Happy Birthday Messages for My Dad

2023 Trending Happy Birthday Messages for My Dad (from Daughter or Son)

Sweetest Happy Birthday Messages for My Dad from the Heart

Your dad is plus 1 today, surprise him with these Cute Birthday Text Messages for Dad by copy and paste it and send it to him.

1. Every child would have grown to be a strong tree if they were seeds from a father like you. Happy birthday, dad.

2. If being a father was a job, you would have always been the worker of the month, for every month since I was born. Happy birthday.

3. The military got a trained man when I joined because you are the best leader I will ever meet. Happy birthday, dad.

4. We made it this far together because you are the captain in charge of this ship. I love you my sailor, happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Messages for Dad

5. Every day, I strive for my kids, to make you half as proud as you made your father. You are an example I will keep learning from. Happy birthday, daddy.

6. You deserve a Ballon d’Or, for you are my world best dad.

7. This day is made special because you were born on it like our whole lives have been made special because we were born by you, we love you, dad.

8. I have never understood what ‘bad fatherhood’ means, for you take away all the bad. Happy birthday, dad.

9. I never missed not having a brother, you have been the best brother a man can have, happy birthday, dad.

10. My sisters and I still call you the earth’s best prince, for, with you, it was always true love’s kiss. Happy birthday, dad.

11. I want to grow to be like mum, so I might attract a dad like you for my baby girls. You are the best. happy birthday, dad.

12. They said only women could keep the home, but your hands have proved that it’s only a task for loving hearts, thank you, dad.

13. I used to resent you for correcting us with the rod, but look how we all turned out, solid like the rod. Thank you, daddy, we love you.

14. In the next life, I know the family I want to be born in, the same one where you are head of. Happy Birthday, dad.

15. In another life, I want to be a part of the family where you call mum wife and call me son. Happy birthday, dad.

16. My proudest moments in life are those times I’m called your son. Happy birthday, dad.

17. Life is an interesting journey when you are driving, I don’t know how far I would have gone without your drive. Happy birthday, dad.

18. In our house, every day is a celebration too, for we have a Father Christmas, you. Happy birthday, daddy.

19. You are an inspiration when you write, you just bleed yourself in ink. Happy birthday my best writer.

20. I asked for just a father for my kids, but I got a husband, lover, brother, father, and healer for my hurts. Happy birthday, daddy.

21. You diligently taught me all I know about being a man, how do I repay such a full-time job? I love you dearly dad.

22. I will always remember every of my birthday, or you made each of them as special as you make my everyday. Happy birthday, dad.

23. I grew up not being afraid to fail, for you taught me different was to rise after every fall. You are my hero. Happy birthday, dad.

24. I see your cape and the S on your chest, the world might be a metropolis but you have made me your Lois Lane. Happy birthday my superman.

25. You stayed up many nights to pray for us, yes dad, the prayers worked. Thank you for the labour, Happy Birthday.

26. I cannot be lazy in life, who will I say I learnt it from? Happy birthday, go-getter.

27. I cannot be wicked in life, an apple doesn’t produce sour grapes. Thanks for your heart of love, happy birthday, dad.

28. I cannot be selfish in this life, I saw you gave when you didn’t have; to us, and anyone who needed to have. You are an amazing daddy.

29. You are an architectural wonder, with a heart made of foam as a foundation for a shoulder made of stones. You bear the burden of many. Happy birthday, dad.

30. You must be Jesus, I have seen you die countless times and rise again for us. Happy birthday, dad.

31. We never had a single clogged pipe of communication in the home, you are the best plumber to ever live. Happy birthday, dad.

32. You make mechanic the noblest job, the way you solve the most complicated of problems to keep lives running is amazing. Happy birthday, dad.

33. Would it still be called God’s green earth if you weren’t born today? Happy birthday, dad.

34. I still smile in my sleep from the bedtime stories you told, now my son’s have begun smiling in their sleep too. We all love you. Happy birthday, dad.

35. The way you have forgiven me over the years, I am sure you are alien to hate, you are out of this world. Happy birthday, dad.

36. I used to be scared to grow old, then I saw your age, now I want to do too. You make every stage of life fun to be in. Happy birthday, dad.

37. You must be made of numbers, for I can always count on you. Happy birthday my mathematician.

38. Watching you at home was the same as watching you preach in church. You an example of a good example. Happy birthday, dad.

39. A man was made from dust so you must be dug from the earth’s depths. You are a well of wisdom. Happy birthday, dad.

40. You drew hearts closer with every stroke of your pencil. You love art so much and treated us the same. Happy birthday, dad.

41. With your loving heart, you carved in us an indelible mark for the world to recognize. Every other carpenter should come and learn from you, happy birthday.

42. You took our separate differences and moulded us into different mugs of beauty. Your hands are blessed and are a blessing. Happy birthday, dad.

43. I feel more protected with you around than with any cop. Oops! Well, you are a cop. Happy birthday, dad.

44. Everything you vowed to do for me before your 60th birthday you have fulfilled, I will make all that you dreamt to do after your 60th birthday come true. Happy birthday, dad.

45. You hammered the need to truly live into our heads, I am glad I truly lived to see this day. It’s your 70th birthday sweet daddy.

46. You add great prestige to our family tree, being linked directly under you is one of the best identification a son can ever need. Thanks for all the labour, happy birthday.

47. You gave me the family I never had. Every day I see you, I take pride in the fact that I never had. You are an angel daddy.

48. I used to be scared on your birthdays because I felt it took you a step closer to the grave. But a man who spends his every waking moment making sure others are fine actually deserves an eternal break. Just stay a bit longer for your baby girl. To the world best dad.

49. You have never dealt with people according to a tribe, status, black or white. Every grey on your head is a worthy crown for a living saint. Happy birthday, dad.

50. You always say ‘experience is the best teacher’ and I never understood until today. Watching you thrive through hard experiences has taught me a lot. You are a teacher with a difference. Happy birthday to you, dad.

  • Written By Uchechi Njoku.

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