Happy 40th Birthday Cousin Wishes for Female or Male

Happy 40th Birthday Cousin Wishes for Female or Male

Family is everything, cousins are the sweetest and their birthdays should be always a sweet occasion to look forward to.

Some cousins are best friends in disguise, you can’t do without them. You discuss everything you go through with them, laugh with them, shop with them, and do literally everything with them. Being this close to a family member is rare, and that’s the more reason you need to celebrate such a person in your life.

Is it your cousin’s birthday, and you want to celebrate them with beautiful words, but you’re confused about how to do that? Congratulations, because you’re on the right page where you get the best.

Below are happy 40th birthday cousin wishes for female and male and the ages range from 40th to 49th. That’s cool, right? Now, go ahead and choose the one that will be suitable for that great cousin of yours.

40th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for My Cousin

Dear cousin, no matter how much the wishes and quotes I write to you are, they will never sum up to how amazing you’ve been, and how much I love you. Here’s to many more years, my cousin. Happy 40th birthday.

1. You are one of my favourite people in life, and what we share is beyond family stuff. I’m the happiest person to welcome you into your 40th year because I have been there. May the 4th floor bring you blessings. Happy 40th birthday to you, cousin.

2. Did I hear you say 40? You have been through so much, all your life. I’m so happy you’re having the time of your life now. 40 years is a lot, and I hope you make great things out of it. Happy 40th birthday, my dear cousin.

3. Your love for family has been in existence for as long as I have known you. You don’t joke with family, and it’s so beautiful that we don’t joke with you as well. I join the rest of the world to wish you a fantastic 40th birthday. Have fun.

4. With you, I have never gone through anything alone; before I call you, you are there already. I’m sure if we weren’t cousins, we’d be couples. Thank God for your life, dear. Have a beautiful 40th birthday. All my love.

5. Isn’t it a great time to be alive? I mean, see all your friends and family around, on your birthday. It has a lot to tell about your personality. Please keep it up, dear cousin. This is the least you’d ever be. Happy 40th birthday to you.

6. I’m not saying this because I have been there, but because it’s the fact. The 4th floor is the beginning of life. Your last 40 years was just like a preparation for the real thing. Don’t worry, all is in control. Happy 40th birthday cousin.

7. Throughout your first 40 years, there was never a time to be said that you were sick. You were always very healthy and didn’t joke about work. I wish you could take it easy on yourself, in the next couple of years. Happy 40th birthday to you.

8. Never have I seen a hard worker like you. You motivate and inspire me to do and be more. You’re my backbone, and all these supports wouldn’t have been this enjoyable if they were from an outsider. God bless your days. Happy 40th birthday, my lovely cousin.

9. You are my favourite cousin in this family. I know how hard the rest wonder when they see us together. I’m afraid they might have to deal with it forever. Happy 40th birthday, my cousin. Let’s have some more fun, this year.

10. I want to thank you for carrying me along with all that happens in your life, not too many cousins can do that, without the fear of their secrets being leaked. Thanks for loving and trusting me enough. Will be looking to have more discussions with you. Happy 40th birthday to you.

11. You are beautiful, funny, accommodating, jovial and everything sweet. I’m so happy we finally put our differences behind us. Now, we have a beautiful friendship outside of the family. It’s your 40th birthday, and I can’t wait to rock it with you.

12. We have been together all our lives, and we’ve been through the hardest times together. In all of these, I have only come to realize that you’re the strongest person I have met. You carry on from your problems like they aren’t existing. I’m so happy about this great feat. Happy 40th birthday to you.

13. Turning 40 will have you feeling like you’re getting too old. I have been there, my dear. You just have to make use of all available opportunities and make sure you rest well, instead of stressing yourself. May God help you. Happy 40th birthday.

14. You are more like my sister because, to be honest, I didn’t get close to you because of family. Your sweet personality attracted me to you. I want to thank you for inspiring me in all ways. Happy 40th birthday to the sweetest cousin and friend.

