Best Friend Paragraphs for Her Birthday

Birthday Wishes for My Childhood Friend Female or Male

Most times, it might be hard to say exactly what you feel about your friends, but these paragraphs will help in describing and celebrating your best friends. You will find cute, fine, awesome birthday wishes for my childhood friend, here. Wish you the best as you celebrate your best friends in the year 2023.

Cute Paragraphs for Best Friend on Her Birthday

The sweetest and loveliest paragraphs to send to your best friend on the occasion of her birthday.

1. I am so thankful to God for sending you to me, a great friend in time of need and a beautiful friend when everything is dope. Birthday shouts out to the best friend one can ever have in the universe, happy birthday to you.

2. I’m grateful to your mama for giving birth to you, if not I would not have met a beautiful and wonderful girl who became my friend. Happy birthday, dear, I wish you the best and a stronger bond between us.

3. I’m screaming and shouting it’s my friend’s birthday today, everyone clear the road for this beautiful soul who can turn sadness into Joy any time, she’s a sugar. Cutest birthday to you, honey pie.

4. I can’t believe it’s another year already, it seems like yesterday. How more can I appreciate this angel sent to the world on a day like this to make life better? Happy birthday, bestie.

5. She became a hello hello friend, but her sweetness will not let me leave her, so she became my best friend. Happy birthday to the most beautiful lady I know, I wish you long life and prosperity dear.

6. Happy 25th birthday to the friend I wish I had known from birth lol, I can’t ask for a better friend because you are the best. Within this period of our relationship, you’ve taught me so much and I’ve learnt a lot. Long life and prosperity.

7. I know I’m the luckiest girl today because it’s my friend’s birth anniversary, happy birthday to this mature lady, she knows a lot, has taught me a lot too. I pray that you have more knowledge this year and more money to your account.

8. A friend who is always available whenever one is in need is a friend indeed, happy birthday to my friend indeed. I wish greater heights than you want, happy birthday to you.

9. Sweet friend, defender, she’s always there for me, a friend turn sister and I pray our bond will never be broken. Happy birthday, sis.

10. We go way back, it’s been a very long time that I can’t believe we are this and this wouldn’t be if you are not a sweet person as you are and it’s your day today, so I wish you the best birthday ever, happy birthday friend.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friend

Cheer your friend up with these Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friend.

11. Everything I did, you were always standing by my side, moving coasts together is what we and it’s your day sis, happy birthday to the best friend anyone could ever want, I wish a great and successful year ahead.

12. Today is my best friend’s birth anniversary, we had plans together, we’re executing it together, getting the roles and playing the roles together. Happy born day to this great woman I am privileged to have as a friend and increase in all ramifications.

13. I’m privileged to have this fella as a friend, she was there when I was going through a lot in life, she was encouraging, wise, full of love and care. I want you to know on this day I will cherish our friendship until the end. Happy birthday, dear.

14. Our conversations turned us to become friends and our friendship is till eternity and our bond will never be broken. Happy birthday to my friend who I can never forget in my life, I pray that your wishes come true in this new year.

15. My friend who became family, who became my best and real babe, you saw the best when I didn’t see any good. I’m grateful to God for giving you to me, happy birthday friend and I pray that the love of our friendship will never be lost. Enjoy and blow anything today cos it’s your day.

16. I will make sure to declare it to the whole world from the mountaintop to the lowest valley that today is my bestie’s birth anniversary. Happy and coolest birthday to you frog head.

17. The only one who calls me pumpkin and the only one I call chicken, happy birthday to you dear, my wish is that you get fatter and grow taller in this new and that your naughtiness will not be lost. Enjoy your day to the fullest.

18. A bash awaits you Tonight cos it is your birthday my friend, the one who makes me smile though I’m angry, the most annoying human I know but can’t unknow. Happy birthday, sweet babe.

19. Happy birthday to the most annoying frog I know and the most amazing girl I love, happy birthday to my great friend, the one who brings me joy whenever I’m down. A wonderful birthday to you, paint the town blue cos it’s your day.

