Happy 55th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

Happy 55th Birthday to Me Wishes and Quotes

The love in our hearts when we add another year is tremendous and can only be expressed. There are some ages of birthdays that attract more attention for celebration; some of them are the 1st birthday, 5th birthday, 10th birthday, 16th, 18th 25th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 100th. But no one determines for one when to throw a party or when not to, so, if you are 55 years old and you wish to throw a party, I’ve got messages here for your self-styled celebration.

Celebrating oneself should become a habit. After going through these happy 55th birthday to me wishes and quotes, you’d love to celebrate every other year. Make yourself happy if just for one day in the year which is your birthday. Be the architect of your own joy.

I understand that getting the right words to celebrate oneself may be a little difficult to extract from our minds and brains, I’ve done that for you, all you have to do is use the messages here, read out loud to your soul and celebrate. You could even post them on your social media status. Be it prayer messages and beautiful wishes to celebrate your own birthday, you have them all here. Sit down, relax, get the messages across to your being and relish in the fact that you are a year older. HURRAH!

Best 55th Birthday Messages for Myself

Today will be the best day of my life in these 55 years I have lived through the grace of God. My message will be to be the best of who I was created to be. Happy 55th birthday to me.

1. Today is a very important day in my life. Of all the things that come once in a year, my birthday is the most important and today I wish myself a big happy 55th birthday.

2. Today I become the object of attraction to most people because it is my birthday. I ask that my light will always shine brighter and brighter. Happy 55th birthday to me.

3. It is another year of pleasant expectation for me. It’s my 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

4. Today I clock my 55th special birthday. It is a journey I would love to embark on over and over again. Happy birthday to me.

5. I am a peculiar person, a royal priesthood, a beloved of the Lord. It’s my 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

6. I have more reason to thank God than any other person because I am the most favoured by the Lord. It’s my 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

7. I’m a year older, make some noise! It’s my 55th birthday. All glory and thanks unto the Lord.

8. My life is becoming better and better by the day and with each passing year. Happy birthday to me on my 55th birthday.

9. Happy 55th to me. Today is the day I was born and glory is to God for this journey for this number of years. I am indeed grateful to God.

10. All hail the power of Jesus name. Today is my day, let the earth be glad. Happy 55th birthday to me.

Happy Birthday to Me 55 Years Old

I am 55 years old today. Wow, I have looked back and seen how great God has been to me. All I can say today is God be praised. Happy birthday to me.

11. My mouth is filled with praises and thanks to the Lord today as I turn 55 years old. Happy birthday to me. More blessing upon my life.

12. The more I see. The clearer it becomes. Happy birthday to me. So glad to know that I am already 5 years old.

13. My life is a statement of miracle on its own. Today I can boldly say I am 55 years old. I give all glory to God. Happy birthday to me.

14. Oh Lord, to you be all glory now and forevermore. Happy birthday to me as I turn 55 years old today. Rejoice with me.

15. Blessed be the name of the Lord on the love and care he has showered on me. I am officially 55 years today. Happy birthday to me.

16. Everywhere I turn to, I see Gods goodness. Everywhere I go, it is all miracles. Happy birthday to me. I am 55 years old today.

17. I am 55 years old today. Thank god for the breath of life and the preservation of my life. Happy birthday to me.

18. I am officially 55 years old today. Many things have happened and many incidents have occurred but all have been to the glory of God.

19. I don’t where to start but I am eternally grateful for being alive today to celebrate this auspicious 55 years of my life. Happy birthday to me.

20. Being 55 years old comes with its uniqueness. Happy birthday to me on my official clocking of 55 years.

55th Birthday Prayer Wishes for Myself

If I have to pray for myself, I would do that for the entire day. I give thanks to God this beautiful day as I celebrate my 55th birthday and I wish myself many happy returns in good health. It’s a day I get to enjoy myself. Happy birthday to me.

21. For my 55th birthday today, I pray that heaven gives me loads of blessings that I cannot finish unloading. Happy birthday to me.

