Happy Birthday in Heaven Uncle Wishes and Quotes

Happy Birthday in Heaven Uncle Wishes and Quotes

Thinking of a family member like an uncle who has passed away, on their birthday can be very emotional, especially if you were very close to him. Maybe he was so nice to you and you keep wishing he was still alive so you can probably rejoice with him and celebrate him in his presence.

Your uncle could have been so close to you that you keep thinking about the memories you shared and all you did together, and you feel very unhappy because you aren’t going to see him again.

It could even be more traumatizing if you were present at the scene of his death. What I want you to understand is, he is smiling down on you and the best you can do is make him proud wherever he is.

Lost an uncle and it’s his birthday? One of the best ways to keep it cool is by reminiscing about the memories you had and everything that happened between you both. Another way is by using the happy birthday in heaven uncle wishes and quotes below to make you feel better even as you’re thinking of him.

Happy Birthday to My Uncle in Heaven

Dear uncle, even though thinking about the memories you left behind sometimes makes me happy, it still isn’t enough to erase the fact that I won’t see you again. Happy birthday in heaven, my uncle.

How to quit thinking about your uncle’s death on his birthday.

1. Dear uncle, I can’t stop thinking about you on your birthday. You were a wonderful person and a great support system to me. I’m glad to let you know I’m making you proud already. Happy birthday, uncle.

2. I can’t stop thinking about the times we spent together, the bond that existed between us, and how you always held it down for me. I’m glad you’re in a better place, and I hope you’re smiling down on me. Happy birthday, uncle.

3. If you were alive, it should’ve been your birthday today. But I will be calm because, I knew God needed an angel, and that was why He called you home. Please, keep resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Happy birthday, my dearest uncle.

4. Life was always easy when you were alive, but the moment you were pronounced dead, life has been so hard for me. I can’t do anything without thinking about you. If you were here, your help would’ve gone a long way. Anyways, I know you’re in a better place. Happy birthday.

5. Every member of this family has never stopped talking and thinking about you every day since you passed on. Up until now, we still grieve, because your death came as a very rude shock to us all. Today on your birthday, we are hoping that you’re indeed in a better place. Happy birthday.

6. You stood in as a father, all the times I lacked a father figure in my life. You provided everything for me, and you were always sad whenever you were unable to help. I couldn’t have asked for another best friend. Thank you for all you did. Happy birthday, uncle.

7. Dear uncle, even though you’re not here physically, I’m sure you’re here in the spirit and you can see everything we are doing. I haven’t stopped crying since the day broke. I miss celebrating you on your birthdays. Now, I’m celebrating you in death. Keep resting.

8. My whole world tore apart at the news of your death, dear uncle. Throughout that year, I was sad and didn’t know the way forward. We were so into each other, I was closer to you than I was to my parents. Today, I choose to celebrate you, even in death. Happy birthday.

9. I can’t stop thinking of how I could’ve undone so many things. I find it difficult to forgive myself because I failed to come to check you up in the hospital. On your birthday, I’m hoping that you forgive me for this and that your spirit keeps praying for me. Happy birthday.

10. Even though I have my own father, you were the best father anyone could ever wish for. You were so easygoing and an amazing person. I know you’re not dead because I still see you in my dreams. Please, never turn your back against me. Happy birthday.

11. Even though everyone is crying because you’re not here with us, I choose to smile because it’s your birthday and I celebrate with you. You were not just an ordinary person when you were alive, you were a very good person, so I’m sure you’re in a better place. Happy birthday.

12. Even though you are in heaven, I won’t stop celebrating you. Everything I have today is a result of you being my uncle. You fought really hard for me and made sure I became successful. Uncle, thank you for everything. Happy birthday.

13. Even though we love you as a father brother, uncle, son, we all know and understand that God loves you most, and that’s why He called you over. You just keep resting in the Lord, till we meet to part no more. Happy birthday to you.

