Instagram Birthday Captions for Husband

Instagram Birthday Captions for Husband

One of the best social media platforms to make a birthday celebration so special and invigorating for yourself or anyone close to you is Instagram.

Yeah! While you attach the pictures of yourself or loved ones in your dazzling apparel, holding the yummy cakes, and looking so adorable, that won’t be complete without a suitable caption to match it up.

Now that it’s your husband’s birthday, he can feel the great connection you have for him by having a canvas designed art, having a well-lettered message to capture his heart all over again.

For that very day, you can make your DP or status full of his pictures and adulation of him with lively captions such as the ones here in this collection of Instagram birthday captions for husband.

Check out these 100 Instagram birthday captions for husband and be assured they will the best of approval from your Instagram friends all over.

Birthday Captions for Husband on Instagram

For my friends and families need to behold what a great husband you are to me. I have considered celebrating your birthday in a spectacular way. I’m going to flood my Instagram page with your cool pictures and tell the world how awesome you are.

1. Every beautiful moment is for celebration. You’re appreciated and celebrated today, my sweet husband. You mean the whole world to me.

2. You gotta celebrate, being the king that you are. I’m going to put a surprise party in place to make your day delightful and memorable.

3. You’re a king, for kings are special breeds. And for this, you’ll be given the royal treatment and celebration that you deserve this great day.

4. Before I met you, I had no sense of direction. I was full of many insecurities, but your presence turned it all around for me. Now I’m a confident and strong woman. It’s all to your contribution.

5. Your birthday is the best day I look forward to. It gives me the opportunity to tell the whole world how dear you are and what you mean to me.

6. The love and attention that I’ve enjoyed over the years with you have been so comforting, my dear. I can’t pay you in return, but I can pledge my eternal commitment to you. Happy birthday.

7. For mercies countless as the sand, which you daily receive. My soul rejoices over you; it’s your birthday. Have a fantastic celebration.

8. My soul rejoices in the Lord. Can’t stop thanking God for your life and birth. You are the right answer to all my prayers and wishes. Glad you’ve made yourself that significant.

9. It’s hubby’s birthday. That means there’s gonna be so much fun today. I delight in spending the whole day in the comfort of your loving arms.

10. It’s your birthday; we are one, no more two. I’m glad to be your wife for you’ve made me a proud one. Do have a fantastic celebration.

11. No doubt, you’ve been an exceptional husband all along. The kids testify a lot about you. Thank you for being a true hero. This year’s birthday will be an exceptional one for you.

12. The past years have been thrilling. The coming years will be impactful. And the bliss of this special day will surely manifest in your life.

13. Because it’s your day today, I’m all at your service. You have been a good example and your sacrificial life means a great deal to us.

14. The best adventure has been reserved for today. You gonna get it in full at night. This is my special way of making this day special for you.

15. A husband like you is worth a million dollars, for your kind is rare. You glow, you rock. It’s your day, darling. I celebrate you.

16. Life with you is worth living over and over. Come the next world, I choose you all over. I just can’t imagine myself without you.

17. The confidence I develop so recently is a result of your encouragement and sacrifice. Mere ‘Thank You’ is not enough to appreciate you for your birthday.

18. I admire your zeal and resilience. You challenge us a great deal. Nothing can measure up for your value but I won’t stop celebrating you on your birthdays.

19. I can’t but express my profound gratitude for all you do. Because I value all you are to me, it’s your birthday, and it’s gonna be fun-filled today.

20. To his royal highness, long live my love. I can’t stop thinking about you, much more on your birthday.

Best Captions for Husband Birthday

Getting the best captions for a husband’s birthday can be somewhat challenging. But I’m glad to finally get the best out that perfectly describe your person, telling you that you are the best husband in the world. Your birthday is an enjoyable one, my darling.

21. If I could package a ‘Thank You’ to look gigantic and presentable, I’d gladly present it to you as your birthday gift. Happy birthday to you my one and only husband.

