Happy Birthday Prayers for Husband in Islam

Happy Birthday Prayers for Husband in Islam

The Almighty Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful, loves faithful people who have chosen the peaceful path of Islam to serve Him, and He is, indeed, gracious to remember all of their righteous deeds.

Your husband is a Muslim faithful, and Allah seeks to bless him and accept all of the du’a you make on his behalf, on his special day.

Beyond material gifts, prayers are the best gifts we can give, especially to those that we dearly love.

These wonderful and powerful happy birthday prayers for husband in Islam are the right du’a that should be offered to the Almighty Allah for your husband on a day as special as his birthday.

As his wife, Allah will be gracious to accept every du’a offered on this day.

Go on and make your choice(s) and pray for your husband.
May his days be lengthy, Insha Allah, Ameen.

Islam Birthday Prayers for Your Husband

My dear husband, it is another special day in your life. Alhamdulillah to the Almighty Allah who has kept you to this day. I pray that the Almighty keep guiding your way and directing your path. Insha Allah, your ways are prosperous, and may the Almighty accept all your acts of Ibadah. Happy Birthday, my love.

1. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin! It’s your birthday again, my darling husband. I pray Allah’s Rahma on you, always. Happy Birthday, my dear.

2. My dear husband, today marks a new year for you. May Allah accept all your acts of Ibadah and grant you longevity. Happy Birthday to you.

3. Happy Birthday my crown. It gladdens me to see you celebrate another year. May the Almighty bless you on this special occasion, my dear. Happy Birthday!

4. It has pleased the Almighty Allah to count you among the living today, on your birthday, my love. I pray Allah keeps you for long. Happy birthday, love.

5. May Allah’s shekinah dwell with you forever, my sweetheart. May Almighty Allah grant all of your heart’s desires. Happy birthday, love.

6. Dear husband of my youth, it’s a happy birthday indeed! May the Almighty make you fruitful in the land of the living. Happy birthday, my dear.

7. On your special day, and even beyond, may the Almighty Allah keep you from all forms of harm and evil. Happy birthday, my dear.

8. May Allah’s grace rest upon you and keep you for a length of years. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

9. My love, you are Allah’s precious gift to me, and I’m grateful you are my crown. May Allah’s blessings be yours, always. Happy birthday.

10. My very own king, today is your special day. May all your acts of Ibadah be accepted by Almighty Allah. Happy birthday, my love.

11. My dear husband, may the Almighty remember all your righteous deeds and bless you because of them. Happy birthday, my love.

12. Alhamdulillah! Almighty Allah has added a new year to my husband age. Happy Birthday, my darling crown. May Allah’s Rahma abide with you.

13. Cheers to your new year and age, my beloved husband and crown. Allah has kept you this far, and He will always keep you. Happy birthday, love.

14. May the Lord accept all our du’a this new year and even beyond. And may Allah’s Rahma and shekinah abide with you. Happy birthday, my love.

15. My darling husband, it’s a new year for you. May Allah look out for you in all your ways, just the way you look out for me and the family. Happy birthday, darling.

16. All your life, baby, may your joy be boundless and may Allah meet with all of your needs. Happy birthday, babe.

17. My love, Allah has blessed us. He has granted and blessed you with another year. May He grant you more years and keep blessing us. Happy birthday!

18. My blessed husband, I pray to Allah on this special day of yours, that he guides your footsteps in His light. Happy birthday, my love.

19. May the eternal and Almighty Allah accept every du’a offered and bless you with the fulfilment of your heart’s desires. Happy birthday, my husband.

20. Alhamdulillahi! Today, I offer a du’a: that the Almighty blesses you and answers all your prayers and accept your righteous deeds. Happy birthday, honey.

21. Insha’Allah, may you live long and healthy. May good health be yours all of your days. Happy birthday my dear husband.

22. May Allah keep you. Ameen. May Allah’s shekinah and Rahma rest upon you. Ameen. May Allah save you for evil men. Ameen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

23. May Almighty Allah in all His graciousness grant you His choicest blessings on your birthday. Happy birthday, darling.

