Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

In a year, the occasion of a birthday is always a wonderful opportunity to show the people you care about just how much you love them. It is ideal for you to celebrate your loved ones as often as you can but most times, life gets in the way.

I don’t know about you but my experience of growing up with an elder brother was exciting; it was nice but it wasn’t all fun and games and as we’re all getting older, those childhood experiences are turning out to be cherished memories for me.

So, your brother is much much more older and now he is 60 years, I know it will make your brother happy if you send him these happy 60th birthday wishes for brother and quotes for his 60th birthday.

Happy 60th Birthday to My Brother Quotes

The people around you and the things you have make life everything that it is. Happy 60th birthday dear brother, it shall be well with you throughout your 60th year and beyond. May you be surrounded by the best people and things always.

1. Life has a way of bringing the best things to you when you least expect them. My dear brother, have the best of your birthday as you celebrate your 60th year.

2. Each new age brings you one step closer to some new and exciting. Cheering you on to have an incredibly special 60th year. Happy birthday my brother.

3. To live long, you have to keep getting older. Happy to celebrate your 60th birthday with you. May your new age be wonderful.

4. Age is not just a number; It’s the moments you have had and the experiences of time. Have the best of moments for your 60th year, happy birthday!

5. Time brings forth changes and new beginnings. My dear brother, as you mark your 60th birthday, I wish you a happy and fruitful year.

6. Believe it or not, life gets better with each added age. May your 60th year be a great and successful one.

7. Time and time again, your wisdom shines through situations. Wishing a great brother a wonderful 60th birthday.

8. It feels great to be alive and healthy. Thankful for your 60th birthday and what will be a special and fantastic year for you. My brother, have a great birthday.

9. In everything, give thanks to God. So thankful to celebrate my wonderful brother today. Have a happy 60th year and birthday.

10. Don’t just count the age, also count the moments and people. I hope you have beautiful moments and amazing people for this 60th year. A beautiful birthday to you my brother.

11. Sixty years ago, our family was blessed with your birth. My dear brother, wishing you the 60th year of great success and good health.

12. The strength of your youth is still evident even at sixty, have a wonderful 60th birthday my brother. It is well with you today and always.

13. The wisdom of your age and the kindness of your heart are forever a treasure to me. My dear brother, best wishes on your 60th birthday.

14. What is life if not finding happiness in these moments. May your 60th year bring you so much happiness as you celebrate your birth anniversary today.

15. The best of everything belongs to the best of people. Wishing the most wonderful brother the best of everything for your 60th birthday.

16. Success, happiness and so much more are yours now and always as you begin your 60th year. Happy birthday my brother.

17. Great times with great people make life so much better. Wishing you the 60th year with the best of people and moments.

18. The greatest gift of all is the gift of life. All the birthday blessings and love to a wonderful brother, happy 60th birthday.

19. You have been a wonderful brother in every possible way and I pray for you to have the most wonderful 60th birthday.

20. The cycle of life is truly incredible and your 60th birthday is proof of that. My dear brother, I hope you have the most beautiful and successful.

Happy 60th Birthday Brother Wishes with Images

I want to take a moment to wish you a special 60th birthday. You have been an amazing brother for as long as I can remember. Your family and all of us feel blessed to have you in our lives. I wish you a wonderful year with great health of mind and body.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

21. I hope your 60th birthday is amazing because you deserve to have the best moments today and the rest of the day.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

22. Best 60th birthday wishes to an incredibly awesome brother. Wishing you a happy, healthy and joy-filled year.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

23. Always a joy to celebrate you! A beautiful 60th birthday dear brother.
It shall be a great 60th year for you.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

24. My dear brother, I hope you enjoy the moments that come with this new age. Happy 60th birthday to you.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

25. Cheering an amazing brother on to have an amazing 60th year. Wishing you a lovely day.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

26. Welcome to the sixth decade of your life. Happy 60th birthday my brother. Best wishes to you all year round.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

27. To my wonderful brother, thank you for sharing your wisdom and time with me. Have the most special 60th birthday and year.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

28. Sixty years and thriving! Happy birthday dear brother, praying for your 60th year to be an awesome and successful one.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

29. My brother, you are one of a kind and I celebrate you at 60! Wishing you a blessed 60th year filled with excellence and success.

Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother
Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

30. It’s such a pleasure to celebrate my wonderful brother today. I hope your 60th birthday is incredibly special and abundantly rewarding.

31. Dear brother, you are one of the best people I know. Have yourself a hearty 60th birthday and year.

32. It’s the 60th birthday of my great brother and friend. Your life has been amazing and I wish you more excellence and great health.

33. You continue to inspire me, happy 60th birthday my dear brother. Enjoy this special day and the rest of the year.

34. To my dear brother on your 60th birthday, have a healthy, happy and joyful 60th year.

35. Cheers to another year of sharing good times and happy moments with you, a beautiful 60th birthday to you.

36. Wishing my beloved brother a fantastic 60th birthday, may this new age guide you to greater heights and all-around happiness.

37. A brother like no other, many happy returns on your 60th birth anniversary. More good life and happiness to you.

38. With a grateful heart, I wish a wonderful brother the happiest of birthdays. Best wishes and prayers as your 60th year begin.

39. I am forever grateful that I get to call you my brother. Cheers to the 60th year of joy, peace and great success. Have a wonderful birthday.

40. My dear brother, your kindness and integrity continually set you apart. Enjoy an excellent year of more success, happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Messages for Brother

There are not enough wishes for you today, happy 60th birthday my brother. Thank you for being a solid support to everyone around you. May this new age be for you a time of great success, fulfilment and unending blessings. Have a fantastic day.

41. I am one of the lucky people in this world with a wonderful brother like you. Happy 60th birthday to you. May your new age bring with it lots of goodness and success.

42. A joyful 60th birthday to you my dear brother, wishing you the most special year filled with the most special moments.

43. I celebrate you today at the beginning of your sixth decade on earth. Happy 60th birthday my brother, good things shall always come to you.

44. I hope your 60th year is extra special and successful, a beautiful birthday of joy to you.

45. Sixty sounds like a pretty amazing age, best wishes to the best brother as you make your way into your 60th year.

46. My beloved brother, let your joy be full as you step into your 60th year. Wishing you all great things in abundance for this year and beyond.

47. Cheers to long life, progress and good times! Happy 60th birthday (insert his name), have a special day.

48. Having a birthday is like turning to a new page. Welcome to your 60th year, it shall be fruitful, joyful and beautiful.

49. Hoping that your 60th birthday marks the beginning of more amazing things in your life, happy

50. I hope this birthday message meets you well, have a wonderful 60th birthday. The year will be incredibly wonderful for you, amen.

51. Thankful that you are my brother, wishing you a great year of health and wealth. Happy 60th birthday.

52. I sincerely cherish having you as my brother and I pray for your 60th year to be special and fruitful, a wonderful 60th birthday to you.

53. It’s always a pleasure to share in your joy. My brother, sending you best wishes and love for your 60th birthday.

54. Thank you for being a great brother to me. Your 60th year will be nothing short of amazing, have a fantastic birthday.

55. My dear brother, on this joyous occasion of your 60th birthday, may the good Lord keep you and your family in the abundance of His love and grace always.

56. You shall have the best of times and great health for your 60th birthday and year, do enjoy your birth anniversary.

57. May the Lord bless and guide all through the days of your 60th year and beyond, have a joy-filled birthday.

58. It’s a new beginning, welcome to your 60th year and do have a fantastic birthday.

59. Cheers to more happy and healthy days, happy 60th birthday (insert his name).

60. My dear brother, the most special and beautiful things of life will always find their way to you. Have a happy 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Greetings for Brother

Happy 60th birthday to my awesome brother. Birthday greetings and good wishes to you as you begin another year in your life. It’s my prayer that you will have an incredibly special year filled with excellence, success and great health. Enjoy your special day.

61. Happy 60th birth anniversary! You continue to age in style and vigour. God bless you always.

62. My brother, you are indeed a man of substance. I hope your 60th birthday is as special as you are.

63. Wishing a great man a great 60th birthday. Best wishes to you my dear brother.

64. Your 60th year is here, I know that it will be exceptionally excellent because you’re an exceptional brother.

65. Happy 60th birthday to my one in a million brother, best wishes on your special day.

66. Your wonderful journey of life continues, have a blessed 60th birthday.

67. Birthday greetings and love to my amazing brother. All things are working together for your good, happy 60th birthday.

