Happy Birthday in Advance to My Daughter Wishes

Happy Birthday in Advance to My Daughter Wishes

Just as parents are important to daughters, daughters are also important to parents. The bond between these two can’t be overlooked in any way, because it’s the most beautiful. While some don’t have the opportunity of getting close to their moms, some consider it the best feeling in the world.

Either way, daughters are priceless and we really should make them know this, at every opportunity that we get. Having a daughter is so beautiful, but knowing how to care for her, especially when it comes to her birthday, is the most beautiful.

You will not be here if you weren’t looking for some beautiful wishes for your daughter’s upcoming birthday. Well, look no further, as I have written out the best happy birthday in advance wishes you can send to your daughter.

The only task you have is to go through them and pick the best ones for your beautiful daughter.

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Happy Birthday Wishes in Advance for Your Daughter

My daughter, for your upcoming birthday, I really wish you know how many plans I have got for you. I know you’re anxious already, but the day is almost here. Just be happy, while you wait for what’s about to happen. Happy birthday in advance.

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1. The moment you were born, peace and love were restored into our home. More than the moment we welcomed you, we keep loving you. I want you to know that we won’t stop. We got you for life. Happy birthday in advance, dear daughter.

2. When I look at you, I’m surprised at how much you’ve grown. You have not only grown, but you’ve also grown into a beautiful and respectable young lady. I’m glad you chose me as your mom. I hope the year brings you closer to your dreams. Happy birthday in advance.

3. Even though you’re too naughty, there’s nothing I’d do without you. Sometimes when I am alone, I thank God again for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter. You will never lack, as long as I am alive. Happy birthday in advance my baby.

4. You know how much business is, so I can’t guarantee to send you greetings on your birthday, that’s why I am doing this. You should know I don’t take you for granted, and I’m grateful for what you represent in my life. Thank you for bringing some much joy. Happy birthday in advance.

5. So many things wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t birthed you. Your birth opened so many beautiful doors that I never thought would open. I thank God every day for the gift of you. Everyone is thankful to God for you. I hope you keep making us happy. Happy birthday in advance.

6. You know how it is with your dad, and as a daddy’s girl, I can’t but acknowledge your birthday even before it comes. My girl, I have loads of gifts for you but will be unveiling them that day, you make me so proud of you. Happy birthday in advance, darling.

7. I promised to give you a better life, and not let you lack anything good. I’m thankful to God for helping me in nurturing you. It hasn’t been easy, but looking at you, I can tell I’m doing the right thing. Happy birthday in advance, my joy.

8. Children are the joy of motherhood. I’m grateful to God for compensating me with you. I don’t need to tell you how much I love you, because you see this in the way I treat you. You are so special to me, darling. Your birthday is around the corner already. Happy birthday in advance.

9. Because you send me greetings before my birthday, I have also taken it upon myself to always do the same. My love, I just want to make you happy, even more than you make me. I love you so much, and I’m ready for your birthday. Happy birthday in advance.

10. Thank you for always respecting my decisions for you. At this age, so many children will want to do what comes to their mind, but you aren’t like that. I promise to always train you the right way. May God help me. Happy birthday in advance.

11. Whatever it is you need for your birthday, start listing and send them to my mail. I’m ready to do whatever it will cost me to see you happy on that day. I hope you’re ready for what’s coming, though. Happy birthday in advance.

12. I love the bond between us. I love the fact that my daughter can walk up to me and tell me anything without being scared. I’m so sure I am raising you the best way. Please, don’t stop making me and your father proud. Happy birthday in advance.

13. With the way everyone talks about how respectful and sweet you are, I just want to keep loving you over and over again. Even though you are my daughter, you could’ve still chosen not to heed my instructions, but you chose to make me happy. I love you real good. Happy birthday in advance.

14. I still keep wondering if such a beautiful girl came out of my womb. Like, isn’t it just yesterday I had you? You have really grown, and your growth makes me so happy. I will do anything for you, my love. Happy birthday in advance, dear daughter.

15. You, my daughter, are my answered prayer. You are the key to so many doors I have been trying to open all my life. You came into my life with so many possibilities and positivity. I know you will keep bringing good tidings. Happy birthday in advance.

16. Even though we don’t get to tell you this every time; you mean everything to us in this home. We all love how you carry us along in everything you do. We love your jokes and everything. We can’t wait to celebrate with you. Happy birthday in advance.

