Happy 58th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 58th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with celebrating your birthday with well-deserved accolades to yourself. Others may not think so, but at 58 years old, you certainly deserve all the back-patting, sweet nothings, hypes and praises you can shower on yourself on your birthday. What’s there to be abashed about!? If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will? The world takes the clue of how to treat you from You! People that are treated as trash and ignored first trash themselves by undermining selves. People that are treated as VIPs carry themselves regally as royalty. Yes, show them how! Unapologetically, with your shoulders held high. Your birthday earns you a bragging right.

People see your smiles, but they do not see the pains you conceal. People see your success but they do not glimpse the struggles behind it. You alone carry the burdens while they share in the blessings, please go ahead to splash your 58th birthday wishes, quotes, messages and prayers to yourself on all your social media handles.

Do you think no one cares about you? You will be amazed at the outpouring response to your cute birthday wishes to yourself. Even if it’s a yearly self-love affair, you can bet they’d be on the lookout for an attention-grabbing one from you. It’s not in you to disappoint, remember? Go ahead and give them 58th birthday well-spiced sauce!

Hey, it’s your 58th birthday! A royal occasion. Celebrate with pomp and fanfare. Splurge on yourself. Castaway the undesirable garment of despondency; nobody has it all!

Do you choose to be your own paparazzi? Are you excited about being your own biggest fan? Want to show your awesomeness on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp status/DP or Twitter? Care for something witty, interesting, a bit shocking, many shades of inspiring? You are at the right place! Check out this collection of cute happy 58th birthday to me wishes and quotes:

Best 58th Birthday Messages for Myself

The best gift to myself this new phase of my life is a message of absolute self-love and applause. Darling self, you are a superstar! Happy 58th birthday to me!

Sending yourself a cute birthday message isn’t egotistical. It is self-love. These best 58th birthday messages for myself it is:

1. Every birthday has its unique blessings. Each year comes with a message of hope and promises of goodness for myself. It’s my season of greatness and I’m poised to explore new frontiers, ready to break new grounds. Happy 58th birthday to me!

2. I’m a constant recipient of numerous blessings and one wrung through storms with a smile of victory; it’s been grace all the way. My 58th birthday message for myself this new year is, “this too shall pass”. I’m unbearable! Happy birthday to me!

3. Birthday message to myself: You do not look what you have been through only because God has been with you. He still has your back; fear not, forge ahead. It’s my 58th birthday: happy birthday to my darling self!

4. I embrace life with this philosophy: it’s either I win or I win. It’s either I soar or I fly. No time to waste time on negative vibes. This reminder serves as a 58th birthday to myself. Dearest me, it’s a new season of a win/win synergy. Enjoy the ride! Happy birthday to me.

5. A vital message to self on this special day: You are enough. Come rain, come shine, you are always more than enough. So, wear your gay clothes and put on your cheery smile; nothing will steal your shine! Happy 58th birthday to me!

6. On a beautiful day like this, I’m prompted to write a message to myself: Dear extraordinary self, you are human. Mistakes are bound to happen, age notwithstanding. Mistakes have their place in the learning process. Stop being hard on yourself. Learn and move on. Enjoy the blessings of each day. Happy 58th birthday to me!

7. It’s the 58th chapter of my amazing existence! Happy birthday to my spectacular self! I send a message of love packaged with hugs to myself. Wishing myself the best birthday ever!

8. It’s a new season, I got the memo! The message is clear and concise; it’s a season of celebration, fun and laughter! Happy 58th birthday to my wonderful self!

Happy Birthday to Me 58 Years Old

It’s with utmost pleasure that I announce another year in my life. Of a truth, I made sweet and soothing lemonades from the lemon’s life hurled at me. A happy and prosperous birthday to me at 58 years old!’

Start your new year with that spoiler; happy birthday to me at 58 years old:

9. Happy birthday to my darling self. I’m rocking 58 years old superbly like a trendy 28-year-old. Here’s to fun, loads of love, laughter and blessings!

10. My heart is full of gratitude for all the blessings and privileges I’ve enjoyed. I am 58 years old today, I choose to forget all my problems. I choose to count my blessings and be ecstatically happy as I look forward to more years of favor. Happy birthday to me!

11. Happiest birthday to my 58 years old self. I wish myself the best year ever! Zero anxiety, zillion blissful moments and zillion enjoyment!

12. Happy birthday to my self-willed, resilient, strong and beautiful soul self at 58 years old. I’m super thankful for the gift of life and the wonderful people around me. Cheers to a splendid new year!

13. To be alive, still kicking and cruising, I deserve a national award for being a spunky 58- year- old. Yes, I made it! Happy birthday to me!