68. Sending the most special birthday greetings to a fantastic brother, your 60th year will surely be an excellent one.

69. Your life has always been filled with excellence, your 60th year will be even more excellent. Wishing you a fantastic 60th birthday.

70. It shall be an extraordinarily beautiful 60th birthday for an extraordinarily amazing brother. You are deeply appreciated.

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Today you are 60 years old, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You may be getting older but you are still a young boy at heart. I can’t wait to see more of your grey hair as the years go by. Have a fantastic 60th birthday.

71. Getting older is not an excuse to stop having fun, have a fun 60th birthday dear brother.

72. Beloved brother, today you’re allowed a couple more beers than usuals. A beautiful 60th birthday to you.

73. No matter how old you get, we’ll still end up quarrelling like teenagers. Wishing you a great 60th birthday and year.

74. It’s a beautiful day for the 60th birthday of an amazing man. This is my official plea for you to celebrate your birthday this time.

75. Welcome to an age of more grey hairs and occasional back pain, happy 60th birthday to you.

76. An older man in age, a schoolboy at heart; wishing you an incredibly beautiful 60th birthday.

77. It’s the world’s (insert his name) day! Enjoy your 60th birthday and the beautiful process of getting older.

78. Thank you for making our childhood a lot more fun. I pray you have a fun and special 60th birthday.

79. I can now officially call you an old man, happy 60th birthday my dear brother.

80. You have always been the fun sibling, I hope you still know how to have fun. The best birthday wishes to my fun brother on your 60th birthday.

60th Birthday Wishes for Elder Brother

My dear elder brother, today marks your 60th year and I’m sending you my best wishes and prayers. As you begin this excellent year, I pray you receive the grace to have an absolutely special and blessed year ahead. Happy birthday to you.

81. The best of 60th birthday wishes and blessings to the best elder brother I know. Have the most special day.

82. You are not only an amazing elder brother, but you’re also one of the kindest people I know. I hope you have an abundantly blessed 60th birthday and year.

83. It’s a wonderful day to mark the 60th birthday of a wonderful man. Thank you for being a great big brother. Wishing you a hearty 60th birthday celebration.

84. I say this all the time and I’ll continue to say it; you are an awesome elder brother, I hope your 60th birthday brings you all the joy, success and great health you deserve.

85. Growing up under your wings was so wonderful, cheers to your 60th year, may it be extra beautiful for you.

86. So many great memories have been made in your great life, praying for many more great moments for you. Happy 60th birthday to my precious elder brother.

87. Happy 60th birthday to a truly awesome elder brother, your 60th year shall be hearty and joyful.

88. Wishing you the warmth, success and blessings of a new age, happy 60th birth anniversary to you.

89. Having you as my elder brother is a gift that I hold dear to my heart. I sincerely wish you the best of everything good and filled with joy for your 60th birthday.

90. One of the best parts of my life is having you as my elder brother and I’m so grateful for your 60th birthday. It shall be an excellent year for you.

Happy Birthday Brother 60 Years

Your life has been 60 years of excellence and more. I am so thankful that you were born and even more thankful that you are my brother. A beautiful 60th birthday to you, may all good things come your way as you bask in great health and happiness.

91. You have been alive for 60 wonderful years and this year will equally be amazing.

92. Your life of greatness continues, cheers to your 60 years on earth. Happy birthday dear brother.

93. Celebrating a gem of a brother today! Happy 60 years on earth, have the most special day.

94. every day is a celebration of life and on your birth anniversary, I celebrate your 60 years of life. Best wishes for the year ahead.

95. Today makes it 60 years since the birth of a great man. My brother, you are highly appreciated. Have an incredibly beautiful year.

96. May your special days bring you joy and peace in abundance. Happy 60 years of age.

97. Congratulations on the remarkable occasion of turning 60 years today, happy birthday dear brother.

98. Happy birthday to the latest 60-year-old, I hope your day is going great so far. Dear brother, it shall be an fantastic year for you.

99. You have always been amazing at life and there are 60 years of excellence to prove it. To many more years of greatness, a beautiful birthday to you.

100. It’s the special day of my wonderful brother. Your 60 years of life is beyond inspirational. Cheers to better and brighter days ahead.

All I want is for your brother to have the best possible happy birthday wishes on his 60th birthday and I sincerely hope you found your favourites from the collection to make your brother’s special day a lot more special.

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