Happy 70th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes for My Wife

Happy 70th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes for My Wife

Celebrating your wife on her 70th birthday is necessary, especially when you’ve spent the larger part of your life with her. This means you’ve had some experiences with her, and you’ve seen her in all her glory (how wonderful she is).

Your aim should be to make sure that her 70th birthday is a remarkable one. How you intend to do this is up to you, but I have something that might interest you.

The happy 70th birthday wishes, messages and quotes for my wife here were written to help you express your feelings to your wife on her 70th birthday and wish her well. Just ahead and celebrate her with the wishes below. She will love it.

Wife 70th Birthday Prayer Messages

Dear wife, you have always been holding this family together with your prayers. Today, I want you to have a taste of your own medicine by sending you this message. May God continue to keep you for us. Happy 70th birthday to you.

1. Even though I always believed marriages work, I never thought that ours could be last this long. I have known you for 50 out of the 70 years of your life. You still look as pretty and sweet as ever. Happy 70th birthday, my love. Cheers to a great old age.

2. Having you right beside me has brought me so many blessings and privileges, out of which are our adorable children. You have proven times and times again that you are the best wife ever. Thank you for taking care of me. God bless your existence. Happy 70th birthday.

3. Our love is definitely different from the one out there; ours stand out. You are the only woman who makes love feel edible. I’m grateful for your years of commitment and sacrifices in this marriage. I truly hope that we get to celebrate many years as we both grow. Happy 70th birthday.

4. I refuse to believe that you are 70 already. Common, you look like a sweet 16. Thank you for acting both parents when I was away. I’m glad we have great children now. Happy 70th birthday to you. May God chase away all forms of sickness. Amen.

5. My life without you is meaningless. I am sure it was God that spoke to me, the day I asked that you be my wife. Thank you for heeding to the voice of God through me. Happy 70th birthday, my lovely wife. You will never know sorrow. Amen.

6. With or without your birthday, praying for you is a must, because you deserve it. You have done so much for me, all because I am your husband. I know I don’t have the power to really prove my love to you anymore, but I hope you know I will love you forever. You’re blessed and highly favoured. Happy 70th birthday.

7. What’s a better way to celebrate a loving wife at 70, than to pray for her? I pray that you continue to enjoy good health. I pray that God continues to keep you safe. I pray that He watches over you, as from today. Happy 70th birthday, my baby. I love you forever.

8. I’m glad that despite all that we’ve been through individually and together, we are still here. The only thing that has kept us this far is love. Our love surpasses everything. Happy 70th birthday, baby. As you keep loving me, may God not forsake you. Amen.

9. I am nothing without you, my love. When we were much younger in this marriage, I tried going days without you, but I couldn’t help myself, I just had to find my way back to you. Here we are, many years later. We keep growing fonder of each other. Thank you for loving me the way you do. Happy 70th birthday, darling. You are covered by the blood of Jesus.

10. I never thought I would ever be married in my lifetime. I saw marriage as an unhealthy relationship, because of how my parents’ turned out. But you changed my perspective on it. Thank you for giving me reasons to love. Happy 70th birthday, sweetheart. You will age gracefully.

11. Out of about six ladies I was dating then, I knew you were the one for me, and that’s why I didn’t waste time at all. About 50 years later, just look how great we look together. It’s been a pleasure waking up to the most beautiful woman beside me. We have more years to go. Happy 70th birthday.

12. There’s nothing that will make me stop loving you because you’ve earned my love and respect. You are the sweetest woman ever. You have been loving me for years, and you still haven’t gotten tired of me. Thank you for being a great wife and mother. God will reward you. Happy 70th birthday.

13. A loving wife, mother and grandmother like you deserves all the love and pampering on her birthday. I don’t know what plans our children have for you, but that won’t stop me from doing my bit like a great husband. Happy 70th birthday, my wife. You will continue to enjoy God’s love. Amen.

14. I know there’s no prayer I want to pray now that you haven’t prayed before, because you are a prayer warrior. But trust me to pray for you, nonetheless. Happy 70th birthday, my wife and the mother of my children. You will eat the fruit of your labour. Amen.

