Happy 44th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 44th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Forty-fourth year is not a really common year of marking one’s birthday, actually, that’s what makes it so special. Celebrating the forty-fourth birthday is a great deal especially when it’s about one’s girlfriend.

For a girlfriend who has been faithful and loyal, she definitely deserves more and better!

As a boyfriend, you shouldn’t be caught in the web of not having conveyed lovely and special birthday wishes to your girlfriend on her forty-fourth birthday because she deserves more than just the cakes and gifts, she deserves a bundle of lovely prayers, wishes and greetings poured out from a heart of love.

I’m sure you believe that!

Well, then, cap your plans and gifts with these lovely happy 44th birthday wishes for girlfriend. I’m so sure she’ll not just love it but also love you the more.


Let dive in and make that beautiful girlfriend of yours feel so elated and thrilled on her forty-fourth birthday!

Best 44th Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

My prayer for you, my love is life and more life. I pray that this new year of your life shall be made more beautiful and lovely. Happy 44th birthday, girlfriend.

1. My sweet angel, having you in my life is like an ointment on my head. I bless the day we met, darling. I pray for you my love that this new year of your life shall be a beautiful and awesome year for you. I love you, babe. Happy 44th birthday!

2. You are blessed sweetheart. I love you more and more as the day goes by. May your heart be engrossed with love and enraptured by sweetness specially in this new year of your life. Happy 44th birthday, my love.

3. It’s like the reverse case because as you are ageing, you are becoming more beautiful and lovely. I pray for a life endowed with blessings, peace, joy and love. Happy 44th birthday, sweetheart.

4. You’re my sun and you revolve around my world. I am so blessed to have you as mine. May you grow up and age with bountiful grace and sweetness in all you do. I love you, baby. Happy 44th birthday to you!

5. There is a lot to say and write even many gifts to endow you with, but let me start with the most important, a hearty prayer for my love: may I never lose you, may you be saturated with peace and happiness and live a fulfilled life. I love you, darling. Happy 44th birthday!

6. May your life be graced with joyfulness, filled with happiness and an abundance of peace. More achievements shall be put in stock for you this new year, sweetheart. Happy 44th birthday.

7. My heart is always with you, you have just made away with my heart, you are a heart robber! And I’m happy you’ve robbed my heart and actually own it because I have willingly given you all of it. I pray for you, sweetheart that your life shall be made more beautiful and lovely. This year shall be to you, a year of remarkable success and excellence. I love you, babe. Happy 44th birthday!

8. Grow in grace, love. May you never be a victim of evil circumstances. May I never lose you, my baby. Happy 44th birthday.

9. Giving you gifts and lovelies is definitely expected of me, my love. But much more, I give you my heart, I mean a prayer that springs forth from my heart because you’ve enraptured my heart. I pray that you shall have life and more life even a life encompassed with abundance of peace, favours and love. Happy 44th birthday!

10. Happiness unlimited, joy unbounded, blessings unstoppable and love boundless shall be your companion in this new year of your life. Happy and sweet 44th birthday to my sweetness.

11. Hey, sweetheart, 54th, oh sorry, 44th birthday! Really, I’m just so excited to have you in my life. May you have a smooth and success filled journey this year. Happy birthday, love.

12. Remembering today was your 44th birthday, and I was so much submerged with joy. I pray that your year shall be a year filled with joy, happiness and love. Happy 44th birthday, my joy!

13. To my heartthrob and sweet loving girlfriend, I pray that you have a happy and lovely 44th birthday! I love you, darling.

14. Happy 44th birthday my sweet, lovely and beautiful queen. May your life never be cut short and denied of the joy you deserve. I can’t love you any less, my queen.

15. May goodness and blessings flow into your life like a river. May you enjoy peace and comfort undiluted. This year shall be an awesome year for you. I love you, darling. Happy 44th birthday!

16. May you be poured upon, grace for a smooth year, mercy for a completely wonderful and great year. More achievements, more success. Happy 44th birthday, sweetness.

17. Much more than the gifts of material things, my heart pours out to you that you will be blessed with the gifts of love and happiness. May you find fulfilment and joy in all your endeavours this year. Happy 44th birthday, my jewel.

18. I am overwhelmed with joy and filled with happiness to have you in my life, my love. You are my jewel. I pray that a life saturated with love and joy shall be yours this year and beyond. Happy 44th birthday, my love.

19. Happy birthday love. May your 44th birthday be the best one you have ever celebrated! I am here for you and will always be by God’s grace.

20. Your life belongs to God and all your being is of Him. I pray that you will be kept and preserved in all things. May this year be a year of wonders and beautiful happenings for you. Happy 44th birthday, darling

Happy 44th Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

A special birthday of a special personality. My girl, you are not just special but having you is having a treasure to be cherished and valued filled. Happy 44th birthday, dear girlfriend.

21. I love you, I love your person, you are mine and I am yours. Happy 44th birthday, my love.

22. You are the sweet girl who always deserves nothing but the best things in the world. Happy birthday my love. 44 looks good on you.