15. The fact that there’s a family member who can discuss all his struggles with me, is something to be proud of. You skipped everyone, even the ones who are older than I am. Thank you so much for the honour. May God honour you this year, and forever. Happy 40th birthday to you.

16. I’m so thrilled to celebrate this beautiful and golden year with you. You are 40 already, and really, that’s a lot. You get so beautiful sleuth each passing day, and one could easily mistake you for a 16-year-old. You are doing well, dear. Happy 40th birthday to you.

17. Tell me it’s not true that you’re 40! I mean, you look like someone half the age. This is such a great thing to experience. You stood your ground firmly, in the last 40 years. You never took no for an answer, and you inspired a lot of women coming behind you. You have lived very well. Happy 40th birthday to you.

18. Your life is a golden testimony. There’s something about you that makes me want to be with you all the time; it’s how you inspire effortlessly, without pushing it. You are a force, dear cousin. I’m blessed by your life. Happy 40th birthday to you.

19. The fourth floor is the most beautiful one; where you look back and be very thankful for all the choices and mistakes you made because they made you who you are today. Please, look into doing more this year. Happy 40th birthday to you, my cousin.

20. We have a whole lot of things in common, and the most beautiful one is, we are never comfortable being in the midst of ordinary people. We aim more, and that’s the real deal. It’s so nice doing this thing called life with you. Happy 40th birthday to you.

21. If there’s anything I want to do right now, it’s to disappear to your house and start eating your birthday cake. Lol. To be honest, you’ve been a very wonderful person. You’ve contributed a lot to my growth, and you never charged for your services. You’re a good person. Happy 40th birthday to you.

22. When others talk about how beautiful their cousins are, I just ask them how old they are, because I have a cousin who’s getting old and is still look young and beautiful. You don’t age at all, or do I say you’re ageing backwards. That’s the goal. Happy 40th birthday to you.

23. Tell me you’re 20 today, and not 40. Because how can you be older than me, and you’re still looking younger. Please, tell me what you’ve done. I am sure it’s a sign of good living. I want to be like you when I grow up. Happy 40th birthday to you.

24. We grew up together and you are more like a sister to me. It’s such a great thing to celebrate this great year with you, considering all you’ve had to go through in the last year. Let’s make this the best birthday yet. Happy 40th birthday to you, cousin.

25. No one is as excited as I am about this special day, not even you the celebrant. It’s a beautiful day because I have seen you go through life in all its shapes and forms, but still, you rise. You are a conqueror, dear. Happy 40th birthday to you.

26. Life without someone like you is meaningless and worthless. You have been solidly behind me for a very long time. Always checking on me to see if I am well. Asides from my parents, no one else does this in this family. Thank you for everything. Happy 40th birthday to you.

27. I’m happy and grateful for your 40th year on earth. It’s been a blissful journey for you, and you have no reason to be thankful. Very soon, you will become a grandma. I’m happy for you, dear. Happy 40th birthday to you.

28. You are the most reliable person on earth, I am sure. No matter how dirty the fight you have with someone is, their secrets are still very safe with you. I sometimes wonder the manner of human that you are; such a sweet person. Happy 40th birthday to you.

29. I’d advise you to stop brooding over the things that aren’t yours yet, and start thanking God for the things that you have. This is the best time to do that. And please, stop. Being ungrateful. You have no idea what other people go through because they won’t tell you. Happy birthday to you.

30. Today is more like my birthday because it’s the birthday of someone very dear to my heart. You have been with me through thick and thin, and I sure know you are aware of how much I love and appreciate you. Happy 40th birthday cousin sister.

31. Life isn’t easy anywhere, but you’ve chosen to be happy and face life, no matter what it throws at you. Now, that’s the way to go. I promise to be here to help with whatever you might need from me. Happy 40th birthday to you.

32. Even though my life seems perfect, I can tell you it’s nothing close to perfection. When you brood over little things, I just shake my head, because you don’t go through half of what I go through. Let your 40th birthday bring you the courage you need to carry on with life. Happy birthday.

33. Family meetings are always very boring without you, and everyone knows this. The moment you open your mouth to talk, we all burst into some laughter. You are a great person, and that’s why you can always count on everyone in this family. Happy 40th birthday.

