seems to me like the next door whenever I want to see you. Ten thousand words feel just like a phrase whenever I want to talk to you. Ten thousand wishes are not enough to wish you a “Happy birthday”, but I know a few words like “Happy birthday to you, my best friend forever” means more than ten thousand expressions to you.

53. No matter what they say about you even when the world is crashing, don’t be afraid, I will always be standing by your side. Happy birthday to a true friend, that always makes me feel special.

54. Some time ago, somewhere, somehow on this great day; a cry of a baby was heard, either a “king” or a “Queen” we could not differentiate. All we knew was, a rare gem has been given to the world until I met you as we grew and I discovered you were that baby and you still are. Happy birthday, bestie.

55. Announcement! Announcement!! Announcement!!!
I want y’all to help me give a standing ovation,
A clapping ovation,
A shouting ovation,
To my own very best as she celebrates another glorious new year today!
Make some noise…. woooooooooooooooooh!
Happy birthday, girlfriend.

56. To a friend turn family;
I wish for you, favour for all your labour, grace for greatness, mercy and success for this new phase as you turn a year older today. Happy birthday.

57. As you turn a year older today, you have turned into new advancements and greater achievement. As you grow a bit more today, you are growing into that perfect plan of God for your life. Happy birthday to you, best buddy.

58. I am using this opportunity to let you know that being your friend is the best decision I ever made. Letting our friendship grow into this stage is the best growth that ever occurred in me, celebrating you every year on this special date is the best occasion I ever gave my full commitment and loving who we are is the best feeling I never want to let go of. Happy birthday, best friend.

59. I bring you good tidings of hope, faith and love. May everything you wished for, meet with faith and with hope. Let everything good you desire to come with love from God, to make you happy for the rest of your days. Happy birthday, dear friend.

60. Words fail me when it comes to appreciating and celebrating a friend so true and genuine in love like you. Expressions seize, even if I would have loved to demonstrate. But thank God for inks that help me pen “l love you”, “I appreciate you” and “I celebrate you”. Happy birthday to you, my best friend that I care so much about.

61. I wish you many happy returns of the day. Long life and prosperity. Cheers! Happy birthday to more than a friend.

62. Hurray! My Bestie is a year older today. I can’t keep calm because I will tell the whole world how dear, special and irreplaceable you are to me. I adore you, darling. Happy birthday, my best! Loads of love!

63. Happy birthday to my bestie, who feels I am awesome, despite my weird behaviour. You have been standing by me, even when other friends despised me. Times when I act very funny, you understand. Nobody could ever best me better than you!

64. Hurray! My best friend is plus one today. Happy birthday, darling. Make a wish…Boom! And that’s it. I won’t trade you for the world’s costliest treasure.

65. Showers of blessings flood your path. As you go about your birthday today, let blessings attend your way. Your going out and your coming in is full of blessing now and always. Hurray! Happy birthday, dearie.

66. Hip hip hip! Hurray! Congratulations as you turn a year older in all life’s goodness and all spiritual gifts. You should know by now that I love you beyond words and measures.

67. Roses are red. Violets are blue. Friends are like a heartbeat. You mean a lot to me girl! At times, when all I crave is to have you around, you’ve never failed me. I love you for this and much more. I really do miss your funny jokes and weird stories, you know! Happy birthday, my darling friend!

68. Seems we are growing so fast dearie…Did you just say, you are 30 already? Don’t worry, I am the same age too. We’ve grown all through the years… We’ve climb mountains and walked on plains as well. Our best days are not behind because tomorrow looks good. Cheers! To more life and more wins! Happy birthday, my dear.

69. Like we did when we were much younger:
Can we have splashes of water game again?
Can we have some sand play again?
Okay, Can we go to the Bahamas together?
Oh! Yes, I know your answers already…
Friend, so full of life and vigour. I love your heart, darling. We will surely have much more fun together as the years go by. Happy birthday to you!

70. You got a friend in me. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. We’ll see life through together, my real Queen. You strengthen my heart with your words. You give me boldness with your charisma. Thanks for staying true all these years.
Cheers! To your new age. I will be there to celebrate more years with you, dear one. Happy birthday, my forever buddy.

71. It’s your 27th birthday and I’m glad. You are beautiful, smart and intelligent. All I wish for you, this day and forever, is happiness. Your mind is filled with peace and sanity. The rest of your life shall be the best of your life. Happy birthday, dearest!

72. A friend that sticks closer than a brother. Great influence on my life. Maybe, you were meant to be my twin. There’s a version of me in you that makes me wonder. Sometimes, it brings tears of joy to my face. How can someone be so loving and kind? You have a room in my heart, friend.
Cheers! to many years to come in health and peace of mind.
Happy birthday to you!

73. Happy birthday, Sugar. Your smartness is contagious. You are very good at what you do. Hope you set more goals and crush them as you’ve always done. Tomorrow is brighter with more wins for you. Relax and enjoy this new phase. Cheers!

74. It’s been a long way with you, my friend. I won’t stop telling you how beautiful and intelligent you are. You’ve been there for me through thick and thin.
Oh! how I love you with all my heart. Your sweetness is adorable. All I wish for you is a fulfilled life. Happy birthday, dearest!

75. The curve on your lips when you smile lightens the earth. You are beautiful in and out, ever ready to lead and learn. I love the woman you have become. The world is lucky to have you. Happy birthday, world’s best friend.

76. You’ve had sweet moments and tough moments, and one thing has been the same, your heart remains focused on your goal. You are a Superhero, dearie. I pray this new age of yours brings you more success. Happy birthday to you.

