Happy 16th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

Happy 16th Birthday Son Wishes and Quotes

Having a son is one of God’s greatest blessings for every parent. And having to celebrate him on his birthday is another great blessing. Training him till he’s 16 is worth being grateful for. Sometimes, your son may display some characters that are peculiar to a male child but in it all, you are just super excited that you have a son that you can be proud of and honestly, that’s all that matters to you.

Is it your son’s 16th birthday and you’re confused as to how to celebrate him on his birthday? Well, you are in the right place. Whether you like it or not, these happy 16th birthday son wishes and quotes have all you need to make him happy on his big day. Go through them and choose the one that best suits him.

Birthday Wishes for 16 Year Old Boy

Having a 16 year old boy is a big deal for me. You have made me realize the importance of being a parent. Thank you for coming into my life, son. I wish you a better life than mine. Best wishes on your 16th birthday.

1. It’s official! I have a 16 year old boy. I’m grateful to God for the blessing He has given me through you. I’m sure you know you’re the best son ever. While I wish you the very best, I also hope that you have the fun you deserve. Happy 16th birthday.

2. My not so little man, it’s your 16th birthday. I don’t need to ask how you feel, because I know already. I’m very happy to welcome you into this beautiful new year. I hope that all your heart’s desires easily come to pass. Have a happy 16th birthday.

3. I’m glad to have got the best of them all. Trust me, you’re the most handsome and amazing 16 year old ever. I didn’t know how I got so lucky to have you, but for this blessing, I won’t stop thanking God. Thank you for bringing some much joy to me. Happy 16th birthday.

4. I’m a proud mommy to an amazing young king. Tell me what’s more beautiful. This is all I have always wanted all my life. I’m glad to be doing life with you. I hope that you have an amazing year and future ahead. I love you so much, son. Happy 16th birthday to you.

5. I know there are so many 16 year olds, but I have got the brightest and most amazing of them all. What’s better than having a daughter? Having a son, sincerely. Thank you for being all you are to me. I really do hope I keep showing up whenever you need me. Happy 16th birthday.

6. You’re the most brilliant of them all. Trust me, I couldn’t have asked for a better son. You have given me a better life than I have always wanted. I’m glad because I have the best reality. Thank you for coming into my life. Have a happy 16th birthday.

7. I know it’s not easy to single-handedly train a boy, but I can also be a handful sometimes. Over the years, you’ve tolerated all my shouts and nagging. I want you to know that they all came from the place of pure love. I hope you understand. Happy 16th birthday.

8. Honestly, you can be a handful, but you’re still the best son ever. In fact, I don’t know where time has gone to. A little me has a 16 year old boy already. I’m grateful to God for all He keeps doing in your life. You’re blessed and highly favoured. Happy 16th birthday.

9. You’ve been waiting for this beautiful moment, and here it is. How exactly do you feel clocking 16? As for me, I’m the happiest mom. I’m very happy that you witnessed this year in a very good state. I hope that God keeps blessing you. Happy 16th birthday.

10. What’s better than having a best friend? Having a great son, definitely. You’ve been everything and more to me, and from the bottom of my heart, I’m deeply grateful. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope the rest of the journey is a lot more easier. Happy 16th birthday.

Happy 16th Birthday Boy Messages

I’m sending you this message because you’re the best son ever. I’m glad you happen to be my son. Doing life with you has really made things easy. I will always want the best for you, my boy. Do have a happy 16th birthday.

11. You’re the best, so far! I’m thankful that you’re in very good shape. You keep being the good boy I have always been training you to be. Thank you for never disappointing me. I hope the world celebrates you soonest. Happy 16th birthday.

12. I honestly can’t believe I have a 16 year old boy already. I don’t know why it feels like I had you a moment ago, lol. Even though you can be full of troubles, I will not stop loving you. Thank you for being the best. I wish you a happy 16th birthday.

13. You have no idea how much you make me happy. Your voice is enough for Mr to have a good day. I could sit from morning till night, listening to you. I really enjoy your company, and I hope this isn’t the end. Happy 16th birthday, my lovely boy. You’re loved forever.

14. I will pick you over your dad a million times. You’re the best anyone can ever ask for. I’m grateful that you’re my son because if you had belonged to someone else, I would have died of jealousy. Thank you for choosing me. I will choose you over and over again. Happy 16th birthday.