14. So many people refer to you as dead, but I choose to believe you’re alive. I made very good use of all the lessons you taught me, and now, they’ve all paid off. I wish you were here to do life with me. Well, I know heaven is the best place to be. Happy birthday, uncle.

15. Just like I was when I heard the sad news of your death, I’m still in shock. You never told me we were not going to see anymore. You never told me you were going to leave me all alone. Well, I hope that you are happy over there. Happy birthday to you.

16. The people of the world really dealt with you, and I’m sure that’s why your life was cut short. I always knew you didn’t belong to this world. I truly hope that you are at peace wherever you are. Happy birthday, uncle. I miss you every day.

17. We were so close. We had this connection that was real and unique. We were best of friends, and hardly did we do anything without each other. Even though life was so unfair to you, I’m glad I made you happy all through. Happy birthday to you.

18. On your birthday, I sincerely still wish you were here with us. We all love you, and we can’t stop talking about you because you were the best. Even in death, we will continue to love you, and continue from where you stopped. Happy birthday, uncle.

19. Oh, college days were fun with you. You never made me feel unloved even though I was unimportant to my biological parents. Uncle, as I promised, I will make sure your children don’t suffer. I will pass this love on to them. Happy birthday to you.

20. You were a selfless man, a leader, a philanthropist and a lover of God. I’m sure God decided to call you at that early age because He loved you, and the world didn’t know your worth. With everything in me, I believe you’re in a better place. Keep smiling at us. Happy birthday.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Uncle Images

I never ever thought you would leave too soon. That was not what we discussed. I can’t get over the images of you I have in my head, ever since you left. I will always cherish our moments together. Happy birthday, to you in heaven, uncle.

21. Hey uncle, we are celebrating you today, because it’s your birthday. I’m sure the angels are celebrating you as well because you are now one of them. I particularly miss you every day of my life. I wish you were still here with us. Happy birthday. I love you forever.

22. Heaven gained an angel, the day you left this sinful world. Instead of mourning you today, we are celebrating you because you lived a life worthy of emulation. You were the best role model, and your impact will be felt forever. Happy birthday, uncle.

Happy birthday in heaven uncle

23. I wish you didn’t die. I wish I had a superpower to make you return to us, but it was destined to happen that way. No one can question God; He created you when He liked and decided to have you back when He wished. So we dare no question Him. Happy birthday to you.

24. I will not cry today, because I am sure you are exactly where you belong. You belong among God and His angels. You were too good, in fact, perfect for this world. Though you are no more, we will continue to love and celebrate you. Happy birthday.

25. I never really knew what love entails, until I got close to you. I learnt so much from you, but it’s so sad that you are not alive to take credit for what you did in my life. I will always remember you, uncle. Rest on, till we meet to part no more. Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday in heaven uncle

26. So many people have a lot to say about you. We never knew you were this loved until you died. Till today, every mouth is still filled with your praises. Dear uncle, you have taught me to live right, and I will do just that. Thank you. Happy birthday to you.

27. You were an enigma and the strongest man I know. You fought till your last day. Who could have thought death will overpower you? I’m sure it didn’t anyway, you succumbed because the heavens deserved you. Happy birthday, my uncle.

28. You taught me so much about life. You made sure I never lacked direction, no matter how difficult it was. I truly wish you were here right now, to see how full the house is, just to celebrate your birthday. I know you are proud of me. Happy posthumous birthday.

Happy birthday in heaven uncle

29. I have grown up to be the man you have always wanted me to be, and it’s so sad you are not here to see how much I have grown. I keep remembering every word you said to me when it was tough. Now, it eventually paid off and you aren’t here. I’m so sad. Happy birthday, sir.

30. We had the strongest connection ever. I chose you over my other uncles because there was something special about you. You were always available to talk to. You never complained of disturbance whenever I showed up in your office unannounced. You were just too perfect. You deserve a perfect place like heaven, that was why God took you. Happy birthday.

