Happy 5th Birthday Wishes

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Nephew

One day, you’re just a sibling to your sister or brother and before you know it, you have become an aunt or uncle to a nephew. That’s a perfect expression of when life happens. Although you’re not a parent to your nephew, your relationship with him shouldn’t be left unattended and knowing how to take care of your nephew might just be a good place to start.

Little kids love birthdays so much and it means a lot to them when their uncles and aunts remember them and even send gifts and birthday messages through their mom or dad. Take it from someone who has three nieces and two nephews all under the age of ten, little kids adore their birthdays and it is only right for you to share in their excitement.

A 5th birthday is a big deal for your nephew and I’m glad that you came by to find the perfect happy 5th birthday wishes to my nephew you can send as messages and quotes to your nephew. These birthday wishes were written with so much love and affection and your nephew will know just how much he means to you.

A happy 5th birthday to your dear nephew!

Happy Birthday Wishes for 5 Years Old Nephew

My little man, I can’t believe that you have reached the 5-year mark. It’s all surreal, you are getting bigger and bigger and one of these days, you’ll almost be as tall as me. Happy birthday to you, my darling nephew.

1. I live for the moments when I can spend quality time with you. Happy 5th birthday to the world’s best nephew.

2. To my 5-year-old prince charming, happy 5th birthday, my love. Enjoy your day and have all the fun.

3. I feel so lucky to have the world’s best nephew in my life, enjoy your 5th birthday. I love you so much.

4. I wish you more playing time for your 5th year. I love you the most. Happy birthday, little man.

5. How’s my favourite boy doing on his 5th birthday? I love you so much, make sure you have fun.

6. Thank you for being such a fun-loving nephew. I wish you the happiest of years as you celebrate your 5th birthday.

7. I will always celebrate every day of your life because you’re the best nephew ever. Happy 5th birthday, baby.

8. Raising my juice box to toast to your 5th birthday. Happy birthday, sweet nephew.

9. Happy birthday to the coolest 5-yea-old I know. It’s my sincerest pleasure to have you as my nephew.

10. How are you a 5 year old already? I miss when you were so little but I love you just as you are. All my birthday love to you.

11. One of these days, you won’t be my little man any more. Until then, happy 5th birthday my sweet nephew.

12. To my darling nephew, congratulations on becoming an amazing 5-year-old today. Have a great year.

13. You’re more than just my nephew, you are my baby. Cheers to your 5th birthday little guy.

14. You will be an incredibly amazing 5-year-old boy because that’s who you have always been. Happy birthday, baby.

15. To my incredibly fantastic nephew who is officially a 5-year-old boy today, happy birthday my love.

16. You have officially become the cutest 5-year-old boy I know. Happy birthday my darling.

17. This is me wishing my sweetest nephew a beautiful 5th birthday. Have all the fun today my darling.

18. To many more cartoon moments and wonderful toys. Happy 5th birthday (insert his name).

19. I can’t tell you how happy I am to celebrate your 5th birthday with you today. You’re such a star boy, keep shinning.

20. To a sweet nephew like no other, the best of 5th birthday wishes to you. Keep being your adorably cute self.

Nephew 5th Birthday Wishes and Prayers

Hey little guy, it’s your 5th birthday today and I can’t tell how happy you make me. Actually, I can, you’re the sweetest boy ever and I’m so happy that you are my nephew. I wish you a wonderful 5th year filled with all your best things.

21. I mean it when I say that you are the best nephew anyone could ask for, praying for your 5th birthday to be incredibly special.

22. A special set of 5th birthday wishes to my most special nephew.

23. You are a joy in my life and I wish you a happy year. Do have a fantastic 5th birthday.

24. To the sweetest boy ever, I pray that you enjoy your 5th year to the fullest. Happy birthday, my love.

25. You are a blessing to your home and our family. My darling nephew, have a blessed 5th birthday.

26. To me, you are such a perfect nephew. Happy 5th birthday to you, my love.

27. May your 5th birthday and year be filled with all the fun things you love. Happy birthday sweet boy.

28. You became a 5-year-old in a blink of an eye. Happy birthday my little prince charming, I love you forever.

29. I hope every day of your 5th year is as fun as you need it to be. Happy birthday my darling boy.

30. God blessed me with the most amazing nephew and I couldn’t be more thankful for you and your parents. Happy 5th birthday my love.

