Lucky to Have You Quotes for Him

I’m Lucky to Have You Quotes for Him in 2023

One way to make people feel special is to tell them what they’ve done or brought to you, he/she might have many people around, but what matters most is words of a loved one. Make them know you are the luckiest person because of them by picking one of these messages. It’s worth a try!

I’m So Lucky to Have You Quotes for Him

I’m so lucky to have you quotes for him – boyfriend. i’m the luckiest girl to have you in my life. You can also use these as I’m so lucky to have you quotes for her – girlfriend.

1. Give me money or clothes, I will tell you they are valuable, but ask me about this great man beside me, I will tell you he’s priceless. I’m too sure the luckiest fella on earth.

2. How great is the feeling of nature, it makes me feel home and how strong do I feel when I look at this giant behind, I’m lucky to have you hon.

3. I looked around the world and I’ve not seen any man as great and caring as you are, having you has made me the Luckiest woman darling.

4. Some worth hundred, some worth thousands but you make me feel like I worth more than gold, this has proven me to be the Luckiest girl in the world.

5. Having material things are fine and cool but to crown it all, I have someone who’s great and fun to be with, who love me like I love him and I will continue to say I’m lucky to have you. 

6. Life is wonderful because I’m not a loner, you have brought the greatest gift to me and I will forever cherish you for making me the Luckiest human.

7. Sweet like chocolate, pretty like pink, that’s how I feel when I remember how much you mean to me, indeed I’m the lucky girl.

8. People surrounding me have been wonderful but I share them with the world but you are the only one for me, the one that makes me feel like the Luckiest woman.

9. I mean a lot to you and you mean a lot to me, you cherish me and made me feel great and you made me the lucky girl.

10. Men speak words but I feel your care even without you speaking, so much love oozes from you and that has made me know that I’m the lucky one sweetheart.

I’m Happy to Have you Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

Make your boyfriend know how happy you are to have him. These romantic I’m Happy to Have you Quotes for Him would serve this purpose.

11. When paths were not smooth, you straighten them and when times were rough, you were reliable. I’m so lucky to have you sweet.

12. Looking forward to seeing you is so special, I am too sure that I’m the lucky girl.

13. Seeing your face light up when you look at me, gives me a wonderful feeling and I know I’m one lucky girl.

14. One thing, I wish I could give to you is a mirror in my face, so you could see through me and so I can feel the joy of being the Luckiest woman.

15. Getting to be in your heart and not just your head is a booze and I’m sure you know that you make me the Luckiest.

16. That special feeling that comes up in my heart and body is what makes me the lucky girl.

17. The effects of goosebumps my thoughts of you gives me, it makes me wonder if anything else is worth it. Thanks for making me the lucky babe.

18. Waking up in the morning and feeling special because I have you, makes me feel like the Luckiest woman on earth.

19. I bet you have no idea of how much happiness and love you brought to me and this is the peak where I can admit that I am lucky to have you as mine.

20. Seeing your smile makes me happy, and I have come to realize that your presence makes me the Luckiest woman honey.

21. My heart races, whenever I think about you and my heart thumbs hard when I see you. You with me is the Luckiest gift I’ve heard in a very long while.

I’m Lucky to Have Found You Quotes for Him – Boyfriend

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22. You brought livelihood, you gave me happiness and joy, that’s the reason I’m referred to as the Luckiest woman.

23. Loving you brought me out of my shell, and you loving me clothed me, and I’ve gotten my self a badge that reads the Luckiest girl on earth.

24. The craziest prize I can ever get is being your person, and I’m so lucky to be called yours.

25. When Life is at the minutes, you boost my ego and when Life is at the fullest you gave me a heart full of love, I guess I’m the luckiest.

26. I’m sincerely grateful that I have you in my life and I’m also happy that you made me the Luckiest fella.

27. Getting you to be my best friend is a wish come true, and I’m loving every moment of this relationship which has made me the lucky lady in whole world.

28. Every day is special because you are with and thank you for making me the Luckiest woman darling.

29. I like is an understatement, I love you can’t measure what I really feel for you, thank you for bringing me luck and for crowning me the Luckiest Queen.

30. My life with you, has been full of love and luck, thank you for being my good luck charm and also for making a lucky person.

31. People say happiness looks good on me, but I know you are the secret behind my smile, indeed I’m the lucky girl.

I’m Grateful for Your Presence in My Life

Best of all I’m Grateful for Your Presence in My Life.

32. The joy you brought to my life is sweet like sugar and I’m lucky to have that.

33. Thank you bunny for making me special, I’m grateful cos I’m lucky​ to have you.

34. How time flies, how much time has rewarded me just because I’m with you, thanks for making me the Luckiest woman.

36. Love is sweet, happiness is lovely, goodwill has rendered me hopeful. I’m lucky.

37. Generosity is a gesture you taught me, my boss. Thanks for showing me love, indeed I’m the lucky girl.

38. Butter is for bread and bread is for butter. Head is for crown and crown is for head. You made me a lucky woman.

39. I wish I could say all you’ve done for me, I wish I could mention the gifts you’ve given to me; the best thing was that our relationship made me a lucky girl cos I have a precious man I can call mine.

40. People saw the changes, people testified. I’m the luckiest babe in this world.

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