7 Days to Go Birthday Countdown Quotes Wishes

7 Days to Go Birthday Countdown Quotes Wishes

On your marks, get set and BOOM!

The race gun is shot and the sprinters begin the race. To you, the period of the on your marks may be a routine, but to the sprinters, it’s a countdown that is very important to the success or failure of their race. That’s the nature of a countdown. For a birthday that is around the corner, you need the right words to make a countdown for birthday exciting.

Remember, the essence of a birthday countdown is to celebrate in advance the birthday of a very special person or even for yourself. So, what do you write in 7 days to go birthday countdown? To begin a countdown for yourself or a beloved’s birthday, you must be ready to keep up with its race till the D-day. How you can say a happy birthday before the D-day may become something to deal with, but with the countdown birthday wishes here, you are guaranteed the best format of a countdown.

Every special person in our lives needs to be celebrated. You also deserve to celebrate yourself, after all, if you don’t blow your trumpet, nobody may blow it for you, most especially if your birthday is near. A birthday countdown may be tasking but it is worth it for a loved one and when you have 7 days left, you need to make some noise. Celebrate your beloved or yourself, make some noise and announce the forthcoming birthday to the world. To do that efficiently, you will be needing the top-notch 7 days to go birthday countdown quotes and wishes here.

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7 Days Birthday Countdown Quotes

When everything is normal, 7 days make one week, but in the case of this birthday countdown, 7 days become very long because we cant wait. I wish myself a beautiful life.

1. The great expectation of the heart makes the heart yearn for more. With 7 days countdown to my birthday, I can feel the blessing loading for my special visit. Congratulations to myself.

2. When the heart of a man is attached to goodness, everything begins to move like a perfectly arranged pack of card. I can’t wait for this 7 days countdown to run down. Happy birthday in advance to myself.

3. Your blessings are loaded; they have been given a timed 7 days countdown to delivering them to you. Happy birthday in advance.

4. In 7 days, we shall be celebrating the birthday of a star. Happy birthday to you, my dear. Your glory can never be covered.

5. I can’t believe that your present age is rounding off in 7 days and with this countdown to your next celebration, I wish you loads of blessings.

6. 7 days can be equal to one week but when you long for something serious, it becomes longer than expected. I eagerly wait for my glorious birthday and the blessing that will come upon me in this new age. Cheers.

7. I am wishing myself all the blessings, joy and happiness as I count down in 7 days to the great occasion of my birthday. Let’s go there!

8. What do we say about 7? It’s the perfect number, right? Yes, there a great perfection coming upon you as we wait for just 7 days to wish you a happy birthday.

9. I wish you all the best in life and careers as you look eagerly for your birthday in 7 days. We will be there to share in your joy. Happy birthday in advance.

10. Happy birthday in 7 days to the most brilliant guy in the universe. Happy birthday in advance to you. 7 days becomes very long now.

11. I don’t normally do this but my birthday is in 7 days. Congratulations to me. I wish myself heavenly blessings as I wait for the full package on this special birthday. Friends, join me to celebrate.

12. I hope the days can be opted for, I would have opted to be taken to my birthday but this 7 days countdown makes it more fun. I would wait patiently for my special day.

13. 7 days and BOOM, we are partying because our darling friend is celebrating a special birthday. Let the countdown begin!

14. I am delighted to remind you that your birthday will be in 7 days and I can’t wait to wish you a happy birthday. Sending all my best wishes.

15. Ha…Hap…Happy I will complete it in 7 days. For now, let us anticipate your birthday in 7 days. Congratulations.

16. Your birthday was a day the world experienced the entrance of a great being and that was you. This great being became a boy and in 7 days we will celebrate. Let us countdown.

17. How are you today, my dear? How would 7 days be? Let us keep waiting while the countdown to your birthday runs. Cheers.

18. I can go on and on looking forward to my birthday in 7 days because the Lord has visited me and I have to anticipate the love of God over my life. It’s 7 days to go.

19. In 7 days, we go ringing the bell because your birthday would the latest news of the day. While we anticipate, let swatch. Congratulations.

20. I just have to wish myself a beautiful year as I look forward to my birthday in 7 days. I celebrate myself for thus far I have come in life. Happy birthday in advance to me and wish myself a memorable year.

Birthday Countdown 7 Days Left

Your birthday countdown has given us the need energy to make proper preparation because your birthday is going to be great. It’s 7 days left and we shall merry. Wishing you all the best.

21. The occasion of your birthday is always great but we have to wait for another 7 days. It’s 7 days left to your birthday. Cheers.

