Happy 43rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 43rd Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Your girlfriend is the sweetest angel you have ever known, right? She’s got the perfect words to soothe your bad moods and her ‘troublesome’ acts still put a big smile on your face. She is just one soul that would always stick by you in the thick and thin. This leaves you wondering if you deserve such an angel in your life.

Tell her your thoughts and she would tell you how to make your dreams a reality. Tell her your worries and she will make you realize how to overcome your fears. Good enough, it is her 43rd birthday – a very special day, and of course, special days require special acts.

I know you would not mind going all out to show her how much you love her, and I would be just as excited as you would see her happy on her big day. Good news – you can now pay her back by using the sweetest good morning messages to spice up her day.

Yes. you can send her some birthday wishes on her 43rd birthday and watch her appreciate you in ways you cannot even imagine. Aside from the despicable joy, these messages will give her, she will also feel indebted to you and might replicate the same on your birthday.

Worry no more about the best birthday gift to get her because I have got you covered. To start with, I have made you a collection of mind-blowing happy 43rd birthday wishes for girlfriend to make this celebration a remarkable one. Copy and send these quotes to her already. I promise not to tell on you.

Best 43rd Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Dear girlfriend, the thoughts of how life would have been without you leave a wrinkle on my face. I can’t even imagine what the reality of it would be. You always show up in times no one else does. My birthday prayer for you as you celebrate your 43rd birthday is that you blossom beyond your imagination, best wishes from me to you.

1. You’re the angel sent by God to guide me through life. As you are plus one today, may all the desires of your heart, be granted to you. Happy 43rd birthday.

2. Thanks for being the woman of my dreams. May this year, usher you into a better and brighter future. Have a blast, my angel.

3. This is to wish you a very merry celebration, my queen. You’d never have a better last year. Happy 43rd birthday, my love.

4. My prayers for you on this day is to fulfil all of God’s purpose for you. You’re yet to experience the best moments, this year. Happy super birthday, my queen.

5. Happy 43rd birthday, mi amor. I wish you the best life has got. May you continually find favour in the sight of God and men.

6. May the massive grace of God be added to your new age. Happy birthday celebration, sweetie.

7. You’d cross through all the hurdles of life because God is releasing strength upon you. The world isn’t ready for your greatness, yet. Cheers to a fruitful year, dearie.

8. This new age ushers you into a realm of greatness and abundance. Happy 43rd birthday, my chocolate.

9. May you receive in double folds, the joy you’ve given out. It’s your big day, you’ve got every reason to be happy.

10. Just as candles lighten up a dark room, so will your life be lightened. Happy birthday world best girlfriend.

11. Every day is a good day as God has designed it, but for your special day, you’re receiving all the best and more. Cheers to a wonderful age, baby.

12. Just like the stars brighten the sky at night, so shall the Lord make your light shine forth, and illuminate your world. Happy birthday, my pinky.

13. With good health and long life, the Lord will prosper you. Happy 43rd birthday, love of my life

14. May everything that concerns you be brought to perfection. Happy wonderful birthday celebration to you, my beloved.

15. Keep soaring higher like the eagle. The sky is your starting point. Your new age is blessed. Happy 43rd birthday to you, hon.

Happy 43rd Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

Sweet girlfriend, If I ever have to make a wish, it’d be to have you by my side always. You bring me so much happiness. I don’t know how you do it, but I like it. Every day, I find myself falling in love with you, as though we just met. I hope your 43rd birthday is a fun-filled one.

16. I don’t need to peep through the calendar to be reminded of your day, I’ve got it saved in my heart. I’d always love and cherish you. Happy birthday, sweetie.

17. I’m super excited, that my unborn children have got the best role model they’d ever need. I’d choose you over and over again if I’d have to. I’m so delighted, having you in my life. 43 looks amazing on you.

18. It’s your 43rd birthday, but your gorgeous looks get me wondering if you’re 16. Your skin is as spotless as that of a newborn baby. Happy birthday, my shining angel. Love you loads.

19. With your beautiful smile, you always warm my heart. How you bring the best out of me, each day is so amazing. Happy birthday, darl, I’d forever love you.

20. I see hope, life, happiness and love, whenever I look into your eyes. I don’t ever want you to be out of my sight. I hope, we’d grow old and toothless together. Happy 43rd birthday, baby.

21. This is a reassurance of my unending love for you. You’re worth more than silver and gold to you. I would never trade you for anything in this world. Bon Felicita, my love.

22. With so many tears in my eyes, I’m writing this. Yeah, it’s tears of joy, baby. Reminiscing on how you came into my life and restored my lost hope. You gave me a reason to live and love. I’d do anything you’d have me do, to make your day special. Happy birthday to the most charming woman, the world’s got.

23. Watching those beautiful fairy tales of prince charming and his beautiful princess always make me desire such in reality. Well, I can say, that my desires were granted. You’re the answer to my prayers. Happy 43rd birthday, my princess.

24. I can’t keep calm, I’ve been staring at my clock all day, to be the first to wish you. And now, so much joy fills my heart, knowing that you’re right by my side. Your warmth is all I need to make my night. Happy birthday, mi amor.

25. I’d build for you a castle and have your name inscribed on it because you’re a queen and deserve to be treated as one. Thanks for being so amazing. Happy birthday, my one and only.

26. Crossing life’s hurdles have been with so much ease, cause I’ve got you with me. You inspire me to be the best version of myself. With such calmness and sweetness, you point out my weak points and help me work on them. Forever is the deal, baby. Happy 43rd birthday celebration.

27. I’m always eager to close for the day to run into your warm embrace. Sharing the ordeal of your day is what I always look forward to. Such an angel, I’m blessed. I don’t know what I even did to deserve you, but I promise to always cherish you. Happy birthday, pretty.