34. I’m the happiest person because it’s your birthday. I want you to be optimistic about the future, and realize that your past mistakes don’t define who you are. Dust yourself, and face your fears fearlessly. Yes, it’s possible, you just have to be intentional. Happy 40th birthday.

35. If I wasn’t your cousin, I wouldn’t have believed you turned 40 already. I mean, you keep looking younger by the day. Is there anything you’re not telling me? Happy 40th birthday, darling cousin. May the years be the greatest you’ve ever had.

36. We may be cousins, but you are my sister. It’s such a great time to have family and friends around, celebrating a real and wonderful person like you. I hope that you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year ahead. Happy 40th birthday to you.

37. Whoever thinks celebrating a whole 40 years without any record of sickness or casualty is easy should come forward. You did that, with God on your side. I’m so happy for you, and today, we party hard. Happy 40th birthday, my dear cousin.

38. You being my favourite cousin has brought me so much joy. I can’t stop thanking God for this beautiful decision; it has changed my life. Anyone who hasn’t met you had not met a good person all their life. I love you dearly, cousin. Happy 40th birthday to you.

39. It just feels like I am dreaming. My hot and sexy cousin is 40 already. Wow, permit me to say you aren’t ageing in looks at all. You look like a 16-year-old girl. I can’t but talk about your growth; it’s been so pleasant to see. Happy 40th birthday.

40. Make way!!!! It’s the birthday of someone very important and dear to my heart; the sweetest person in the whole wide world. Heavens bless the day you were pronounced my cousin. I can’t stop being thankful to God. Happy 40th birthday to you.

41. 40 is a great year, and you being 40 today even makes it greater. No 40 year old has ever been this beautiful. I mean, 40th has never looked so good on anyone. This is just the beginning of greater things to come. Happy birthday.

42. This is definitely one of the best days of every year. We keep celebrating a rare gem and an angel. Your life has blessed so many lives more than you think. On your birthday, I just want you to know that the world sees all you do, and will reward you accordingly. Happy 40 birthday.

43. 40 years of helping people. 40 years of spreading absolute happiness. 40 years of inspiring and uplifting people. 49 years of being intentional. Even though you are 40, it feels like you’ve spent 80 years on earth, with all you’ve done. May God bless you. Happy birthday.

44. The most wonderful part of my life is the fact that you are my cousin. I feel so lucky, fulfilled and blessed at the same time. It’s been a worthwhile ride with you. I’m grateful for the lessons we learned together. Let’s do more, this year. Happy 40th birthday.

45. Dear cousin, in my next life, I will want for you to be my cousin again, or better still, be my biological sister. Nothing is the same, with you. You illuminate the whole place with your kindness and love. No one has ever been so nice. Happy 40th birthday to you.

46. 40th birthday is such a big deal, and we will treat it as such. You are about to have the biggest birthday party ever, courtesy of me. Please don’t thank me, because you’ve been nothing short of wonderful. This is just my little way of saying thank you. Happy birthday.

47. I wish I could do more than what I planned, but I’m sure you will manage that. You deserve more than all the prayers, gifts, wishes and messages you will get today, trust me. We all have been blessed through your life, in a way or another. Happy 40th birthday to you.

48. I sincerely wish I can celebrate you the exact way I want, but my pocket won’t allow me. I’m sure next year will be better. Thank you for keeping up with this big head. It’s been so beautiful with a sweet cousin like you. Happy 40th birthday to you.

49. I’m more excited about your birthday than you’d ever have imagined. I just love to celebrate goal-getters and achievers, generally. You are such a sweetheart, and anyone would love to celebrate you. Happy 40th birthday.

50. When I say you’re the sweetest person, please take my word for it, because I am not joking. You are a wonderful person, who blesses almost everyone with her presence. My wish is that you live longer. Happy 40th birthday.

51. I’m so glad that you’re a part of my life and my family. You have been so helpful in too many ways. My husband and I are so lucky to have you. Here’s wishing you a fantastic celebration today and for the rest of your days. Happy 40th.

