Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom Dad

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom & Dad

As parents, your wish is not just to take note of your daughter’s age every year, but to strive to become better parents, so she can have the best of everything and make you proud.

Whether you are a mother or father, giving your daughter the best in life should be your number one priority. Celebrating your daughter on a special day like her 21st birthday is one of the ways to do that and it will make her happy and be proud to have you as her parent.

Is it your daughter’s 21st birthday and do you really want to bring lasting memories? Then, these happy 21st birthday wishes for daughter from mom & dad are the best to choose from. She will be glad to receive one or more of them from you.

21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Father

As a father, all I ever wanted to do is to make you comfortable. If I could have my way, I would make you sleep, while I work for everything you’d ever need in life. It’s your 21st birthday and I thought to send you good wishes. Happy birthday, my daughter.

1. You have no idea how responsible and sweet you have turned. I am so proud to be raising a queen. I have no doubts that you will keep making me proud and also do well in life. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter. I wish you the best in life. All my love.

2. When I look at you, I realize how much God has blessed me. I never really pictured a flawless and wonderful future like this. I can’t thank God enough for making you mine. I promise to keep giving you the best. Happy 21st birthday, daughter.

3. The bond that exists between us is the most beautiful. I doubt if I have the kind of bond with your mother. I’m so lucky and blessed to be a father to the sweetest 21-year-old. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter. You are destined for greatness.

4. You are the reason I work so hard, my love. I don’t ever want to see you feeling uncomfortable. I want you to have the best of everything in life. I want you to swim in abundance, so you can have enough to give people. Happy 21st birthday, my love. You are so beautiful.

5. I would be lying if I say you don’t look good. You look absolutely gorgeous and stunning, my love. Today is one of the proudest moments of my life, as I get to celebrate you on your 21st birthday. You are doing very well, and I’m super proud of you. Happy birthday, sweetness.

6. I feel very fulfilled to have the most wonderful and amazing 21-year-old ever. You are one person I can never do without. You are someone I want the best to keep happening to. So far so good, you have not disappointed me. Please, keep this energy going. Happy birthday to you.

7. As a father, my dream is to raise kings and queens, whether or not they are my biological children. I’m glad that one of my offspring is doing very well for herself. You keep making daddy proud even when he’s not always there to cheer you on. Happy 21st birthday, my love.

8. My gem, you look so beautiful on your 21st birthday. The fact that you’ve managed to achieve a lot, is very huge. I’m proud of the woman you are becoming. It’s my wish that you keep doing great. Happy 21st birthday, my lovely daughter. I love you so much.

9. When it comes to you, I don’t joke at all. You are all I have, and I have been working my ass off for so many years, just to give you the best. I want to appreciate you for not disappointing me. I know you love me, but I love you more. Happy birthday, darling. Cheers!

10. Another beautiful year is just about to start today. For the past 21 years, you have filled our lives with nothing but joy. You have succeeded in bringing great memories into our lives. Thank you for making me the luckiest dad on earth, baby. Happy 21st birthday to you.

21st Birthday Wishes from Mother to Daughter

While you deserve more than just wishes on your birthday, I just want to acknowledge all you do for this family, despite being just 21. You make being your mother my biggest achievement. Happy 21st birthday, daughter.

11. As a mom, this is such a big deal to me; it’s a reminder that I am also not getting younger. Thank you for making me age beautifully. Thank you for all you do for me, even when it’s not convenient. You have all my love forever, my baby. Happy 21st birthday.

12. I’m never going to lie about how I feel right now. My daughter, I feel like I have reached a certain level of fulfilment; I feel like I have really done well. I feel like a proud mom. Thank you for making my dream of raising a queen to come true. Happy 21st birthday to you, queen.

13. I laboured just to get you the life you deserve. I did all I could to make sure you achieve the things that you will be proud of. Thank you for using the opportunities given to you very well. I’m very sure you’re just getting started. I’m all for that, my baby. Happy 21st birthday.

14. I guess it’s no news that I have the most beautiful 21-year-old daughter. I can’t believe you are a full-grown lady already. It feels just like yesterday when I had you. Thank you for bringing joy unspeakable into my life. I wish you the best of everything. Happy 21st birthday.

