Best of Happy Birthday Status for Cousin in 2021

Best of Happy Birthday Status for Cousin in 2023

Sometimes, we see our cousins as extended family and this might make it difficult to write them a wish on their birthday. Especially when you want to write about them on your status, you wonder what should I write to my cousin who is celebrating his or her birthday, that will make them smile, blush and make their birthday a happy one.

Have you always been worried about “How do you start a birthday wish for cousin?” Relax, stop worrying because I’m here to help you.

No matter how far away we are from our cousins, a little time of reunion always brings out the love and unity of a family in us. Whether your cousin is the annoying one, or the quiet one or maybe the funniest in the clan, the memories shared are always fun to look back on.

Whether as a friend, a brother, or a sister, your cousin should always be important in your heart. Now that it’s your cousin’s birthday, take a moment to write a birthday blessing that shows that you care and love him or her always. Make your cousin’s birthday the best in this year 2023 by expressing how they are the best cousin ever. Make it an occasion that he or she won’t forget by sending this collection of the best of happy birthday status for cousin.

The stage is set. Now look through to find the best status and use any of these wishes below to celebrate your cousin this year 2023 on his or her special day.

Birthday Status for Cousin Brother

My cousin brother is growing older every day into a man. Can’t you see the changes? It is really obvious every day. I join your friends, our family and the World at large to celebrate your birthday on my status today.
Have a wonderful birthday like no other.

1.Happy birthday, cousin. My prayer for you is that you will grow more in the love of God. The Lord will make you a greater person in life.

2. Everywhere you go, the light of God will shine upon you and will continue to empower you and uphold you. Happy birthday, brother.

3. You will succeed among your mates in life. May the blessings of the Lord be upon you in Jesus name. Anything you lay your hands upon shall prosper. Happy birthday.

4.The Lord will lead you and direct you in every area of your life. His glory will shine upon your life and you will be a greater person in future. I love you, my brother.

5. May the good Lord bless you and keep you in good health. The hand of the enemy will not prevail over you. Anything you lay your hands upon in life will be great. Happy birthday.

6.You will not lack anything good in life. God’s favour will locate you everywhere you go in life. May the Lord guide and protect you and lead in the way you are supposed to be in life. Happy birthday.

7.You will excel and grow in the love of Christ may you dwell in God’s canopy and may you celebrate many more years ahead in life. May Lord locate you with His favour and shower His blessings upon your life.

8.The Lord will make you great among Nations and grant you your wishes in life. Give you long life in good health may he guide you and deliver you from the hand of the evil ones. Love you!

9. May you be uplifted. I pray that God will make you a great person and strengthen you. Happy birthday to my favourite cousin brother.

10. Happy birthday wishes to you. I’m wishing you long life and prosperity in every area of your life. Go and succeed and may you also grow in the love of God.

11. My cousin brother always gives me joy when I’m around him. There’s a way he protects me in a special way and I just can’t help but celebrate his birthday on my status and wish him well.

12. See my brother becoming handsome. I guess we have all changed, but being alive today is a great blessing and a wonderful privilege. I ask that God will preserve you with all that your heart desires. Happy birthday, cousin brother.

13. I pray that God will make this new age a fresh start for my cousin. I ask that you will experience major shifts that will mark a positive transition into greatness. You are loved and cherished, bro.

14. It’s your big day! Let’s celebrate and have fun today. Thank you for being a wonderful cousin. You are one of a kind and your presence in my life and in our family gives us joy. You might not know it, but we love you passionately. Have a fantastic birthday celebration.

15. I dedicate my status to you today, cousin. To celebrate and to love, to talk about our childhood memories together and to wish you a happy birthday that is different and glorious than any birthday you have ever celebrated.

16. Hurayyy!!! I have a cousin brother in whom I’m well pleased and I choose to make you know that I love you today and always. I wish you a happy birthday.

17. Congratulations, brother. You have made family fun and I enjoy every moment spent with you. I pray for you that you will experience ease on all sides. You will breakthrough and lines will fall to you in pleasant places. Happy birthday, cousin.

18. Cousin brother, why are you so cute? I admire your strength and your kind heart. Everything about you speaks about love and I’m glad to share in this. I celebrate you today and everyday. Have fun, bro.

19. This new year is blessed and productive for you. You will find favour with God and men. Wishing you a happy birthday.

20. I pray that this new year you’re celebrating will be filled with open doors and testimonies of how God has blessed you and lifted you to a new season. Do rest in the love of God today and celebrate your birthday heartily.