52. If it was someone else’s 40th birthday, trust me, I wouldn’t be moved at all. But because it’s the birthday of the sweetest and loveliest person I know, I have no reason to be ordinary. We’re going extraordinary all the way because it’s the birthday of an extraordinary woman. Happy 40th, dear.

53. You are the best gift my uncle blessed this family with. I mean, your dad isn’t a nice man, and you in turn are the nicest person I have seen. That must be nice. I’m so glad it’s your birthday. Have so much fun, dear. Happy 40th.

54. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become; a good and highly respectable family man. Your growth still amazes me till date, even though you’re now 40. I hope you have more than you ever imagined. Happy 40th birthday to you.

55. I am so glad to wish you a happy birthday at 40. You bring so much joy and love to the lives of those around you, and I’m grateful to have you in my life. May the year to come bring happiness, excitement, and lovely memories. Have fun.

Happy 41st Birthday Wishes for Cousin

You will never know how much I love and cherish you because it’s deeper than you think. You have been there for me, all my life. I wish you have a simply beautiful year ahead. Happy 41st birthday, dear cousin.

56. A fresh start begins today. We are all grateful for how far you have come, and how much happiness and love you bring into our lives. You have made us all proud family members. I hope that the future holds better things for you. Happy 41st birthday.

57. Dear cousin, as a new chapter of your life begins today, I want you to reminisce about the past years, and be thankful for each blessing they brought. While you played your role, God always played His, so be thankful. Happy 41st birthday to you.

58. My lovely cousin, I can’t believe you’re are 41 already. Feels like yesterday when I attended your naming ceremony. I have never been more proud of anyone, in my life. I’m glad you’re doing well for yourself. Happy birthday to you. Regards to your family.

59. Even though you are very successful, I’m sure there are still levels you wish to attain. There are opportunities you need to have. I’m sure the coming year will bring lots of Amens to your prayers. Happy 41st birthday to you, dear cousin.

60. No matter how old we get, we still have needs. We still want to experience more positivity than negativity. This new year usher upon you; make it count. Make yourself happy, but make sure it’s not at the detriment of other people’s happiness. Happy 41st birthday.

Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I just want to thank you for being a wonderful cousin to me. It’s your 42nd birthday, and one of my wishes for you is that you get to enjoy life and love even more. I am so happy for you, cousin. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

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61. Having such a caring, encouraging and supporting cousin like you is one of my greatest blessings. I can’t get over how much love and support you show me. Here’s wishing you the greatest joy on this special day. Happy 42nd birthday.

62. I know how busy you are and how much time you dedicate to your work, but I’m here to tell you something. This new age will definitely make you see your happiness and family as what should come first. Take it easy on yourself. Happy 42nd birthday.

63. Dear cousin, there’s absolutely nothing your smile is not capable of doing; it could even end a war. You have blessed us with your beautiful smile for 42 years now, and we’ll all be happy to have more of it, in the coming years. Happy birthday.

64. I know about everything you’ve been through, but I’m sure that’s the hardest things will ever get. On your birthday, I wish you to continue moving forward and be entrenched in so much success. A better life awaits you. Happy 42nd birthday.

65. Today is a very special occasion, and we are all happy it’s your birthday. We get to be more grateful for the life of the most wonderful person in our lives. It’s my wish that all your sorrows and troubles come to an end. Happy 42nd birthday to you.

Happy 43rd Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I know a lot has happened in the last year, but please put the past behind you, and move on to better things. If you ever need me, please don’t hesitate to ring me. Happy 43rd birthday, cousin. I wish you long life and prosperity.

66. You are what you choose to be. I want to thank you for being an amazing person to your family, friends and everyone around you. Your life is such a blessing to us all. May your 43rd year on earth be filled with so many possibilities. Happy birthday.

67. I’m lost for words, my darling cousin. You have been such a solid backbone to me. Always supporting and staying in touch. Your birthday should be celebrated because it’s the day God decided to bless us with a perfect gift. Happy 43rd, dear cousin.