15. The day I made my intention of marrying you, known to you, was the day God began wonderful things in my life. Up till now, I haven’t stopped blessing the day I met you. Thank you for marrying me. Thank you for giving me loving children. Happy 70th birthday. There shall be no regrets, from henceforth. I love you.

16. Even our children see us as role models; there’s no feeling better than that. You made this possible by raising them alone, while I was always out to work. I’m grateful for this beautiful life God has blessed you with. I pray that you don’t ever regret being my wife. Happy 70th birthday.

17. Even at your age, you still cook and serve my meals; you will never allow anyone else to cook for your husband. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this level of respect and love from you, but I know that shame and reproach will never have their way into your life. Happy 70th birthday.

18. Is it your 70th birthday for real? I don’t know why I find it hard to believe that. Whichever it is, may you not be found wanting. You will continue to be a source of joy and happiness to all of us. Happy 70th birthday, our pride. God bless you.

19. For this past 50 years, I have never really cared about anyone, as I care about you. I mean, you are my wife and you give me enough reason to love and respect you. Thank you for carrying me on your head. Happy 70th birthday. May God grant you exceptional peace. I love you.

20. All my love I have given to you, without holding anything back. I love you enough to have married and stayed married to you for years. You are the best ever, and I will continue to be grateful for your love. Happy 70th birthday. God keeps blessing us you.

Best 70th Birthday Wishes for Your Wife

You are the best wife ever and you deserve best wishes for your birthday. Happy 70th birthday, my darling. You have really done well for yourself and the family. I love you.

21. You have the strength of a champion, my wife. Even after years of sacrificing all you have to train our children, you have continued with our grandchildren. My darling, I see everything you do and I appreciate them all. Happy 70th birthday. I wish you the best.

22. After about 45 years of knowing you, our connection is still as intact as ever. Nothing has changed, even though years have passed by. I’m convinced that I will have to choose you in my next life. Cheers to more sweet experiences with you. Happy 70th birthday.

23. I have always known you to be that hardworking and zealous woman. No matter what happens, you never see yourself back down. I’m proud of you, my love. Thank you for being the greatest of all women, wives, mothers and grandmothers. We love and wish you well. Happy 70th birthday.

24. I am the happiest and luckiest man ever. Can’t believe I have spent such long years beside you as your husband. I really have so much to say, but I’ll keep that till it’s night. Please, don’t stop being amazing. Happy 70th birthday. Have fun.

25. Nothing feels right without you. If an opinion isn’t coming from you, there’s no way I am going to accept it. I trust your judgement because I know you think things through before making it known. Your wisdom is all that has kept this marriage working. Happy 70th birthday. I celebrate you.

26. Up till now, you still care about other people like your life depends on it. There’s no how you’re ignoring anyone going through a tough time. You are the best friend, mother wife, grandmother, everyone prays to have and be. Thank you for being such a blessing. I wish you complete health. Happy 70th birthday.

27. I won’t tell you I don’t have much to say, because I have a whole lot. I mean, you have been right there since day one. There’s nothing you don’t know about me. How we’ve kept this going for such long years still amazes me. I know it’s because we are two amazing couples. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

28. When I met you, love was all I ever wanted. But when we got started, you started adding more beautiful features. You have been giving me peace for so many years. Even though other women have a problem with trusting their husbands, you never joined them. I am blessed, and I know it. Happy 70th birthday.

29. I know I did a lot of annoying stuff when we started out, but thank you for giving me a benefit of the doubt. You allowed me to prove how much I love you, instead of calling it quits with me. I’m thankful for how much I have grown. Now, we are two old couples who will do anything for each other. Happy 70th birthday, wifey.

30. Our children constantly tell me how blessed they are to have you. You contributed immensely to their growth, and you still haven’t stopped having their backs. My darling, you are a great woman and I know your old age will be a blessing. Happy 70th birthday.