15. Sometimes, I can’t but be amazed at how time flies. I can’t believe it’s been 21 years already. Truth be told, I have had the best 21 years of my life. Motherhood is the best experience so far, and you make it so. Thank you for choosing me. Happy 21st birthday to you.

16. It’s impossible to imagine my life without you; it will never work! My life would’ve turned out meaningless without you. I’m just thankful that God planned everything out this way. God’s plans favoured me. Happy 21st birthday, my lovely daughter. The best is yet to come.

17. You are 21 years and we look like twins. You are the reason I don’t look like what I have been through. I’m very lucky that you came into my life when all hope seemed lost. For you, I will do anything at all. Happy 21st birthday, my princess. Mommy loves you.

18. You have never stressed me for once. Instead, you keep doing things that will ease me of stress. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter, because you will always remain the best. Thank you for choosing to do life with me. Happy 21st birthday to you.

19. From the moment I had you, I started to feel like a proud mom. Even though I did so much to get you where you are today, I still haven’t stopped feeling like a proud mom. You constantly put a smile on my face. It’s such an honour to be your mother. Happy 21st birthday to you. I love you.

21st Birthday Messages for Daughter

It’s always the little things that matter, that’s why I am sending you this beautiful message on your birthday. As you turn 21, I sincerely wish that things start working your way. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter.

20. Things don’t always go as we’ve planned, but God will always know the best for everyone. Even though I never planned on having a child when I had you, I knew it was God’s plan. I really thank God for proving Himself to me through you. Happy 21st birthday, my darling daughter.

21. I have no reason to stop being thankful because God blessed me with the best gift ever; my daughter. It’s been 21 years of doing life with you, and I can boldly say, it’s been worth it. It could’ve gotten worse without you. Happy 21st birthday, my love. It will only keep getting better.

22. Your birth made me realize that God is the ultimate! I found myself living the life I never thought I could have in a million years to come. Even though I have struggled and sacrificed a lot because of you, I am still grateful to you for making it worth it. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

23. Celebrating 21 years on earth is no beans at all; it’s such a big deal for me and be sure it’s the same for you. I want you to keep raising your head above the waters. Nothing lasts forever, including whatever problems you might be facing. I will always be your number one cheerleader. Happy birthday to you.

24. Being your mom tops the lists of God’s blessings in my life. It has opened doors for more blessings than I ever imagined. I am very happy that you are my own daughter. Happy 21st birthday to you, my dear. Keep reaching for the stars. I love you.

25. You are my daughter in whom I am well pleased. You have no idea how proud I am of you. With you, every day feels like Mother’s Day, because you won’t stop making me happy with those lovely gifts. I am a great mom because I have a wonderful daughter like you. Happy 21st birthday.

26. No matter how old you are, you will continue to be my sweet baby. You are actually the sweetest ever. I am proud of your hard work, positive attitude, and generous spirit. I know you will achieve greater things in life. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter. You know I love you.

27. No matter how much you bill me, you won’t stop being the apple of my eye. I know you’re the reason God keeps blessing me. I am grateful for all the blessings that come with being your mother. I know you feel blessed to have me too. Happy 21st birthday.

28. Even though you are a very stubborn girl, you’re still my favourite daughter. I absolutely love your sense of humour and your ability to thrive even in the darkest moments. Thank you for always keep your head up high. You have my support forever. Happy 21st birthday, my baby girl.

Funny 21st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Life isn’t always funny, but it’s so wonderful to have a funny daughter like you, who makes life easier for me. Here’s sending you best wishes on your 21st birthday. I love you.

29. You are 21 years old already. Do you know what that means? It means you are a full-grown woman and I probably should be expecting you to bring a man home. Just kidding, dear. Face what’s necessary for now. A good man will come in due time. Happy birthday to you.

30. I can’t believe I have a grown woman like my daughter already. How time flies! You have grown from that small baby who poops in every corner of the house, into a well-known and respected woman. One day, I’d tell the world how you almost frustrated me with your stinky poop. Happy 21st birthday.

31. While you are brilliant, lovely and amazing, you are the most stubborn daughter ever. I just hope you quickly realize that your stubbornness will make things difficult for you, so please stop! Anyways, the aim of this message is to wish you a happy 21st birthday. Mwah!

32. You are the only daughter we have, and you are extremely amazing. There has been no room for depression since you entered into our lives because you supply us with happy moments. Thank you for being yourself around us. We are honoured to be your parents. Happy 21st birthday.