17. I’m glad I am raising a queen. I never got to share this kind of bond with my mother, because of how she raised me. I’m glad I have a daughter who isn’t scared to tell me whatever she’s going through, no matter how hard. I love you, daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

18. I know you see me as an overprotective mother, but I am just doing my best to see that you don’t get into the wrong hands. You should trust my pattern of training you, my dear. It’s almost your birthday, and I have planned out something you will love. Happy birthday in advance.

19. During my own time, I never even got to cut cake or feel this kind of love. I’m thankful that times have changed, and my kids are enjoying what I had no privilege of. The best is all I will continue to give you, so long I am still your mother. Happy birthday in advance.

20. My girl, I miss you every time. I have never been this far away, but you know daddy needs to work so you can enjoy. Trust me, this birthday is the best one ever. You have no idea what we are cooking behind the scenes. Wait for that day. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy Birthday Daughter in Advance Images

I will be away on your birthday, but I have no problem because I have too many images of you —carved in my heart. I’m not sure I’ll be chanced on your birthday, that’s why I am sending this upfront. Happy birthday in advance, daughter.

21. My precious daughter, you are a dream come true to me. My light began to shine the moment I kissed you. I’m sure you will make the world a better place with your presence. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

22. It isn’t a bad thing to wish my sunshine a happy birthday in advance, or is it? My darling, you deserve everything I do for you because I work so you don’t have to beg for anything. I’m on a quest to give you the best life. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy birthday in advance to my daughter

23. As a parent, I never really knew what love was until you entered my life. My childhood wasn’t an interesting one, but I’m thankful you have all the privileges. So please, enjoy it while it lasts. Happy birthday in advance, dear daughter.

24. I can’t believe you’re almost another year older. You are now very much taller than me in height. I’m such a proud mom, for raising you right. I will be away on your birthday, so I had to send this in case I don’t get the chance to. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy birthday in advance to my daughter

25. My baby, you grow so beautifully. You not only grow, but you glow. I’m a proud mama, but I don’t get to tell you this always, because I want you to stay focused. I’m proud of you, my love. Happy birthday in advance. Text me whatever you want.

26. Are we going to agree that my daughter is the most beautiful, loving, talented and promising girl ever? Damn, I can’t believe you came out of my womb. I’m such a lucky mom. Your birthday is upon us all, and I’m going to make sure you have a great one. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy birthday in advance to my daughter

27. You were in school when I sent this. Just know I’m away for a few days, and I will be back after your birthday. I can feel that look on your face, but please don’t be angry. I will make it up to you, as soon as I get back. Happy birthday in advance, my baby.

28. You are free to do whatever you want because you have come of age. I’m going to stop yelling at you now because I’m convinced you don’t need all of that anymore. Thank you for making it easy to train you. You rock! Happy birthday in advance, princess.

Happy birthday in advance to my daughter

29. Ever wondered why I have always told you everything? It’s because you’re the only one I have. You are my best friend and confidant, and I need to make you have an understanding of some things about life. I’m glad you’re learning well. Happy birthday in advance.

30. I just hope that you stop reporting your teachers to me, as you’re about the clock another age. Learn to stand up for yourself, and don’t be rude to anyone. You know I will not stop loving you if you’re obedient. I trust you, girl. Happy birthday in advance.

31. Well, I don’t think it’s possible to love someone as much as I love you. I mean, I have seen mothers and the best one I have seen as no chance with me at all. I’m the best mother to the best girl. Happy birthday in advance, my daughter.

Happy birthday in advance to my daughter

32. I’m glad that you decided to be accountable for your actions, Ns that’s the best thing lady can ever do. Stand up for yourself, and be unapologetic about your actions. You’re. Queen, hope you know that. Happy birthday in advance.

33. I know your birthday is almost here, and I really wish that I can provide all you want. I’m happy that you’re appreciative of the little I do. You are the most precious thing in my life. May your life always be filled with love and happiness. Happy birthday in advance.

34. People wonder why I love you so much, but it’s very clear that they don’t know what’s going on. How can I have a daughter like you, and not treat her right? It’s my duty, and I will keep delivering the best. Happy birthday in advance, daughter.

35. You remain the biggest achievement of my life. You give me life, you make me want to keep living. I simply live for you. You give me something no one else can, and I will forever adore you. Happy birthday in advance, my lovely daughter.

36. I know you’re a big girl now, but I want you to beware of boys. This is the same age that boys will come running after you, please flee. If you can’t handle it, then call my attention to it. You know I will always protect you. Happy birthday in advance, love. I love you so much.

