Happy 45th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 45th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

When your boyfriend is 5 years shy of the golden age, then it’s time to go all out to celebrate your bundle of joy and your tall glass of handsomeness, specially at 45. When you have a super-duper boyfriend who makes your happiness a priority, then, you hit a jackpot! That cute boyfriend of yours, who never ceases to make your heart flutter deserves to be celebrated in a special way on his 45th birthday. A woman in love always goes all out for the man behind her radiant smiles. Same way hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; a woman so thoroughly loved will be passionate about her boyfriend’s birthday.

While you are at it, make his head swell, his chest puff up and his heart twists in love so pure and beautiful! Love is beautiful and exhilarating when it pleases. It’s fulsome, inspiring and endlessly exciting. True love seeks expression in many ways. Indeed, everyone has an innate desire to love and be loved in special ways. Reciprocated love is as sweet as a fountain of sweet wine; whereas, a one-sided display of love kills faster than a virus. That’s why people choose the man or woman of their dreams and love at middle age should be nothing short of heavenly.

It’s your darling boyfriend’s 45th birthday. Time to go all out to celebrate this gift of incomparable pleasure. Whatever you are going to do; dinner for two, surprise birthday, candlelight dinner, gifts, orchestra services etc, burst his brain with cute and lovely birthday wishes, quotes, greetings and prayers!

Yes! What’s a celebration without a verbal or written expression of love? Bland! Add spices and flavour of sweet and endearing words to your boyfriend’s birthday.

Care for help in finding suitable birthday wishes for your boyfriend? Flummoxed as to what to write down? Oh, I get it! Word is not your forte and you need help to put expression to your feelings to your precious boyfriend?

Worry no more! Smile like you won the lottery. Here are lovely happy 45th birthday wishes for boyfriend:

Best 45th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

‘Happy 45th birthday to the man that makes me tick. My bookie boo, loving you and being loved by you is an out of the world experience. You are the best boyfriend in the universe! My prayer for you is that you may have a new year of great blessings, abundant peace, good health, unlimited joy with daily messages of countless blessings and so much more! Do have a beautiful new beginning with all my love!’

1. Happy birthday to my beloved boyfriend. 45 really looks good on you. It’s the new 25th with great vibes. God’s faithfulness and mercy shall continue to avail for you, my delicious cup of sweetness. Your path shall not be dark and slippery. It is smooth all through this new age and beyond. Congratulations and happy many returns.

2. Happy 45th birthday to my sweet melody. You will continue to look fresh and younger come 80. Darling boyfriend, this is just your beginning of greater achievements to come in good health and great wealth. May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart and exceed your expectations. This new year shall be full of resounding success and testimonies in Jesus’ name. I love you so much.

3. Happy 45th birthday to my prince charming, the ruling king of my kingdom and my ready-made fit to perfect size crown. May the Lord clothe you with the garment of excellence and crown you with unlimited favour. May this new year be a turning point of a great beginning for you in Jesus’ awesome name. I adore you, my sweetheart. Have fun!

4. Happy 45th birthday to my boyfriend, my Delight. May you never know a better yesterday. May all your tomorrow be hugely better than your wonderful today. The line shall fall upon you in pleasant places, great shall be your lot. The Lord shall give you a new song to sing this new season. Songs of joy, victory and blessings. Loads of love to you, dearie.

5. A wonderful and happy 45th birthday to the apple of my eyes. You do not look your age or what you’ve been through. This new season, exceeding grace will speak for you. God will give you beauty for the ashes of your past. He’ll make you laugh where you’ve cried. You’ll be greatly honoured where you were despised. Men and angels shall call you blessed, in Jesus’ name. I love you.

Happy 45th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

‘I can sing a beautiful song for you with the melodious voice you so cherish, but I’ll do it better sending it in unforgettable quotes. You mean the world to me, my cupcake. Happy 45th birthday to you, my forever cherished boyfriend.’

Thrill the boss of your heart with one of these happy 45th birthday boyfriend quotes:

6. Your love is the umbrella that shields me from the storm of loneliness and the heat of life’s frustration. Happy 45th birthday to my premium choice. Dearest boyfriend, loving you was the best decision I took. Cheers to a spectacular new year, my love!

7. Older men are like vintage wine. Younger men are like fizzy drinks. You are a perfect blend of fresh and vintage wine, darling boyfriend. Loving you makes me feel tipsy without losing my head, yet hooked. Happy 45th birthday to you, love of my life. You are so awesome that pitching my tent to yours is no brainier. I love you so much, Munchkin. Have fun!

8. Loving you is the coolest music I put on perpetual repeat play. Sweet, soothing, wonderful and every shade of awesome. Happiest 45th birthday to you, my heartthrob. Your love game is the best: unmatchable! Have a splendid day, boyfriend! I love you.

9. By the power invested in me as your heartbeat, I hereby declare today as a grooving, cruising, wining and dining day. Happy 45th birthday, my precious boyfriend. Here’s wishing you long and better life, and more of all your heart desires. I love you, dude. Cheers, Honey!

10. To my delightful cheesecake, but nutty as fruitcake boyfriend like no other, celebrating your awesomeness on a special day is my pleasure. Happy 45th birthday, my Gem. You are a good find, a rare gem. Your love and care wash over me like waves upon waves of refreshing water. I

Happy 45th Birthday to My Boyfriend

‘Happy 45th birthday to my romantic and wonderful boyfriend. You are so sweet and charming, I love you. I wish you the coolest birthday and a beautiful new year. Hugs and kisses!’

Show your boyfriend you’ve got what it takes to make his day exciting with these happy 45th birthday to my boyfriend:

11. Happy 45th birthday to my cool, hot and handsome boyfriend. You are the man that works so hard to put a sweet smile on my face. You inspire me so effortlessly to lavish all the abundance of my heart’s content to you. You are a great man. Great things shall always happen to you, this new season and forever.