31. It’s not just your birthday, but ours. Even though I am older than 70, it’s still our birthday. I have celebrated more than 40 birthdays with you, and it has been an emotional moment back to back. I can’t stop thanking you for contributing to my success. This old man is grateful. Happy 70th birthday.

32. As you keep getting older, you keep getting more beautiful. My secrets are still safe with you as always. You have been a major part of my journey in life, and I am here to say thank you for everything. Cheers to many more years beside you. Happy 70th.

33. Today, I look back at how we started and how hard it was, all that comes to mind is, “God is great.” We have succeeded in all areas of life. We made such we triumphed over all our problems. I thank God for giving me a praying woman like you, because, without you, none of those would’ve been possible. Happy 70th, wifey.

34. Everyone knows that you are the one that controls my life. Others may call it foolishness, but love is all I can think of. You have done much more for me behind closed doors. Being alive and healthy is because I have you and God. I will love you forever. Happy 70th birthday.

35. I have so many wishes on my mind for you. You have brought so many priceless moments into my life. Thinking of how it all started, I am grateful that it all ended in praise. Happy 70th birthday, my baby. Remember that we still have more years to come, so don’t stop being amazing.

36. I have thought about what can possibly move you on your 70th birthday, I can’t seem to come up with any. I mean, you are blessed with all you’ve ever wanted, so my present might be small. But here I am, wishing you all the blessings old age has to offer. Happy 70th birthday.

37. I have walked in your shoes so many times, the same way you’ve walked in mine. We are always going through good and bad times together, and that’s why we are the best couple. My love for you stays forever, till death takes me away. Happy 70th birthday, my love.

38. God sees my heart, this is all I have always wanted; a good wife, a great mother to my children and a wonderful grandmother to my grandchildren. You encompass everything and more. Thank you for blessing us in so many ways. Happy 70th birthday. We love and celebrate you.

39. You will forever be the best to me because you have outdone so many people in my life (my parents inclusive.) Thank you for still finding reasons to stick with me, after so many years. Our bond remains intact forever. Happy 70th birthday, my lovely wife.

40. Even childbirth couldn’t take my love from your heart. The children’s time was always different from my own rightful time, still, you were a working-class mom. My dear, you really did a lot, and you still haven’t stopped at 70. All you need is more strength, and I wish God grants it. Happy 70th birthday.

What to Write in a 70th Birthday Card for Wife

Here’s a lovely birthday card for you; it contains the most beautiful wordings ever. I hope you love what you see. Thank you for always being there. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

41. I have thought about what to write on this birthday card, so I came up with this beautiful message. Our bond is unbreakable. Our love is so true. Nothing is going to come between us, because we are meant to be together forever. Have a wonderful 70th birthday, my love.

42. I am glad to be alive, right beside you on your 70th birthday. I have been longing for this beautiful day, just to celebrate you in a unique way. Thank you for still giving me quality attention, even after so many years. I promise to be right beside you forever. Happy 70th birthday.

43. No matter how much they fight and arguments get, I have never ever gone to bed hungry. You make sure I have my food. You are a homemaker and I am not surprised at how you keep glowing and getting more beautiful. You have the purest heart ever. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

44. There’s no condition you haven’t gone through with me. Even when I don’t feel the need to let you know, you always find out. Thank you for coming to my life as a best friend and sister. I will always be open to your advice, no matter how old we get. Happy 70th birthday.

45. The moment my family accepted you, I knew I was in for greatness. If only you knew how many women I took home before I eventually met you. Thank you for giving me the best years of my life. I want us to do this together forever. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

46. It’s really amazing how we haven’t stopped loving each other, even when our hairs have gone grey. Instead, it keeps increasing with each passing day. This marriage is a once in a lifetime thing, and I’m glad we get to enjoy all that comes with it. Happy 70th birthday, sweetheart.

47. I vowed to love and take care of you forever, and you did the same. Looking back, none of us has ever stopped doing these. And we do them with all seriousness. The happiness in this marriage is enough to last a lifetime. Please, accept this birthday card with love. Happy 70th birthday.