37. No matter how much you grow, you will always be my baby. I know you’re married with kids now, but you’re still my baby. Everyone talks about how many qualities of a queen you possess. I raised you right, and for that, I deserve a medal. Happy birthday in advance.

38. My life has no meaning without you, my daughter. I can’t begin to compare my past life with the present one. A lot has changed because of you. I’m thankful for having such a blessing as a daughter. May all your desires be fulfilled. Happy birthday in advance.

39. With you, I had no choice but to believe that children bring blessings. You brought me so much blessings than I asked for. Words are not enough to express how much I appreciate your presence in my life. Happy birthday in advance, my lovely daughter.

40. To your husband, you may be a big woman. But to me, you are still a baby, and you will remain so. I love you more than life itself, and I’m very sure that with the way I raised you, you will raise your kids even more beautifully. Happy birthday in advance.

Advance Happy Birthday Quotes for Daughter

Happy birthday in advance, dear daughter. No amount of quotes about birthdays can do justice to how much you mean to me. I will keep praying for you. I love you so much.

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41. I have received lots of beautiful gifts throughout my whole life, but you are the most beautiful of them all. I never knew what God was up to when you came, but living without you is been so good, so far. I love you forever, daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

42. You are the most beautiful and adorable lady in the world. Truth be told, I never knew such a blessing will locate me. God must really love me, to give you to me. Your birthday is here, and I’m already calling family and friends over. Hope you’ll be glad to receive them.

43. What have I not done for you, my daughter. I even wrote a book, because I find it hard to wrap my head around how sweet you are. I’m so lucky, and I know it. Just as I am expected to, I will keep taking care of you. Happy birthday in advance, my dear daughter.

44. Whenever I look at you, I blush and smile. I just can’t bring myself to believe that God gave me the greatest blessing ever. Know that I will always be there for you. whenever you need me. Happy birthday in advance, my love.

45. I am glad to still be here, while all your dreams come true. You are a very strong lady, and you took that after me. Thank you for always taking to corrections, even when you feel they aren’t making sense. Happy birthday in advance.

46. My not-so-little princess, I want you to know that you’re the biggest source of motivation for your dad and me. We will always be grateful to God for finding us worthy of such an angel. We love you. Happy birthday in advance.

47. Time has really passed, and all you do is keep growing and glowing. I can’t even lie, you have been so helpful to me in so many ways. Having you is an added advantage in my life. Happy birthday in advance, sweetheart.

48. You are the sweetest girl, my daughter. Thank you for taking care and your dad and me. We really must have done something right for God to bless us with you. We will not stop providing you with the best. Happy birthday in advance.

49. I know the bond between you and your dad is so strong, but that doesn’t affect our relationship. I birthed you, and I’m the only one who can tell how the experience was. I thank God for giving me beauty for ashes. You are my testimony. Happy birthday, dear.

50. Your birthday is in some hours time. In some hours time, we will welcome the day God decided to prove Himself to this family. The day God answered our prayers and gave us the most beautiful gift; you. Happy birthday in advance, my lovely daughter.

51. You have been the most beautiful thing I thank God for, ever since you came into my life. I’m a complete woman because you are my daughter. Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance, my darling daughter.

52. I am a proud dad because I have an angel for s daughter. I thought your mom was the most beautiful, but thank you for claiming your title. Thank you for giving us more joy than our hearts can contain. Happy birthday in advance, my little wife.

53. In case you’re wondering about the sudden excitement in the family, it’s all about you. Your birthday is so near, and we can’t but seize the opportunity to merry. Happy birthday in advance to the best daughter in the world. Love you.

54. From how I treat you, you will know that I don’t joke with your welfare. You are so special to me in particular. I’m glad I get to enjoy that father-daughter relationship with you. I do hope that you make me a proud father. Happy birthday in advance.

55. Dear daughter, as your birthday anniversary approaches, I want to thank you for being such a wonderful and sweet daughter to me. May all your wishes and dreams come to pass. Happy birthday in advance.

56. My darling daughter, I can’t thank you enough for the joy you bring into my life. Your birth settled so many things, and now you deem it fit to give me grandchildren. I will forever bless you. Happy birthday in advance.

57. You’re so an amazing great daughter with a heart of gold. I have always known you will be a great woman too. You have been a good daughter to me. Thank you for always looking out for your siblings. Happy birthday in advance to you.

