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2023 Best Happy Birthday to Me and My Twin Sister Wishes

Birthdays are the most celebrated in our lives. While some do so grandly, others don’t, but the features are the same. It comes with smiles, many laughing, plenty candies, and most spontaneous messages.

So dear, you want to make this birthday special. It is very special because you are two. It is very special because the two is one sharing a bond.  It will also become more fun because two is involved.

Then, enjoy the best birthday messages to send to her/ him; your twin. Let him know your bond remains; that you two are inseparable; and that you will become an empire of love and entity. Let’s begin:

Sweet Birthday Wishes Quotes for Twin Sisters

Since there’s no way you can celebrate yourself without your twin sister sharing in the joy, I had you both in mind while creating these happy birthday wishes and messages for twin sisters. A twin brother can send to a twin sister and so can a sister to her twin sister.
From all of us at sweetlovemessages.com, happy birthday to you two.

1. Today I imagine the day we both came out and how we did. Do you still remember the story again? The struggle of who comes first again? I’ve been laughing my ass out. Happy birthday, twin sister.

2.    Our life is wounded around us. What affects you affect me. You realize how stronger our bond has become. I love you, sis. Happy birthday my second.

3.    The thing about twins is, one cannot live without the other. You get flogged the other feels the pain. One breaks a heart and the other suffers it too. Today our heart is lively because it’s our birthday. Happy birthday, twin sis.

4.    I may not be close to you now but I feel everything like a twin should. Have a wonderful time today Sis. Happy birthday to us.

5.    Imagine us going global as we’ve ever dreamed. I love you twin brother and God bless our hustle. Happy birthday to us.

6.    I wish today would be like this ever for. A day of happiness much complements support, love, and affection from every side. Happy birthday my second.

7.    We have come a long way and today we celebrate our 20th year. We’ve become older sis. I wish us a loving and rich boyfriend so we will know no lack. Happy birthday to twin sister.

8.    You and I together forever. We will live together, grow together, become global together and marry good husbands at the same time. Oh, it will be so wonderful. Happy birthday to us dear.

9.    Yes, guys, it is me and my twin’s birthday and I want to tell her I love her. Happy birthday my twin where are you?

10.    Hello, guys, it is I and my twin’s birthday. Wish us well. Meanwhile, someone tells my twin I love her so much. She remains the best to me and for me.

11.    May sunshine and roses fill our path today and other years. Today we celebrate achievements. Tomorrow we will celebrate greatness. Happy birthday to you and I twin sister.

12.    Happy birthday to the only sister I can ever wish to have again and again. We were destined to act together as one twin sister. Happy birthday to us.

13.    Although I may have traveled. But I’m here celebrating us. I celebrate myself I celebrate you. I’m throwing a party for the two of us sis. Do so too and don’t feel too bad. Happy birthday to us twin sister.

14.    Thank you for loving me the way you’ve always done. Having you as a twin was never a mistake. Cheers and happy birthday twin sister.

15.    Baba God bless our hustle today so that tomorrow we can celebrate in a grand way bro. Happy birthday to you twin brother. Just keep soaring.

16.    I love you from the bottom of my heart. I am sending my gift across no matter how little. You remain my soul twin brother. I love you. Happy birthday.

17.    You are one of a kind. Thank you for those gifts. And happy birthday to you too twin. My gift will spill all out. Love you.

18.    Happy birthday to someone that affects me like electric shock. He is no other person than my twin brother. Happy birthday to you brother. Love you a bunch.

19.    Consider my gifts to you. When I saw yours I was overwhelmed. You are my angel twin brother. And I will always be there watching your back. Happy birthday, dearie.

20.    You have made so much impact in my life I cannot deny you. You are the best gift life has given you. Happy birthday, twin sister.

21.    May the blessings of Abraham overtake you. May you never see darkness in all your ways. I’ll be your guiding light. You will walk and never stumble twin brother. I love you. Happy birthday to us.

22.    Fulfilling dreams and a life full of love is what I wish us today. No matter how much we try to get away from each other, We still come back because bond is strong. Happy birthday twin brother.

23.    An evidence and essence of living we find in each other. No one can exist alone. I love you twin. Happy birthday to us.

24.    Here is wishing my beautiful twin sister a happy birthday. Once I celebrate you I have celebrated me too. I love you, dear. Happy birthday to us.

25.    Happy birthday to you and me; two beautiful sisters living and sharing a bond forever. Happy birthday to us dear.

26.    I hope this birthday will bring us together again. That’s the essence of celebrating it together. Happy birthday, twin sister. I love you.

27.    Happy birthday to us on again and again. It had not been easy living together without fights, but you were always loving. Fighting made us fun. Made our journey adventurous. Let’s not stop fighting.

28.    I know you love me even though you always shout at me. Even when you act as if I was not around. I know somewhere deep down the love burns and you just don’t know how to express it. I love you too and I share every present with you. Happy birthday to you and I.