22. When your birthday is 7 days left, we have the best to wait for because the best is always reserved for the last. I wish you the best of every wish as we look to the day.

23. Can you believe it? A whole year is almost gone again. I will be a year older once again. Thank God for his faithfulness. It 7 days left. Happy birthday in advance to me.

24. Happy birthday but wait for it in advance to meeeeeee, for there are 7 days left to my day. Wishing myself all the best.

25. It’s 7 days left and I can feel goose pimples all over my body supporting the cool breeze of my birthday. That day will be great. I can’t wait. Sending my best wishes to myself.

26. I have sent my best wishes and given them a 7 days countdown to do. In 7 days time, you will see the best of my wishes on your birthday.

27. What is this feeling in the air? It is 7 days left to my birthday. Who is celebrating? I wish myself all the best and great success in all my pursuits in life.

28. The whole street is going to be painted purple, blue and pink. It’s 7 days left to my birthday. The pleasant surprises of the Lord shall abide with me now, during and after my birthday.

29. What colour do you want us to use in painting everywhere|? Your birthday will be announced. It’s 7 days left. Cheers.

30. I wish myself peace and joy and happiness as I look forward to my memorable birthday with 7 days left to go. I ask that the Lord will shoot me above all obstacles even beyond borders.

31. It’s 7 days left to your birthday. I wish you divine security as we look forward to it. I hope that you have the best of the day.

32. I pray that your birthday will be an amazing day just as you are an amazing man. I can’t wait because it’s just 7 days left.

33. By this time next week, we should be digging it at your birthday because it is 7 days left to your birthday. Happy great expectation.

34. Happy birthday to you, dear friend. Don’t be surprised at my greeting. I’m just rehearsing for next week because it is 7 days left.

35. Your birthday is not today but I already have a great feeling for what the day will bring to you because though it is 7 days left, I already have positive feelings. Cheers.

36. It is 7 days left before your birthday. I can feel it and I desire to touch it; the happiness surrounding you. Happy birthday in advance.

37. I can’t just believe that this year ran so fast. We have just 7 days left for my birthday. I wish myself all the very best.

38. In spite of all, I have every reason to give God back the glory because of the pleasant year that is just passing through in my life. It’s 7 days left to my birthday.

39. Your birthday is not just a day; it’s an event and we have 7 days left to mark that special event. While we endure the wait, enjoy the days left. Cheers.

40. We have to wait but were to choose, we could have chosen to move the days in between with speed than pause on your day for maximum enjoyment. It’s 7 days left. 7 days of waiting. Wishing you the best.

Birthday Countdown 7 Days To Go

I cant feel my breath again because I am super high on the great expectation of this birthday. 7 days to go and this birthday is in the air. I wish myself all the joy and happiness I deserve.

41. We started this last week and the countdown is ow 7 days to go. I am glad to know that another year in your life begins soon.

42. We have 7 days to go for your new age. I have waited for the best opportunity to tell you how much of a special person you are to me. I hope you have a glorious day on your birthday ahead.

43. I wish myself all the best in this new age. I pray that the Almighty God shower my life with loads of love. 7 days to go for my birthday.

44. Happy birthday to you, my beloved IN ADVANCE; 7 days to go and you get the shower of love and loads of blessings that you deserve.

45. Daily I appreciate you and daily I am pleased to celebrate you but you have 7 days to go to make all the preparation for our grand celebration of your birthday. We can’t wait.

46. Did you think we will forget your promise of holding a very big celebration on your next birthday? Ok… that next birthday is 7 days to go and we can’t wait. Happy birthday in advance.

47. When we started this countdown to your birthday, it looked very far. Now, we have 7 days to go and we paint everywhere in your chosen colour for the birthday party. Happy birthday buddy.

48. Happy birthday in advance. I wish you all the goodness and greatness in your new age. It is 7 days to go to the appointed day and be assured that your day is already established.

49. We have waited and now our patience is paying off. Happy birthday in advance to you, my dear. We have how many days to go? 7 days to go.WOW.

50. Let the alarm begin to sound, let the drums begin to roll and let the bells begin to ring for the days are drawing closer and we have 7 days to go for the much-awaited birthday. I wish myself many happy returns of the day and more achievements in my new age. Cheers to a better world.

A special countdown to announce the birthday of your beloved or yourself is worth it and when it just 7 days, you can’t wait but to send in the top-notch 7 days to go birthday countdown quotes and wishes above. Send them and see the ripple effect on your bond.

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