68. Today is a very special day because you are turning 43. You have become such a big man with so many successful businesses to his name. Oh, I can’t be prouder. I wish that this birthday becomes the most memorable one. Happy 43rd.

69. Dear cousin, I want to thank you for being there for me always. I wish you the best of luck in your future because you have so much ahead of you. If you ever need me, do not hesitate to call on me, because I will support you with anything. Happy 43rd birthday.

70. You are the best cousin anyone could ever wish for. Here’s saying congratulations on this very great year. I hope it brings you so many juicy deals and contracts. Have a very happy 43rd birthday. You are blessed and highly favoured.

Happy 44th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

It’s your 44th birthday, dear cousin and I can’t be happier, because God has been so wonderful to you. You’re healthy, happy and surrounded by the best people. What more can you ask for? I hope all the wishes of your heart come to pass. Happy birthday to you.

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71. Your wife won’t stop calling to inform me of how lucky she is. You are such a strong and happy gentleman, and I’m so happy you’re living the life of your dreams. It can only get better, dear. Happy 44th birthday, dear cousin.

72. Childhood was really fun with you around. I always looked forward to spending time with you, and it’s so nice that I still feel the same way, even after so many years. You are a naturally sweet person. Happy 44th birthday.

73. You are the most talented and smart person I have seen. You have managed to thrive, even when life wasn’t being fair to you. I’m proud of how far you’ve come, and I know there are still so much more to come. Happy 44th birthday.

74. Look who’s on his way to turning 50. Looking back at everything, the only word in my mouth is growth. You have really grown, and this is because you were so focused on the important things. Super proud of everything you own. Happy 44th birthday.

75. I hope you know that life begins on your 40th birthday. There’s definitely much more to life than you’ve seen in the last 40 years. It’s time to get to work. Make everybody moment count, because you don’t want your kids to suffer. Happy 44th birthday, man.

Happy 45th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Look who’s almost 50. Wow! You are the perfect example of God’s grace. God has been gracious to you, and we all can tell. I’m happy to welcome you into this great year. Happy 45th birthday, cousin. Wish you all the best.

76. I’m sure we are the closest cousins ever because there’s nothing we don’t tell each other. We have grown to love one another despite all our differences. I’m so happy for you, on your birthday. Happy 45th birthday to you.

77. I’m not surprised that you keep breaking limits! I mean, you have been so hardworking right from time. The most beautiful thing is, seeing your years of hard work yield great results. I’m super proud of you, man. Happy 45th birthday.

78. We are far more than just cousins, we are brothers. Brothers who have each other’s back. Brothers who keep each other’s secret without having to tear themselves down. I’m so proud of us. Happy 45th birthday, my brother and cousin.

79. Dear cousin, I just wanted you to know that I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Thanks just for being so real, your realness has made things work for you. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday and an exceptional year to come. I love you so much, cousin.

80. You are not just my favourite cousin for nothing. Whenever I need someone to talk to, it’s you I see. It makes me so glad that I can count on you. Thank you for always being there for me. I will always have your back. Happy 45th birthday.

Happy 46th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I have too much love for you, dear cousin. I respect you a lot because you always stand for the truth. Your life is so blessed and fulfilled at 46. Happy birthday to you. Here’s wishing you more blessed and fulfilling years ahead.

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81. To have a cousin like you is to have a lifelong friend, and I’m so grateful for your friendship and all it brings with it. We have so many sweet and sour memories together, but still, we are growing stronger. May the year ahead be the best for you. Happy 46th birthday, cousin.

82. I’m the happiest person because of a cousin like you. It’s been a beautiful ride with you, and I wouldn’t have loved to be cousins with anyone else. May the year ahead bring you good fortune and happiness. Happy 46th birthday, dear cousin.

83. I’m being serious right now, I wouldn’t have done anything without your presence in my life. I enjoy our company together because that’s the only time I get to be me without holding anything back. Today, let’s celebrate you. Happy 46th birthday, cousin.

84. You are so close to turning 50. A sexy grandma at 46. You look so young by the day. You must really be enjoying peace and love all around. I’m so happy for you, dear cousin. May God fill each day of this new year with happiness. Happy 46th birthday.