20. I’ve got your back, do something weird, slap a soldier, eat carrot, without paying because it’s your birthday silly. Happy new year to you pumpkin, don’t forget this babe loves you.

Happy Birthday Lines for Best Friend

Top Happy Birthday Lines for Best Friend.

21. I remember your birthday is always full of cake, and we do enjoy ourselves. Yes, it’s another time to be filled with Cake, happy birthday to the best cake eater I know, eat to your full.

22. People esteem at least a day in a year, I esteem today so much because it’s my friend turned sister’s birthday. Happy birth anniversary darling, I’m grateful because I have the most beautiful girl as my friend. HBD girlie.

23. Happy 25th birthday to you babes, wiser than your age. I wish you an excellent year ahead, a sweet and gracious year to you girlie. Do well in this your new year.

24. Thank you for always being the best friend and the best sister in the world, you mean a lot to me because I mean so much to you too. Happy birthday to the one who cares the most about what I eat, wear and do. I love you, my dear friend.

25. One of the best thing that could happen to one is to have a great friend who is reliable and optimistic and caring and full of love. Thank for being a great gift in my life, happy birthday Bestie. I wish that all your wishes come true.

26. Your birthday is one of the days I get to tell you how important you are to mankind and how much I appreciate your existence in my life. Happy birthday to this treasure in the world, long life and prosperity.

27. You are my number 1 fan, always supportive, I will scream and shout to the moon and to the sun that it’s this wonderful girl’s birthday. Happy birthday to my friend, the one I wish to do so much for and I pray that your accomplishments will know no bounds.

28. Happy birthday to my fantastic fellow, she is a good girlie and has a big heart. I’ve been thinking how to make your day lovely and better than previous birthday and I’ve resorted to writing an epistle for you. Happy birthday to the friend who cherishes me a lot and I care for, have a wonderful year ahead.

29. I’m grateful to God for giving you to me as a friend and to your mother for giving birth to you and to you for being a good friend, counsellor, fan. Happy birthday to the one who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself, to the one who makes me smile irrespective of the situation on the ground. Colourful birthday dear.

30. Happy birthday to the one who pinches me cos she’s naughty, the one whose friendship makes life bearable and colourful, to the one who understands me when others misunderstood, to the one who has beautiful gazes. I can’t tell how much you mean to, I wish we could stay in the same place for life. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend

Also see these Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Best Friend.

31. Bestie, I wish today will be the best birthday you’ve had in times past, you are so amazing that I thank God always for sending an angel as a friend to me. Happy birthday to the one who shares my happiest and saddest moments with me. Have a blast today.

32. I wish my best friend a great and successful year, I wish you the best on this special day, happy birthday to the most amazing friend I have, the only pest I have that pesticides can’t kill. Can’t love you less dear, have a wonderful day today.

33. You mean so much to me and I’m sure no one can comprehend that my friendship with you has done me a lot of good and I promise to not leave you even when your Mr right comes. Happy birthday baby girl, have a lovely day today, do all you want today cos it’s allowed.

34. The whole world knows today is blessed because a beautiful soul was born on a day like this and I’m grateful cos that blessing is my one true friend. Happy birthday, love, I wish you a long life in prosperity, good health, happiness, joy, greatness, love, wealth. Have lovely moments today.

35. Thank you for being such a beautiful blessing to my life, for believing in me and I love you so much and my prayer is that the bond of our friendship will not break. Happy birth anniversary my darling, go have a blast and look back and thank God.

36. Babes I know you don’t like celebrating birthdays, but how can I let today go without celebrating God’s blessing towards mankind. Happy birthday to my great friend who is always full of love and care for everyone around her. Know that you will always be cherished and celebrated by me, happy birthday dear friend.

