Happy 39th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Happy 39th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Everybody deserves to be celebrated on their birthday!
As long as a person is human and still walks on Mother Earth’s face, they should be celebrated every now and then.

But we can’t deny the euphoria that comes with birthdays. Most people receive the kindest of words on that day. At times. we even celebrate random people whose photos just pop up on our timeline.

How much more honour, kind words and celebration would you give your husband on his own birthday?

It is his 39th today! Yay! Everyone will celebrate him, and believe me, he deserves every wish, every kind word that will be poured out to him today. But, of course, your own wishes should stand out.

It is why these very lovely happy 39th birthday wishes and quotes for husband have been prepared for you to send to him. They are the best you’d ever find and you will find this out as you peruse, and make your choice!

Happy 39th Birthday Husband Quotes

Happy birthday to my husband. Using this lovely quote to define your person as warm-hearted is indeed precise. The way you pull people close in spite of their indiscretion is to be learnt from. Knowing you are the one I am married to fills me with so much energy each new day. Cheers to the 39th year, lover.

1. Getting married to you transformed my life and made it more beautiful. Hearty cheers to you, babe, on your 39th birthday. I love you!

2. The earth has had you on its face for 39 rock-solid years, and I’m one of the few, who are lucky to have you. Happy Birthday, love.

3. Happy 39th Birthday, my dear. You have shown me what confidence would do to anyone. You have confidently smashed our goals day in, day out. Thank you for always!

4. There’s one desire burning in my heart for you. It is that on this occasion of your 39th birthday celebration, you flourish and increase. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

5. Loving you caused light to shine on my heart. I’m glad my husband is you, and that you’re 39 today. Happy Birthday to you.

6. It’s my husband’s 39th birthday today, and something inside of me wants to burst forth so strongly. It’s all of the joy and all of the love. Happy Birthday, King.

7. Happy 39th Birthday to the one with who the Almighty has favoured me. You are the best thing to happen to me as a wife. I love you so much, honey.

8. Husband like no other, I pray that you experience ease and comfort all the rest of your life. A journey of 39 years is no play; I wish you only the best of all birthday wishes.

9. You’ve brought joy unspeakable to my life. Happy 39th birthday, my darling husband.

10. I’ve seen you put your neck on the line for our family; you’re an amazing husband. Words will never describe you effectively. Happy 39th birthday, baby.

11. Whenever you are not around, I feel like I’m not in a safe space. Thank you, husband, for being the protector of myself and our children. We celebrate you on your 39th birthday, today.

12. Over and over again, you have poured out excess love, all on me. I hope I can match up and do the same, babe. Happy 39th birthday to you.

13. How you manage to bear all my excesses remains a mystery to me. You’ve loved me, more than I could have asked for. Happy Birthday, my husband! Cheers to 39 and more years.

14. May your strength never go down, and may you remain as vibrant as the sun rays. Happy Birthday to you, my dear husband.

15. You intoxicate me, like freshly drawn wine. You’re the best gift I have received in my entire life, and since it’s a special day for you, I’m giving you only the best gifts today. Happy 39th Birthday, sweet man!

16. Life handed me a trophy when I married you, and I’d keep showing you off to the world, till I breathe my last. Happy 39th Birthday, Sugar!

17. Happy 39th birthday to the love of my life. Thanks for cheering our sons, on and on to success. We love you!

18. Dear Husband of mine, You have been a really solid support and an impact on many lives. Thirty-nine hearty cheers to you, babe, on this beautiful birthday anniversary.

19. Thank you, baby, for choosing to be my husband every day, since we got married. Have a joyous 39th birthday, my darlin’.

20. Happy Birthday to this king of mine, who needs no noise to announce his awesome presence. Prosper, as you enjoy being 39.

39th Birthday Wishes for My Husband

In you, my darling, have I found a responsible, reserved husband and an exemplary father to our children. I am grateful for the gift of you to us. My birthday wishes for you are that this 39th year brings with it many memorable moments, beginning from today and that your life is as sweet as you are! Happy Birthday!

21. As you clock 39 today, honey, enjoy all of God’s blessings, his provisions, and long life too. Your wife loves you so much. Happy Birthday.

22. Happy 39th Birthday, My Man. You are one in a million, and better than a thousand men combined. I love you.

23. Splashing colours has to be your hobby because life has been colourful with you in it. Happy Birthday, my husband. I love you.