48. With you by my side, I feel so happy and fulfilled. I was only a young boy who knew nothing about life and marriage before I met you. But after the meeting, things began to become clearer. Before I knew it, everything changed from how it used to be. You have a magic effect on my life, honey. Happy 70th birthday.

49. You know I have always been happy for you, and that’s how it will be till I take my last breath. Your win is my win, so I have no choice but to celebrate you. It’s your 70th birthday, and I am uber excited and proud of you. Happy 70th birthday.

50. Nothing has ever made any meaning without you. Before I think of anything, I let you know first, because you are a critical thinker and your decisions are always right. You have really helped my life and career. I can now sit back and relax, because of all your sacrifices. Happy 70th birthday, my love.

51. I must have done something incredible in my past life, to have been rewarded with you as my partner. I keep thanking God for making our paths cross. We keep living happily ever after. I love you, now and forever. Happy 70th birthday, sweetheart.

52. I have always known you to be a sensible woman. You take your time before venturing into things, you don’t rush. Thank you for teaching me how to live life with purpose and determination. All my successes came from you. Happy 70th birthday. Enjoy your day.

53. It’s amazing how we’ve never acted like two old couples. We are still as playful as ever. We still enjoy spending time with each other, just like when we started out. My dear, thank you for making this marriage feel like a paradise. Happy 70th birthday. With love from your loving husband.

54. If only you know how big your heart is; big enough to accommodate everyone, regardless of their nationalities and beliefs. You have too much love in your heart, baby. That’s why I call you my angel. Happy 70th birthday to you. Here’s to more amazing years. I love you.

55. We both know I am full of flaws. Well, maybe I am better now, because of old age, but the early years of our marriage weren’t easy for you. I know I have wronged you in so many ways, but you keep forgiving me. Thank you for always treating me like a king, even when I don’t deserve it. Happy 70th birthday.

56. We have a full house today, just because we are celebrating the best part of our lives. Out of everyone here, I hope you know that I am the luckiest and most blessed because I have been enjoying the opportunity of being your husband for a very long time. I wish you more love than your heart can contain. Happy 70th birthday.

57. Even as you are clocking 70, you still haven’t stopped giving me reasons to love you. You still give me chills down my spine. I have always been convinced that we are meant to be together forever. Thank you for always being patient with me. Happy 70th birthday.

58. I don’t care whether or not anyone feels the need to celebrate you today, all I know is, our children and I will never take chances when it comes to your birthday because we always look forward to it. It’s your 70th, my love. May it be the best of all the years you’ve lived. Happy birthday.

59. I am just an imperfect man who was lucky to have found a perfect woman for a wife. A perfect woman who didn’t stop at being my wife but proceeded to think that being the mother of my children will be a great thing. My dear, thank you for making everything right. Happy 70th birthday.

60. Your smile is still as magical as ever. Your lips as kissable as ever, even after almost 70 years on earth. Oh, I am just a blessed man who was lucky enough to have found an amazing woman like you. Thank you for being my lawfully wedded wife of so many years. Happy 70th birthday. You are special.

Happy 70th Birthday Quotes for Wife

I have decided to celebrate you with this beautiful quote, on your birthday: You have always been a source of joy to me and so many others. May you never be tired of doing this. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

61. Your love is the only thing that has sustained me for close to 50 years of my life. Even though we have gone through so much, I have survived on your love, and I am convinced that I will live on your love forever. Happy 70th birthday, my darling wife. I love you.

62. The fact that we still talk about love at this age has made me realize that our love is never going to end. My life was in its darkest form before I met you, but you have filled my world with all the beauty it needs. Happy 70th birthday, my love. It’s you and me forever.

63. We have literally fought dragons together; that’s just how difficult things were for us before God gave us a breakthrough. In all the downtimes of my life, you were the only one I saw. You still haven’t left me, even after years of marriage. Thank you for making it worth it. Happy 70th birthday.

64. I wasn’t sure anything good was going to come out of this marriage, I only did it because I loved you and I didn’t want to lose you. Almost 45 years after, this decision still remains the most cherished of my life’s decisions. It has given me more than I deserve. Happy 70th birthday.

