Happy 90th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Happy 90th Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Old age is such a beautiful thing to experience; but it can only be beautiful with good people around, like family and friends. Being some years away from clocking hundred is such a great feat to achieve.

Not all old people have the opportunity to be this old, so you should cherish anyone who’s opportune to. One of the people you should celebrate at this age is your aunt.

If your aunt has been so good to you, and you just can’t seem to find the best way of celebrating her on her birthday then the wishes below are for you. Whether she’s been there for you, or she’s been just like a mom to you, she will be glad to receive one of the happy 90th birthday wishes for aunt below from you.

Just read through and find the exact one you know she will love.

Birthday Wishes for 90 Years Old Aunt

Dear aunt, you are 90 years old today. Wow, that’s such a huge blessing, and I’m hoping to enjoy the same, someday. Thank you for being a strong backbone for me. Happy birthday to you. Best wishes.

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1. You are a wonderful person, and I would never ever forget an aunt like you. Thank you for always standing by me and supporting me when the road seems closed. On your 90th birthday, I wish that you live for many more years. Happy birthday to you.

2. No one ever thought you’d make it till 90. Your illness makes us doubt if you’d ever lived longer, but I guess we were all wrong. Thank God for your life, aunt. On your 90th birthday, I wish you the ability to function the best way. Happy birthday to you.

3. I really don’t know what to say or the right words to put down for an amazing aunt like you. Even though you’re very old now, I still love and cherish you like always. Happy 90th birthday to you, aunt. May you live longer.

4. All your life, all you have ever done is help and support people in every way possible. I’m not surprised that you lived this long, because you have always lived right. On your birthday, I wish that everything you’ve done to support people comes back to you and your family in multiple folds. Happy 90th birthday.

5. You are the best aunt in the world, and I promise never to get tired of singing your praises. You have brought so much happy moments into my life, and all my kids want to do is be with you. Thank you for being an amazing aunt and grandma. Happy 90th birthday to you.

6. Look who’s still sexy and beautiful at 90. All I see is evidence of a life well-lived. I have lost count of how many people should have told me you are a good person. Even till old age, people keep saying that. Aunt, don’t ever stop what you do. Happy 90th birthday to you.

7. On this special day of yours, I want you to know that you are the best aunt in the world, and I’m most grateful to have been blessed with you. ! I love you so much, and I wish age 90 is just the start of something great. Happy birthday.

8. You are such an exceptional human being. Even when you had things tough for you, you still made time for my siblings and me. I hope and pray that you don’t leave us anytime soon because I am ready to take good care of you. Happy 90th birthday.

9. No one will ever believe you are 90, except they are a part of this family. You are such a beauty to behold, and I thank God for the grace you enjoy, at this age. May God shower you with so many blessings in your life. Happy birthday.

10. On your birthday, I sincerely don’t know what to wish you exactly, other than long life coupled with peace and more grace. I will be forever grateful to be your niece. Happy birthday to you, ageless aunt. God bless you.

11. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I mean, I can’t get over the thoughts of you, because you are the best aunt in the world. Thank you for everything you do for me. This year, please rest more. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

12. Dear aunty, you have been the strongest woman ever since I knew you. Even at 90, you still manage to do some things I can’t think of doing. You’re a big inspiration to me. I hope that your birthday brings you more happiness, even as you grow old. Happy 90th. Best wishes.

13. I always want to be beside you, because of all the riddles and jokes you crack; most especially, the hacks for being successful you give to me on a platter of gold. You are just too wonderful, aunt. Happy 90th birthday to you. I love you, believe me.

14. I can’t say all you’ve done for me without skipping a lot, but I know God knows them all and He will thank you for being one of my greatest gifts. I love you a lot, and I wish that you live longer. Happy 90th birthday to you.

15. 90 years is a lot! It’s not a child’s play at all. In case anyone is looking for who God has blessed, then here you are. I’m so happy that you’re still very active and strong even at this age. It’s my wish that you continue to grow and glow. Happy birthday to you.