31. A day will never pass without me thinking about you. You were fully a part of my life till death took you away. I can’t get my mind off our bond; it was so strong. And the fact that we won so many battles together made us a great team. I miss you, dear uncle. Happy birthday.

32. On your birthday, I want to acknowledge the fact that succeeding in life wouldn’t have been possible without you. I mean, you helped fasten the process with your words of encouragement and wisdom. You supported me till your last breath. You died a hero, uncle. Happy birthday.

33. A lot of things to say about you, my dear uncle. Your act of kindness was topnotch. You lived exactly as God lived. If there’s anything at all, I’m glad to continue from where you stopped. You will be very proud of me, I promise. Happy birthday to you.

34. This family was closely knitted as it was, because of you. Ever since you gave up the ghost, it has returned to how it was. There’s really no love amongst us anymore. I can’t stop crying, uncle because all you laboured for is dead. I wish you were here. Happy birthday.

35. When I count myself blessings, I still count you uncountable times. You were a very strong part of my life, and you contributed greatly to my success. I wish you were here so I can at least appreciate all your efforts. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday, uncle.

36. It’s hard! It’s really hard for me. Nothing has remained the same, ever since you left. My life took a bad turn, and it’s affecting me badly. I want you back here with me. I want to touch you again. I want to see you again. Please tell me you shall be back. Happy birthday.

37. There’s wasn’t and there’s still no greater man on earth than you. You were a man of class and valour. You never took no for an answer and you maintained your integrity till you passed on. I celebrate you, uncle. Happy birthday to you.

38. Ever since you left me all alone, I haven’t stopped thinking about where to start from. No one to give me pieces of advice, no one to run to when I need help. No one to comfort me when I’m grieving. I never knew it will end this way. I choose to celebrate you today. Happy birthday.

39. You were more than just an uncle. You were a companion. You never allowed me to feel sad for just one day. You took my responsibility as yours. There is not a day I do not think about you. I miss you a lot, but I am sure you are happy wherever you are. Happy posthumous birthday, uncle.

40. I’m glad I was able to make you happy and take care of you before you exited this world. I’m also sure that you’re enjoying a higher level of happiness than you did while you were here. Happy birthday to you uncle. Please keep praying for me.

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Uncle in Heaven

Since your departure, I keep breaking down. The only thing still holding me up is that closeness we had when you were alive. Uncle, things are not the same without you, and it’s really sad. I wish you keep resting in the bosom of God in heaven. Happy birthday.

The best way to console yourself on your dead uncle’s birthday.

41. You were my greatest fan, number one cheerleader, and critic. You never wanted to see me go through hard times. You show up whenever I needed someone to talk to. You were always civil with your criticism. Oh my, I owe everything to you. Happy birthday, uncle.

42. I still can’t wrap my head around not being able to see you anymore. How do I cope? Where from here? It’s hard, uncle. I wish you could talk to me right now. At least it’s your birthday, stand up and talk. Oh, you can’t answer. I’m sad, to say the least. Happy birthday.

43. We just started getting along when death decided to snatch you from me. I’m glad you made an impact on my life before you left this world. I will continue to make you proud and happy wherever you are. Happy birthday, uncle.

44. You deserve to be happy, even in death. Because you literally lived your life for other people. You didn’t enjoy it before death came. I’m sure you’re enjoying even more where you are because you are with your Father. Happy birthday to you.

45. Because it’s your birthday, I will celebrate you in a grand style. I will make sure to call everyone to celebrate with me. I will not cry or shed a tear, because I’m celebrating a life well-lived. A life that bore so many good fruits. Happy birthday, uncle.

46. Dear uncle, even though I find it very uncomfortable to address you in the past tense, I will still make my point. My point is, it’s your birthday and I will make sure I dance and enjoy myself to the fullest. I hope you are happy up there. Happy birthday.

47. I won’t lie, today is really not a happy day for me, because you, my uncle and my best friend are not here. You made me a happy niece. You made sure I didn’t lack anything good. I love you so much, uncle. And I will keep making you proud.