58. We are so proud of how you turned into a beautiful and intelligent woman. We are proud of all your achievements and how you acknowledge us while talking about them. We hope you have a beautiful year ahead. Happy birthday in advance.

59. Hey mama, you have become so mature that I sometimes wonder if you’re the same child I had, years ago. I love you more than life itself, and I don’t hesitate to let the world know this, at every opportunity I get. Your birthday is smiling at us already. Happy birthday in advance.

60. If only all mothers can raise a queen like you, then the world will be such a great place to be. I’m so proud of myself for how much I have invested in you. You keep making me proud at every opportunity that you get. With you, I have no worries. Happy birthday in advance.

Happy Birthday in Advance Messages for Daughter

I hope this message meets you well, my daughter. I will be away for a month but don’t worry, I have everything under control for your birthday. You will be surprised. Happy birthday in advance, daughter.

61. I know I did lots of things right, while I was raising you. I’m glad you now have kids too, and they will be fortunate to be beneficiaries of the training I gave you. I’m proud of the woman you’ve become, daughter. Happy birthday to you.

62. You know I really don’t have time, even for myself. As much as I would love to send you greetings or call on your birthday, I’m sorry I might be unable to, that’s why you’re getting this earlier. Not to worry, we will make things up. Happy birthday in advance.

63. Seeing you turning into a respectable and highly dignified woman is such a delightful experience. I’m certain I did so many things right, while I was raising you. Yes, I deserve all the accolades. Happy birthday in advance.

64. As your mother, I am so proud of you, because not so many people believed I could raise a child well, because of my past lifestyle. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of God. Happy birthday in advance, my princess.

65. At your age, you have achieved a lot, and I’m most excited because I never got to achieve even half. You are doing a lot of things right, and I hope you keep keeping your head up high. Happy birthday in advance, my wonderful daughter.

66. I hope you still remember that you’re a queen, so adjust your crown. I know being a successful woman isn’t easy, because I have been there. But trust me, you are a motivation to so many ladies out there, so keep doing your thing. Happy birthday in advance.

67. l It seems like only yesterday when we were so happy about your arrival. You have now grown into a woman who’s old enough to make decisions on her own, without having to call daddy or mommy. We love you, sweets. Happy birthday in advance.

68. You’re our wonderful gift from God, and it can only take a strong woman to raise you. Daughter, you were so stubborn growing up. I just thank God for His faithfulness. I hope that you keep becoming less stubborn. Happy birthday in advance.

69. You are every parents’ dream, my daughter. You are successful and happy. You make us proud also. What more can we ask for? There is nothing more we could wish for you. Happy birthday in advance, my baby.

70. I never thought you could scale through some difficulties that you’ve faced. You have only proven to be a strong woman. Thank you for being so wonderful and amazing. Happy birthday in advance.

71. You’re a great daughter, wife, mother. You are all-round wonderful and blessed. I never thought you’d be able to deal with all that comes with marriage, but now I know I was wrong. Thank you for being a sweet girl. Happy birthday in advance, love.

72. As your birthday approaches, I want you to know that I am very proud of you. I never knew I could be a mother to such an angel. Oh, you bring me so much joy. I hope you have a wonderful year ahead. Happy birthday in advance, our dearest daughter.

73. You remain our biggest blessing from God, and we can’t stop being thankful, even after you’ve become a grown woman. I always knew God loves us, but I never thought it was this much. We love you, dear. Happy birthday in advance.

74. Your dad and I will be travelling soon, and we will not be around on your birthday. But trust us to arrange something big for you. Just anticipate, as we can’t wait too. Thanks for bringing us joy. Happy birthday in advance

75. Sending this doesn’t mean I will still not send it on your birthday. I just wanted you to know that we are forever grateful to have a daughter like you. You are the most precious gift in our lives, and we will continue to cherish you. Happy birthday in advance.

76. Even though you’re all grown and now have a family of your own, you will always be my precious little daughter. I will always treat you like a little one. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday in advance, because I will not be around on that day. All my love.

77. It seems like just yesterday when all you did was litre the whole place with your faeces. I’m glad you’re very much grown into a sweet lady. You fill our hearts with so much pride. Happy birthday in advance.

78. My daughter, I just want to thank you for filling my life with so much joy. I’m grateful for the great moments we spend together. May you have a great birthday celebration. Happy birthday in advance.

79. All your life, you’ve been surrounded by beautiful people who bring you happiness and love. Yes, I am one of them, and I promise to never bring you anything less. I can see your birthday already. How do you feel? Happy birthday in advance.