15. It’s my day of joy as well because it’s my son’s 16th birthday. Today, I choose to be thankful to God for everything He has done in your life. Despite all that keeps happening, you keep scaling through. I know you’re capable. A bright future isn’t far anymore. Happy 16th birthday.

16. You have always had the spirit of a leader, and that’s why I will keep supporting you because I trust you a lot. All you keep doing is making me proud, so I have no reason not to cheer you on. This is just the beginning for you, honey. Happy 16th birthday, dear son.

17. Right from the day I had you, you have never stopped being healthy. I have never had to take you to the hospital for any cause. You bring me so much peace and happiness. I honestly don’t know how to thank you, but I hope God keeps you from every harm. Happy 16th birthday.

18. Hey champ! It’s your birthday, and I bet you’re not even as happy as I am. I’m grateful to be your parent. I’m grateful for all the great things you keep doing, even though you’re just 16. I’m grateful for the things you’re yet to do because I know they will bring more beautiful things your way. Happy 16th birthday, son.

19. Dear son, it has been such a pleasure to be your parent. You’re my best friend, and I love how vulnerable I am with you. I love that there’s no single thing about me that you know nothing about. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you keep doing great. Happy 16th birthday to you.

20. You are the best son ever, and bring your mom has opened my eyes to so many things. I’m totally in love with motherhood because of you, and even if I don’t get to have any more kids, I will be happy forever. Happy 16th birthday, my son. I wish you all the best.

Happy 16th Birthday Boy Quotes

Even the best birthday quote has nothing on you. It is so fortunate to have a son who’s perfect in every way. On your 16th birthday, I don’t have much to say, than to wish you a happy 16th birthday. All the best.

21. Sending you this beautiful birthday message on your 16th birthday, because I know you deserve the best. Oh yes, you deserve more than I can provide, but I hope you understand. Don’t worry, better days are almost here. Happy 16th birthday. I can’t wait to start giving you a befitting celebration.

22. With you, I’m not afraid of anything or anyone. With you, I’m not afraid to start all over again. With you, I know I can go through the darkest times without the fear of being consumed. Trust me, I can do anything because I have you. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

23. It’s not enough to have a son. What matters is how much you love and take care of your son. I’m very happy that I have got all it takes to be your mother. Even though I don’t tell you as I ought to, I love you more than life itself. I wish you good luck, son. Happy 16th birthday.

24. God keeps answering my prayers over you because He knows you’re all I have. You are 16, and you’re giving me enough moments to be happy. But seriously, I hope you don’t stop, because I enjoy it. Happy 16th birthday my boy. Mom loves you forever. Cheers!

25. On your 16th birthday, I’m sure you know how much you mean to me. You’re all I have always wanted, and I thank God for blessing me with you. My life became more beautiful when I had you, and now, I’m not ready to let you go. Happy 16th birthday, son. I love you to bits.

26. Hey, birthday boy! You have been a blessing to me, and things got a lot easier when you came on board. I hope that you stay with me forever because there’s nothing I can do without you. Happy 16th birthday, my baby boy. I wish you long life and prosperity.

27. You always look for ways to make me happy. Whenever I’m not in a good mood, you’re all I need to get me to the right mood. I’m glad that you’re my son. I know things will keep getting better with you. Happy 16th birthday, son. Don’t forget to always make me proud.

28. I’m convinced that I have the best son ever. Even though you can be a handful, you know what to do at the right time. You are always about making people happy and be themselves. I’m grateful that such a blessing came out of me. Happy 16th birthday, son. I love you.

29. I can’t even define my love for you. I just know that I love you so much, and I can’t do anything without you. Thank you for always keeping the home clean, instead of waiting on your sisters to fix it. I’m very sure you will be a great family man in the nearest future. Happy 16th birthday.

30. You’re only 16, but you do things like you’re a 30 year old man. I’m yet to see what you don’t know how to do. You know something about everything. I’m happy to have such a brilliant boy as my son. I hope you don’t ever encounter any problem that will make you lose your relevance. Happy 16th birthday.

31. There’s no better time to celebrate you than today. And there’s nothing better person to celebrate today than you. Dear son, I see everything you do behind closed doors. I see how you strive to become a better version of yourself. It’s happening soon, trust me. Happy 16th birthday to you.