14. Happy birthday to my loving, remarkable and talented self at 58 years old! I love how I treat people around me with love and kindness. I have been an amazing person to everyone that crosses my path; it’s why I’m the uncrowned regent of the universe. Cheers to royalty with swag!

15. All that I am, I owe it to God. All that I hope for or aspire to be, I have absolute confidence He will make it happen as I turn 58 years old. Happy birthday to me. Cheers to a fulfilling new year!

16. When God has got my back, I have no choice but to carry my head high with great pride. I am super thrilled to celebrate God’s awesomeness in my life at 58 years old. Rejoice with me friends: happy birthday to me!

58th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

A hearty and happy 58th birthday to my amazing self. I wish myself a fantastic year filled with joyful, exciting and memorable moments. This new year, may my prayers receive special attention and favor.

A lovely way to announce your birth anniversary is with these 58th birthday prayer wishes for myself:

17. Thank you, gracious Lord, for the gift of life, good health, amazing family and awesome friends. Dear Lord, I pray that shouts of joy and victory will not cease in my life. Everything that gives me joy, shall not cause me pain or sorrow in Jesus’ name. I wish myself a fulfilling 58th birthday!

18. I wish my humble, precious, and remarkable self the merriest 58th birthday ever! As I march into the next level, I shall move from glory to glory in Jesus’ name I pray.

19. What a joyous day! Let me be the first person to wish myself an amazing birthday. Darling self, I wish you a new year filled with joy, full of fulfilled expectations and free of disappointments. Happy 58th birthday to me!

20. I wish my amazing self a superb 58th birthday full of awesome surprises and loaded with the desires of my heart. I pray that this new year shall be good to me and all that is mine. Cheers to more wins!

21. Today is my 58th birthday; I’m super excited to be alive and well. I wish myself a most spectacular birthday. I pray for a season of supernatural upliftment and favor. Cheers to an astonishingly good year!

22. When the gang leader of party benders hits a new age, all road is blocked for the celebration party of the century. I am a 58 years old bundle of fun and adventure. May bless me real good. I pray for more grace and glory. The Lord shall honor me, now and always. Happy birthday to me!

23. Happy 58 years old birthday to my beautiful and inspiring self. I pray that I shall live a long, prosperous, fulfilled and happy life.

58th Birthday Quotes for Myself

The benefit of getting on in age is saying things the way they are. No sugarcoating facts, no paraphrasing quotes, no faux pas dressing of truths. Yes! I am 58 shades of an outstanding phenomenon! Happy birthday to myself!

Let your birthday stand out with these 58th birthday quotes for myself:

24. The real definition of life is in the achievement of purpose. I am different, efficient, reliable, amazing and premium. Happy 58th purposeful birthday to me!

25. Nothing like a witty quote to bless my day. I am someone going somewhere. This new season, I’ll get everything I want and even more. Yes, it’s my 58th birthday! Happy birthday to my darling and daring self!

26. I am a fun-loving being, a party freak and a waist bender. A loyal friend to loved ones and a fierce crushing force to foes. Is that a quote? Yes, it is and I’m a phenomenal 58-year-old today! Happy birthday to my premium self!

27. You know how one associate smells with memories? I do that on my birthdays. I smell like everything that encompasses comfort, kindness, soft and cuddly cushions, and warmth. May the universe wrap its warmth around me, always. Happy Birthday 58th birthday to me!

28. I have the sauce.
I am the spice.
I am iconic.
I have the energy.
I am everything premium!
Happy 58th birthday to myself with best wishes!

29. Getting older, not growing old. I’m older, but vibrant with pleasant vibes, loving, lively with an amazing zest for life. I wish myself a fabulous 58th birthday, full of an avalanche of blessings and good health.

30. A day is never enough to celebrate my royal awesomeness, but I will make it count. This new year, I will be inspired by my own stories. When life changes my plan, I’ll find my way. Happy 58th birthday to myself!

Beautiful! You did well by yourself. Life gives back what you first offer. You set the pace for what you expect from others. Being an introvert shouldn’t stop you from being celebrated by those who love you and whose lives you’ve touched in one way or the other.

Now you know: you are a celebrity to so many! You are the star whose glowing light helps others to shine. Your charming smiles, kind words, encouragement and inspiration, are what set you apart from others. Kindness is a hard currency never going out of fashion. Finally, it makes you feel good when you celebrate yourself. Glow in the euphoria of amazing self-love.

Thank you for making us an integral part of your 58th birthday celebration. You’ll live to celebrate more fulfilling years to come. The world will continue to applaud your greatness.

Please, share this with your family, friends and loved ones. The more, the merrier! Feel free to comment, make suggestions, or ask questions. I’ll gladly respond to them.

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