24. O, Allah! Most merciful! Thank you for keeping my husband till today. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin! May you keep him for more years. Ameen. Happy birthday, my love.

25. Allah has been faithful. Alhamdulillah! And he will always be faithful. It’s a new year that Allah has given to you. Happy birthday, baby boo.

A Birthday Prayer for My Husband in Islam

Almighty Allah, the most gracious! I am grateful you have kept my husband all these years. Insha Allah, I pray the Almighty keeps my husband for more years. I pray Allah’s Rahma and shekinah on you, my dear husband. May the Almighty remember and accept all your righteous deeds and du’a, Insha Allah. Happy birthday, my dear.

26. Sweetheart, may the Almighty Allah grant you good health and sustenance as a new year is added to your age, today. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

27. Baby, it’s a new year. It’s your birthday. I’m grateful for all that you are to me. May the Almighty increase your righteous deeds, my love. Happy birthday to you.

28. May your new year comes with new and special grace and favour, Insha Allah. Happy birthday to you, my darling crown.

29. May the Almighty accept all your acts of Ibadah this year, my dear husband. May He help you be a faithful servant of His. Ameen. Happy birthday, sweetness.

30. My darling husband, you have been amazing to me and our family. I pray the Almighty blesses you for all your good deeds, Insha Allahu. Happy birthday, dear.

31. Alhamdulillah for another year of your life, sweetheart. May the Almighty prosper your ways and grant you success, always. Ameen. Happy Birthday, love.

32. It’s your special day, my love. I hope you enjoy it to the fullest, even as the Almighty Allah blesses all your endeavours. Happy birthday, dear.

33. Happy Birthday to you, darling. You are so amazing and you’ve been a blessing from Allah to me. May your days be long, Insha Allah. Happy birthday, again.

34. My husband and the crown of my head: just as you have made my life beautiful by being in it, may Allah beautify your life and grant your desires. Happy birthday, love.

35. Happy birthday, my sweet husband. May all of Allah’s choicest blessings be yours, today and always. Cheers!

36. Almighty Allah, keep my husband safe from evil and evil men. Grant him long life, Ameen. Happy birthday, my dear.

37. Today, on your special day, honey, I say a du’a: that Allah accepts all your desires and grant them to you, by His grace. Happy birthday, dear.

38. Oh! Allah! The merciful. My husband is a faithful Muslim, and on this day of his birth, please bless him tremendously. Ameen. Happy birthday, my husband.

39. My darling, it is a good thing to count the number of our years. Today marks another year for you. Allah’s mercy be upon you, my love. Happy birthday!

40. Happy Birthday, darling. Yours has been a beautiful life. I pray the rest of your life would be more beautiful, Insha Allah. Cheers to your new age, darling.

41. It is a pleasure, and a blessing to have you by my side, as my husband, and as my friend. May the Almighty continually bless us and our family. Happy birthday, my love.

42. Honey, you go way beyond amazing. Thank you for everything. May Allah’s Rahma rest upon you and abide with you, all the days of your life. Ameen. Happy Birthday, love.

43. Alhamdulillah for a brand-new year! It is a new year to serve Allah, and be filled with more righteous deeds, by Allah’s grace. Happy Birthday, dear.

44. You are the love of my life, my dear and it is wonderful to be doing life with you, my love. Happy Birthday to you. May all your acts of Ibadah be accepted. Ameen.

45. May your life overflow with the Almighty’s shekinah and Rahma. I love you so much, my sweet husband. Happy birthday to you.

46. Your special day is as special as you are, and I am so happy to be celebrating with you as your wife. May Allah bestow all of His blessings upon you. Cheers!

47. Here’s to a year filled with Allah’s love, His unending mercies and His overwhelming grace. Happy birthday, Honey.

48. Do have a great new year ahead, my darling husband. May Allah’s blessings continually abide with you and in our home. I love you.

49. My dear husband, you deserve all the love and happiness that you get. And so, may Allah grant unto you, all your heart desires. Ameen. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

50. I love you so much, sweetheart. It is your birth anniversary today, and Insha Allah, I will always have reason to celebrate you, Ameen. Happy birthday, dear.