16. Not everyone deserves to be celebrated, but not someone like you. You’re an aunt who goes all out for her family. You have succeeded in keeping this family closely knitted, just because you want peace to reign. I can’t wait to celebrate many more years with you, aunt. Happy 90th birthday.

17. I have so many reasons to thank God today, but I’m just going to thank Him for keeping you. If we’re going to be honest, He has been so good to you, and He deserves all the glory. Thank you for being there for me. Happy birthday to you.

18. Dear aunt, on your birthday, I want to thank you for always being there for me. It has been you from the very beginning. I’m glad that you’re growing old because it’s the perfect time to take good care of yourself. I hope that you have the best birthday ever, aunty. Happy 90th.

19. I’m super excited for this special day of yours. I have been anticipating it like it’s my birthday. Now, it’s finally here. I want you to know that I won’t stop bringing happiness into your life because you deserve to be happy. Have a wonderful birthday celebration.

20. Today is going to be a very special day because you will be surrounded by your sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, grandsons and granddaughters, and so many others. Your life is too beautiful. Happy birthday, aunt. God keep you.

Happy 90th Birthday Auntie Quotes

With love from my heart, I am dedicating this beautiful quote to you on your birthday. You have been a great support system for me, and here’s wishing you a year full of love, peace, and endless blessings. Happy 90th birthday, auntie.

21. Dear aunt, on your 90th birthday, I have a lot to say, but I will just thank God for sparing your life to this moment. A lot has happened, but He still blessed you with a good life and successful children and grandchildren. You are the luckiest and most blessed. Happy birthday to you.

22. There’s no fulfilled life anywhere, other than yours. Your life is a great example for every woman looking to make it in this world. You are a great inspiration and motivation to so many, even at this age. I sincerely am looking to be like you, when I am your age. Happy 90th birthday to you.

23. Hey mama, going through your biography, I can only bring out one thing, and that is GRACE. You are grace personified. You are a real and strong woman, unique in your own way. I’m so happy about this new age. God keeps giving you strength. Happy 90th.

24. To clock 90 is one thing, to be on everyone’s mouth at 90 is another thing. You are known all over the world for your simple style of living life. You have inspired so many people for so many years, and till today, they still keep saying your name. Auntie, you are the real MVP. Happy birthday.

25. Your life is a great testimony because you didn’t spend your youthful days doing nothing. You knew all you wanted and you went for them. Just look how fulfilled you are at 90. I will make you proud by living right. Happy 90th birthday, auntie.

26. You truly deserve to be happy, not just because it’s your birthday, but because you’ve brought nothing but happiness to so many people over the years. Even your grandchildren keep saying great things about you. May you enjoy peace. Happy 90th birthday.

27. You are an exceptional and wonderful auntie. An auntie who takes care of her extended family as her life depends on it. I’m sure you’ve gotten used to being celebrated over the years. On your birthday, I hope that you continue to age gracefully. Happy 90th.

28. The fact that you’re this old with no form of illness makes my heart happy. You made good use of your youthful days and you’re enjoying the rewards, even now that you are 90. There’s no how I won’t keep coming for more inspiration. Happy birthday to you.

29. Because you are truly the best auntie ever, I want to celebrate your good life today. You have such a great personality and this tells on everything you do. Thank you for laying a good example for us. We all love you. Have a wonderful 90th birthday.

30. I can’t stop thinking about the hugs and kisses you gave me when I was so little. It’s been so many years now, but the memories keep popping up. Thank you for always going out of your way to make me happy. Happy 90th birthday, my darling auntie. I love you. We love you.

31. I still feel I don’t tell you this enough; you are the best auntie ever. You are so selfless and kind. I will make sure you enjoy every bit of your old age, it’s a promise. Thank you for being my best friend. Happy 90th birthday to you.

32. I will never let this day pass without wishing the best auntie a happy birthday. Thank you for the days you scolded me so I could be serious with my life. Thank you for the encouragement and support you give me always. I love you, auntie. Happy 90th birthday.