65. No matter how much you grow, you will always be my baby girl. I can’t stop looking at your eyes, baby. You have made all my dreams come true. I am enjoying my old age now, because of you. Thank you for all you do to keep us together. Happy 70th birthday.

66. Your food is the sweetest. No matter how far away I am, I will always crave it, and that’s why I always demand that you pack more for me. Thank you for feeding me with the best delicacies ever. I still want to keep eating more, so may God grant you a long life. Happy 70th birthday.

67. You are the first thing that makes sense in my life, then our children come second. You guys are the best part of my life and I will continue to thank God for giving me such blessings. Happy 70th birthday, my wife. I hope you stay beautiful forever. I love you.

68. You keep claiming to love me more than I do but trust me, I don’t even know how much I love you because the love is just too much. I’m glad to have spent my life with just one woman. It couldn’t have been possible without the peace you give me. Happy 70th birthday.

69. You are the only one I make time out to celebrate because you are the only one who deserves all my time. You deserve the very best out of life because you are the very best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy 70th birthday, my angel. I love you forever.

70. I am so grateful that I was able to find my way to you. I have been loving and holding you for so many years. You have never been tired of this journey. I cannot imagine life without you. I owe you the rest of my life. Happy 70th birthday.

71. Being able to wake up next to you every morning are the memories I cherish and live for. I have been enjoying this for almost 50 years of my life; no wonder my life feels perfect. Thank you for being my safe place. Happy 70th birthday. Let’s make more beautiful memories together. Cheers!

72. Everything that happened in my life, happened because of one thing – you. I am grateful for all the lessons they brought because they made me understand why and how I have to love you. Happy 70th birthday, gorgeous wife. Keep killing it.

73. You have brought meaning to my life and made it worth living. I have always looked forward to coming home to you every day, lying down next to you. Our marriage has also made me a better man, husband and father. Thank you for spending such long years with me. Happy 70th birthday.

74. I’m glad that I keep letting you know how much you mean to me, even when we are almost going toothless. You have always meant so much to me, and my life has never felt so great. Thank you for the beautiful children you gave us. Happy 70th birthday.

75. My life would have no meaning without you in it, that’s why I keep celebrating you every day. It’s your 70th birthday, and it’s not going to be different, because you’ve gotten used to being celebrated every day. All the same, make sure you enjoy yourself. Happy 70th birthday.

76. I have done a lot of mean things to you, when we were just coming up. There was a time I thought I was going to lose you because the things I did were gross, but you found your way back to me. I am so in love with you and always will be. Happy 70th birthday, sweetness.

77. There’s nothing I would do without you. The trials and tribulations of life have tried to weigh us down a lot of times, but we keep going, mainly because of our determination. Thank you for always being positive. Happy 70th birthday.

78. My life is incomplete without you because I am used to your love and care. Life outside of this marriage is so hard, and trust me, I don’t want that kind of life. So I just want to stay married to you forever, because you are my wife. Happy 70th birthday, my woman.

79. Your heart is where I belong forever. I am truly blessed that you chose me to be on this journey of life with you. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with because you bring me so much joy and love. I love you till the very end of time. Happy 70th birthday, wifey.

80. God knew I wanted someone very special on this journey of marriage, and He sent me you. You are the best decision I could have ever made, and you make everything about me stand out. In short, you are the best part of my life. Happy 70th birthday. I can’t wait to rock it with you.

Birthday Wishes for Wife Turning 70

So, you are turning 70 today. It still feels like a dream, though. Well, I guess I have to accept it. Happy 70th birthday, my lovely wife. May all your wishes come true. I love you always.

81. The best part of my life turns 70 years today, and it’s officially 42 years that I have been married to you. My love, it’s been such a beautiful ride with you. Life tried so hard to bring us down, but mercy said no. Happy birthday, my darling wife. I love you till my last breath.

82. I have always known that you’d make a good wife. I never even knew that you will make the best mom too. I am super proud of you, my wife. Against all odds, you have lived a fulfilling life. Happy 70th birthday. I wish you more prosperous years ahead.