33. Nothing is more satisfying than to watch you grow and become a light in our lives. I honestly am having the best time of my life, because I am a mom to the most hilarious daughter ever. I love you dearly, and I hope you don’t stop this thing you’ve started. Happy 21st birthday.

34. Life is much more beautiful with you in it. Even though it took me so long to discover how funny you are, I can boldly say that no one is funnier than you. Your jokes can be extremely dry, but like a good mother, I have no choice but to laugh. Lol. Happy 21st birthday, baby.

35. On your 21st birthday, I’d like to tell you to stop the competition with me. I am your mother, so I am allowed to be more beautiful than you. I am allowed to smell nicer than you. Stop with the competition already, so you don’t blame yourself in the long run. Happy 21st birthday.

36. How did I find myself here? Where has the time gone to? So it’s true I now have a 21-year-old daughter; I can’t believe that. You have to tell me how you’ve been living for 21 years because I can’t believe I have been feeding you. I am grateful to God for your life, darling. Happy 21st birthday.

37. I don’t even know what to say. I mean, how did time fly so fast? My little baby of yesterday is now a grown man. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, just so you can see how you were being mean to me when you were little. Your poop was something I always avoided. Happy 21st birthday, big girl.

Birthday Wishes for 21-Year-Old Daughter

I can’t believe I have a 21-year-old daughter already. How fast! Thank you for being the most amazing 21 years old ever. I’m grateful for the happiness you bless me with. Happy birthday to you. Best wishes.

38. I’m not sure I would be here, without you in my life. Being your mother has been more than a blessing. You constantly preach love and generosity everywhere you go. Thank you for being a blessing to me and the world at large. It’s your 21st birthday, my love. Have fun!

39. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy. You hold a very strong place in my heart. I can’t stand any harm coming near you. No matter how old I am, I will continue to fight for your happiness. Happy 21st birthday, my darling. You rock!

40. You are a rare gem, and every mother will be blessed to have a daughter like you. You have been very helpful in every way. You make yourself available, even when it’s obviously not needed. Thank you for loving your imperfect mother. I love you so much, baby. Happy 21st birthday.

41. I know I am not perfect, but I am trying the best I can. The truth is, you have never given me a reason to stop performing my duty as a mom. You haven’t failed me as a daughter. Happy 21st birthday, my dear. Make sure you have fun while at it.

42. I may not be known as the best woman, but I’m certainly the best mother because so many people keep confirming it. I am fulfilled because I have a daughter like you. Being a mother is not easy, but you keep doing the necessary without making it difficult for me. Happy birthday, daughter. I love you.

43. One of the things I love about you is that you tell me everything; both the necessary and unnecessary things. I’m glad we have such a great bond together. As long as I live, I will keep giving you the best. I will keep making sure that you get it right. Happy 21st birthday.

44. No one will have a daughter like you and not be proud. I actually feel I am not proud enough, compared to the wonderful things you keep doing. My daughter, if I could do what’s on my mind, you will know how blessed I am. For now, I just want to celebrate your 21st birthday with you. Happy birthday.

45. Dear daughter, it feels as if you are the one I have been waiting for. My life took a whole new turn when you came into it. Ever since I had you, it’s been from one sweet experience to another. No other woman deserves you than me. Happy 21st birthday to you.

46. God knew exactly what He was doing when He decided to bless me with you. I hope you realize how blessed you are for having me as your mom. Thank you for bringing me lovely experiences. I love you with my whole heart. Happy 21st birthday to you.

Happy 21st Birthday Quotes for Daughter

The most beautiful birthday quote has got nothing on your personality. You are so beautiful and brainy. I am lucky to have such an exceptional daughter like you. Do have a happy 21st birthday.

47. I will keep being shameless when it comes to how I feel about you. You mean so much to me, my love. My life keeps getting more beautiful because you are present. Everything is perfect with you, my love. I hope you have the most fantastic 21st birthday. I love you.

48. You have no idea how crazy I am about you; I literally live for you. I’m grateful to God and the good people in my life for making the journey of motherhood so easy for me. I’m especially thanking you because you played a major role. Happy 21st birthday, baby. Enjoy!