23. A birthday with a difference for a girl so special. May all your wishes be granted to you throughout this year. Happy 44th birthday, darling.

24. Happy birthday, may you enjoy happiness and love for the next 365 days and more. Happy 44th birthday, sweetheart.

25. You surmount a year peacefully, may these next 365 days be a successful and wonderful one for you. Happy 44th birthday to you.

26. My darling, my sweetheart, you are my jewel and I’ll treasure you more and more. May this year be a fruitful one for you. Lovely and lively 44th birthday to my one and only!

27. Stay more focused darling, for greater heights awaits you this year. Many shall be your testimony for good. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 44th birthday.

28. Birthdays are new dawns in one’s life. May this birthday bring a new dawn for you and also birth newness all around for you. I loved you, I love you and will always love you. Happy 44th birthday, my sweet girlfriend.

29. Celebrating a birthday is normal but celebrating my girlfriend’s birthday is abnormal because it is very special and lovely. It’s your birthday darling, may special and lovely things be the order of the year for you.

30. Keep your head up high, sweetheart for this year has in stock for you all the good things that you deserve. May you enjoy peace and happiness all through. Happy 44th birthday, love.

44th Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Happy 44th birthday to you, my girlfriend. Many many happy returns of the day. May you enjoy peace and happiness, darling, I love you!

31. Happy 44th birthday, sweet pie. You are my heroine, dear. May all of your wishes come true. Many happy returns of the day.

32. May the skoal of this day be with you in years to come. May our love grow stronger and stronger by the day! Happy 44th birthday to my lovely girlfriend!

33. My greetings to the celebrant of today. Many shall be your blessings and uncountable shall be your favours and graces. Happy 44th birthday.

34. Fruitfulness and blissfulness shall be yours from now and henceforth. This year shall be a remarkable year for you, sweetheart. Happy 44th birthday to my heartthrob.

35. Greetings to my angel, your birthday means more to me. But much more having you as mine means so much to me. Happy and meritorious 44tth birthday to you!

36. May blessings, goodness and mercies be unravelled more and more to you, darling. Happy 44th birthday, sweetheart.

37. A fruitful and blossoming year shall this year be for you. Stronger and beautiful shall our love get. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 44th birthday!

38. Grace and peace shall follow you not just these 365 days but all the days of your life, darling. Happy 44th birthday to my beautiful girlfriend.

39. Happy birthday, my lady. I love you to the moon and back. Days will go and pass away but my love for you won’t change, dear. Happy 44th birthday.

40. Sweetness and blissfulness shall overwhelm you and make this year a remarkable year for you. Happy 44th birthday, darling.

Cute 44th Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Loving and treasuring you is my passion, my girl. I wish you have the sweetest and most colourful celebration of your birthday. I love you!

41. You are the reason for my smile and happiness. I wish you happiness undiluted and joy without no bound. Happy 44th birthday, my girl.

42. Life and love shall be your companion, sweetness and happiness shall be your friend all through, my wishes for you are life and that more abundantly. Happy 44th birthday, sweetheart.

43. Happy birthday to my sweet and lovely girlfriend. I pray that God blesses you with an abundance of peace, wealth and happiness. Never forget you are mine and I’m yours always!

44. Love and happiness, peace and joy, all these and more shall be yours. Happy, lovely and colourful birthday to you, love.

45. My heart is yours and yours is mine, darling. Today does not just mark your birthday but much more a season of prosperity, love and happiness all around for you. Happy 44th birthday.

46. Many happy returns, many blessings in turns and miracles beyond tonnes shall be yours. Happy 44th birthday, love.

47. Strength, blessings, joy, comfort, peace and love indeed many returns for you in this new year, darling. Happy 44th birthday.

48. Happiness shall be yours, achievements beyond the reach of limits and a life of fulfilment. All these are your testimony by the end of this year. Happy 44th birthday, my lovely girlfriend.

49. May your life be saturated with freshness in this new year. Newness in all things. May all your endeavours be favoured, darling. I wish you a happy, happy and meritorious birthday. I love you, my love. Happy 44th birthday!

50. I wish you strength and more ability to break new grounds, more excellence for greater achievements and peace and happiness to have a fulfilled life, specially with the both of us together. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 44th birthday.

Mission accomplished, you have just succeeded in making your girlfriend’s birthday a sweet and memorable one with the above collection of happy 44th birthday wishes for girlfriend.

Indeed, you have just made the right choice and also made her elated. I believe these words would go a long way in strengthening the chord of your love.

You can also get in the groove by giving your comment about this post as your comments go a long way with me and I’ll be really grateful to you.

You can also share any of this content with your friends and loved ones who would love you to celebrate their girlfriends as well.

I wish your girlfriend all the best and more fruitfulness in all of her endeavours. Also, may your love be stronger and stronger. Happy 44rth birthday to your girlfriend!


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