83. I have never stopped celebrating you, whether or not it’s your birthday. We have had so many wins together, and that’s mainly because of you. You give you all to everything, including people. You will forever be a great part of my journey. Happy 70th birthday.

84. Nothing is ever as it seems, they say. Going into this marriage with you, all I had on my mind was love. I wasn’t fortunate to grow up with love, so I determined to have the best of marriages. Thank you for making this dream come true. Happy 70th birthday.

85. All the times I thought I was a failure you keep reminding me of the great things I had done and would still do. You are the reason I never gave up. Thank you for all you do for me and other people. I’m enjoying this old age with you. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

86. I sincerely don’t know what to get you for your birthday. You have everything already, so I will just keep showing you more love, as that will shield you from unhappiness and the likes. Happy 70th birthday, sweetie. I love you.

87. I have been celebrating you, ever since I knew you. Even after getting married to you, I didn’t stop. It’s your birthday, and it’s the time everyone celebrates you regardless of their relationship with you. Happy 70th birthday, my darling. I am sure we still have more years to celebrate.

88. You are the air I breathe; this has been on for about 50 years. Without you, I am dead. You are the light in my life that shines bright. Happy 70th birthday, my precious wife. Your love is all I need to sustain me forever; never starve me of it. I love you.

89. The fact that we are still head over heels in love with each other, convinces me that we were truly made for each other. Romeo and Juliet dare not! Happy 70th birthday, my dear wife. With love from your darling husband.

90. My beautiful wife, we have been through a lot together, and at this point, I do not mind dying for you. You have proven time and time again that you are the perfect woman for me. I am ready to die for you if only you would give me a go-ahead which I know you won’t. Happy 70th birthday.

91. Just like a fine wine, you keep getting more beautiful as you age. You have always been a peaceful and loving woman. If only everyone knows how great you are. I do know, and that’s why I treat you like a queen. Happy 70th birthday, darling.

92. On this special day of yours, I would like to remind you of how strong you have been and how you’ve always held it down for this family. I am sure our children learnt so much from you before they became independent. Happy 70th birthday, my wife.

93. You are still very attractive and able-bodied, even at 70. You are still the happy and jovial woman I married years ago. Everything about you is perfect to me, even your wrinkles. Happy 70th birthday, my darling wife. I hope you enjoy your day.

94. To be very honest with you, I can’t deny the fact that I got really lucky to have such a beautiful and wonderful woman as my wife. In fact, I should keep celebrating this feat. You know I love you so much. Happy 70th birthday.

95. As we grow older, we tend to forget things, but why do I still remember how we met and every single thing that happened afterwards? You are really a special and unique woman, my love. Everything about you will always interest me. Happy 70th birthday.

96. My darling wife, it’s amazing how you keep getting more attractive and beautiful, even when you’re getting older. There’s no better time to make this confession than on your 70th birthday. I am glued to you forever. Happy 70th birthday, my love.

97. I love and enjoy sharing my life with you. You surely are the best part of my life; the best anyone could ever wish for. I’m grateful for both our highs and lows in life; they have opened doors for many blessings. Happy 70th birthday, my sweet wife. I love you.

98. 70 years ago, the world received its greatest gift ever. You came into this world, and your parents were happy to have you. Years after, you got married and this man is grateful to have you. Happy 70th birthday, darling. Keep being awesome.

99. When I look at you, I still see the charming and beautiful woman I fell for. It is my greatest desire that we spend our lives together doing everything we have always dreamed of. Happy 70th birthday, my love. I love you with every fibre of my being.

100. You have all your dreams figured out already. Well, I will keep helping you to the bathroom, helping you in the kitchen. I won’t stop checking on you while you sleep, as well. If you want more, I will do them, with all pleasure. Happy 70th birthday.

Thank you for checking the happy 70th birthday wishes, messages and quotes for my wife up there. I hope you got one or more for your wife, and I also hope she likes it. Please, don’t forget to share with people who might need it. Thank you.

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