21. Who is a year older today? It’s my cousin brother and he is so precious to me. I’m grateful for the gift of him and his presence in my life makes all the difference. Thank you for being a wonderful cousin brother that I can always count on. Happy birthday, cousin brother.

22. To my awesome cousin that I have always admired. You are amazing and just the perfect gift that completes our family. I’m rejoicing with you today and I also pray we will never have a reason to mourn over you.

23. Someone feels I might forget his birthday. Not me! You know I always value our relationship and every moment with you is refreshing. I wish you all the best that life has to offer. It’s a beautiful season for you.

24. Happy birthday, cousin brother! You are a blessing to this family and to the World. The World will hear your success story and you will be remembered as a champion.

25. What did you hear about cousin brothers? Mine is totally different as he cares for me like I’m the only one in the world. I love you, brother and my prayer is that you will achieve all that you have always wanted. Happy birthday!

26. Hip Hip Hip!!! Hooray for the best cousin brother in the whole world. Can’t you see how jolly he is? I celebrate my cousin brother today and I ask that you all join me to celebrate. He deserves all the love he receives today. Let’s get the fun rolling.

27. Sweet cousin, thank you for always being there for me and our family. Thank you for the many sacrifices. We appreciate your love. I’m wishing you a happy birthday today and a beautiful year ahead.

28. Welcome to your best season yet, brother. You have made me see how awesome a cousin brother can be. I wish you a long life in health and happiness.

29. You are the best gift to humanity and I bless God for bringing you into our family. I wish you a day filled with love and a lot of gifts. I love you always. Happy birthday, cousin brother.

30. Finding the right words to express myself is difficult. You are all shades of wonderful and you should be celebrated every day. I wish you nothing but love and answered prayers today. Happy birthday.

31. I’m asking all my friends to say a word of prayer for my cousin brother and I pray every prayer would be answered speedily. It is a beautiful day to celebrate together. I love you, cousin.

32. To the coolest of them all, happy birthday, cousin brother. You will never cry over the present and say, “my past was better.” It will get better everyday and you will always enjoy God’s goodness in every step you take.

33. A brother and a friend, that’s what my cousin brother has always been. I salute your courage to endure my tantrums. Thank you for taking good care of me. I do not take it for granted. Have a pleasant birthday celebration.

Birthday Status for Cousin Sister

I know a Queen. She is the royal highness of our family and I cherish her so much. Thank you, cousin sister, for having our backs at all times. We won’t disappoint you. I pray for you on my status that your birthday will be more beautiful than you imagined. Happy birthday, my sister.

1. A moment with a female cousin is like a year of learning, sharing and so much fun. I’m taking the adventure a step further with these heart melting birthday wishes on Status for my pretty cousin as I wish her well and celebrate, he today.

2. Happy birthday, cousin sister. You are more than an extended family; you are family and I love you everyday. Do celebrate your new age with joy in your heart.

3. To my beautiful cousin, I pray that God blesses you abundantly and your birthday will open great doors of opportunities for you.

4. I love someone. She is my cousin sister and today is her birthday. I pray for you, sis that you will have all your heart desires and your needs met. It will be a new beginning to new levels.

5. See my sister, so young and beautiful. I pray that blessings won’t cease from your life and I ask that you will be surprised in this new age. Happy birthday to you, cousin sister.

6. Though you trouble me a lot, yet your troubles are fun. How do you do it? This new age is blessed for you and it will leave you with abundant blessings beyond what anyone can understand. I feel like sharing your funny pictures here on my status. Wait for it! It’s your birthday and I know you won’t be offended. Lol.

7. There are some blessings that leave you in awe of God’s wonder. I wish you such blessings on your birthday today and every day of this new age. Happy birthday, pretty.

8. To a Princess who knows her worth. I wish you an open heaven with an outpour of God’s love and promises on your birthday. I celebrate you.

9. God’s face will shine on you. Doors of favour will open to you. The universe will work together to bring good luck your way. You won’t experience setbacks. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

10. Having you as my cousin makes life beautiful. You are that one soul who understands me perfectly and I always value and appreciate your presence in my life. This is a season of abundance for you. Have fun as you celebrate too.

11. I pray for you, cousin sister, God will enlarge your capacity and give you wisdom to do more beyond your age. Your birthday is blessed. Enjoy the fun that comes with it.

12. Your face tells the story of a beautiful soul. You are lovely, sis and I wish you a happy birthday with lots of love and many reasons to be grateful.

13. Let’s give thanks for the grace to be alive today, sis. It’s a day to rejoice and count your blessings, let nothing stop you from making the best of your birthday. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

14. To my beautiful lady on her wonderful birthday, I hope you have lots of fun and a day filled with surprises. Don’t forget to share pictures with us.

