Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

Your cousin sister is two gifts in one. You can be certain that she’ll never let you go because you’re family. And you’re also guaranteed a lifetime of friendship, fun, and adventures because she’s your friend.

For such a double and priceless gift, you should spare nothing in ensuring that she has an amazing birthday: especially when she’s celebrating a special milestone as turning 60!

Hence the reason I have prepared these happy 60th birthday wishes for cousin sister. They’re warm, sunny and will ensure that she has a memorable day and year ahead.


Happy 60th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Cousin Sister

You bring ease and peace to the people around you. It is the same ease, peace and happiness that I wish you every day of this new year. Happy 60th birthday, dear cousin sister. I love you now and always.

1. Today is the big 60, and you’re already handling it like a pro. I’m proud of you, and I know that big things await you this year. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister.

2. I love our journey, but I love the one you’re one more. It feels good to see you at this point that you’re at, and I can’t wait for the magic you’ll weave in this new year. Happy 60 years birthday, cousin.

3. I didn’t doubt that you’d turn out this amazing. Welcome to your year of amazing testimonies. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister.

4. Every day, I see you get better, and it makes me happy. Cheers to a new year of positivity and blessings. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

5. This year, I’m looking forward to the colours that God will paint in your life. I’m sure that they’ll be vivid and beautiful. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

6. May your waking up today usher you into levels of blessings and favour. Cheers to year 60, sister.

7. You’re ageing like fine wine, just like I knew you would. Happy 60th birthday, cousin of life. May God bless and increase you like never before.

8. Dear sister, I hope that your new year comes with all the blessings you want. Happy 60th birthday, sister. I love you now and always.

9. You’ve come out on top regardless of what was thrown your way last year. Welcome to the big 60, my sister. I love you so much.

10. You may be older, but I want you to know that I’m super proud of all that you’ve achieved. You’ll do well this year; I can feel it. Happy 60th birthday, my sister.

11. Welcome to this other side. I hope that it’s everything you’ve imagined it will be. Welcome to the big 60, cousin sister.

12. Nothing is off-limits for you this year, so don’t be afraid to make moves. Cheers to year 60, beautiful. I love you loads.

13. May the events of this year bring you only laughter and celebration, cousin of life. Cheers to the big 60!

14. May this year take you to heights you didn’t think of reaching, and may your expectations be surpassed. Happy 60th birthday, sister.

15. Thank you for modelling dedication, grace and hard work for us all. May your new year come with new blessings and positive experiences. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister.

16. You’re ageing like fine wine. Here’s sending you all my love and praying that you have a year that is as beautiful as you are. Happy 60th birthday, sister.

17. May goodness and mercy be your portion for the rest of this year. I wish you the very best for your 60th birthday. Happy birthday, cousin.

18. This year, I pray that harm of any kind will be far away from you and yours. Happy belated birthday, dear cousin. I love you so much.

19. I hope that you enjoy a year of grace and increase on every side. Happy 60 years birthday, cousin sister.

20. Today is a beautiful day, and I’m trusting that the rest of your year will be beautiful as well. Happy 60 years birthday, my darling.

21. Here’s sending you lots of love on your special day. May you have an incredible and remarkable 60th year. Happy birthday, cousin sister.

22. As you celebrate your 60th year today, may your life be long and full, and may nothing be able to tamper with it. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

23. At 60, you’re still the life of the party. May your glow and vibe never go down. Happy birthday, cousin dear. I love you.

24. This year, may whatever you lay your hands prosper and yield great results. May this milestone be a thoroughly beautiful one for you, my sister. Happy 60th birthday.

25. Thank you for looking out for me over the years, sister. May the eyes of God also rest on you every day of this year. Happy 60th birthday.

26. As you step into your new year, may the universe align to favour you. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

27. As you celebrate a special milestone today, may the hands of God rest on you and yours. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

28. Your light will shine bright this year, and nothing will be able to dim it. Welcome to year 60, cousin. It’s already a beautiful year.

29. Today should be a national holiday because a queen is celebrating her birthday. Happy 60th birthday, darling. I wish you everything beautiful and peaceful.

30. As you celebrate year 60 today, I pray that this year will be full of peace, rest and breakthrough. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister. I love you loads!

31. You’re the finest 60-year old I know, and I know that your glow will shine even brighter this year. Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

32. Throughout this year, may your path be smooth and your journey easy. Welcome to year 60, sister. I love you loads.

33. This year, may the stars align for you and your plans, and may you experience more blessings than you can count. Happy 60th birthday, my sister.

34. Today, you have a new slate, and you can do whatever you please with it. Welcome to your 60th year, cousin. It’s already a beautiful year.

35. This year, God’s hands of safety will surround you and yours. There’ll be no reason to mourn or sorrow, and you’ll only enjoy joy. Happy 60th birthday, sister.

36. This year, everything you lay your hands on will prosper. You’ll enjoy peace, ease and warmth like never before. Happy 60th birthday, sister.

37. You’re special to me, and I thank God specially for you today. May this year mark a new beginning for you, sister. Happy 60th birthday.

38. May good health, warmth and peace be your lot every day of this year. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister.

39. This year and beyond, may all of your needs be supplied to you, and may your joy be full. Happy 60th birthday, cousin of life.

40. You’re on this journey of self-awareness, and I’m proud of how far you’ve come. Here’s to a warm and peaceful 60th year. Happy birthday, sister.

41. We have years of adventure and travel ahead of us, so I’m going to wish you long life, prosperity and good health. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

42. This year, your life and all that concerns you are preserved in the name of Jesus. Year 60 will come with testimonies and good news only. Happy birthday, sister.

43. Your expectations will not be cut short, and you’ll get all that you’ve planned out for this year. Happy 60th birthday, cousin.

44. This year and beyond, may people only mention your name for good, and may your 60th year be a truly remarkable one for you. Happy birthday, my darling sister.

45. For as long as I can remember, you’ve done right by the people around you. May the universe do right by you this year. Welcome to chapter 60, my cousin.

46. Nothing about you is basic, and so I’m certain that you’re about to have your most amazing year yet. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister.

47. I’m grateful for a cousin sister like you. Thank you for the lessons, laughter and tears over the years. May your 60th year be one you’ve always imagined it to be. Happy birthday!

48. May your house be full with harvest and may lack not be your portion for the rest of your life. Cheers to year 60, my sister.

49. This year, only amazing opportunities will chase after you and yours. In the end, may you have only reasons to celebrate. Happy 60th birthday, my sister.

50. May a release of blessing, opportunities, and open doors be your portion of life. Happy 60th birthday, cousin sister. I love you.

Thank you for stopping by this page. I hope that these happy 60th birthday wishes for your cousin sister ensure a blessed and fruitful year ahead.

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