Happy 12th birthday cousin wishes

Happy 12th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

You know that all a child needs on their birthday is to be happy, right? A child will love being with you if you know how to do the things that make him/her happy.

Your cousin is about to celebrate his/her twelfth birthday, yeah? Imagine how excited you can make him/her if you know things to do that a child will love or things to do to make birthday cakes more fascinating for a child.

Also, imagine writing a beautiful wish for them on their birthday card or in a message to them. This is the one I am here to help you with. Also, you can write the wish on the gift you’ll give him/her. This part should make you think of perfect gift ideas for a twelve year old.

So, to help you, I have written these happy 12th birthday cousin wishes and quotes for you to use however you like.

I believe the best way to say “happy twelfth birthday to you, cousin” is through these wishes and quotes. You’ll believe it too after you read through them.

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Twelfth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

“My big prayer for this twelve-year-old is that this age will be a blissful one. I am wishing you a happy twelfth birthday, my dear cousin, and joy and a cuter face are just two of my many other wishes for you.”

1. Newest thing about the most amazing cousin in the world is that he’s twelve today. And my wishes of long life and prosperity are for him. Happy birthday to you, dear.

2. Now, I just have to look at you wherever I want to see a beautiful and mind-blowing twelve-year-old. I pray this age will be filled with happiness for you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

3. If I have to show you my favourite twelve-year-old in the next year, I’m taking you to a mirror. And here’s my wish for all the best of your age for you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

4. I pray you’re that twelve-year-old that will shine brighter than anything I’ve ever seen. And don’t forget to remind yourself that your aunty loves you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

12th Birthday Messages for Cousin

“There’ll always be me, your cousin and one of your biggest fans, using your birthday as an opportunity to tell you that you’re special! I hope this message makes you feel really special. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. Shine on for yourself and God.”

5. Thank God you’re shining at twelve. And I thank God that many wonderful things will come to you at this age. Happy birthday to you, dear. Enjoy the best.

6. Blessed girl, you are. And I’m blessed to be a part of your family. Thanks for the many smiles you’ve put on my face. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. Life will be sweet for you.

7. Tell anyone that wants to hear many stories about your awesomeness to come to me and me, your uncle that is proud of you, will happily tell them. Happy 12th birthday to you, dear. Best wishes.

8. Your birthday will always come with that super-excitement and a reminder that God is good to my little cousin. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. Live and prosper.

Happy Twelfth Birthday Cousin Quotes

“I know you’re going to enjoy life after your twelfth birthday. I know because I’m one big fan of you, one that has studied you. Your cousin is here saying happy birthday, saying you’re the best cousin ever and saying you’re free to quote him on that.”

9. I can’t wait to see your super bright future. And I can’t wait to see you enjoy being twelve years old too. Happy birthday to you dearie.

10. Truth is you’re irreplaceable, and I’m glad I can witness the growth of a legend in the making, and celebrate with her at twelve. Happy birthday to you, dear.

11. You know what’s interesting to watch? A star that’s growing bigger and brighter, and today that star is twelve years old. Happy birthday to you, dear.

12. My gift for you today is to remind you that you’re a good gift from God to me. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear.

Birthday Wishes for 12 Years Old Cousin

“My excitement is also because I know that God will make this age sweet for you. You’ll hear my many wishes for you as you turn twelve years old later, but my biggest wishes for you are joy and peace. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.”

13. Have a happier day than I’ll do when I’m president. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. May your age bring you sweet things.

14. Hope you’re not learning to underrate your beauty and intelligence? Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. May life get sweeter and better for you.

15. I’ll be serious with my next three words. You are awesome. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. May life treat you well at this age and after it.

16. I’ll be quick to remind everyone that cares to hear that I’m the most amazing twelve years old alive if I were you. Happy birthday to you, dear. May you enjoy every phase of life you go through.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 12

“I am going to spend time with the sweetest cousin ever today, the amazing boy is turning twelve today. Do you know what’s sweeter than spending time with you? Nothing! My wishes for you? Happiness and all you want, forever. Happy birthday to you, dear.”

17. I’m glad you came twelve years old as a star. Happy birthday to you, dear. I am wishing you all that will make your life at twelve to be sweet.

18. Today started with God smiling more than usual because of your birthday. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. I am wishing that you’ll never stop shining.

19. Am I not lucky to be among those that will get a hug from you on your big day? Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. I am wishing for life to be blissful for you.

20. I’m glad I am witnessing the first day of a year that will be very amazing for you. Happy twelfth birthday to you, dear. I am wishing you’ll get to the top of whatever you get into.

I see you read through — thank you for reading — and I think I caught you smiling when you saw the many beautiful happy 12th birthday cousin wishes and quotes.

If a thought just crossed your mind right now that your cousin will love to receive one or more of them on his/her twelfth birthday, then, the truth just crossed your mind.

I’m sure you’re happy that I gave you these, so, I want to say this: If you ever want to pay me back, you can do so by sharing these wishes with some of your friends. Thank you.

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