80. Yes, I love your father, but not as much as I love you. If you ask him, he will tell you the same thing. This is because we feel the same way about you. You are the one who makes us feel safe. We love you for being a part of our lives. Happy birthday in advance.

Birthday Countdown Messages for My Daughter

I’m seriously counting down to your birthday; our birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate my one and only daughter. You make me so happy, and you deserve a very big celebration. Happy birthday in advance, dear.

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81. My daughter, as I begin to countdown to your birthday, I hope that you find the true happiness you deserve in life. Never forget that you’re the only one who has to be intentional about your welfare. I love you so much, daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

82. How I wish I could demonstrate how people look at me when I talk about you. They all are ignorant of what’s going on, so I don’t blame them. You give me so many bragging rights, my love. I will do anything for you. Happy birthday in advance.

83. My baby, I want to apologize to you in advance, because I will not be around on your birthday. I know how emotional you can be, that’s why this is coming as a message. Happy birthday in advance, my love. Forgive mommy.

84. I can never lay low when it comes to you because I don’t joke with you. You give me a thousand reasons to be happy and grateful to God every blessed day. Happy birthday in advance to you, my beautiful daughter.

85. You have always been the reason we celebrate in this family. You bring so much more than what’s expected of you. Thank you for being a good daughter to us, and a good sister to your siblings. God bless you, my dear. Happy birthday in advance.

86. In some days to come, family and friends will gather together to rejoice and celebrate with you for your birthday. I want you to know that you’re so important to every single one of us, and we cherish you a lot. Happy birthday in advance.

87. If you ever need anything, I’m the right person to run to. I have promised to always provide whatever you need, no matter how much it will cost me. I only want your happiness, and I will do everything to ensure you’re happy. Happy birthday in advance.

88. My precious daughter is almost a year older. Even though I will not be around, my mind is always with you and I won’t stop praying for you. You mean the world to me, daughter. Happy birthday in advance.

89. You are always happy because you’re not a product of a bad upbringing or a divided home. My dad and I thank God every time for giving us the right resources to raise you well. We’re proud of this woman you’ve become. Happy birthday in advance to you.

90. You are the only one I love just like I loved my mom. Ever since my mom passed away, I transferred the whole love to you. I promised to be right there with you, no matter what. And nothing’s going to change that. Happy birthday in advance, queen.

91. Being your mom is not easy, but it is by far the greatest experience in one’s life. I can’t but love and care for you, my baby. I wouldn’t trade our love and bond for anything else in the world. Happy birthday in advance.

92. It’s almost that occasion of the year that we all look forward to in this family. It’s almost your birthday, dear daughter. Count your blessings, and thank God for each of them. Happy birthday in advance, my amazing daughter.

93. You are such a special gift to us, and we consider it a privilege to be your parents. Having you as a daughter is a great blessing, and we are thankful for it. Happy birthday in advance, daughter. With love from your proud parents.

94. There’s no challenge in life that can’t be conquered by a determined mind. You were born for this, so please face your fears and make sure you get rid of them. And if you ever need anything, please always know that I am only a phone call away. Happy birthday in advance.

95. I’m grateful for the power to raise you from infancy to this beautiful adult that you are. Adulthood is all about making mistakes and learning from them, to become a better person. So, don’t see yourself as a failure when mistakes arise. Happy birthday in advance, beautiful.

96. You know I got you forever, my baby. There’s nothing in this world I won’t do for you. There’s no gift I won’t give you because you’re my answered prayer. Don’t forget to always be a good girl. Happy birthday in advance.

97. I can proudly say that I have taught you everything you need to scale through the difficulties of life, using my experience. I won’t stop at that, I will also be here to support you through your journey and in all that you do. Happy birthday in advance.

98. You are my only daughter and best friend and trust me, I’m the happiest person because I get to enjoy two beautiful benefits in just one person. You’re everything to me, my baby. Your birthday is almost here. Best wishes, baby.

99. You, my baby, are so talented and smart. There’s nothing you can’t do, and this makes me a very proud mom. I’m sure your dad is proud of you as well. Happy birthday in advance, our special gift from God. God bless you always.

100. The most special day of our lives is almost here. The day we get to celebrate the rarest gift in the world; you. I’m most grateful for your presence in my life, my confidant. Thank you for letting me raise you right. Happy birthday in advance.

Hello there! How did you feel about the happy birthday in advance to my daughter wishes written up there? I hope you feel good about them.

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