15. My status is dedicated to celebrating my queen, a champion, my troublesome cousin sister, you are a blessing to us in the family and I can’t help but celebrate the day your parents gave you to us. You are amazing! Keep being strong.

16. Birthdays are not for being sad. Wear a smile and let’s take a picture. I really need to share our pictures with my friend to show them a wonderful cousin that I have in you. You are always lifted.

17. Happy birthday, cousin sister. You are a royal diadem and you will never lose your worth in the family and all around you. God bless your new age.

18. Can’t you see how beautiful it is to have a cousin sister? Not just a cousin alone, but a beautiful cousin sister that adds beauty to everything she touches. I really love you, sis and I celebrate your uniqueness.

19. Your strength is renewed and you are transformed into what God wants for your life. You won’t miss it and you will never fall out of God’s will. Happy birthday to my ever-loving cousin sister.

20. The Lord will bless you and increase you on all sides. He will lift you up and make you a light that shines through for His glory. I’m wishing you a beautiful birthday celebration.

21. My cousin sister is a powerful woman. You want to meet a Champion? She’s one and all. I celebrate you, sis and I pray that your new age will mark divine encounters that will make you forget the pain of your past.

22. Birthday comes once every year, but with you, I think you should celebrate every day because you are growing so rapidly and beautifully too. I love the woman you’re becoming. A wonderful birthday to the queen of our family.

23. May your birthday be a memorable day to look back on. May you celebrate many more birthdays in sound health and with peace of mind. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

24. I will celebrate with you over and over again. I want you and the whole world to know that I love you and that’s why I’m sending this on my status. Please if you see this, pray for my cousin sister as she celebrates her birthday.

25. God is faithful to you and to everyone in our family. You are blessed in the city and you are blessed always. What you need will come to you and God will grant you peace of mind.

26. Celebration time! It’s a beautiful day for you and I celebrate God’s grace in you. You have come this far and God will take you to your high places.

27. Happy birthday to my sweetest cousin sister. I admire your strength and I love how you go through life with joy. You will never have a reason to be weary and lose your joy. It is well with you, cousin. Have fun.

28. I’m on my way to dance with you on your birthday. You deserve to be happy and I’m glad God has blessed you with many things to be happy. Keep hope alive. Enjoy this new beginning.

29. A Queen was born today and that Queen is my cousin. God will make all things work together for your good and your day will be glorious. Happy birthday.

30. A gift for my cousin with kind words of prayer to celebrate your day. I love you and I pray that God will shower His blessings on you. Happy birthday to you and have the best of the day.

31. A gift from God to me and our family. My cousin sister has been a wonderful friend and sister. She goes to the extreme to see everyone fulfilled and achieving their goals. God will remember you for good and multiply His blessings on your life.

32. Make a wish, cousin sister. There are Angels all around to grant your request. You have such a beautiful soul and I love how you love everyone. Your day is blessed, dearest and it will be a beautiful birthday.

33. I bless God for the opportunity to celebrate your birthday with you. I pray for open doors and miracles in all you do. Have a happy birthday, cousin sister.

34. I pray that the beauty of God radiating on your life will never cease. Enjoy God’s grace in this new year. Do have a lovely birthday party.

Happy Birthday Whatsapp Status for Cousin

Your birthday is an opportunity for me to express my love for you, cousin. I’m grateful I have a family in you who goes beyond the limit to support my dreams. I love you today and I love you forever. I’ll celebrate you everywhere and every year. Happy birthday, cousin.

1. Cousins are family and you have proven that to be true. I wish you a happy birthday, cousin and I pray that all your prayers will come through for you.

2. You should be celebrated in a big way every year and I’m glad to share your big day with our friends today. You are precious and God will make you overflow with the goodness from now on and always.

3. Happy birthday, cousin! You sure know how to put a smile on every face. So I make a wish today that you will always have a reason to smile.

4. The Lord crowns your efforts with success. Your endeavours are blessed and give doors to greater and better opportunities. You will experience God’s grace in every detail. Happy birthday.

5. A cousin of mine is celebrating today and I want you all to know that he means the whole World to me. I bless this day that you were born and I pray for guidance and protection over your life. Have a refreshing birthday.

6. WhatsApp status gives you the opportunity to celebrate and share your thoughts and wonderful moments with your loved ones. Let me join you to make your WhatsApp space a beauty as you celebrate the uniqueness of your cousin today.
Happy birthday status update for my cousin.

7. You won’t die young. The glory of God will shine upon you always. The light shines on your path and you will testify in this new age of yours. Happy birthday.