12. You are a goldmine, darling boyfriend. A good catch. I’m not letting you go anytime soon. My heart is hooked to your awesomeness, line and sinker. I love you, buddy. Happy 45th birthday to you, love. Be happy, Honeypie. You deserve it!

13. Happy 45th birthday to the special guy whose love makes me sleep like a baby every night. Thank you for pampering me like a baby, sweetie. I love you more and more each passing day. May the New year be extremely kind to you, darling boyfriend. I’m here to make it happen.

14. Happy 45th birthday to my extraordinary boyfriend, mentor, inspiration and love. I’m so proud to call you mine. Thank you for your unflinching support in my personal and career growth. I love you now and forever. Have a fun-filled day and a fulfilling new year Handsome!

15. Happy 45th to the man that rocks my heart majestically and rules my world in grand style! You are an epitome of excellence, precious boyfriend; a one in a million! You are wise, smart, witty and naughty to boots! I’m forever yours in love, fun and pranks. I wish you loads of happiness and success.

45th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

’45 is the new rage for Zaddy things; right now, you are overqualified, but you are in all the same! Sending you beautiful and fabulous birthday greetings with all my love. Have a merry day, darling boyfriend. You rock!

Nothing but lovely 45th birthday greetings to keep your boyfriend deliriously happy:

16. Happy 45th birthday plus awesomeness, boyfriend! Hope you know I adore you from the depth of my heart. Guess you are aware that I cherish you with every breath I take, and all the passion I can muster. You mean the world to me. Birthday greetings to you with all my love!

17. A beautiful birthday greetings to an amazing boyfriend, an exemplary gentleman, at 45. You’ve touched so many lives positively, mine included; you deserve all the joy and love that the world has to offer this new season and beyond. Cheers, darling!

18. A fantastic 45th birthday greetings to the boyfriend after my heart. I love you so much, Pumpkin. I wish you a new year of experiencing supernatural upliftment and an all-around breakthrough. Have a lovely celebration!

19. A heartwarming 45th birthday shoutout greetings to the man that makes me feel like a million bucks! Darling boyfriend, you are a year younger, with no burden of a midlife crisis, wiser, smarter and more handsome! I love you like it’s trending but will soon go out of fashion. Be happy, Munchkin. You deserve it!

20. A resounding 45th birthday greetings to my heartthrob! Loving you this much does great things to my heart. I feel I need you like a drowning man needs a lifejacket. Your love is my redemption; I adore you. I wish you many happy returns.

Cute 45th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

‘A cute birthday wish will set you off on a journey of endless ecstatic mood. Happy 45th birthday to my uncommon and exemplary boyfriend. I love you. I wish you pure bliss with loads of extraordinary experiences this new season and beyond. Cheers!’

These cute 45th birthday bundle of great delight wishes for my boyfriend will certainly do wonders for your boyfriend:

21. Happy 45th birthday to the man that makes my heart thumps crazily. You are an exceptional man, boyfriend! Little wonder they say a book should not be judged by its cover. You easily surpassed all my expectations, plus loads of extras! You are my pillar, my joy and my staunch support system. I love you so much. Have a wonderful birthday and new year!

22. Finally! You are officially 45, but forever 25! Others grow older while getting younger; there must be a magical formula. Is it love or loving heart or adorable smiles? You are love personified, darling boyfriend. Happy birthday to you, sweetie pie. Have fun, today and always!

23. Happy 25 plus 20 years to my gorgeous and suave boo! Have a wonderful new year, precious boyfriend! You rock!

24. Happy 45th birthday to the centre of my gravity, my stable rock of immense support. You are a boyfriend in a trillion and I’m helplessly in love with you. Keep bubbling, my love. Cheers!

25. Love is beautiful when shared with the best partner. Happy 45th birthday to my adorable prince charming. May you enjoy good things this year and forever. Congratulations, boyfriend! You are irreplaceable.

Funny 45th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

26. The older you get, the less your sugar intake. Exactly why I didn’t get a birthday cake for you. Never mind about thanking me, Honeybunch, what are girlfriends for? Happy 45th birthday, my tall glass of sparkling gorgeousness boyfriend! Love you now and always!

27. I promised to shock you on your birthday, so I’d like to tender my resignation letter as your girlfriend. I’d like to be your forever everyday crush. Happy 45th birthday, my dearest boyfriend. I wish you happiness, fun and blessings with loads of love. Cheers!

28. Nothing will make me dump you unless you failed to keep my slice of cake and favourite wine! Yes, love you, but my sugar tooth has to be satisfied. Happy 45th birthday, dearest boyfriend. You are a star, keep rocking my heart!

29. If our love boat capsizes, we’ll turn into lovebirds and fly into our fairytale island of togetherness. Happy 45th birthday, beloved boyfriend. Have the most spectacular birthday celebration, ever!

30. If love is an island, I’d love to be marooned with you without sending an immediate SOS. I’d create magical moments with the most amazing boyfriend on the planet. Happy 45th birthday, my adorable guy. Where the best men in the world gather, you’ll be on top of the list effortlessly. Be happy, now and always! I love you, bae!

I am exceedingly glad you chose this write-up to stoke the embers of love and passion in your boyfriend on his 45th birthday. It doesn’t matter if he’s shying away from the celebration initially; that’s why a woman is the flavour of every related.

These cute and romantic 45th birthday wishes will go a long way to communicate your love to your boyfriend and tickle him to his toes. Apart from celebrating him in special ways on his special day, you get to give him the much-needed refreshing reassurances of your love. You have filled his love tank to the brim: congratulations to you!

Please, share with your family and friends. If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to drop them here. Thank you.

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