37. Happy birthday to this good friend of mine who can scream and shout because she’s visiting or I’m visiting, my one lovely friend turned sister. I pray that you have all your wishes in this year and that your accomplishments will know no bounds. Cool temper and do what you know how to do best, scream cos it’s your day. I celebrate you.

38. I’m grateful that you were brought into my life, a friend indeed, my no 1 fan, my counsellor, my best friend, the sweetest being I know. It’s your day and words will fail me to describe who you are and what you mean to me. Happy birthday, dear, it’s alright to dance, sing, scream, because it’s the beginning of a new year for you.

39. My one true friend who takes care of me when I am sick or even healthy, always watching the ways for me. Happy birthday to the one who is truthful to me, she tells me whenever I’m ugly or beautiful, she corrects me when I’m wrong, and appreciate me when I do something right. Happy birthday to this great friend of mine who treats me like family.

40. I’m grateful for the beautiful human sent to me from God, happy birthday to you my darling friend turned sister, have a great and successful year ahead, may all your wishes come true. I will always cherish and celebrate your day with you whether I’m near or far from you.

Birthday Wishes Paragraphs for Best Friend

Sweet Birthday Wishes Paragraphs for your Buddy.

41. I really wish I could put into words what you mean to me, and to tell you how much and how well you’ve impacted my life, you have a great source of strength and I will always love you and will always cherish our friendship. Happy birthday, bestie.

42. I want to be the first person to wish my best and amazing friend a happy and huge birthday dear. Though you have to go to work, enjoy and have a good time today. Happy birthday to you baby girl and I wish you long life and prosperity dear.

43. There is this thing about you that makes it easy for me to talk to you, your vibes have cooled my temper, has made my day my good friend, what else can I say to make you understand that I sincerely appreciate you and your impacts in my life. Happy birthday dear friend, I wish you a happy life in this year.

44. You are really a lovely lady that has a beautiful soul and lovely voice, you are smart and you’ve got vibes which makes our friendship soar, even when I’m down you are there to lift me up. Happy birthday angel sent to me, I wish you a great and wonderful day today and also a fantastic year.

45. I’m so glad you are in my life because your vibes are like sunshine in darkness, you mean so much to me, dear friend. Happy birthday to the coolest and amazing friend one could ever ask for, I wish you a colourful year and a year filled with great surprises.

46. Happy birthday to the only human I can tell everything to, someone that’s never boring of my gibberish, my talks, everything I do she’s always standing by as a teacher and a friend. I’m grateful because the bond is still smooth and strong. I wish you a year full of all your wishes, great increase this year. Happy birthday, dearest!!!

47. Memories of time together, times apart, moment of happiness, moments of Argument fills my heart today since it’s your birthday, I feel fulfilled cos I can wish you a warm and wonderful day. Happy born day to my girlfriend, know you are cherished.

Long Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend

Also see these beautiful Long Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend.

48. Missing you has not been easy, though we are apart our bond will go stronger. I wish I’m with you to celebrate your day of birth with you, remember you are special to me and I love you so much bestie. Happy anniversary and I wish you a good life.

49. I knew we were meant to be best friends, you are lovely, beautiful, caring, cheerful and plain though choosy and picky. Happy birthday to my very own angel, I wish you good health and abundance in this new year girlie.

50. Most times I’m not happy that today is your birthday because you are celebrating it without my presence but know that my thoughts are with you and surrounds you, happy birthday to my friend, fish head. Enjoy your birthday without me but I wish you a great birthday.

51. Writing this message feels like I’m writing to my blood sister but that’s what you ‘ve become, a friend turned sister, you are lovely, sweet to be with, experienced, and jovial. I wish I could open up my heart and show you how much I love you girlie. Happy born day to you sis.

52. Growing up, I’ve never seen a friend who’s as caring as you are, you give without thinking of taking back, you are accommodating and interesting. I wish you a great year filled with all you need and your wishes. Smile and laugh a lot, it’s allowed because it’s your birthday.

53. In my relationship with you babes, your good has and will forever override your bad because you have a beautiful soul and you’ve impacted me with such, I wish you long life and prosperity and also a warm and lovely birthday today.

