Happy 50th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

While you may be planning some kind of surprises for your boyfriend on his 50th birthday, sending him some lovely birthday wishes will also work as the cherry on the cake.

You need to express your love for him the most thoughtful way you can, and that’s why I have these happy 50th birthday wishes and quotes for boyfriend below. You can select as many as you want. They will express your love to him even more than you think.

Best 50th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

With all you have done for me, I really need to shower you with so many prayers. You have been such a supportive partner and I know this message will not do justice at all. Thank you for being the best. May the Lord bless you. Happy 50th birthday to you.

1. Even after so many years together, you still haven’t changed. You’re still as handsome and attractive as the day I met you. Thank you for blessing me with your presence and love, baby. I pray God continues to abide with you. Happy 50th birthday.

2. My love, I still find it so unbelievable that you are 50 years old today. You don’t look it at all; this has only got to show that you are ageing backwards. I’m thankful for the good life God has blessed you with. I pray He continues to move you forward. Happy 50th birthday.

3. We have been in love for so many years, and there’s no man who has swept me off my feet as you do. You are the best for me, and I thank God I knew this very early. Happy 50th birthday, my not-so-old baby. God will bless you more.

4. You are the one who has pushed me to reach this stage I am today. You comfort and show me the way, no matter how hard it gets for you. I hope you know that nothing in this world will stop me from loving you. I’m grateful for you, and I pray God keeps you from every harm. Happy 50th birthday.

5. I sincerely don’t know the perfect present to gift you on your 50th birthday, because you worth even more than everything in the world. I want to thank you for staying with me, even when I wasn’t serious about this relationship. I love you so much. Happy birthday to you. God bless your existence.

6. Everyone knows you are the only man who makes me happy and comfortable. There are so many things you can’t do when I’m not present. I’m thankful for the maximum regard you have more me; it has made a lot of people value me. I hope we continue together in love. Happy 50th birthday.

7. I have so many prayers to say for you today, but almost all have been answered. It hasn’t been a really smooth ride between us, but I’m glad you always make a conscious effort to make things work. If there’s anything I know about love and selflessness, you taught me. May your wisdom never die. Welcome to your golden jubilee.

8. After so many years, here we are, still loving ourselves like two teenagers who just started their relationship. My darling, whenever I count myself blessings, I count you uncountable times. You appear in everything I go through in life. I can’t thank you enough, but I assure you of a love so true forever. Happy 50th birthday. You are blessed.

9. The moment I set my eyes on you, I knew you were going to be my boyfriend. I didn’t know how it was going to happen, because I wasn’t going to make the first move. But it happened; look at us now. You are the man I want to spend the rest of my life loving and caring about. Happy 50th birthday, honey. God multiplies you on all sides.

10. There’s nothing you haven’t gone through with me. Even when so many people doubted my love for you, you stood your ground and made sure I am not affected. My dear, only death can make me stop loving you. I’m going to do this forever. Happy 50th birthday. May God bless you.

11. So many things have happened between us, but still we rise. Our love has gone through the highest level of temptation and we never fell for it. Right now, I’m very certain that we are going to be doing this forever. May God help us. Happy 50th birthday king.

12. I know I can be very stubborn but trust me, I mean very well for you. Behind all those nagging and shouting, is a woman who loves you deeply and will never do anything to hurt you. From today, I promise to bring you only peace and love. Happy 50th birthday, baby. God will keep sparing your life.

13. At this point where we are, I am very sure I want to do this with you. You are a very amazing man. A man of the people. A man who never complains even when things get tough. I have learnt a lot from you over the years, and I still keep learning. Happy 50th birthday, my king. God bless you.

14. I have something to tell you, and I hope it doesn’t make your head swell. You inspire me a lot, honey. Whenever I think of drawing back and I remember all you always say, I just keep going. You made me, and I will do everything for you. Happy 50th birthday. Even after a long time together, you have not changed and I still love the way your eyes would wrinkle at the sides whenever you smile, happy birthday!

15. A very happy 50th birthday to the man who has my heart forever. You have given me the needed love and strength to forge on in life no matter how much the storm is. I’m grateful that I met you, and I really want to be close to you forever. May God keep elevating you, my love.

Happy 50th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

This quote will be too small compared to all the sacrifices you have made for us. My feelings for you will always remain the same, no matter how old you are. Happy 50th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

16. So many men have to come learn patience and understanding from you. You are the only man I know who understands those things perfectly. Only a gentleman can ride with me as you do, so I am very grateful. Happy 50th birthday, babe.