22. There are beautiful things attached to birthdays; I hope that this 55th birthday of my life gives me beautiful things to celebrate.

23. Happy 55th birthday to me today. I ask that goodness and mercies be my portion as I march on in this new age.

24. There is no better day to celebrate than today. I am here to celebrate my 55th birthday. I pray that things of celebration will not cease from my life.

25. My life is a blessed one; happy 55th birthday to me. I pray that amid the challenges of life, the Lord will show up for my case.

26. I will sing unto the Lord a new song. It is my 55th birthday. Glory be to God. I hope to celebrate many more years.

27. Today, I pray for peace, protection and showers of blessings over my life as I mark this 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

28. May the strength of my life not be cut short in my prime. This is wishing me a happy 55th birthday today. Hurrah!

29. The Lord is the one who gives the power to make wealth. Today, may the Lord launch me into the realms of great productivity. Happy 55th birthday to me.

30. For the Lord will lift me and crown all my efforts with success. On this day of my 55th birthday, I wish myself every good blessing.

31. When I pass through the waters, they will not sweep over me. Even if I have to pass through the fire, they won’t burn me. This is my prayer as I continue in this journey called life. Happy 55th birthday to me.

32. As life continues, we have to pass through several challenges to have what it takes to match up. I pray that I would not be found wanting in many areas of my life. Happy 55th birthday to me.

33. Dear Lord, I thank you for your grace over my life these past 55 years. As I mark this birthday, I ask that you bring me to a place of refreshing grace for my promotion in life. Happy birthday to me.

34. Happy 55th birthday to me. I pray that more ideas will be released unto me for greater success in this new age. Congratulations to me.

35. Hurrah! I am 55 years old. Wherever the sole of my footsteps on, there I shall possess. I anchor on this promise as I march with pride into this new age. Happy birthday to me.

36. The Lord will be strength and shield. Happy birthday to me. No evil will befall me. Happy 55th birthday to me.

37. Oh, that you would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory. This is my prayer to you, dear Lord as I celebrate my 55th birthday.

38. As I cross over into this new age in celebration, may no contamination of sorrow ever infiltrate my life. Happy 55th birthday to me.

39. Happy 55th birthday to me. Dear Lord, I know that you show mercy to who you want to show mercy to. I plead for your mercy in all that I shall do even as I mark this blessed 55th birthday.

40. No one has come to the Lord and suffered a loss. In this new age, I shall always experience an increase. Happy 55th birthday to me.

55th Birthday Quotes for Myself

Whoever is blessed by God cannot be cursed; that goes my favourite quote on this beautiful day of my birthday. I celebrate my 55th birthday. Happy birthday to me.

41. Just like wine, I get better with age. I know that this new age shall be to more favours for me. Happy 55th birthday to me.

42. I know that whoever has found favour with God does not struggle with men. Happy 55th birthday to me. I shall never struggle in this life.

43. Blessed be the hands that raised me and the eyes that watched over me. Happy 55th birthday to me.

44. With every good thing of life come challenges and responsibilities, as I clock this awesome 55th birthday, I shall never look back to a better yesterday. Happy birthday to me.

45. Grey hair is a crown to the aged. As I clock this amazing 55th year, I ask that heaven crown my life with glory. Happy birthday to me.

46. from the mouth of the aged, wisdom is released. I pray that every word of my mouth shall be words of wisdom in this new year of growth. Happy birthday to me.

47. Birthdays come but once a year. On this special occasion, there shall be no loss in my life. Happy 55th birthday to me.

48. The younger generation expects to seek wisdom and help from the older ones. As I climb onto this special 55th age of life, I shall be relevant to those coming behind.

49. Even if all the best things in life is being competed for, my resources shall not be limited to make an impact in my generation. Happy 55th birthday to me.

50. Hurrah! 55 years looks good on me. I am a work in progress. God has not finished with me. When he is through I shall come out refined like gold. Happy 55th birthday to me.

Celebrating your 55th birthday should spur moments of joy with these messages here. Do remember to share this happy 55th birthday to me wishes and quotes with your friends and inner circles who may need them as well.

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