85. Dear cousin, we’ve been through it all, and I’m that glad that we are still alive to celebrate one another. Here’s wishing you a very happy 46th birthday. I’m very sure this is going to be your best year yet. Let’s celebrate and make 46 the best year. Love you.

Happy 47th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Welcome to chapter 47, dear cousin. I wish it is the beginning of greater things to come in your life. May God compensate you with many more glorious years. Happy birthday.

86. My dear cousin, I can’t believe you’re turning 47. Like how did we even grow up so fast? It feels like yesterday when we were playing together as little children. I hope you have a wonderful birthday surrounded by family, friends and everyone you cherish. Happy birthday.

87. The celebration of your life is the celebration of mine because we’ve been together for heaven knows when. It’s such sweet to be growing old with you. Congratulations on your 47th birthday. May you have at least 47 years to come. Have a great one.

88. I simply wouldn’t have enjoyed going through childhood with someone else. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come. So it’s been almost 50 years on earth, wow! I congratulate you, dear cousin. Wishing you a very happy 47th birthday.

89. Wishing you the happiest 47th birthday you could imagine, dear cousin. You deserve to sit back and enjoy from now on, considering what you’ve been through. May the years ahead bring you joy and happiness. Have a fantastic 47th birthday.

90. No matter how many years go by, you’ll always be the lovely, energetic, free-spirited woman you’ve always been. You are too full of positive energy, no wonder you’re ageing gracefully. Happy 47th birthday, dear.

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

I can’t believe you’re are 48 years old, already. Feels just like yesterday when we played around naked. I am so glad we have never for once been out of each other’s lives. Happy birthday to you. Wish you good luck, cousin.

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91. Growing up with you was so beautiful. Growing old with you is even more beautiful than I thought. What would I have done without such an amazing cousin like you? Absolutely nothing. Warmest wishes for a very happy 48th birthday.

92. I’m glad to let you know you have lived your life so well. While you still want to keep living, I am sure you will have a great legacy. Your good life has helped me in so many ways. Happy 48th birthday, my cousin. Have a beautiful one.

93. Welcome to another chapter of the 40s series. Right from the beginning of your life, you have always been a good person. Circumstances and troubles of life have failed in making you go down. I’m happy that you rise, still. Happy 48th birthday.

94. Even my children know that they have two fathers; you and their biological father. Thank you for always showing love to my children. Thank you for the support you give me always. Life wouldn’t have been this wonderful without you. Happy 48th birthday.

95. I love all my cousins, but you’re the best of them all. It’s so wonderful how we have so many things in common. I’m glad we’ve been able to influence our lives in the best way ever. Let me use this medium to congratulate you on this special day. Happy 48th birthday.

Happy 49th Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Wow! You are just a year close to turning 50. You don’t look it at all, and I mean it. I want to thank you for always supporting and checking up on me. I wish you many more years. Happy 49th birthday to you, cousin.

96. Some principles of life wouldn’t have been clear to me, if not for you. If possible, I want to see you live forever, because you’re the wisest man alive. It’s a very special day, dear. Congratulations on your new age. Wish you the best time at 49.

97. You are a good person, dear cousin. On your birthday, I can’t stop thanking God for blessing a lot of people through you. In case you didn’t know, you have been a huge blessing to so many people. God bless you and your family. Happy 49th birthday, cousin.

98. You are such an incredible human being, dearest cousin. You are the only true source of joy and inspiration for me. I hope your well of knowledge never runs dry. I also hope you have the most wonderful day ever. Happy 49th birthday to you.

99. I’m so glad that you’re surrounded by the people you love most, on your birthday. You deserve our presence, gifts, prayers and wishes. We couldn’t have asked for a better brother, father, nephew, uncle, cousin. You are the best. Happy 49th birthday to you.

100. It’s such a delight to celebrate with you, cousin. I know we haven’t been talking, but you’ve never left my mind. I think of you all the time. Thank you for the times you called to check on me. Have a great one today. Happy 49th birthday to you.

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