32. You worry so much about me. I have never seen a more compassionate boy in my entire life. You’re a blessing to me, and I will keep being grateful for that. I can’t wait till you start working, get married and start making babies. I know you will have the best family. Happy 16th birthday.

33. You’re a boy who’s always about how to make his life better. You’re always about how to make people happy and comfortable. I have never seen a more selfless person in my entire life. Thank you for all you do for humanity, as young as you are. Happy 16th birthday.

34. I have seen your mates treat you like trash, and how did you react? You did nothing. You have always been of good behaviour. You’re neither a bad boy nor an irresponsible boy. I know how you feel about everything, but I just hope you keep going. Happy 16th birthday to you.

35. I couldn’t have chosen another son. You’re the best any woman will ever wish for. If you weren’t mine, I would’ve done everything in my power to make sure you are kidnapped from your parents. Well, thank God you’re mine. I hope I have done well so far. Happy 16th birthday to you.

Funny Happy 16th Birthday for a Boy

Life can be really funny with its ups and down, I don’t care. As long as I have a loving son like you in my life, everything will always work out perfectly. Happy 16th birthday, my boy. Don’t stop being a good boy because it makes me very happy. I love you.

36. I thought I was funny, not until I, had you. I have never seen a funnier person. I’m sure you’re the reason I haven’t been down with depression. I thank God for blessing me with you. You’re an amazing son. I hope you have the best birthday ever. I love you so much.

37. What will I do without a fighter son like you? You’re always ready to attack whoever comes for me. I can’t count how many people’s teeth you’ve removed, lol It’s safe to say I have my own Hulk Hogan. I hope to see you more in action. Happy 16th birthday, son.

38. Times and seasons truly reveal who we are. I never knew I had a funny son. I might confess that you’re the funniest person ever. It’s your birthday, dear. Please, don’t take a break, as I intend to laugh really hard today. Happy 16th birthday.

39. Having a son like you is everything. Just in one person; I have a son, comedian, best friend, fight buddy. How can one person play all these characters so well? You’re truly an amazing son. I wish you the best. Happy 16th birthday.

40. The best comedian in the world will always crack dry jokes, to me. But when it comes to you, the whole of my teeth will be out. Thank you for making life easier for me. I could’ve been dead without all you do to make me happy. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

Birthday Greetings for 16 Year Old Boy

Here’s sending some beautiful birthday greetings your way, because you’ve not stopped being the best boy ever. I’m very sure you will continue to do well in life even as you are a year older today. Happy 16th birthday, my baby.

41. Even though you’re just 16, I want you to know that you’re a blessing to me and the whole world at large. I’m happy to be your mom. On your 16th birthday, I am sending you special greetings. Don’t bother thanking me for your birthday present. I love you, son. Happy birthday.

42. A day is not enough to celebrate a wonderful son like you. You’re amazing in and out. The Lord answered my prayer, the day you became mine. I’m glad at how well you keep doing in life. May you continue to be happy and healthy. Have a great 16th year ahead. All my love.

43. No one has it all figured out in life, but with a son like you, a bright future will always be in view. You are someone everyone needs in their life, whether as a son or friend. I hope your day is as wonderful as you are. Enjoy yourself, son.

44. You take after me in everything. I’m glad to have a son who hasn’t only followed my footsteps but also knows the importance of everything. It’s your 16th birthday today. I’m grateful for this wonderful life of yours. I know there’s more to come. Happy birthday.

45. If only every family could have someone like you, then there’d be less or no drama. You’re a peaceful person. You have never been found where there’s violence. I’m a very happy mom because I have you. I hope you never change from being a good boy. Happy 16th birthday, my dear son.

46. Life can only be good with a special son like you. You being my son has really been a blessing to me. If I were to think about how it all started, then I will have forever to think. Thank you for choosing me, honey. Here’s wishing you the most amazing birthday.

47. The only person we have the right to choose is a life partner, anything outside of that will happen according to God’s plan. I’m very happy that choosing the best man as my husband, God decided to bless me with the best son. It’s been 16 years being your mom. I love you, son. Do have a happy birthday.

48. If I were to talk about how great you are, then it will take me forever to do that. You have proven time and time again that you’re the best son. I have never had a reason not to be happy. I will never stop loving you because things might go bad. Happy 16th birthday.

49. It’s safe to say I have a 16 year old confidant. Our closeness is out of this world. I’m glad that everything about me is open to you. I’m glad that I get so vulnerable when I am with you. Thank you for not hiding anything from me. I promise to keep training you the best way. Happy 16th birthday.