17. In all our years together, we continue to inspire the younger ones in love with our love. It’s been such a very beautiful ride with you. Even though sometimes the noise outside is too much, we keep our heads up. My guy, I love you. Happy 50th birthday.

18. I’m going to give you nothing short of love today on your birthday. You’re one man I thank God for bringing my way every day. Your existence has blessed me in ways you don’t even know. Baby, I want it to be just you and I forever. Happy 50th birthday.

19. Trust me, I have just too many plans for you today. It’s just a 50th birthday and I’m not going to treat it as an ordinary one. All I need you to do is just tell me how you want your day to be, and it is done. Thank you for loving me, darling. Happy 50th birthday to you.

20. You are the most loving, caring, hardworking and supportive man I have ever met. Tell me, how do you do all you do without even complaining or frowning? You work for such long hours and still find time for me and your family. I must confess, you are the best. Happy 50th birthday.

21. Unlike all other days, I want you to take today off from work. You deserve to be loved and pampered, so please let me have my way today. You have been a very supportive partner to me, and I’m thankful because you are mine. Happy 50th Birthday, the love of my life.

Happy 50th Birthday to My Boyfriend

Turning 50 is no jokes at all. Look how good you look despite ageing. I’m glad I could give you the level of peace you deserve. I will not stop loving you, baby. Happy 50th birthday, my boyfriend.

22. I have made so many mistakes in life and one of them is not meeting you earlier. Baby, where have you been all my life? Where were you when other guys were toying with my heart and passing me around? Well, I’m glad you eventually became mine. I promise to love you forever. Happy 50th Birthday.

23. I never knew I could love this hard, but love got hold of me. I’m glad I ended up with a man like you, who loves and cares so much for me. I want to be in your heart forever, and I know it’s the same with you. Happy 50th birthday, my baby.

24. Whoever tries to come between us is just about to get a death sentence because I am never going to let that happen. You are the only man who has shown me, real love, of all the men I have dated. Baby, I will fight even my mom, for you. Happy 50th birthday.

25. When I met you, I wasn’t even thinking about love, business was all that was on my mind. I couldn’t think about love because I have been really hurt in the past. You came into my life and changed my love story. Now, I’m sure I have the best love story ever. Happy 50th birthday, my man.

26. The fact that you are a very serious man has affected me positively. You are a very hardworking man, a goal-getter and one who plans ahead. I’m glad to be doing this with you. I will be the last person to ever let you go. Happy 50th birthday my charming old boyfriend.

27. A lot of men need to learn a lot from you. You have so much to teach me like you, only if they will listen. You are one man who loves and gives so hard. You have been good to me from way back even before we started this relationship. Happy 50th birthday, love. You know I can’t thank you enough.

28. I have always dated those who I love more than they love me. Now, I realize I was only wasting my time and resources on the wrong men. Look at you, you don’t even stress me at all. You get things done for me even before I tell you about them. I’m locked in love with you forever, babe. Happy 50th birthday to you.

50th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

Here are greetings from the depths of my heart. You have been such a wonderful boyfriend to me and you deserve all the best. I wish you more success and blessings as you turn 50. Happy birthday to you.

29. Today, I’m going to make sure we throw a party. Everyone has to be around to eat, drink and play some games with you. All the love you feel today is a result of how wonderful you are to the people around you. Baby, I love you a lot. You are the best boyfriend ever. Happy 50th birthday to you.

30. I can’t believe my boyfriend is 50 years old already. Throughout the most difficult moments of your life, I was there. You are a man who doesn’t take no for an answer. You don’t relent no matter what. I envy your courage and strength, baby. Happy birthday to you.

31. If I had fallen in love with someone else, trust me, I won’t have this life I have now. Baby, you make all my dreams come true by just being you. You effortlessly sweep me off my feet with the most beautiful love you shower on me. I knew I was doing the right thing when I told you “yes.” Happy 50th birthday to you.

32. Going into a relationship with you is one decision I am sure I will never regret because you make it worth it. I’m the happiest woman on earth because I have you in my life. I have thought really well about it, and the thing is we are good to go forever. Happy 50th birthday to you.

33. Just in case you’re wondering if I’d be gifting you something today or I have other plans, please stop wondering already, because today is going to be a long day. You have shown me love all my life, so going out of my way for you on your birthday is nothing. Happy 50th birthday, baby.

34. I feel like screaming to the world that it’s your birthday. I just want the whole world to celebrate with us because you have done so many things to have the biggest birthday celebration ever. I might just make this happen. Happy 50th birthday, Boo.

