Happy 43rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 43rd Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Birthdays are special days in our lives; as special days, we spend them with either family members, friends, or acquaintances. Celebrating a birthday alone isn’t unique. Most people love to be the centre of attention and the receiver of so much love for such a day. I can imagine how beautiful it feels when we wake up to celebrate a birthday, especially as we approach the golden years of our existence.

Do we even get to mention the uncountable gifts, love and prayers we get from loved ones? Round the year, we are constantly sending goodwill messages for others’ birthdays, but how about wishes to oneself? It is not a bad idea to celebrate yourself, especially on your 43rd birthday.

If you want to raise your mood and celebrate your 43rd birthday as a special and unforgettable one, do well to tell yourself affirmative quotes that will build you, it will elevate your mind, so you feel like the sun. As it is now, all the years of your life so far is a grateful feat, and you should be thankful as you celebrate your 43rd birthday.

When having thoughts about wishes for your birthday, you have to be careful to choose the right words for a 43rd birthday. The question of how to write beautiful wishes for your 43rd birthday comes into mind.

What do you wish yourself on such a beautiful day or write on a 43rd birthday card for yourself? However, the best happy 43rd birthday to me wishes and quotes to use are right here for you. Dig into them below and make your choice of your own.

Best 43rd Birthday Messages for Myself

It’s my 43rd birthday on earth, and I feel so glad, it may not be the best birthday but I’m grateful. It hasn’t been an easy ride but every story is worth celebrating; that is why I say Happy 43rd birthday to me. I pray myself to live for many years celebrating the joy of life.

1. Of course, it is my 43rd birthday celebration. I wish myself a memorable birthday filled with love and God’s blessings.

2. I am offering my life in thanksgiving and praise for adding 43 years into this time on Earth. May my wishes always align with the stars.

3. I will put a smile today on my face and won’t let the many troubles of this life get me down as it is my 43rd birthday today, so I wish myself a happy birthday.

4. Growing up is an unforgettable journey one embarks. I enjoy my life, and I enjoy being alive especially clocking 43 today. May the good blessings of the world be with me always.

5. I was born as a naïve and innocent person into this cruel world, but today with all I have gone through in the last 43 years of my life, I have become more mature, kinder and even more robust—so happy birthday to me.

6. A Happy birthday to someone full of exquisite awesomeness and unbelievable imagination. Yes, that’s right. It’s my 43rd birthday.

7. There comes this time in the life of everyone when we try our best to hide our birthdays. It is why I am whispering a happy birthday to me, so no one else will know that I am 43 today.

8. A lot of people become more beautiful when they approach their golden years in this world. Maybe it is the exact reason why I can’t stop being beautiful as I turn 43 today. Happy birthday to me.

9. More joy, more money, more smile, more peace, more happiness, more laughter is what I wish for myself as I turn 43 today.

10. On some days, I wish I could change this world and get rid of some terrible things, but then the realisation God has made only one version of myself and celebrates the 43rd birthday despite the nature of the world makes me give gratitude for adding another year. A happy birthday to me.

11. I pray the countless blessings and endless joy of God bring more happiness to me as I clock 43 on this auspicious day in my life.

12. For the past 43 years, God has kept me alive to celebrate his mercies and goodness in my life. I pray he protects me as I embark on a long journey. Happy birthday to me.

13. I plan to have an incredible, amazing, fantastic, gorgeous year full of many adventures as I turn 43 today. My birthday means I am another year wiser and more robust. Celebrate with me.

14. The more birthdays I celebrate in my life, the more deeply I fall in love with myself—a happy 43 to me as I turn another year today.

15. Wishing myself a happy birthday as it is a special day to me; I turn 43 today. I want to take out time to appreciate the unique gift of being alive on such a day. Thank You, God

16. A merry happy many returns to one of the most extraordinary, most thoughtful, beautiful people that reminds me more about myself. Yes! I’m talking about me as I turn 43 today.

17. I walk around believing only I can accomplish the goals I set for myself; even as I turn 43, I know I will achieve the set goals for this new year as it is my birthday today.

18. Whether I am the wealthiest person in the world or not, I do know I own peace of mind, happiness, love and most importantly, the gift of being alive. Thank God for adding 43 today. On such a day, there is nothing as priceless as being happy and celebrating.

19. Before the avalanche of numerous birthday wishes begin to flood my timeline today. I want to appreciate God for everything, peace, prosperity and love. Happy birthday to me.

20. Happy 43 to me. I know I am highly favoured, loved and appreciated.

Happy Birthday to Me 43 Years Old

To me, 43 years old of living in the world means forty-three years of having a great time, 43 years of ups and downs, 43 years of pain and joy. Happy birthday to me 43 years to myself; my awesomeness will live for many more years to come.

Below are wishes as you clock 43 for yourself.