50. I knew nothing about motherhood before I had you. Even though I had you out of wedlock, you’re still the best thing to ever happen to me. I will make sure that I give you the best life because I owe you. I will make sure I convince you that I’m the best parent. Happy 16th birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son Turning 16

Look who’s turning 16. I just can’t believe that I have a 16 year old son already. How did that happen very fast? Here’s sending you loads of love and good wishes on your 16th birthday. Have a blast, son.

51. To know you is to love you, my darling son. No one has ever complained about your behaviour. You’re always respecting and loving people, no matter what they’ve done to wrong you. I just want you to know that I am proud of you, son. Keep being the peaceful boy that you are. Happy 16th birthday.

52. My day will not end well if I fail to wish you a happy birthday. Your 16th birthday brings so many memories. I’m happy and sad at the same time. I’m sad because it wasn’t easy in the beginning. But now, I have every reason to be happy. Do enjoy yourself today, son.

53. Being a parent takes a whole lot, but I’m thankful for God’s grace that abounds. God has really done the most in making sure you have the life that you deserve. I’m just lucky to be your parent. Happy 16th birthday, dear son. Make sure you have a blast.

54. Nothing will ever be enough to celebrate a great son like you. In case you’ve forgotten, you’re the best son in the world, and you turning 16 is a very big deal for me. No matter how long the list of things you need are, I will make sure you get everything today. Happy 16th birthday. Don’t forget to send me the list.

55. My life is the perfect testimony that God works in mysterious ways. I never knew my life could change completely. I never knew I could have all I have been wanting to have. I’m happy this is happening when you’re in my life. Happy 16th birthday, son. You are a blessing.

56. Everyone loves you. As it stands, the people who knew me before you, now choose you over me. While I’m jealous, I am very happy that this is happening. I’m very happy that my son is loved by all. Happy 16th birthday, son. Cheers to the next big thing.

57. Even though I can be very harsh, you’re the only one I play with like a baby. I’m not ashamed to come down to your level, just because I want you to be happy and comfortable with me. Happy 16th birthday, my darling. Make sure you have so much fun. I love you.

58. I have never met a more stubborn boy. The only thing that I’m not happy about is that you don’t listen. You’re just 16 and it’s very hard to correct you. I wonder what it would be like when you’re older. Please, I want you to be done with that nasty attitude already. Be a good boy. Happy birthday.

59. You’re my son in whom I am well pleased. I love you more than all I’ve ever laboured for because you were the reason I laboured for them all. I am very happy to be your mom because not everyone is lucky to have such a blessing. Happy 16th birthday, son. Enjoy your day.

60. I dedicate this beautiful day to you. You’re the only one I want to keep celebrating on this very day. Son, you’ve been a wonderful person. Having you in my life has contributed to my growth. I’m grateful that you’re mine. I don’t ever want to lose you. Happy 16th birthday to you.

Happy 16th Birthday Son from Mom Quotes

The best times and memories of my life revolve around you. If you weren’t my son, so many things would’ve been impossible. I’m glad that you keep doing well. Here’s wishing you a happy 16th birthday. With lots of love from mom.

61. Many people didn’t like me before you came, but when you came, people started celebrating me. Your presence has done so many things you’re not aware of. Your presence is where I want to be forever. Happy 16th birthday, my lovely son. I wish you the best.

62. I honestly have a thing for celebrating you, with or without your birthday. I feel a day is not enough to celebrate a wonderful son like you. I will dedicate my entire life to celebrating you because you worth even more. Happy 16th birthday, son. You remain the best.

63. I don’t know where to start from, but I will start anyway. Dear son, you have been a light for me on this journey. It would’ve been very difficult to scale through hard times without you. I don’t have all it takes now, but I’m sure something good is coming. Happy 16th birthday.

64. Your dad doesn’t even know who the husband is between you and him. I have always given you my everything. You are the reason I work so tirelessly. I’m on a journey to give you the best life, and I will soon reach my destination. Happy 16th birthday, my son. I love you so much.

65. If I didn’t believe in miracles, maybe you wouldn’t have been mine in the first place. I’m glad to have had you when I needed you the most. God came through, and I’m eternally grateful for that. Happy 16th birthday, my son. I hope you keep making me proud.