35. You are the man who first loved me. I’m glad I never had to go through so many relationships before I met you. I’m even happier that it’s you I will be spending the rest of my life with. Baby, promise to always love me. It’s your 50th birthday, and I’m promising to love you forever.

36. I dare you to show me a relationship more organized and full of love and respect like ours. None baby, none! We have succeeded in making this relationship work, even with all the trials and tribulations. But I have to thank you specially for making me see reasons to love you. Happy 50th birthday.

Cute 50th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

I have never seen a cuter 50-year-old, baby. You look so great and I’m lucky that you are mine. I promise to keep being a good and respectful girlfriend to you. Your happiness will always mean so much to me. Happy beautiful, my love. Best wishes.

37. My friends complain a lot about how much love and attention I give you, and how it makes them very jealous. But I won’t stop telling them how I won’t stop giving you my love and attention. You are the best anyone can ever have. It’s a pleasure to be your girlfriend. Happy 50th birthday to you.

38. I will suggest you don’t say anything till I unveil what I have for you today. Trust me, it’s the biggest surprise ever, and I hope you don’t thank me for it because you worth even more. You have my back always and this is the least I can do to make you happy. Happy 50th birthday to you.

39. You have taught me so much, in our years of relationship. Even before we started out, you inspired me from afar. I just love your views on life and everything that happens around. This is exactly what drew me to you. I’m happy you are mine. Happy 50th birthday to you.

40. I am happy I have a man who makes me happy, the man who makes my happiness his priority. A man who loves and places me above every other person. A man who will rather die than have me go through pain. Baby, nothing’s going to stop my love for you. Happy 50th birthday.

41. I have gone through so much pain in my life, and all through those times, you were the only one I saw. You stood by me and made sure I triumphed over all my problems. You are a very good man, and I’m sure my life would’ve ended without you. Happy 50th birthday, my love.

42. I have always loved you from afar. You are a great man and a good example to everyone around you. I’m glad my relationship with you hasn’t only brought me, love, it has brought me some good approaches to tackling my difficulties. Thank you for being a teacher. Happy 50th birthday to you.

43. To be very honest, I wasn’t going to consider a relationship. With you because I felt you were too old. I only accepted you so you can stop disturbing me. Today, I am thanking God for making me accept your proposal. I am happy in this relationship and that’s all that matters. Happy 50th birthday, baby.

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

You are funnier than the funniest man ever, baby. I love the way you crack me up whenever we are together. There’s no better place than your company, baby. I wish you the best for this new year. Happy birthday, my charming boyfriend.

44. It’s my baby’s 50th birthday and I can’t keep calm. Baby, if you have ever thought I would do anything without you, then go and have a rethink. The only thing I will do without you is sleep. Of course, you know I don’t joke with it. Happy 50th birthday to you, baby.

45. I’m so glad I have all of you to myself. Thank you for not holding back on everything about you; it has made this relationship a beautiful and real one. Happy 50th birthday to you. I love you so much. And no, you don’t need to say that back, cos I know you do.

46. You really should be thankful that you are my boyfriend because if not, I would have disowned you, lol. I was only joking. You know I can’t do without you. Today won’t be a good day for me if I don’t appreciate the love you shower on me. I love you too, baby. Happy 50th birthday to you.

47. I know it’s your birthday today, and I’m not planning to go to work. You have all my time and love today, baby. I’m going to do everything for you, from undressing you, to bathing you in the bathroom and even dressing you back. You deserve so much love, my big baby. Happy 50th birthday to you.

48. The only reason anyone will believe you are 50 years old today is your big belly. I mean, I have always told you to take your workouts seriously, but you wouldn’t listen. Today, family and friends will be around to have dinner here, and I’m sure they will start thinking I don’t talk to you. This is 50, baby. Start working out. Happy birthday.

49. Happy 50th birthday to the love of my life. The one who doesn’t sleep whenever I am not around him. The one who finds it very difficult to take to other ladies in my absence. Lol, I really love that, baby. Thank you for respecting me more than I deserve. I love you.

50. You are the only one I enjoy playing with because playing with you comes with a lot of beautiful and romantic moments; like kissing, touching and even carrying me into the bedroom. I always look forward to those moments. I love you so much, honey. Happy 50th birthday to you.

Hello there! I hope this meets you very well, and I also hope you enjoyed going through the happy 50th birthday wishes and quotes for boyfriend up there. Please, kindly drop your comments so I can know how to serve you better. Also, don’t forget to share with everyone you know would need them. Thank you.

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