Islamic Birthday Duas for Husband

Bismillahi al Rahmani al Rahim, I pray for you that you are prosperous in all of your ways, that Allah accepts all your du’a and acts of Ibadah. That you know no lack, my husband, Insha Allah, and that all your days are filled with the grace and blessings of the Almighty Allah. I love you, dear. Happy Birthday!

51. Sweetheart, Allah has kept you for another year, and in this new year, he will grant you happiness and joy and favour. Happy birthday to you, my love.

52. My love, I pray that the Almighty takes care of you, and all of your needs. May His blessings always be yours, now and forever. Happy birthday, love.

53. On your special day, my dearest man, may the Almighty remove every hindrance to success on your path, and may He bless your ways. Happy birthday, dearest.

54. May Allah’s Rahma never leave you, and may His grace never depart from you. Happy birthday, dear husband.

55. May Allah’s generosity be shown to you, baby. May His graciousness fill your life till the end of time. Happy birthday, love.

56. I say a special du’a on your special day: that Allah protects and keeps you, and Allah blesses you beyond measure. Happy birthday, darling.

57. Oh Allah! You are merciful. Thank you for your mercy upon my husband, and to us, as a family. We pray your mercy never leaves us, Insha Allah. Happy birthday, dear husband.

58. Darling, may Allah increase all of your righteous acts, and keep you on the days of evil. Happy Birthday, sweetie. Long life and prosperity. Ameen.

59. May all that you ask of Allah be given to you. Ameen. May Almighty Allah accept all your acts of Ibadah and may His blessings rest upon you. Ameen. Have a great year, love.

60. Allah is faithful. Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Almighty Allah for sustenance, provision and guidance. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

61. Allahu Akbar! God has kept you so far, my dear. Praise be to Him forever. Happy Birthday to you, my love. Cheers!

62. It’s your special day, my sweet love. Almighty Allah will swiftly answer you when you call upon Him, and His favour will dwell with you. Happy birthday, darling.

63. Honey, I am grateful to Allah, the Most merciful, who has granted you life for a new year of yours. Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. Happy birthday, Honey.

64. Alhamdulillah for a day as precious and special as this: my husband’s birthday. I love you so much, dear, and I pray Allah’s Rahma on you. Ameen. Happy birthday, sis.

65. Happy Birthday to my dearest husband. All of Allah’s blessings are yours in your new year, and His graciousness will abide with you. Happy birthday, love.

66. One day is not enough to celebrate you, and only the Almighty can reward you for your awesomeness, darling. Happy birthday to you.

67. Today and beyond, I wish you Allah’s Rahma, Ameen. May God bless you bountifully, my dear. Happy birthday.

68. I count it an honour to celebrate you today as my husband, baby. Happy Birthday, love. Allah’s Idayah on you, always baby. Happy birthday!

69. My beloved, I love you so much. The Almighty will look upon this day of your birth, and remember all your righteous deeds, Insha Allah. Happy birthday, honey.

70. May Almighty Allah’s peace, grace, mercy and happiness continually be yours, now and forever, sweet husband. Happy Birthday to you.

71. Sweetie, my world revolves around you and Allah. And I always remember that you are Allah’s gift to me. I pray Allah’s shekinah is on you, always. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

72. Your birthday is a special day for me because it is your special day. I am sure Allah counts it special too because you are his faithful servant. Happy Birthday, honey.

73. What better day to celebrate a devout man than the day he was born? Happy Birthday, sweetheart. May Allah rightly reward you for your labour. Ameen.

74. You’ve taught me a lot since you became my husband, and I will always choose you. May Allah never forget all your good deeds. Happy birth anniversary, love.

75. Darling, I hope you have a great year ahead; one filled with desires that the Almighty has granted, and laughter and joy. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for Husband in Islamic Way

My dear husband in whom I am well pleased, it delights me that Allah has blessed me so, and has chosen me to be the wife to such an amazing devout Muslim. Allah has blessed me, and he will keep blessing you, Insha Allahu. My dear, I wish you the length of years filled with Allah’s Rahma. Happy Birthday!