31. I love and adore the amazing boy that you are and I can’t wait to see all the amazing stuff you will do as a 5 year old. Happy birthday, dear.

32. God knew that I needed you in my life as my nephew. May your 5th birthday be bright and beautiful.

33. You bring so much happiness to our family and I know that your 5th year on earth wouldn’t be any different. Happy birthday dear nephew.

34. Best of wishes and thoughtful prayers for my sweet nephew on your 5th birthday. I love you so much.

35. Today being your 5th birthday, I want you to know that you are loved by me and the entire family.

36. What a prodigy you are at 5 years today. Cheers to another fun year with you.

37. I am in awe of how smart and thoughtful you are at such a young age. I adore you so much and I wish you a beautiful 5th birthday.

38. To many more years of celebrating the wonderful boy that you are. Happy 5th birthday my star boy.

39. To the cutest baby boy I know, happy 5th birthday my darling. Drink a juice box on my account.

40. I pray for God to be with you every day of your 5th year. Happy birthday sweet nephew.

Happy 5th Birthday Nephew Quotes

I know that you won’t always be a little baby but I still can’t get over the fact that you are a five-year-old. Wow! Dear (insert his name), I feel so blessed that you are my nephew. Wishing you more smartness and great hair cuts.

41. As young as you are, you already bring so much happiness into my life. Happy 5th birthday to my nephew.

42. Just like your water crayons, you bring so much colour and happiness into my life. Happy 5th birthday little guy.

43. Every day of my life is so much better because I have you as my nephew. Enjoy your 5th birthday my love.

45. Having you as my nephew is one of the best parts of my life. I celebrate your 5th birthday and I know that it will be fantastic.

46. Five years ago, you came into my life and changed it forever in the best possible way. Happy 5th birthday to the sweetest nephew.

47. I will choose you as my nephew over and over again. I love you so much (insert his name), happy birthday dear.

48. To the world’s greatest nephew, a happy 5th birthday to you. Keep being your smart self.

49. As far as I can tell, you’re the best nephew in the whole world and nothing can change my mind. Have the fun-filled 5th birthday you deserve.

50. The best nephew deserves the best birthday and year ahead. Happy 5th birthday my sweet sweet boy.

51. I hope that your 5th year is as fun as you will like it to be. I love you so much, happy birthday.

52. If you don’t know it already, having you as my nephew makes my life so much better. Happy 5th birthday sweetheart.

53. A happy 5th birthday to the most amazing little boy I know who is also my wonderful nephew.

54. Every year, you become more and more special. Happy 5th birthday dear sweet nephew.

55. I hope you have all the cakes and toys you love as you celebrate your 5th birthday. Have a great day dear.

56. Knowing how much you love your birthdays, I hope you totally enjoy your 5th birthday.

57. You are not so little anymore so you have to learn how to stop crying so much. Even if you do cry, I love you regardless. Happy 5th birthday dear.

58. I’m so excited to see what your life will be like as a 5-year-old boy. Happy birthday sweet nephew, have fun.

59. Another wonderful year to see my adorably cute nephew, it makes me so happy. Have the absolute best for your 5th birthday.

60. Since the day that you were born, you became a huge part of my life. I can’t wait to pamper you throughout your 5th year. Happy birthday dear nephew.

5th Birthday Wishes for Nephew from Aunt.

What a blessing it has been to be your aunt since the day that you were born. I have watched you become this confident and smart boy. I love you so much my sweet boy and I pray for God to guide you through your 5th year on earth.

61. For five beautiful years, you have made me such a happy aunt. Happy 5th birthday, my baby boy.

62. I’m going to ask your mom to extend your tv time today because you’ve earned it. A beautiful 5th birthday to you.

63. I love how excited you are about your life even though you don’t understand everything. Keep being the cheerful boy I know you to be. Happy birthday, baby, your aunt loves you so much.

64. Happy 5th birthday to my special nephew in whom I am well pleased. You make being an aunt so fun and I can’t wait to have fun with you all year round.

65. I am so happy that you are a part of my life. Being an aunt to a wonderful nephew like you makes life so much easier for me. Have a fantastic 5th birthday my dear.

66. I’m so glad that you came into our lives five years ago. Happy 5th birthday my love. You are the perfect nephew and I adore you so much.

67. I adore the kindness in your little heart and I thank God that I have a wonderful nephew like you. Do have the best of your 5th birthday.