28. If the world is against me, I would worry less, because I’ve got someone that means the whole world to me, by my side. Together, we’d tell our story to our children’s children. We’d teach them what true love is. Happy sweet 43rd birthday, my better half.

29. In you, I found love and friendship. I must indeed be very lucky. You played a mother role to me. You helped me find my way when I strayed. Hey baby girl, let’s make a toast to us, because to our love, there is no end. Bon Felicita, my love.

30. Every time I count my blessings, I count you, a thousand times. You’ve been a source of joy and happiness in my life. I can’t imagine life without you. I promise to always be the man you prayed for. May your new age bring you beautiful memories. Happy 43rd birthday.

43rd Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

Dear girlfriend, you’re everything I ever desired in a lady. So pure at heart, one who wouldn’t mind giving out her last, to see others happy. I can’t think of a single day that you’re not a blessing to humanity. Don’t ever think your kind acts will go unrewarded. Have a remarkable 43rd birthday.

31. Here’s to much better moments, that await you. You’ve been such an amazing soul, and I can’t say less. You grow bigger and better, baby. Happy 43rd birthday celebration. Love you loads.

32. Even though many have failed to see how special you are, I definitely can’t be among the number. You’re are someone and something amazing, and I forever want to cherish you. Happy birthday, to the most amazing angel, the world has ever known.

33. You were my strength in the days, I was weak. You stood up for me and defended me when I couldn’t find my voice. What more can one pray for. Thanks for everything you do. Happy 43rd birthday, my queen.

34. Give her a penny, she brings back a thousand, give her an idea, she builds a future. Do you know who she is? She’s my pretty angel, a helpmate. I’d tell the world how much I love you. Happy birthday, my pearl.

35. The holy book had a peep on you when it described the “virtuous woman”. She knows the perfect time to do every single thing. I can boldly refer any situation to her and never be disappointed. May this new phase of your life take you to greater heights you’ve never known. Have a blast, baby.

36. The warmth of your love gives me hope and strength to face life. If I’ve to climb the highest mountain to make you happy, then I would, already. You’ve shown me the true essence of life. Happy 43rd birthday celebration, my teddy.

37. I don’t know if I should say I’m fortunate to have you. But whatever it is, I bless the day, our paths crossed. Happy birthday, mi amor. I’m all out to make you mine forever.

38. Your generation should count it all privilege, to have an angel like you be sent to them. I only hope they don’t take this act of love from God, for granted. I love you, my angel. Happy beautiful celebration, world’s best.

39. I’d never let you go through any bad moment alone. I’d be by your side when you most unexpected. For you and me, it’s for better or worse. I mean every single word to the letter. Happy 43rd birthday, celebration, bone of my bone.

40. I never get tired of waking up each day to your beautiful smile. Our love is renewed every morning, as the sun rises. I hope you’d make the happiest man on Earth, by granting my humble request of being the mother of my children. Happy big 43, my love.

Cute 43rd Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

You may mean one person to the world, but to me, you mean the world. You’re my girlfriend, cute lover, friend, teacher, and mentor. The best memories I’ve ever had are the ones shared with you. I’ve got this cute birthday wish for you as you celebrate your 43rd birthday – May you be a voice that will always be heard.

41. You’re an embodiment of beauty, always wearing a charming smile; I can’t think of a dull moment with you. You always come up with such an amazing way of waking up my hopes, whenever I’m down. For your 43rd birthday, I’m wishing you a splendid year filled with much joy. Happy birthday my angel.

42. You’ve positively impacted me in ways immeasurable. You taught me to always believe in myself, and never settle for less. You helped me strengthen my weaknesses. I can never love you less baby. Happy big 43. Loads of love, sweetie.

43. Guess whose birthday it is? It’s the day of my queen; she shines bright like a diamond, radiating my life. She speaks with so much eloquence and confidence. She’s my queen, my angel, my better half. Have a blissful year as you celebrate your 43rd birthday.

44. Happy birthday anniversary to you, love of my life. You’ve been the anchor on which I’ve leaned. With you, crossing any hurdle wouldn’t be so difficult. Thanks for being the woman I prayed for. I love you now and forever.

45. I’d go out of my way, to always see you smile. I’d always be there for you. I’d fight, whoever fights you. This is a reassurance of my love for you, as you mark your big day. I’ve got your back always, baby.

46. If I’m to write about how special you are to me, then I might end up writing thousands of books. I wish you a year filled with happiness and joy as you celebrate your big day. May the new year bring fruitfulness in all you do. Happy born day, honey.

47. We’d overcome the world together, yeah, you and I. There wouldn’t have to be a day where you’d long for my presence, because I’d always be by your side. Even when we can’t be with each other, our hearts would always be connected. Happy 43rd birthday, darling. It’s all love for you.

48. Every single win, every victory, every success, I ever achieved, would have your name attached to it. I can’t wait to sing you, the sweetest melodies on your special day. Happy birthday, my queen.

49. A lot of people will stick around when it’s rosy, but having someone by you during the rough times is divine. Thanks for sharing my best and worst moments with you. May the angels grant all your heart desires, today. Bon Felicita, baby

50. Let the celebration begin already. I’d sing you the sweetest melodies, and buy you, your favourite roses. I’d do whatever you’d have me to do, to make your day. Happy wonderful celebration, my joy giver.

These collections of mind-blowing 43rd birthday wishes for girlfriend have been compiled to help you give your girlfriend the most splendid birthday ever.

I know she’s the most amazing angel you have ever met, so, make her day beautiful with these messages right away.

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