48. The day you died, a particular of me died with you. My life has never remained the same. I have become a shadow of myself, ever since. I need your prayers so I can forge ahead in life. Please, keep praying for me. Happy birthday, uncle.

49. The day you left this world is still very fresh in my head, I don’t even think I will be forgetting anytime soon. It remains the saddest day of my life. While I’m doing everything possible to get past this, I want to wish you a very happy birthday, wherever you are. I love you.

50. It has always been your, uncle. From when I was very little till I came of age, it was still you. You never left me alone. I keep carrying the baggage of your sudden death everywhere. I really want to be free, and I will make sure I do. Happy birthday, darling uncle.

51. I know the angels are now your best friends, but I hope you remember you still have a best friend here on earth. My uncle, I can’t take my mind off the sweet moments we had. So many great memories of you. Happy birthday to you.

52. I’m sure you are having it good up there, my uncle. I can’t say the same for myself, because I haven’t stopped thinking about you since you left. I see no reason for being alive without you. I hope you have fun over there, today. Happy birthday.

53. So many things/people didn’t make you happy when you were alive. They didn’t make you enjoy your stay, and that had a bad effect on you. I’m so happy that you’re in the best place ever. I will continue to keep you in mind. Happy birthday, uncle.

54. We shared lots of memories together, and I can’t stop thinking about them. You were right there since I was a toddler, and you never left till you died. You were a rare soul. Happy birthday to you. I wish you eternal rest.

55. The world never deserved you, in the first place. You were just too good for the world, and everyone knew this. Now, you are where you belong, and we all keep rejoicing for how great your life was. Happy birthday, uncle. I love you forever.

56. You never doubted anything I told you. Even when others come for me, you were always behind me solidly. Today, I remember all that happened between us and I can’t stop crying. I hope you’re finding it good over there. Happy birthday to you.

57. A lot happened to us, and I’m glad they stayed between us. You were such a wonderful person who looked out for others. You never looked down on anyone, instead, you lifted people with your status. Even in death, your impact is still felt like it’s fresh. Happy birthday, hero.

58. You were always there for me, no matter how tight your schedule was. You made time for every single person that knew you. You were far too kind and wonderful. Like I always have, I wish you all the best. Happy posthumous birthday.

59. I was closer to you than I was to my father. You never gave me a reason to doubt your love for me. Even in uncertainties, your words of encouragement hit differently. I’m glad to be your nephew. Happy birthday, uncle.

60. A lot of people thought I was going to move on quickly, but after almost two years, it’s still very difficult for me. Till now, I still don’t believe I won’t see you again. I won’t lie, it has been tough, but I keep trusting God. I hope you’re fine over there. Happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Uncle in Heaven

My uncle, this quote is dedicated to you. I know you are dead already, and no amount of tears and sorrow can bring you back. The best thing is to hold on to the memories we had together while still hoping you rest in peace. Happy birthday to you in heaven.

61. Even though you are not here anymore, the love and bond between us will always be there. No one will ever take your place in my life, I promise. Thank you for all you did. I will do more for your children. Happy birthday to you, uncle.

62. Dear uncle, I have been broken since your demise. Life now seems very hard for me, and I’m confused as to where to start from. I know you can see everything, please I need your blessings. Keep praying for me. Happy birthday to you.

63. So many people have tried to talk me out of going depressed, but I haven’t been able to gather enough strength. I miss you every day, uncle. I wish you were here today, your birthday. I thank God you’ve gone to join the angels. Happy birthday to you.

64. Instead of beating myself up, I will keep being thankful to God for calling you home. I always knew right from time that you never belonged here. The world is a cruel place for you to be. I’m glad God called you home. Happy birthday to you.

65. Even though you are not here with us anymore, your teachings, advice, and guidance will keep living. That’s because you weren’t just an ordinary person, you lived a life full of grace and God’s love. Today, it’s all about you. Happy birthday, uncle.