68. Being your aunt is one of my favourite things about life because you are the best nephew ever. Enjoy your 5th birthday to the fullest.

69. what a beautiful 5 years it has been having you as my nephew. I can’t wait to see everything that is in store for your 5th year. Happy birthday my baby boy. 70. You don’t know how much joy being your aunt brings me. Happy 5th birthday my love, I’m always here for you.

71. My heart is bursting with so much happiness knowing that my little boy is now a 5-year-old. I feel so blessed that you are my nephew.

72. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me, to be your aunt. I hope you know that I’ll always be here for you. Have a wonderful 5th birthday.

73. A proud aunt to the coolest and kindest 5-year-old boy in the world. Happy 5th birthday my love.

74. Four years down, forever to go. Happy 5th birthday to the sweetest nephew ever.

75. A fantastic 5th birthday to the best nephew anyone could ever ask for. Keep growing in God’s love.

76. God loves you, your mom and dad love you and your dear aunt loves you so much. Make sure to enjoy your 5th birthday party.

77. Before you were born, I didn’t know what having a nephew felt like. With you, it’s such a beautiful feeling. Happy 5th birthday my love.

78. Words are not enough to express the love I have for my sweet nephew. On the occasion of your 5th birthday, I pray for God to protect you all the days of your life.

79. Being an aunt to you is such a special feeling and I can’t wait to spend another year being the best aunt I can be. A wonderful 5th birthday to you.

80. I love being your aunt as much as you love being my nephew. I’m rooting for you to have a fantastic 5th birthday.

5th Birthday Messages for Nephew from Uncle

I am so honoured to be an uncle to one of the kindest kids I know. You are so much more than my nephew, you’re like a son to me. I want you to have an incredibly beautiful 5th birthday and I’ll help to make sure you have it.

81. For five years, I have loved being your uncle and I can’t wait to do it forever. Have an awesome 5th birthday kiddo.

82. Now, you’re finally old enough to watch football with me. I wish you a happy 5th birthday.

83. For today, I’m taking a juice box to celebrate the 5th birthday of my awesome nephew.

84. While I impatiently wait for you to get older, I will gladly wish you a fantastic 5th birthday. Uncle (inserts your name) loves you so much.

85. You inspire me to be a better uncle because you are an amazing nephew. Happy 5th birthday my little champ.

86. Hey little guy, I hope you have all the fun as you celebrate your 5th birthday today. Best wishes to you always.

87. Every year, I try to be a more perfect uncle because you are such a perfect nephew to me. I hope you enjoy your 5th birthday and all year round.

88. Being an uncle to you has taught me to be a better person and I owe it to how awesome of a nephew you are. I know that your 5th year will be so cool. Happy birthday, son.

89. Another year to document memories with my favourite nephew, wishing you a wonderful 5th birthday.

90. I’m always going to be here to remind you that you are such a special boy. Have a special 5th birthday because you deserve it all.

91. Thank you for helping to prepare me for fatherhood.  Love you kiddo, happy 5th birthday.

92. You know your favourite uncle loves you so much right? I really do. We’re going to have so much fun this year. Happy 5th birthday.

93. To my dearest nephew who gives me unlimited troubles, happy 5th birthday to you. Ps. This may or may not be a complaint.

94. One step closer to being my football buddy. Happy 5th birthday little champ, uncle loves you.

95. Your cuteness outweighs your trouble (insert laughing emoji). I hope you enjoy every day of your 5th year, happy birthday son.

96. I absolutely love being your uncle and this year won’t be any different. Cheers to your 5th year on earth and all the fun I plan to have with you. Happy birthday dear nephew.

97. Another yearly reminder that you make being an uncle so much fun for me. I can’t wait for all the fun we’ll have for your 5th year, happy birthday, my little man.

98. I have only known you for five years but it feels like a lifetime. To my pretty awesome nephew, happy 5th birthday.

99. From a handsome uncle to his handsome nephew, do have a fun-filled 5th birthday.

100. I feel pretty lucky to be an uncle to such a wonderful nephew. I hope you get all the love you deserve for your 5th birthday.

I just want to say that your nephew is lucky to have you in his life because he will be excited to receive any of these 5th birthday wishes, messages and quotes for my nephew from you.
To make this birthday wishes a lot more personal for your nephew, you can add the special names/nicknames you have for him to these messages.
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