22. You know what darling? Looking back, I could see how much we’ve been through hills and valleys together. Now that things are yielding well, it’s too late to turn back. We’re stuck for life. Happy birthday!

23. Never were you born with a silver spoon. But each year you grow older, you get yourself one that glitters. Never will I stop loving you. You’re the main man. Happy birthday to you.

24. Your tall dream inspires me a great deal. Glad I married a purposeful man like you. There’s so much vibe today. It’s a special day.

25. In no small measure are you getting any younger. As a new chapter is turned in today, plan bigger and grow taller. Happy birthday!

26. Honey, your presence is graceful anywhere you go, and your birthday is worthwhile because of who you are. You deserve a red-carpet celebration today for you’re special.

27. It’s your birthday, darling. This day, you deserve a medal for being the best husband so far. Cheers to more beautiful years ahead.

28. Honey, your strength is admirable. We’ve experienced lots of hurdles, but we are helped by God and your skillfulness to jump through them all. So amazing to be your wife. God bless this new year for you.

29. You’re not growing younger. Still never be scared of growing older. Start thinking of what you’re leaving behind. That’s what matters in life. Age gracefully.

30. You are not a perfect man, but you’re just perfect for me. The gift of your personage is the best anyone could ever dream of. Happy birthday.

31. The day of making a wish has come. Be sure to make a good one, for great stories abound for the more years you live. So happy for you and bless God for your good life.

32. Many reasons to be thankful. It’s a great year for you. Nothing shall hinder your blessings. Your birthday is a load of blessings. Amazing year, I wish you, dear.

33. My best friend you are. And the husband of my youth you’ve been. I can’t stop appreciating you. I can’t stop loving you. And I can’t stop praying for you.

34. You’ve given me so much peace all along. It’s all the difference your presence made in my life. Thank you for being an amazing husband. Happy birthday!

35. No day passes without me thinking about you. Even while at work, your thought always fills my heart. You’ve enchanted my heart so greatly. Happy birthday, honey.

36. My birthday goal for you: to sleep early and gym always. To eat healthily and relax peacefully. You are special and your existence is a great one. Happy birthday!

37. Whatever enchantment you have done to me, so long it makes us be together till death do us part, then I’m satisfied with it. Happy birthday, darling.

38. Hubby, none of our differences is capable of pulling apart the dreams and world we’ve spent years building. God is our cornerstone. Happy birthday!

39. Thanks for living and coping all these years. I know I can be complex sometimes but you’ve pulled through with your calmness. Happy birthday, honey.

40. For all you do, represent and aspire, it is all of a reflection of how valuable and attractive you are. Thanks for all do for me and the kids. Happy birthday.

Hubby Birthday Captions

Sweet hubby, thank God for the privilege of another year. I’m confident that it will be a great one for you. The whole world will know what you mean to me. Toast to your birthday!

41. Hey hubby, we’re going to have a big special time tonight. Just you and me. You know what I mean. Happy birthday to you.

42. With birthdays you can be happy. With a new year, you can be fulfilled and hopeful. Ride on to another decade, honey. Enjoy lots of fun today. Happy birthday.

43. It’s a privilege to experience a new year in the land of the living. Glad you’re progressing in life and career even as you advance in age. The older you get, the wiser you become.

44. Your grey hair, not just a sign of old age but more of an emblem of wisdom and experience. Salute to the man, the one who increases in great values as he grows in age. Happy birthday, dear.

45. A miracle today, I’m expecting. To see the president and his entourage grace your party. Yeah! It’s because you’re that unique. Happy birthday, hubby.

46. You have been a good man. Keep ageing and bagging more trophies. And bother not about growing older. Enjoy your life and each day as it comes.

47. Never feel old; always feel delightful. Never feel weak; keep aiming. Forget about the wasted years. Start planning for the legacies to leave behind.

48. The world is blessed with a gift like you. Your birth is graceful. Your life is a blessing. It’s an awesome year today, darling. Happy birthday.