66. It has been really tough ever since you left. We keep hoping for better days, but I doubt if they’d come soon. We have tried to get the thought of your death off our minds, but it has been hard. You mean a lot to us, and your death is painful. Happy birthday.

67. I still can’t get the scenario of your death, even after years. I can’t think straight without your thoughts popping up. There’s absolutely nothing I can do without thinking about you. You were a great part of my life, I must say. I hope you’re resting well. Happy birthday.

68. It’s your birthday, uncle. Even though you’re dead, I will still celebrate it. You never ceased to celebrate me when you were alive. You were always happy whenever I won. Today, I’m going to celebrate you like you are alive. Happy birthday, uncle.

69. My dearest uncle, my life is definitely not the same without you. Your death took a toll on me. If I must confess, it has been tough ever since you left us. But today, I’m glad to celebrate you knowing fully well that you’re in a better place. Happy birthday to you.

70. I always knew you belonged among the angels. You were like the only rich man amongst the poor. I thank God you lived a fulfilling life. Your presence in my life will forever be acknowledged because it changed it for good. Happy birthday.

71. With joy in my heart, I’m choosing to celebrate my dead uncle today. Even though I find it very difficult to move on, I’m left with no choice but to celebrate you, because you were my helper. I know for sure that you are smiling in heaven. Happy birthday to you.

72. Even though you never spared the rod when you were alive, I still love you. I knew that you loved me, but you were only being stern with me because you wanted me to become a great person in life. I’m thankful for all the lessons, they paid off. Happy birthday, uncle.

73. I never thought I could move on without your presence, but I needed to because I want you to be proud of me wherever you are. I’m grateful for all the help you rendered. I won’t take them for granted. Happy birthday to you.

74. Your memories will forever linger in my heart. You brought me the most beautiful moments; moments I always imagined. Thank you for making me very happy, before you said your last prayer. Happy birthday, uncle. Keep resting in heaven.

75. You have been the sweetest part of my story. My story will be meaningless and incomplete without you. You made your time on earth a fruitful one, and that’s something to keep talking about/remembering. I celebrate you today and always. Happy birthday.

76. Trust me, the memories of you shall forever dwell in my mind, because you were everything to me. You were always nice to me, always there for me. Always making me happy and merry. Here’s wishing that you keep resting in peace.

77. It’s really not easy for anyone here. We are trying to move on like nothing happened, but how do we deal with the fact that we aren’t going to see you again. This is very hard! You will forever remain in my heart. Happy birthday to you.

78. Although you are no more, I still smile whenever I see your pictures. I still feel the same way I did when you were alive. Uncle, moving on like nothing happened is the hardest thing for me. I pray for strength to achieve that. Happy birthday.

79. My heart bleeds today, on your birthday. I am currently in your room, crying. I can’t stop calling your name, hoping you will answer me. Oh, this is so sad. I really don’t know how to go about it, but I know God will help me. I hope you’re very well over there. Happy birthday.

80. Being without you for a long time is something I can’t deal with, even when you were alive. The thought that I won’t see you anymore keeps making my heartache. The only thing consoling me is that I believe you made it to heaven. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Messages for Uncle in Heaven

Since your departure from this world to heaven, I keep strolling through your pictures and our messages. I really can’t take my mind off your death; it breaks me. I will only keep giving thanks to God because I know He is able. Happy birthday, uncle.

How to make your uncle in heaven proud.

81. Up till now, my heart still aches and is heavy. I still feel pains, as I haven’t moved on from grieving. You were a very nice man who lived for the happiness of other people. I wish you live a life like yours. May God help me. Happy birthday.

82. I consider myself fortunate, successful and comfortable today because of the sacrifices you made for me. All you ever wanted was to see me shine. May God punish death for taking you away without reaping the benefits of your labour. Happy birthday to you.

83. I know you are smiling at me, but that doesn’t seem enough. I want to see you again, even if it’s just once. I have so many things to tell you. I can’t execute the plans we had together alone. Who am I going to tell everything that’s going on? I really want to be happy again. Happy posthumous birthday.