54. Hurray, it’s my bestie’s birth anniversary, allow me to scream, jump and shout because you are sweet and honest. There’s not a single thing about you and our friendship that I don’t like or cherish, I love you babes and I wish a Happy birthday honey pie.

55. Our friendship is not determined or restricted by time and space, yes we are apart but it always feels like you are near me because your voice accompanies me, your texts wakes me. What can I say than you have been a good friend and happy birthday to you baby girl remember this Sisto loves you.

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Your Best Friend

Make your best friend’s birthday blissful with these best Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Your Best Friend.

56. Friendship is to be cherished, friends are to be loved, angel that’s exactly what I feel about you. Happy birthday to you, my oldie.

57. Today is different because a special being was born on a day like this, today is meant to be special because the world is privileged to have a wonderful creature and I’m honoured to have her as my friend. Today is all about you baby girl, happy born day darling. Long life and prosperity.

58. My heartfelt wish for this friend like no other is that your birthday to be sweeter than your cake and that your year be filled with sweetness because you are full of sweetness and warmth and that’s exactly what you bring to me. I love you greatly.

59. Babes today is another day I can celebrate you especially because it’s your born day, you’ve made a lot of sense out of my life, you brought sunshine, peace, joy, happiness to me and my wish for you is that in this new year you have all you wished for and you also be filled with excess love, joy happiness, money, peace. Happy birth anniversary.

60. Through thick and thin, you have always been there, when there is darkness or light, you are right by my side, whether there’s hope or not you chose to remain, my friend, how can I appreciate you on your special day, happy birthday honey. I wish greatness as you venture into this year, have a blast BF.

61. Knowing you has made me know that gems are rare but they are not lost, because you’ve proven to be the best and nothing can neither buy you nor replace you. Happy birth anniversary my dear gave a peaceful and relaxing day.

62. My friendship with you has made me understand what best friends mean, you are not only there when I am successful or great but you are there even when I failed, you’ve stayed with me through thick and thin, happy birthday to the best girl on earth. Have a blast.

Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Paragraphs

Best of all Happy Birthday to My Best Friend Paragraphs.

63. You keep my embarrassing moments to yourself, you blow my great moments; you are always there to cheer me up, always eager to know what’s up with me. Happy birthday, girlie, enjoy the greatest birthday ever, enjoy your season with grace.

64. When I look back, I’m glad and grateful that you are by my side, we went through altogether, you never let go of my hand, you hold me tight when I am back and down. Celebrate your birthday remembering that I love you sincerely, happy birthday dear.

65. I’m excited about today cos it’s special and that’s because it’s your birthday, I’ve got to celebrate you especially. Happy birthday to the dearest person to my heart, who is full of love and care. You are a treasure and I will treat you as one, enjoy your day and year, dear friend.

66. The kind of friends I know before you are the ones who stick around when you are okay, but you showed me another thing entirely because you stuck with me when I was down and with nothing. I celebrate my friend turned sister today and I pray you have all that you want. Honourable birthday to you babes.

67. I celebrate this babe today because she’s awesome, full of love, full of fun. Happy birth anniversary dear and I wish you a long life in prosperity, peace, good health, greatness, love, goodness. Have a blast and enjoy your self on a day like this.

68. The only lady that means the most to me, beautiful and understanding, you have a wonderful soul and you have been a blessing to me and even to the nation at large. You are a rare gem and I’m privileged to call you my friend. Happy birthday to you dear.

69. My Honey, sweetheart, pumpkin and love, happy birthday to you today. I’m grateful to God for giving you to us and especially to me as a friend. I wish you greatness and prosperity in your new age, have a lovely day today and a wonderful year ahead.

70. Life is full of good things and one of it that has happened to me is YOU, you are sweet, lovely, beautiful, honourable, understanding. Happy birthday, honey, I wish you the best in this new year and age gracefully dear.

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