66. I’m glad I gave myself and your dad the best thing ever. Yes, you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us. We are very blessed to have you, and we don’t intend to take this beautiful blessing for granted. Thank you for choosing us. Do have a happy 16th birthday.

67. Very soon, you will start enjoying the freedom of adulthood. I want you to know that you didn’t have freedom for a long time because you weren’t of age. Whether or not you use it against me, you will always be the best son. Happy 16th birthday, my dear.

68. It’s a great thing to be celebrating you today, my love. You are the first boy I know that isn’t so stubborn. I’m very proud to be your mom. I hope that you keep achieving your goals and living your dreams without any hindrance. Happy 16th birthday.

69. No matter how hard life deals with you, always remember that you have a shoulder to lean on, and a mom to come home to. I will always be willing to listen to and accommodate you. I wish you all the best, as you kick-start a new year. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

70. This is a whole new phase, and I am wishing you the best life has to offer. You’re a great boy, and I’m very sure that you will do just well, with or without me. Always remember to share love wherever you go, because it will always come back to you. I love you so much, son. Happy 16th birthday to you.

Happy 16th Birthday Son from Dad Quotes

I’m a man, but I can’t stop shedding tears. Worry not, it’s all tears of joy. I’m filled with emotions because I can’t believe that I have a son who’s almost as tall as me. You’re the best, and I hope to keep giving you the best treatment. Happy 16th birthday, son. With love from dad.

71. Dear son, you have always been making me proud. I love how you constantly make me happy with everything you do. With you, I can never be afraid to go for long, because I know you will do things right even in my absence. Happy 16th birthday, son.

72. Even though you just turned 16, a great man is all I can see. You have so many tendencies to become a great man in life. Whatever support you might need, I will always be willing to render it. Happy 16th birthday to you. Never make me stop being proud of you.

73. Life is worth living, but not without a son like you. I can’t believe I have been a father for 16 good years. Honestly, it feels great to be your dad. I’m assured that you will do just fine in life, whether or not you have things easy. Happy 16th birthday, son. I can’t wait to be proud of you.

74. You’re my greatest investment, so far. I find solace in the fact that you will bring so many rewards in the long run. I did not stop providing for you, as long as I am still your dad. Happy 16th birthday, my son. Here’s wishing you long life, peace and prosperity all year round.

75. If you’re not the best son, then I wonder who is. Even people who have only seen you once have the most to say about you. Thank you for always making me proud in and out of the family. I love and wish you all the best. Happy 16th birthday to you.

76. You have made me so proud of you. One thing I love about you is how you look out for others. This is one thing about me too. I love that you keep picking and acting on the good sides of me. I know you will be greater than me, and I can’t wait. Happy 16th birthday to you.

77. You will always have my support and love, no matter how old you are. Whether you have your own family or not, you will continue to be a little boy. Thank you for bringing some much grace and blessings with you. Happy birthday to the most outstanding son.

78. One thing I keep doing is that I keep applauding you whenever you do the right thing. This is not because I want it to get into your head, but it’s so you can brace up. So far, you’ve done very well. I will be here to keep cheering you on. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

79. I have the best life because I have the best son. Other men don’t know how important it is to invest in a child. I know the importance, and I won’t stop investing in you. I can’t wait for the world to see how much you have in store. Happy 16th birthday, my little boy turned big boy.

80. You stole my heart, from the very first day I held you in my hands. Ever since I have never been anywhere without you. I keep living a good life, so I can have a great legacy. I love how you keep following everything I do. You will have no problem, trust me. Happy 16th birthday.

Happy Sixteen Birthday Boy

Looks who’s sixteen today. Time really does fly. Even though I don’t have things figured out yet, with you in my life, I am sure things are just about to be better. Happy sixteenth birthday, my boy.

81. Even though you will always be my son, I will never be in your business unwarranted. I will always find it easy to respect your choice and decisions. I will also take it upon myself to keep supporting you because you deserve all of these. Happy birthday sixteenth, my dear son. You are a king already.

82. You are growing up more every time and I feel so proud. You get older you have become more handsome. The things you do also make me proud of you. I wish you have a year as wonderful as you are. You remain the best thing to ever happen to me. Enjoy your sixteenth birthday.

83. Hey birthday boy. I’m delighted to be celebrating with you today. You make it easy for everyone to reach you, even though they don’t deserve to get to you. I have never seen a wiser sixteen-year-old. Here’s wishing you more wisdom as you grow. Happy birthday, my wonderful son.