49. It’s been 21 years of undiluted bliss and love. The last 21 years came with so many wonderful moments. I’m so grateful for every time I get to spend with you. You have really grown into a wonderful woman. I know the best is just on its way. Happy birthday, mommy’s daughter.

50. Everything that happened in the last 21 years is not my power at all. It has been God at work, and I’m eternally grateful for this priceless opportunity. I’m thankful to Him for being on this very tasking journey with me. I hope you know that life is just about to start for you. Happy 21st birthday, my darling.

51. You have grown from being mommy’s little girl into being mommy’s wonderful lady. God really came through for me, because of you. Thank you for all you do to make sure that I am happy and comfortable. There’s much more ahead for you. Happy 21st birthday.

52. My dear daughter, all you do for me are more than just sending you quotes on your birthday. You have been a major source of happiness to me. I find solace in knowing that you are my daughter, and you will be with me forever. Happy 21st birthday, baby.

53. I’m not sure about the happiest day of my life anymore. Before you joined us, it used to be my wedding day, but ever since you came through, I have been so confused. Well, what’s best about having the two happiest days? Happy 21st birthday, daughter. You’re loved forever.

54. Even if you eventually get married and have your own children, I will still keep doing my mommy duties, because I will always be your mother. On your 21st birthday, I have a wonderful gift waiting for you at the garage. I hope you like it. Happy birthday, my daughter.

55. The day I had you, I knew the days of sadness and sorrow have come to an end! I knew something spectacular had kick-started already. I was right after all because that day marked the beginning of wonderful things in my life. Happy birthday to you. Thank you for being mine.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter on 21st Birthday

I have always been wishing you well, and this is something that will continue till I am no more. You are the best part of my life, and the least I can do is wish you well. On your 21st birthday, I want you to be thankful for everything God has blessed you with. Do have a wonderful birthday.

56. Motherhood is not easy, but you make it so easy for me. I know you’re not where you want to be, but you are trying your best. I don’t ever want you to feel any less of yourself, because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Happy 21st birthday to you.

57. I am sure you know that tough times don’t last. I used to experience tough times, but your birth put an eternal end to it. I want you to keep trusting God for an end to whatever is bothering you. You will come out triumphant because I will be here for you. Happy 21st birthday.

58. You are the only reason I easily snap out of sad moments. You keep reassuring me that things will soon be fine. You work very hard for a 21-year-old, but you see nothing bad in it. Thank you for being my rock. Happy 21st birthday to you. Cheers to the best life!

59. You are one of the reasons God keeps blessing me. I actually never thought I’d one day live a life free of sadness and sorrow. But you came through, and the story changed. Thank you for being my saving grace. Happy 21st birthday to you.

60. The fact that I don’t have to go out to have a best friend makes me a happy woman. I have a 21-year-old daughter, and she’s my best friend and confidant. What more can I ask for? You are everything I have always wanted, and I will cherish you forever. Happy 21st birthday.

61. People don’t even know if we are mother and daughter anymore. Some people will only keep believing that we are sisters. If you ask me how this makes me feel, I would say “fulfilled.” Thank you for making me the happiest and proudest mom. Happy 21st birthday.

62. Some things really happen just so we can know how God works; your birth was one of those things. My life has really been a blessing. You have succeeded in making me realize how much God does for us. Happy 21st birthday, beautiful daughter. You are blessed.

63. You have achieved too much for a 21-year-old. I don’t have to lie to you, I had no direction when I was 21. I didn’t even have anyone to guide me. Well, I thank God it ended in praise. You are doing very well, and that’s all that matters. Happy 21st birthday.

64. People will always think I am doing too much, even though I always feel like I am not doing enough. You are a Blessed Child, baby and you’ve succeeded in making me a blessed mom as well. Happy 21st birthday to you. Make sure you have enough fun today. Cheers!

Daughter Turning 21 Quotes

I dedicate this quote to you on your 21st birthday. I have no fear at all because I have raised the most beautiful woman ever. You turning 21 is a big deal for me, because I never thought things would be this easy. I love you, daughter.

65. At this point, you need to stay more focused than ever. I don’t know your plans, so I don’t know if things are working well or not. But this is the stage where you will keep feeling like you are not enough. Please, kill that mentality before it spreads. You are more than enough. Happy 21st birthday.