21. Sometimes, I am most grateful for the favours I receive from just being alive; I thank god for this one unique version of myself—happy 43rd birthday to me.

22. For the last 365 days, I have only been alive because of God, and as he protects me today, I pray the journey continues good. Happy 43 to me

23. The relationship I have with myself is a currency of leadership, showing that I value myself in all ramifications and even as I add another year to my age today and many more—happy 43rd birthday to me.

24. I plan that from this 43rd birthday, I will grow to be super, awesome, beautiful and fantastic with many upcoming adventures and even new travels. I know at this age, it means I am wiser.

25. To the brim of many days of joy and happiness, I wish myself as I turn 43 today. Happy birthday to me.

26. Having the most priceless gift of a birthday celebrated, especially as I turn 43 today, is a lovely feeling I don’t want ever to stop.

27. I feel so excited knowing today is my birthday, and I turn 43 today, may all the peace I know and the happiness I wish for become an answered prayer to me.

28. Seeing today is already an answered wish to me as I turn 43 today. May the goodness that comes with being alive favour me always and in many years to come.

29. Here comes another page, new, filled with empty pages for me to have all the adventures done, the many pleasant memories to make and the joy that comes with being 43. Happy birthday to me.

43rd Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

Celebrating my 43rd birthday means a lot to me as I uphold the teachings of my parents and loved ones, seeing me approach the golden years brings so much joy to my heart. May such a day always blossom with wishes and fulfilled prayers in many birthdays to come. Happy 43rd birthday to myself.

30. Amidst all the challenges in the world and the many pains of this world, I have survived yet again and even celebrated my 43rd birthday. May rose always be on my path.

31. Birthdays like this are special to me as they reveal the scars from past victories and pain. I pray for success in future possibilities as I turn 43 today. Happy birthday to me.

32. Counting the number of years spent on this earth and reflecting how I am 43 today, I pray looking into the future for everything good to come my way.

33. It’s an excellent year to wake up feeling 43 and having the privilege to have good health in both mind and body. Happy birthday to me

34. Today, I will keep smiling because my birthday happens to be today. I am grateful to life and everyone in it. I pray not to stay calm and always have the joy that comes with becoming 43 today.

35. The memories of the previous year’s still live with me even as I turn
43 today. I know I will create more beautiful memories as I add another year today. May the odds always be in my favour. Happy birthday to me

36. For today, you have to pardon me as I am going to be selfish. I turn 43 today, and incredible people like me need to be celebrated.

37. Sitting to reflect on the many blessings that have come in previous years, it feels like I am a child again even though I am 43 today. May I keep celebrating such moments with the good things that come in life?

38. As a fierce, robust, intelligent and straightforward person, I want you all to join me and celebrate my 43 birthday today as the Lord has been very kind to me.

39. I cannot help but always wonder how awesome it felt being born 43 years ago and celebrating my first birthday. Even though it cannot be measured with this, I know that God has kept me not because I am better than others but because he loves me.

43rd Birthday Quotes for Myself

To get a true gift given is the gift of the present, and in such moments, it is happy to celebrate a day as such with love laughter and positive birthday quotes—happy 43rd birthday to myself as I keep glowing in the light of youthfulness.

40. I am eager to explore the greatness that comes with birthdays and being 43 on such a fabulous day. Happy birthday to me.

41. I am in such a tremendous mood to witness this beautiful day as I turn 43 today; I pray for such beautiful moments to spend in my life. Happy anniversary to me

42. On my 43rd birthday, I wish myself a life of abundance with the most precious of all memories, as this gift of life is to be cherished.

43. With a heart filled with gratitude, I am grateful for the happiness I feel in my heart right now as I turn 43 today. I wish for more days like this filled with Joy.

44. There’s so much pride in my heart as I live to celebrate this occasion, I turn 43. It is a joyful thing to me and a beautiful feeling I don’t want to get over. Happy birthday to me.

45. On my 43rd anniversary, I want to be grateful for life, for doing well because God has kept me. May I continue to have a path filled with his light?

46. On my 43rd birthday, which is today, I pray all my wishes do come true and may I continue to be more impressive and beautiful as I grow henceforth.

47. As I travel the road of life, I pray I always have the insight to stop at the red lights, to move on the green lights and to smile whenever trouble comes—happy 43 to me.

48. Today is an excellent reminder that I can count on God’s mercy always to see me through, especially as I turn 43 today.

49. Being able to see my 43rd birthday in such superb health and befitting wealth of mind, It is one of my greatest and unspoken joys.

50. As such, I feel today is such a memorable day in my life as I turn 43 today. May this celebration never cease in my life henceforth.

Of course! You have arrived here. I am sure you found the one that tickles you and makes you smile among the happy 43rd birthday wishes and quotes above. If you did, don’t hesitate to use it and make your wishes come true.

What do you feel about the post? Kindly let me know in the comment section, as it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Thank you.

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