24. Happy 39th Birthday to you, darling. Thank you for being so patient, understanding, and full of life.

25. I’m so glad I can celebrate 39 years of God’s faithfulness with you. Happy Birthday, Lover.

26. I pray that God keeps you from evil, and he blesses you with long life. You have been a wonderful husband. Happy Birthday, honey.

27. All the right things are always in the right places because you always have your hands on deck. Thank you for being so thoughtful. Happy 39th Birthday, Husband!

28. Kings like my husband are rare; he knows just the perfect ways to treat his family right. Happy 39th birthday to the best husband a woman could have!

29. My love, I pray that your 39th year on earth is filled with remarkable strength, bliss, wealth and tranquillity. Bon anniversaire, Baby!

30. Today, I celebrate my own angel who has made life heaven, on earth. Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Enjoy being my 39-year-old man. I love you.

31. 39 sweet cheers of happiness to the greatest husband to have walked through the earth: I’m wishing you a super amazing birthday.

32. I’d forever cherish the memories and experiences that we’ve shared so far; I look forward to having you in my arms for the rest of our lives. Happy 39th birthday, lover.

33. It’s been a long year, watching you advance in all spheres of your life. My darling, as you celebrate 39 years of unlimited breakthroughs today, I only pray that God keeps shining his light on you. Happy Birthday to you.

34. My desire for you, on your 39th birthday celebration, is that you grow into a better man every single day. Happy Birthday, sugar pie.

35. Till today, you make my heart skip beats and the butterflies in my belly swirl. Happy 39th Birthday, world best husband. I wish you so much love and all the good things in life.

36. Wow! It’s a new year already, and I still remember the joy we shared on your last birthday. I pray that this joy only increases for you, and for us all. We wish you a blissful 39th birthday anniversary.

37. I look back to our first meeting, years ago, and all I can say is that God has been faithful to you. Happy 39th Birthday, my man.

38. Honey, you’re God’s own gift to me and I’d cherish you till the end of time. 39 years down, more to go. Happy Birthday to you.

39. Happy 39th Birthday, my darling husband. Your life serves as an example and shines a light on the path of many. I wish you long life and prosperity.

40. Like a blanket, your love has covered the kids and me and has kept us warm over the years. Happy Birthday, baby, your kids are grateful to you.

39th Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

It’s your 39th birthday, my husband. It is my prayer for you that your strength is renewed and multiplied. Your days are long on earth, and for the rest of your years, lack of good things shall not be your lot. I love you so much, honey, and I pray that you get the best from life! Happy Birthday, babe.

41. Happy 39th Birthday to you, my King. I pray that God upholds you, and keeps you in greater positions, always. I love you so much.

42. Good men deserve only good things, and my husband has proven to be the best of the good men! I pray you get only the best for the rest of your life; Happy 39th birthday to you.

43. Happy Birthday to you, my darling husband. At 39, you’re the sweetest man to ever walk through the earth, and I’m proud of all your achievements. Enjoy the new year.

44. Man! When I’m in a mess, you’re the first to stand up for me and help me get back on track! Have the best 39th birthday ever. Cheers to more years.

45. Thank you for sharing my wins, my losses, and my work, with me. You are the best husband a woman could have; I’m blowing 39 birthday kisses to you, my baby. Happy Birthday!

46. The moment you step into a room, every problem there gets solved. 39 looks so good on you, my wonderful husband. Happy Birthday to you.

47. Joy never stops flowing in our home, and that’s because you keep giving all of yourself to us! Happy Birthday, Mine!

48. May this new year be better than the past years. Happy 39th birthday, Sugarpie!

49. Each time, you always outdo your last attempt to make me happy. I am grateful for your love, and for 39 years that are well lived. Happy Birthday, Baby.

50. Happy 39th birthday, my dear husband. I pray that the joy and happiness that you bring, stay full and remains in our home.

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same. — Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights.

You and your husband are joined and are one. Whatever affects him, by ripple effect, affects you. So, this birthday is yours as much as it is his.

I, therefore, understand why you need to give him the best wishes and quotes. And I am certain you have made a choice from the beautiful ones above.

I wish you both a length of years together, in love, health and wealth. Cheers to a super-amazing 39th year for your husband!

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