66. I have never seen a more focused 21-year-old. I wonder how you come up with the ideas you have, though. I’m just glad I’ve got the smartest 21-year-old ever. It’s your birthday, my darling. Take a break from work and have fun with your friends. Happy birthday to you.

67. My door will always be open to you, no matter how big your request is. You are the reason I am a woman so many people look up to. I am not where I want to be yet, but I know the time will come because I have you. Happy birthday, my ambitious 21 years old. I love you.

68. You are always there! You don’t ever want to see me go through any bad condition at all. You love me like your life depends on it. I’m more than grateful. Your presence always feels like an Amen to my prayers. I love you and I will always do. Happy 21st birthday to you.

69. I will rather go through worse situations than see you unhappy. The more I grow, the more I realize that I have to keep sacrificing for your happiness and comfort. Even though you are 21, I still have greater plans for you. Happy birthday to you.

70. Getting here was not an easy one. There were days I cried and died in silence. The days when I managed to speak, you made it so. I am grateful for having a gentle lady like you for a daughter. This experience is one I am never going to get tired of. Happy birthday, my daughter.

71. Isn’t God wonderful? Indeed, He makes things beautiful in His own appointed time. I’m the happiest mom on earth right now because the most beautiful daughter is 21 years old today. My lovely daughter, thank you for making me so proud. Happy 21st birthday to you.

72. You are my daughter, but I respect you a lot. Things could’ve turned out sour without you in my life. Motherhood has greatly blessed me, and one day, the world is going to know my story. For now, it’s about your 21st birthday. Make sure you make it count. Lots of love.

73. You are the most important person in my life. The fact that you are my daughter makes me see positivity in everything that happens. I’m glad to be doing this life with you. Whatever happens, I will always be your best friend. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter.

Happy 21st Birthday to a Special Young Lady

You are the most special young lady ever. Everyone will be lucky to have you in their lives, especially mothers. I feel extremely happy to be your mother, and I hope you keep giving me reasons to smile. Happy 21st birthday to you.

74. Nothing else makes sense whenever you are around. I could listen to you talk from morning till night; I never get tired. You are 21 today, and I still can’t get enough of you. You are undoubtedly the sweetest daughter ever. Keep it up, my darling. Happy 21st birthday to you.

75. I have had uncountable proud moments ever since I had you, and today is one of them. Today feels different because you are 21. You are a full-grown woman who’s old enough to bring a man home. My dear, call me the proudest mother because I actually am. Happy 21st birthday.

76. You have no idea how many blessings you’ve brought me. My name is on the lips of many because you are my daughter. Our family name has travelled very far because you are my daughter. Tell me a greater blessing, I will wait. Happy 21st birthday, my special young lady. You are more than just a daughter.

77. I’m not just celebrating your 21st birthday today, I’m celebrating 21 years of raising a queen; 21 years of learning how to give my daughter the best. My dear, you make it a lot easier. Happy 21st birthday to you. Cheers to more greatness!

78. The plan life had for me was different from the one I had for myself. The plan I had for myself was different from the one God had for me. In all of these, I’m grateful that the latter came to pass because it brought you along. If not, it could have been so brutal. Happy 21st birthday, my baby. I love you.

79. My daughter in whom I am well pleased, I’m grateful for this beautiful life with you. In all honesty, life seems perfect with you. You make everything so easy. Now that you’re older, it even got easier. I’m happy to have you in my life. Happy 21st birthday to you.

80. Like a baby, you were so full of life. In fact, people literally queued just to carry you. Now that you’re older, you still haven’t changed. So many people want to be associated with you at all costs. Are you not a great woman already? Happy 21st birthday, my love. You are blessed.

81. A lot of women will surrender all they have, just to have a daughter like you. It’s so weird that you don’t even know how great you are. People talk about you, and I feel so proud all over again. You are wonderful, my daughter. Happy 21st birthday to you.

82. Having you as my daughter remains the highlight of my life. In fact, so many people share in my joy. If I had failed as a mother, I won’t have this amount of support from people I don’t even know. Trust me, having you is a huge blessing; I hope it lasts forever. Happy 21st birthday.

Wishing My Daughter a Happy 21st Birthday

Here’s wishing my beautiful daughter a happy 21st birthday. I have always known that you will turn out to be a great and successful woman in life. I hope you keep scaling through, no matter how hard it gets. Enjoy the rest of your day. Cheers!