33. If there’s anything I want to do without complaining, then it’s definitely to take good care of you. You are a great person, and I’m thankful that you’re still alive to see me prosper. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy 90th birthday, auntie.

34. At your age, you still show up when needed. I don’t expect you to stress yourself for anyone again, but you still find it very important to be there for us. You are a great woman, auntie. Your 90th birthday is just the beginning of the care and love you will enjoy in life. Happy birthday.

35. Good things have never stopped happening to you because you are a good person and people speak so well of you. You are a great supporter and an amazing woman. Everyone loves to spend time with you because you give out so much value in exchange for nothing. Happy birthday, auntie. You are loved.

Happy 90th Birthday to Aunt Like Mom

You deserve all the love and praises I shower on you today because you have been a good aunt and mom to me. You are like a treasure I don’t want to lose. Happy 90th birthday, aunt.

Things not to say to a 90-year-old aunt on her birthday.

36. No matter how old I get, I will be eternally thankful to God for giving me such an awesome and supportive aunt like you. You are just like a mom to be. I wish that you never leave now, so I can take very good care of you. Happy 90th birthday, great woman.

37. The love I have for you is more than what you think. At your age, you still deem it fit to call to check up on me and even appear in my house, sometimes. Thank you for loving me, despite not returning the love as expected. Happy 90th birthday to you.

38. Just in case I happen to come into this world again, I will still choose you as my aunt. Even though you don’t take nonsense, you are still an awesome person. Thank you for all the stern training. Happy birthday, amazing woman.

39. I know you are my aunt, but you’ve done so much for me. You outdid yourself in taking care of me, even when I had a mom. Today, for all you’ve done for me, I consider you as my mom. Thank you for being a great part of my life. Happy 90th birthday, aunt.

40. I have unconditional love for you, dear aunt. You just keep proving to me that you’re the best aunt anyone could ever wish for. There’s really no difference between your young days and now; you are still that wonderful aunt and mom. Happy 90th birthday to you.

41. I feel like seeing you right now, giving you warm hugs and kisses on your 90th birthday. You have lived a great life worthy of emulation. Thank you for making me understand that a woman can be whatever she wants to be. Happy birthday to you, ma.

42. You are a great example of what a great aunt should be like, and you deserve to be loved and protected at all costs. Thank you for bringing some much light into my life. I hope that you have a wonderful birthday celebration. I love you.

43. Here I am, blowing you kisses and hoping that you have a wonderful 90th birthday. You are a great woman who takes delight in seeing other women succeed. You are the best aunt, and I hope other aunts can learn from you. Welcome to your best year yet.

44. Please tell me you are not 90 yet. I mean, you still look like a 38-year old woman. Your beauty keeps coming out like a young lady’s. I am so glad you are my aunt and I am even grateful you love me this much. Happy birthday, dear aunt.

45. You are more than just an aunt to me; you are like a mom. I don’t know how you do it, but your life keeps getting beautiful and inspiring, and you keep ageing backwards. Well, it’s your birthday today. Happy 90th birthday to the best aunt in the world. All my love.

46. One thing I know is, I will not stop taking care of you, no matter how old you get. You deserve the same benefits as my mom because you were always there when I needed to talk, cry, laugh, amongst other things. I can’t thank you enough. Happy 90th birthday to you.

47. I know I am so lucky and blessed to have you in my life. Over the years, you have done nothing but bless me with your presence and love. I sincerely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you enjoy your day. Happy 90th birthday, aunt.

48. Because of you, I have had so many contracts I didn’t deserve. Because of you, I have received so much life and support from people I don’t even know. Because of you, I feel confident that there’s still more to come. Happy 90th birthday and best wishes for a great year, dear aunt.

49. You are the best aunt in the world, and I am sure your children will call you the best mom too. You have been both a mom and an aunt to me, and you play both roles perfectly. Thank you for being in my life. Happy 90th birthday to you. Enjoy.

50. On your 90th birthday, I want to thank you for making me feel so special and loved, over the years. You have done more than I can tell. You are an amazing aunt and mom. I hope that you enjoy your birthday. Happy birthday, once again.

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