84. I want you to know that, no matter how big you get or how far you go, I’ll always be here beside you. You were the only one I saw when life’s crises got so unbearable. You never gave up on me, despite not being mentally mature for everything. I owe you a lot, my boy. Happy sixteenth birthday.

85. For you, I will always be willing to work very hard. You have given me so many reasons not to give up on myself. You have no idea what you keep doing, but here I am, thank you for being my son and best friend. Happy 16th birthday, my dear son. Make sure you have a blast.

86. I have had so many regrets in life, but having you is definitely not one of them. Having you has always been a blessing to me. I have never had a moment of sadness, ever since you became mine. On your birthday, I want to wish you the best life has to offer. I love you so much. Happy sixteenth birthday.

87. You have always been a good boy; always making me proud even when I fail to do what’s expected of me as a parent. This year, I am going to be making it up to you. I will make sure the times I wronged you never come back. Happy 16th birthday, my love.

88. No matter how much you’ve grown, you are always going to remain my dearest and loveliest baby boy. On your birthday, I am wishing you a very wonderful year. May all your dreams and wishes come true, this day and every other day. I love you, son.

89. Today, I celebrate you as I have always been doing every other day. To me, you’re worth more than just a day celebration in the whole of 365 days. I don’t care if it’s your birthday or not, I won’t stop celebrating you as long as I live. Happy 16th birthday, my dear son.

90. You came into my life with so much hope for me. Even though you had no idea what was going on, I felt like you did. Nothing has been the same ever since. I can’t imagine life without you, and I am so proud and blessed to call you my son and my best friend. Happy 16th birthday.

Wishing My Son A Happy 16th Birthday

Here’s wishing my handsome son a happy 16th birthday, because you’ve been so supportive of me. I hope to give you the best, as you start a brand new wonderful year. I love you to bits.

91. Your birthday is a continuous reminder of how you keep bringing joy into my life. I’m the happiest person today because I’m celebrating the biggest part of my life. Because of you, my past is nothing compared to my present. I’m very happy. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

92. You’re not just a year older, but a year better in every aspect of life. You’re a young boy with the most goals and dreams. Sometimes, I don’t want to believe you’re 16. I will be right here to see that you achieve all you’ve always wanted. Happy 16th birthday, my darling son. Have a blast.

93. You’re the only one who sees my advice as valid; other people don’t care what it is. Thank you for always listening to me. Thank you for not being disrespectful and rude. I’m happy to be raising a king. I can’t wait for you to rule the world. Happy 16th birthday.

94. I am grateful every day that you came into my world. Your smiles and laughter are a balm to my heart. You have brought nothing but joy and happiness into my life, and I hope these and many beautiful things never depart from your life. Happy 16th birthday, son.

95. Dear son, when you feel that life is giving you such a hard time, just come to me and I will give you everything you need to be back in that good mood. No matter how old you will become, for me, you will always be my little son. Have the best 16th birthday.

96. I’m aware that I am nothing close to being a perfect parent, but I am lucky to have a perfect son. I will always be willing to go through the darkest days of your life with you. I will make sure you have that future you desire. Happy 16th birthday, my precious son.

97. You’re just 16, so you’ve barely lived life. I know that you have all it takes to be a great man in life, but things might not be rosy along the line. Whether or not you find it easy, I will be right beside you. You are loved today, tomorrow and always. Happy 16th birthday.

98. You’re no longer a small boy. You’re growing really fast, and I’m very happy about that. Once upon a time when you were a little boy. It’s your 16th birthday. Here’s wishing you an unforgettable day. May today be as special as you are. Happy 16th birthday, son.

99. What does it matter if you’re big or little? You will always be my little boy.
Till I leave this world, I have every right to be a good parent to you. As a parent, I will make sure you have the best of everything in life. Happy birthday, my dear son. I love you so much.

100. I never imagined how lucky I could be until I had you as my son. Blessings haven’t stopped flowing now, ever since. Thank you for making me a blessed parent. Here’s wishing you the best things life has to offer. Happy 16th birthday, my son.

I hope you found the happy 16th birthday son wishes and quotes up there really helpful. Please, don’t forget to drop your comment(s) below, so I can know how you feel about all you read. It’s also important that you share with other people that might need it. Thank you.

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