29.    In our years of living together I have learnt the true meaning of bond; having the ability to feel the other person’s emotions because you share a connection. Happy birthday my second half -twin sister.

30.     Waiting for you to come home, sis. It is our birthday and I’m not celebrating it without you. Meanwhile, gifts have started arriving cheers.

31.    Everyone knows how attached we are to each other sis and they are waiting. Hurry! Don’t forget we have many catch-ups to do. Love you. Happy birthday to us.

32.    Although we are twins, in reality, we are different. You take after mom I take after dad. Either way, happy birthday to you and I; to us dear. I love you.

33.    Meet me at the train station today by 9.00pm. We will be hanging out in a grand way. You know I won’t be able to celebrate today without you so don’t be late. Happy birthday to you and I dear.

34.    Me I don’t know how to write long messages expressing love like you. But I know one thing, we are knit closely to each others’ heart because we are twin and we roll. Happy birthday to us baby girl.

35.    Back then I had to compete to be better than you in everything. Just was clueless to our resemblance in all things. Today I know better and I know we’re just the same and will be always. Happy birthday to us twin.

36.    Because you are my second, you are my favorite sister. Happy birthday to you and I twin. And keep every share of my birthday present.

37.    Sister of life. I hope you will stop fighting for everything knowing we are equal and have an equal right to everything. Happy birthday to us and I love you, twin sister.

38.    I took a vow this morning to always make you happy even though we came out to this world together. We are twins I know but different. I will be looking after you always. Happy birthday.

39.    Loving you has been the best achievement of my life so far. I love you, my beloved twin sister. Let us share in the mystery of our birth today. Happy birthday to you and me.

40.    I remember the day mom said we will grow to become very inseparable. I see the lines and today I know I won’t be able to do anything without you. Happy birthday to you and I twin sister.

41.    Tell British accent I don’t want. You have it so automatically I have it too. Don’t pester me today again twin sister. I am comfortable here. Happy birthday to us.

42.     I want to wish you a birthday full of Candies, chocolates, flowers, and great laughter. Happy birthday to you twin sister.

43.    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to me. I wish your dreams come through. I wish myself dreams come through. May our love and bond continue to be stronger twin sister. Amen.

44.    Your message almost made me cry today. I love you beyond words, dear twin sister. And I promise to keep watching over you. Happy birthday to you too twin sister.

45.     Imagine having the same character, looks, and physique. God knows why he made us twins. You cover my ass when I need you to and I cover yours too when you need me. Happy birthday to too and me sister.

46.    We should start thinking of how to take responsibility now sister. Mom and dad have tried. Either way today is a special day so happy birthday to us and let’s forget about that worries.

47.    I almost forgot we are a twin Because these days you act like an elder sister. Mom would be so proud of you on the other side. Happy birthday my beloved twin sister.

48.    Don’t worry twins sister. I will be fine. Just go out and have fun today, it is our birthday. Happy birthday to us.

49.    Today I pray for a stronger bond, bright future, big dreams and heavens blessings. Let them fall in abundance. Happy birthday to me and my twin sister.

50.    Hey get on the boat of success and let’s have a ride together. We will let them know nothing can separate us. Happy birthday to me and my twin sister.

51.    We are a blessing. I have known that from the beginning when we started doing things together and people admired us. Imagine having a company together. Happy birthday, twin sister.

52.    Sometimes I used to think we are husband and wife. One can’t do without the other. You are my second half and without you I am incomplete. Happy birthday, twin sister.

53.    So your zeal motivates me. Even though we are twins, I see the difference.  But having two personalities – you and I is to help each other. Happy birthday to me and my twin sister.

54.    Because we are a bond, when we decide to work together especially for our dreams, we will blow with force beautiful twin sister. Consider this. Meanwhile happy birthday to us.

55.    You did what no one can ever do twin sister. I love you I love you I love you. In fact, this birthday will be for only you. All gifts must go to you. Happy birthday, twin.

56.    Me, you, us. Equal to an eruptive explosion of greatness. Happy birthday to me and my twin sister.

57.    Go girl go girl! As I am edging you I am also motivating myself. I cannot leave you like that you know. Happy birthday to you who Escaped with me from the womb. Happy birthday to you twin.

58.    It will be a disaster on me to leave you whenever I have an engagement. We must work together to achieve each other’s dream. Happy birthday to beautiful sister.

59.    Don’t forget to buy those favorite candies and fruits. It is our birthday today. And we’ve got to make it lit.

60.    You deserve more than candy today. My one twin sister who would do anything to make me happy. I will bring down the clouds for your sake too sis. Happy birthday to us.

61.    Thanks for spicing my life with your spirit. You are my sister and best friends. Happy to me and my twin sister.

62.    If you are looking for the person to hang out with let it be me today sis. Let me be your boyfriend, friend, and companion. It is our birthday. Happy birthday to us.

63.    Before the wishes start coming from left right and center, let me be the first to say happy bitchy birthday. Happy birthday beautiful sister. I love you my twin half.