84. Dear uncle, even though it is almost impossible to live without you, I won’t stop thanking God for all those precious moments we had together; they are all I am holding on to. Wishing you happiness over there in heaven. Happy birthday.

85. There’s no one to ask about how I’m fairing anymore. Everyone has since moved on like nothing ever happened. It’s so sad to see the people who practically lived for move on like your death is nothing. I hope you’re having it great over there. Happy birthday, uncle.

86. On your birthday, I feel the need to celebrate you even though you’re no more. You will continue to live in my heart, so far I still think about the unforgettable memories that we had. Here’s wishing that you keep resting in the Lord. Happy birthday.

87. indeed, you’re no longer here, but you will forever remain in my heart. I’m not an ingrate to forget all you did for me. You deprived yourself of true happiness so you can see me happy and comfortable. Not so many people can do that for their nieces. I’m forever grateful. Happy birthday.

88. I will never stop missing and loving you, my uncle. I am very sure I will see you again because we were very close. I’m sure you’re resting in the Lord, and when it’s my time, I will join you. Happy birthday, uncle. I miss you too much.

89. I know deep down that you’re smiling in heaven. You’re probably more happy over there than you were when you were here. The memories you left will always be fresh and will continue to make me feel good. Happy birthday to you.

90. You were a sweet human. You had such a beautiful heart that bore no evil till you died. I know God loved you, and that’s why He called you to come to enjoy pure bliss. I am sure you are enjoying your special place in heaven. Happy birthday.

91. Even though you are feeling more love over there, (because I’m sure you’re in a better place) I am sending you all my love on this special day of your birth. You will continue to live forever in my heart. Happy birthday to you, uncle. I love you forever.

92. I still remember all the beautiful moments with you; moments of laughter and happiness. They were surreal, and I hope not to stop thinking about them. It feels like you are still here. But everything that happened keeps reminding me that you’re not here. Happy birthday.

93. I’m sure you’re in paradise, right now. The moment I want to start feeling bad about your health, I pause to think about how much impact you made before you passed on, then I am relieved because I am sure you are at the right hand of the Lord. Happy birthday, uncle.

94. Even though I don’t know how to cope with your absence for the rest of my life, I will never forget all you did to get me where I am today. It wasn’t easy for you, but you made it happen. Happy birthday, my darling uncle. You will forever live in my heart.

95. Your presence was everything to me, and I still don’t know how I will cope without it, but I will keep consoling myself with the great memories we had. In all of these, I hope that you enjoy your stay in heaven. Happy birthday, my uncle.

96. I miss you so much, uncle. It just feels like a part of me has been cut off. But I am sure you left for a better place, so I am not really bothered. I am sure you are truly happy over there as well. Happy posthumous birthday to you.

97. Your time on earth brought nothing but joy and happiness to everyone lucky to be associated with you. It blessed me in particular. I hope that you always enjoy heaven’s warmth. Happy birthday to you.

98. I am missing you badly, uncle. I don’t even know how to go about making myself happy on your birthday. It would’ve been a great one, if only you were here. But who am I to question God for deciding to take you away? I know you are covered. Happy birthday.

99. Here’s sending a special birthday wish to my uncle who is cooling off with God in heaven. I’m sure you have realized that this world is no match with where you are now. I hope you enjoy your day with the angels. Happy birthday to you. Wishing you eternal rest.

100. Dear uncle, I’m sure my wishes will get to you. I wish that you keep guiding, guarding me against any harm and watching over me, while I keep making you proud. I will never forget what we discussed. Keep resting. Happy birthday to you.

Hello dear reader, I am very sorry about your loss. While I sympathize with you, I hope you could easily relate with one of the happy birthday in heaven uncle wishes and quotes up there and celebrate your uncle’s birthday with it.

Please don’t forget to share with family and friends and comment as usual. Thank you.

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