8. Cheers to a new age! May you always have seasons of celebration and joy will never cease from you. I really cherish you, cousin. Have a beautiful birthday.

9. Today marks the beginning of a new season in the life of someone dear to me. My prayers are with you and I pray that everything I’ve asked God to bless you with will be delivered to you as you celebrate. Happy birthday, cousin.

10. Cousin, cousin!! It’s your day and we want to see you smile, laugh, blush and make a wish as you blow the candles on your cake. You are amazing. Have fun today!

11. Today is a great day in our family. One of my favourite cousins is cutting a cake to mark a new age and we are certain that God will perfect your life and strengthen you always.

12. Beauty for ashes, the oil of gladness and a sound mind are my wishes for you today. I also pray that it will go beyond this day and be extended to every day of your life. Have a joyful birthday, cousin.

13. In all that you have been praying for, I ask that heaven will release the answers and your Angels will deliver them quickly. It will be a birthday gift that will sweeten your heart. Celebrate! For it’s a fresh start.

14. There will be a manifestation of God’s promises over your life. God will come through for you sooner than you expected and you will always remember this birthday to rejoice and bless God for His love. Happy birthday, cousin.

15. Grace is multiplied to you and your ways are made prosperous. Happy birthday to you my cousin who sacrifices everything for others to be happy.

16. As you grow in age, God will increase your might and give you the wisdom to live right. You won’t die young and God will open you up to your destiny helpers.

17. God will increase your capacity to do more. You won’t be stranded in life and your birthday will bring pleasant surprises to you and the family. Happy birthday!

18. Let me say congratulations to you on my status today. It’s the time of the year when we all gather to bless God for keeping you safe through the trials of life. Thank God for keeping this far and we are sure you will live longer than this birthday, cousin.

19. I’m saying “happy birthday, cousin!” here on my status and I hope it receives a voice loud enough to deliver every good wish I have in my heart for you today.

20. Arise and shine as you celebrate. The glory of God is on you because you are called of God. Now rejoice for this is your time to be blessed. Happy birthday!

21. What a beautiful day it is to celebrate the uniqueness in a soul that cares deeply for me. I’ll always love you and bless God for giving you to your parents. It’s such an awesome feeling to share a family with you.

22. Beyond our fights and arguments, you have been the most considerate cousin and I love your free spirit. I pray that God will give you victory over every scheme of darkness against you. I wish you a happy birthday.

23. A birthday filled with joy and love. It’s your birthday cousin and all my heart prays for is that you will have everything that gives you joy. Enjoy the fun of celebrating a new age, cousin.

24. Jump and dance! Cut your cake and eat as much as you can. It’s your day and you are free to do as you please. Happy birthday!

25. The one cousin I can be vulnerable with. Thank you for taking our relationship beyond just family. Thank you for being a friend and a colleague that cares about my well-being. I celebrate you.

26. I find peace in your words and we have grown to be able to handle situations beyond our age. We made it into your birthday and it is worth celebrating. I’ll start from here and we will continue when we see. Your birthday is blessed, cousin.

27. It’s a new chapter for you and I pray that God will take the pen from you and write each line of this new chapter. He will help you live according to His script. Enjoy God’s goodness in this new chapter of your life.

28. Enter into God’s prepared blessings for you. He has set a table before you, anointed you with all and your cup is running over. Grace is sufficient for you, cousin. Happy birthday!

29. I celebrate what God will do through you in this new year of yours. I do not yet know it, but it is beautiful and please cousin, remember me in your paradise. Welcome to your new age!

30. Happy birthday, cousin. God’s grace goes before you and meets you at the points of your needs. You will never be stranded. Have a memorable birthday.

31. Cousins are special, especially beautiful ones like mine. I’ll say a lot of beautiful things about you today because it’s your birthday and tomorrow, well, I might return to being a bone in your neck. You know I love you.

32. It’s another beautiful day, but also someone’s special day. God will give you a special surprise today and He will bless your life to glorify His name. Happy birthday!

33. Myself and my status are wishing my cousin a lovely birthday. You should get love from everyone and everything today and that is why I included my status to wish you a happy birthday today. Won’t you say “thank you!” to my status? I celebrate you today and always!

I really wish you could share a picture with me of how your cousin’s birthday went, but don’t you worry, I’m excited and hope that you find these best of happy birthday status for cousin helpful to celebrate your cousin on your status today. I hope you come back for more next time your cousin sister or cousin brother is celebrating their birthday and it will be beautiful to refer a friend to this space too.

I will appreciate a comment from you. Right here in the comment box below, tell me what you feel and how much this has helped you.

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