64.    Because we make a twin, everything we do, have and want will become double. I pray for double in everything we do. Happy birthday to us twin sis.

65.    This new year will be a year of breaking new grounds. We are going higher, sis. But don’t forget my gift when coming. Happy birthday to you and me.

66.    Happy birthday, girl friend. Lol I know you will be thinking if the message was meant for you. Happy birthday my beautiful twin sister. Love you like no other.

67.    So here’s the message mom sent to us, I have given birth to two beautiful girls at the same time and you have been my source of favor. May this new year bring you, love, strengthen your cords and deliver undeserving favor. I love you both. Happy birthday.

68.    This year I just want you as my birthday present. You could come home so we could celebrate today together. I’ve missed you enough twin sister. Happy birthday to us.

69.    Life is not much of a smooth journey but we have faced it together and conquered together. Happy birthday to you and I two beautiful girls in one.

70.    From anywhere around the world I will be your WatchGuard. Protecting you at your vulnerable moments. Happy birthday my twin sister.

71.    Today you radiate with so much beauty and splendor. I can imagine how our wedding will be. Happy birthday to you beautiful twin sister. I love you.

72.    On this special day, first, we will light the candles, flames of love, unity, and prosperity. After that, we will make our wish and send it to the sky. Happy birthday to you and I twin sister.

73.    We have so much resemblance one can barely tell the difference, but you see I can tell. So happy birthday to my hardworking and most cheerful twin sister. You will break grounds.

74.    I have considered our position and stance in many things and it has got me thinking. When you come home for our birthday tomorrow I’ll let you know. Would be a great hangout. Happy birthday to us.

75.    Shine beautiful like the little stars. The difference is they are little and give light to the world. You will be big and give light to darkness. Happy birthday to you beautiful twin and me.

76.    Come let’s build houses together again in the sands. Let’s run around the house and break items. I wish we were still little. Happy birthday to you my other half.

77.    Congratulations today for coming this far. We are willing to celebrate better years ahead. Happy birthday to us twin sister.

78.    I bear no grudges against you, twin sister. I also ask that you love and respect me the way I do. No hard feelings today. Happy birthday to us.

79.    Get ready for the water that will rain on you today. You did yours yesterday and enjoyed pouring me. Today I will double it. Happy birthday to you twin sis. I always love our bond.

80.    Happy birthday to me and my twin sister. Today I wish us good health and love.

81.    Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to me. We will both share the gifts coming in as we have always done. I wish you love. Cheers, my second half.

82.    Come a little bit closer twin sister. Let me hold you and play again with you. I miss you so much. Cheers. And a happy birthday to us.

83.    Today we will throw no party. Let it be for us and s alone. I want time with you, twin sister. Happy birthday to us.

84.    How about we go on a vacation to celebrate our birthday this year. It would be beautiful and bring us close again. Happy birthday to you and me.

85.    We have been too far from each other too long. I miss the sleeping together, eating, laughing and going out. Let’s have a Vacation for our self this birthday. Happy birthday to us dear.

86.    Mom will be happy seeing us flourish like a plant. I want more of this for us so next year we could throw a big party. Happy birthday, twin sister. Happy birthday to me too.

87.    Let’s make it real. Let’s make out time for us. Let’s do the Italian together. So that I can go back to school smiling. Happy birthday to us twin sister.

88.    We have tried enough. It is time for God to bless our hustle. Every hard work and play make twins a great twin. Happy birthday to you and I today as we celebrate life.

89.    Nothing will stop our love. Nothing can withstand our sight. Together twin sister, we will show the world our worth. Happy birthday to us.

90.    Get the latest gist when you come back for our big celebration. Tell husband to come with the kids. Happy birthday my twin.

91.    Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder how God chose us. You are my perfect match twin sister. Happy birthday to us.

92.    Have you noticed that everything we are together we achieve more than we always do alone. Let it continue sis. Love you. And happy birthday to us.

93.    No one can take or replace your position in my life. You will be the first because we came out together. Other siblings can wait. Happy birthday to us beautiful twin sister.

94.    It is time for a perfect hangout twin sister. This birthday will be celebrated by the two for us alone. There is a lot of gists we need to catch up on. Happy birthday in advance.

95.    Oya o the season is calling. Ring the bell. Sound the alarm. Let them know that two beautiful sisters in one are coming. The world will stop for us. Happy birthday yo us twin sister.

96.    Might things we are pulling down this season. I can feel the wind blowing. A sign for a memorable birthday. Happy birthday to you and I lovely twins in action.

97.    I might not be available at presents. But because of what we share, I feel the joy and merriment of the season. You Can eat all my cake but don’t forget to give me my share of the wishes. Happy birthday to you my beauty second; my sweet twin.

98.    We make a good team. We have always been. Just don’t sideline me this time twin sister

99.     I love you and my wishes are for you. Happy birthday to you and I twin sister…

100.    We finally made it to the finish like e beautiful sister. I love you so much. Your encouraged and love made us come true. The victory is ours. Happy birthday to you and I, two lovely set of twins since day one.

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