49. Here is a toast to a new year in riches, promotion and advancement. Just for today, feel free to go out and catch some fun. It’s your birthday, hubby.

50. Your mood today is ecstatic. But know that it’s mutual. I’m always glad to see my support for you yielding so well. Thank you for giving me the chance to play such a big role in your life. Happy new year!

51. There is more to one’s age. Not about the years spent but more about the life lived. So, ride safe and high today. It’s just a step to a new decade.

52. Nothing special about birthdays, but you’re someone special on his birthday. This is one of the good years ever, but better days lie ahead.

53. I’m stealing this august occasion to appreciate your presence and value in my life. Now it’s party time. It’s fun to celebrate your birthday.

54. No matter what, you remain my darling husband. Although we are sometimes at loggerheads, but regardless of anything, our love grows deeper and stronger. I won’t stop loving you, darling. Happy birthday!

55. Happy birthday to my wonderful hubby. The whole world stands still at your command for you’re a man of power and great influence. Thank you for making me a superwoman.

56. The many lives you’ve touched always chant your praises. I can’t but always take pride in seeing how influential you’ve become. It’s a new year for you.

57. You’ve always lived a selfless and beautiful life. Everything about you is highly commendable. Hope your birthday brings your way, amazing goodies.

58. Great man like you is hard to come by. Your constant encouragement and support for my dream have touched me deeply. I can’t but wish you well on your birthdays.

59. Despite my fears and complexities, you chose to love me and helped me soar through. You complement me just perfectly. Cheers of an amazing year to an amazing hubby like you.

60. It’s amazing to have a good listener to all my gossips and rants. No matter what, you rarely complain. Still, you give the best advice any woman could ever ask for. I heart you, hubby. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Captions for Husband

You have always been a happy husband and lovely father. For this reason, I love to see you happier on your birthday. This I know will make everyone see how happy I am to have you as my husband. Have a blast!

61. This celebration is coming up in a grand style. I’m certain of having plenty of delicacies as well. You’re special in every way. And you deserve the cutest celebration.

62. I will light up so many colourful birthday candles so your light can shine more in the upcoming years. Cheers to more years of bliss and serenity.

63. Your birthdays remind me of our courting years. You remain my charming king and I remain your adorable queen. It’s you and I forever.

64. Here’s a standing ovation to a celeb like you. It’s your birthday. Nothing compares to you. You remain my gardener. Tend me with care and love.

65. Don’t be deceived; you’re older than you could imagine. But relax; your life has been impactful. And as you age, the better part of you grows older with you and shine more than you.

66. Counting of years doesn’t really matter. Making your life count matters more. Hold on to what makes you grow wiser even as you grow older. Happy birthday!

67. As far as it’s your birthday today, nothing counts against you. Every opportunity gotten is meant for celebration. Happy birthday to you.

68. Found your birthday as the coronation day. The crown fits you more for you’re the king of the jungle. And you’re licensed to rule our kingdom for life. All hail the king and celebrant of today.

69. You know what makes today unique? It’s all because you are as unique as a star. Every sin is forgiven. So much grace abound for your birthday.

70. As you were born, you got your birth certificate. Aren’t you lucky? Glad to see you alive and delightful today, all because it’s your birthday.

71. You’re a neat man and a perfectionist to a default. This trait drew me closer to you. I may not be as cautious as you are or desire but I’d love you to develop more patience with me.

72. Best time for the holidays falls on your birthday. I’d love to take you around the world and give you the best treat that a great man like you deserves. Cheers to amazing years ahead.

73. It’s your birthday. Now is the time for vacation and relaxation. I really hope you have a more exhilarating time to enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

74. I wonder how life would have been for me if you hadn’t shown up. You’re more than my husband. You’re my life and everything. I celebrate you always, darling.

75. You’re always hopeful and purposeful. How you manage to keep up these traits amazes me a great deal. Nothing will stop you from attaining that great height. I am still learning from you.