83. Nothing else gives me joy than celebrating you. I mean, you are someone who takes delight in seeing others happy. You go the extra mile just to make sure people are comfortable. I can’t compare you to anyone, because there’s no one like you. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter.

84. You will always be a baby to me, and your love will always dominate my heart. Having you has brought so many blessings into my life. In fact, it made me become a great woman. Thank you for being my lovely daughter. Happy 21st birthday to you.

85. If I could pay you for being my daughter, trust me, I will. You have no idea how many blessings your presence has brought me. Your presence has opened so many closed doors in my life. You are way beyond just a daughter; you are my dream come true. Happy 21st birthday.

86. Having a daughter like you is the dream of all women. Looking back at how it all started, I can only give God the glory. Life really dealt with me before you came on board, but I’m grateful that it’s now a thing of the past. Happy 21st birthday, my daughter. Don’t stop making me proud.

87. If I had told you my whole story, then you probably would’ve loved me out of pity. But I am strong enough to accept what life throws at me because they do not define who I am. I’m thankful that you’re on this journey with me. I can’t finally see that the future is bright. Happy 21st birthday to you.

88. You are a very strong woman phenomenal woman. I have always grown fond of you. I’m glad that you are doing very well for yourself at this age. No matter how well you do, do not hesitate to call on me whenever things don’t go as planned. Happy 21st birthday.

89. I have seen you go through and come out of terrible situations without making it so obvious. You deal with situations like an old woman. You are so wise that I sometimes come to you for advice. I’m sure this year has much more for you. Happy 21st birthday.

90. I don’t care if anyone calls me a proud woman. After all, my daughter is the reason I am proud. No woman will have a daughter like you and not be proud of it. Thank you for giving me so many bragging rights. Have a super-duper 21st birthday. With love from your mom.

91. Congratulations on turning 21, my dear daughter. I want you to know that you will always be loved and cherished because you are the only one who makes life worth living. I hope you have a truly wonderful day. Happy 21st birthday to you.

Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl

I wonder if there’s anything better I’d have been doing with my life if I hadn’t had you. You are 21 today, and I still keep wondering. Truth is, you are the best daughter ever, and I’m enjoying motherhood because of you. Happy 21st birthday, baby girl.

92. The first day I held you in my arms, I knew you would become my best friend. 21 years later, I have made more beautiful memories than I had before you came through. Ain’t you the sweetest daughter? Happy 21st birthday, my baby. Enjoy it while it lasts.

93. I don’t know why it feels like it’s my birthday; I guess it’s because things started making sense the day I had you. I’m sure thankful for the moments I enjoy being your mother. You make me forget all the things I went through before getting here. Happy 21st birthday.

94. It’s officially 21 years since I have been enjoying God’s, divine love. Never in a million years would I have thought that a day would come when I will have a 21-year-old daughter in my life. Saying I am grateful is an understatement. Happy 21st birthday, my beautiful love.

95. I am not where I used to be anymore, because you opened a brand new chapter in my life. The moment I had you was the time when things started to really get better. It’s been 21 years, and things haven’t stopped being better. In fact, I have had enough at this point. Happy 21st birthday to you.

96. From the moment I first held you in my arms, I knew my life would never remain the same. I hope you know that you are the reason for my happiness and blinding glow. Happy 21st birthday, dear daughter. Cheers to a greater future ahead. I love you.

97. With you in my life, life has been worth it all. I have never felt this level of happiness in my entire life. As you have made it your priority to be a blessing to me, may your birthday bring more blessings into your life. Happy 21st birthday, daughter.

98. Every single day of my life, you keep being a blessing. Each day is always greater than the previous. This is not to flatter or make you feel good, you are the most amazing daughter ever, and I love you so much. Happy birthday, my daughter.

99. The most amazing experience in my life is watching you grow; it brings smiles to my face and makes me realize exactly how well I am doing. I hope you have a wonderful 21st birthday and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true. Cheers!

100. You are passionate about the necessary things, and this sets you apart from others. You are spectacular in everything sense of it. It’s your 21st birthday, baby. I want you to know that I deeply love you, and I will always do. Happy 21st birthday.

Hello, dear reader of this beautiful content. I am sure you are impressed with all the happy 21st birthday wishes for your daughter from mom & dad up there. I sincerely hope that your daughter likes whichever one you choose to send to her.

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