77. Happy birthday, dearest. Would you like some cupcakes or gelato? Would you prefer some music to swimming? Would you let us travel the world together? We will sure have much fun together. Your new age is blessed. I love you big time.

78. My dear friend in whom I am well pleased. You are all loving. Your heart is kind and true. Your decency is contagious. You’ve influenced me greatly and I love being with you. Happy birthday to you, age gracefully.

79. A friend with all shades of awesomeness. I value you, dear one. I cherish and love all you do. Age is on your side to break more grounds, you know! I will give you all my support. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

80. Childhood was great fun with you. Growing up was fun as well, with a little trouble and we are still having fun, right? I love this adulthood with you and who we’ve grown to be. I cherish our friendship all the way. Happy birthday, dearest, love you!

81. Friend, so full of life. Your presence brings merriment to my heart. I don’t like to miss you, you know! I heard of all your awards in high school and I’m proud of you. Tomorrow will be much greater for you. Keep winning, my dear. Happy birthday, world’s best friend.

82. It’s another birthday of yours and I’m happy to celebrate with you. You’ve been awesome all the way. I trust your heart and intentions. I wish you more fulfilling years ahead. Age gracefully, my dear. Cheers!

83. My one and only trouble maker, the one with whom I can be all of me and my sister from another mother. You are beautiful and intelligent. Your best is yet to come, girlfriend. Much growth and more money, I pray for you. Happy silver jubilee, dearie.

84. Happy birthday, bestie. Thanks for all you do and all you are. I am grateful for the gift of friendship with you. All I wish for you is a life full of winning. God bless this new age of yours. Cheers to more years to come in health and wealth.

85. If I have some chance to choose a friend in a new world, I would choose you over and over again. You’ve won my heart with your loveliness, dearie. You are my wonderful woman. Hope to have more fun, goal setting and crushing with you. Happy birthday, best bunny.

86. You’ve always talked of how you love to be a great influence on the world and I have seen you grow through rough moments. I love your focus. I love the great man you have become. It’s beautiful to see your dream come true. The world is blessed to have you. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

87. I have a story to tell about a soul. She’s so sweet with all shades of beauty. She’s strong, unrelenting and gracious. I call her dearest, she is indeed a friend.
From the warmest of all wishes, I wish you a successful life, girlfriend. Keep being awesome. Happy birthday to you, I love you.

88. I’m tempted to write you an epistle but words will fail me to tell about all of you. You are worth more than words to me and my ink will bleed forever if I try to write. I thank God for having you in my life. I admire everything about you, you are an angel. I have a favour to ask of you; in the next world, please be my friend. I will be there to choose you again. You are blessed, dearie. Happy birthday to you.

89. Just as the rainbow comes with all shades of colours, you are all shades of awesomeness and I’m proud to have you as a friend. Thanks for always having my back, even when I seem naughty. Thanks for being true to our friendship, it means a lot to me. Tomorrow looks great having you around. I will never forget to tell you how beautiful and smart you are. It’s your best year yet, my dear friend. Happy birthday to you.

90. From the first day I saw you at high school, I wanted you in my life and yippee, my dreams came true. You are so beautiful and intelligent. Everyone’s gist of the class was about you. Everyone wanted to be your friend, thanks for having me as one. Keep being the best student you are, I love it when you succeed. Happy birthday, dearest.

91. It’s your big day, girlfriend. Hope you have much fun today. Will you go shopping or swimming?
Oh! You can come with me, so I can make you some local delicacies. You got my back now and any day. I love you so much, dearie. Happy birthday to you, age with grace.

92. Yippee, it’s my best friend’s birthday and I’m happy. Let’s have our homemade cookies and ice cream today. You have a large heart that can contain the world. You have a bright smile that can chase away strife. I love you with all of my being. Cheers to your new age.

93. It’s your big day, and I have plans for you dearest.
Would you love some cupcakes or Pizza?
How about a Smoothie or Cocktail?
Oh! Should we go to the movies or the beach?
You deserve the best treatment, just make your choice.
Hope this new phase comes with more happiness for you. Happy birthday, dearest.

94. As you add another year today, bestie, I pray God grants you your heart desires. Your ways are prosperous. Your heart remains focused. Your health is stable and, you enjoy a life full of joy. Cheers to your new age, Happy birthday!

95. I have a poem to tell of a friend:
Sweet lady with a kind heart from heaven
Dark and comely she is
Her aura is welcoming and adorable
Oh! My words fail me already
You are simply phenomenal.
Happy birthday, dearie, cheers to your new age.

96. Happy birthday, my dear friend. It’s been few years of friendship with you and I have never regretted it. Thanks to God, our paths crossed. You’ve been a blessing to me all this time. Hope this new age brings you lots of happiness. Enjoy your big day.

97. Every day is for friends. Birthdays make it beautiful to talk about them. Dearest, you’ve been awesome all the way. Your smartness and intelligence are second to none. I do remember how you led us, most of the time, during our college days. You are my wonder woman. Happy birthday to you! Do have lots of fun today.

98. Warm wishes to the best friend in the world:
You are indeed a goal-getter
My friend with no shades of discouragement
Your unrelenting spirit, I admire so much.
There are more wins for you this new year. Happy birthday to you, loads of love.

99. It’s another birthday, Sweetheart. Lots of love for you, this day and forever. I’m happy to call you my friend. I pray lines to fall on you in pleasant places and that God grants your heart desires. Enjoy your day and have all the fun you can.

100. Special wishes to a special soul. I wish you growth on all sides and success in all you do. Please, make fewer troubles in this new age. Keep being the awesome lady you are. I love you so dearly. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Remember, your wish should always express your heart.

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