76. I could choose the whole day to appreciate you. Thank you for being so calm and mature to handle me whenever I crumble under loads of care. You are simply amazing. Happy birthday.

77. You’re too kind of a man. The whole world would be a better place if many could be as kind as you are. Your good heart keeps paving way for you. Happy birthday!

78. Hubby, in case I haven’t told you before, you are such a good man and I’m glad I said YES to you. On this birthday of yours, I pledge my allegiance to you all over.

79. If I have the opportunity of making one great wish today, it’s to live to always make you happy, for you are a peaceful man. May abundance peace garrison your mind.

80. Being a lively and funny man is no fault of yours. It’s just a part of you that distinguished you from many others that first approached me.

Instagram Birthday Wishes for Husband

The best husband deserves the greatest wishes. Having spent considerable years with you and knowing what you like, I can perfectly describe your awesomeness and usher you into a blissful new year ahead. Happy birthday, my dear.

81. Hurray!!! Another 50 years journey is starting today. May you never stumble as you climb into a new one. You’re massively blessed.

82. This year, your birthday is pretty nice and different from that of the past years. Come what may, the sky is your starting point. Heaven smiles on you today and bless your new age.

83. You’re finally at the end of a floor. The more you feel special today, the more reason you have to celebrate. It’s the dawn of a new year. New blessings await you.

84. Life in the 40s proved to be so thrilling. 50s will be more adventurous. Just as this year’s birthday is great, trust the next one will be greater.

85. If birthdays prolong life, then I’d pray you to celebrate every blessed year in abundance. The sun smiles at you. The heaven is opened for you. Here’s to a great future ahead.

86. Always having you around assures me of being surrounded by so much love and safety each passing day. May you remain ever secured as each day unfolds.

87. Here’s a toast from my heart to you on your birthday, dear. The love we share from the onset is still as fresh as ever. I pray we share more as each birthday unfolds and always.

88. Hello 40s, hope to see you no more. A new dawn begins in a moment. As my husband mounts a new ladder this day, may God keep him safe in the shadow of His wings.

89. On this birthday of yours, a lot of hugs and kisses may not be sufficient to convey my gratitude to you. But I know they will sure bring brightness to your life more than ever before.

90. I sometimes wonder if I could match up with your high level of balance and doggedness. Hope this special day will bring you closer to the fulfilment of your dreams.

Birthday Cake Captions for Husband

The essence of every coded planning is soon to be unveiled. It’s a surprise party for you and your birthday cake is specially customised with a lovely picture, my darling husband. It’s going to be a great one!

91. You stole my heart in such a way that’s spectacular. Now, I’m wrapping my heart all over again as a special gift for your birthday. Happy cake day, husby. Have fun!

92. For today, colourful candles and lovely cakes will lighten up your day. You can eat as much cake as you want today but ensure not to yourself choked up.

93. Making the best birthday cake ever for my sweet husby. It’s all to new birth. Today is gonna be more exhilarating for you than ever.

94. The smell of cakes, the pop of champagne, the blow of balloons, the sounds of music, it’s all to make your birthday a remarkable one.

95. Baby, you’re more than I wish and hope for in life. You’re going to have more than enough cakes and ice cream today. It’s your day. Happy birthday!

96. As you arise, you’re waking up to a customised birthday cake, country music and an all-around party.

97. The cake gets baked whenever your birthday approaches. I have chosen to live the rest of my life with you, darling. Nothing shall separate us come what may.
Eat and enjoy yummy cakes today.

98. It’s your birthday. There are lots of cake deliveries already. There’s so much to eat and take home. Have fun and enjoy the best of this day.

99. Just for today, you’re free to make a wish. And I’m hopeful it’s going to be a toast to a good life, greater achievement and longer years. Happy cake day, darling.

100. I doubt if today’s celebration will be perfect without the beautiful cakes, the pop of champagne, great fun and lovely friends around to cruise the day with. Enjoy bliss all around.

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