76. Sweetheart, you are one of the best things that Allah has ever created, and I am blessed to be your wife, sweetie. May Allah’s Idayah be yours forever. Cheers!

77. You are proof that Allah cares for me, for He has given you to me as a gift and a blessing. Happy Birthday, love.

78. May the Most gracious Allah pour out His Rahma, shekinah and idayah on you, now and always. Happy Birthday, dear husband. I love you.

79. Alhamdulillah for a new year of yours in the land of the living. You will live for many more years, in peace, joy and comfort. May the Almighty bless you, Ameen.

80. My dear husband, may Allah grant you the joy you need to fulfil his purpose on earth, and may He keep you for long. Happy Birthday, dear.

81. Love of my life, and father of my children, life is indeed beautiful cos we have you here with us. Happy Birthday, love.

82. Baby, I love you so much, and I wish the best for you. Allah’s shekinah be on you and shine upon you. Happy Birthday, my love.

83. Another day to celebrate Allah’s faithfulness and graciousness! Allahu Akbar. Happy Birthday, dear husband. Allah’s Rahma on your always, Ameen. Cheers!

84. May the Almighty multiply all that you lay your hands upon, and may He remember all your acts of Ibadah and bless you. Happy Birthday, my love.

85. Cheers to a brand-new age, sweetie. The older you get, the wiser you will become, Insha Allah. Allah’s Idayah on you, now and forever. Happy Birth anniversary, my boo.

86. Yah Allah, show your merciful acts. Remember all my husband’s righteous deeds, increase them, and accept his acts of Ibadah. Ameen, ya Allah. Happy Birthday, darling.

87. I wish you a birthday filled with every good thing you could have ever thought of. Happy Birthday, my love. Allah’s Rahma and shekinah are upon you.

88. Alhamdulillah for another birthday, another year, my sweetheart. I pray Allah’s Idayah be upon you and may he accept your Ibadah. Ameen, yah Allahu.

89. Allahu Akbar. It’s a new year for my husband. Yah Allah, bless this good servant of yours with your Rahma and shekinah. Ameen. Happy Birthday, love.

90. My love, I love how you love me, and how I love you right back! May you be overwhelmed with Allah’s love, and may His blessings be evident. Happy Birthday, darling.

91. My sweetness, I pray that your special day is filled with love, joy, peace and happiness. And Allah will provide all. Happy Birthday, my dear husband.

92. Yah Allah, please, remember all of our righteous deeds and increase supply for us, oh Allah. Happy Birthday to my darling husband.

93. Happy Birthday, dearest husband. I bless Allah for your life. Alhamdulillah. May His mercy be upon you always. Happy Birthday, darling.

94. Oh Allah, most merciful. You have blessed my husband with the gift of life. Thank you, Allah. Alhamdulillah. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

95. May Allah increase your righteous deeds on all fronts, and may His blessings be yours, always. Happy birthday, sweetie.

96. It is a beautiful day, cos it marks your birth anniversary. Have a great one, my crown. Insha Allah, you are a blessed man. Ameen.

97. It is a great thing to always wake up by your side, and in your arms. May Allah fill you with peace, and joy as you celebrate this new year. Happy Birthday, sweet darling.

98. Happy Birthday, honey. May Allah grant you good health and may you live long to see the rewards of your labour. Happy Birthday to you, love.

99. I can never thank Allah enough for His graciousness and thoughtfulness. For blessing me with you and our family. Happy Birthday, my love.

100. What would I have done if Allah didn’t make you? My life would have had little or no meaning, today. Thanks for being in my corner. Almighty Allah will reward you. Happy Birthday!

I am sure that on receiving one or more of these prayers as texts, your husband is going to pray for you too.

Happy Birthday to him.
May all of your prayers for your husband be accepted by the Almighty.
May all of Allah’s Rahma dwell with your husband and in your home.

I wish your husband an amazing year ahead, by the grace of the Almighty, and that you both get to spend many years together till you are old and grey! Ameen.

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