Happy 28th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy 28th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

A fun-loving boyfriend is the salt of the earth. He’s a premium, rare gem. When you have a carefree boyfriend with a wicked sense of humour, you should celebrate him as often as the opportunity presents itself. Couples who laugh together are likely to last together. What better way to celebrate your funny boyfriend than to give him a healthy dose of his own medicine? A witty, sarcastic and hilarious birthday message would do the trick.

A well-composed birthday wish is an awesome way of celebrating your heartthrob’s 28th birthday; besides showering him with gifts, taking him out or throwing a surprise birthday party. If you want your boyfriend to take your relationship to a permanent level, you certainly got to try this. You can’t go wrong with lavishing him with heartfelt prayers, sending touching birthday greetings, and emotionally gripping wishes.

Birthdays are opportunities provided by nature to celebrate your darling boyfriend in a big special way. Birthdays are reminders of how blessed you are. A boyfriend who gives his all and has been extremely good deserves all the accolades, open display of affection. If you can splurge on gifs, you definitely can do better with beautiful birthday messages, wishes and prayers. Showering him with love and affection.

It’s your love’s 28th birthday. You already have plans to make a big deal out of it. Do you want to make his birthday extra colourful, memorable and fun? Do you care to bless your darling boyfriend’s 28th birthday with sweet prayers, well wishes and heartfelt messages? Care to make your special guy’s birthday really special? Are you stumped on what to write?

Have no care! Here are cute happy 28th birthday wishes for boyfriend:

Best 28th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

‘Happy 28th birthday to the captain of my heart. When my loveship sails on your ocean of love, I have confidence that there shall be no crash or wreck. Only pure cruising. With long life will the Lord satisfy you and show you, his salvation. You will lack nothing good. You shall be fruitful in and out of seasons in Jesus’ mighty name.’

The best messages to your boyfriend on his 28th birthday are one with touching prayers:

1. You are a rare gem, my sweetheart. A gift that begets more gifts. You are the most special man in my life; you make me feel complete. This new year, may the Lord perfect all that concerns you, in Jesus’ name. May He direct your steps, bless your ways and fulfil all His promises to you. Happy 28th birthday, darling boyfriend.

2. Happy 28th birthday, sweetie pie. I feel immensely blessed to call you mine, darling boyfriend. You’re a priceless gift of immeasurable value. I love you like it’s going out of fashion. As you are a year older, wiser, smarter, cuter and better today, may you run the race of life with grace unlimited. May you soar on the wings of God’s abundant mercy. May the Lord direct your steps as you seek His will and follow the path of greatness to fulfil destiny. Have an awesome new year, Sugar!

3. Yay, it’s your birthday, Handsome! This new year, the heaven above you shall be widely opened and the earth beneath you shall yield to you, its blessings. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious unto you. There shall be no better yesterdays for you. Each new day will come with fresh blessings, in Jesus name. Happy 28th birthday, darling boyfriend. Loads of love and tons of kisses from your heartthrob.

4. When times aren’t rosy and life services me with fish of uncertainty, s your cheery and loving personality gives me inexplicable joy. You are a fountain of blessings, boyfriend. Happy 28th birthday, Honeypie. You’re a sparkling star; may the Lord cause your light to shine as bright as the stars. May you experience divine visitation and a miraculous turnaround. May the Lord give you reasons to smile, always. Love you loads, my Sunshine!

5. Happy 28th birthday to a leader per excellence. Darling love of my life, you are a man of excellence and stature. This new year, you shall move from glory to glory in Jesus’ name. God’s faithfulness and mercy shall continue to avail for you. Your path shall not be dark and slippery but smooth all through this new age and beyond. Congratulations, Sugarplum.

Happy 28th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

‘ Many love quotes are churning in my heart, fighting to have expression. None is found worthy to describe the oceans of affection welling up within me in waves, tides and currents. Happy 28th birthday to the pilot of my heart. Fly me to wherever you please. I’m here for you. I love you, darling!’

A happy birthday quote for your premium boyfriend on his 28th birthday will make your message stand out and strike a love chord:

6. Your love is the constant music my heart beats and dances to. Sometimes, it’s silent and I hum sweetly along. Other times it blares so loudly in my ears that I can hear the echo reverberates through my entire being. Happy 28th birthday, my cute, charming and loving boyfriend. I love you, now more than ever. Cheers to an amazing new year!

7. If loving you is a ravishing hunger, I’m never going to be fully sated. The more than of you I have, the more I’ll always desire. You’re in my blood, sweetie. I adore you, baby boy. Happy 28th birthday, darling boyfriend. Age with abundant grace.

8. You are my soulmate and my heartbeat. I do not fancy myself in love with you, the love of my life. This is what I’m sure of: I’m wholly, completely, passionately, and irrevocably in love with you! Happy 28th birthday, my amazing boyfriend. I wish you a birthday as awesome as you are.

9. A love that evolved without a specific beginning, can never end. A love without a why surely has no why not? A love that is as timeless as ours, is certainly endless. A love like mine for you, dear boyfriend. I love you to the moon and back. I wish you the happiest 28th birthday ever!

10. In the game of love, I am the master of the game! I won the noblest of hearts, hands down. You are the alpha of the make species; a spec! God’s very best! I’m blessed to have you, precious boyfriend. Happy 28th birthday to the guy that rocks my heart unapologetically and majestically. Love you loads.

Happy 28th Birthday to My Boyfriend

‘Happy 28th birthday to the only sugar in my tea. Darling boyfriend, you are so sweet without the sickening saccharine flavour. You’re the cream in my coffee; the substance in my universe. I wish you many happy returns with all my love.’

Wishing your sweet boyfriend a happy 28th birthday can’t be any sweeter than this:

11. Happy 28th birthday to my cool, calm, intelligent and articulate boyfriend. Loving you is the sweetest thing ever and I feel blessed to have you. I’m sending you tons of love with loads of kisses on this special day. I wish you a lovely and blessed day.

12. Happy 28th birthday to my funny, witty, smart, yummy tall glass of gorgeousness! I wish you a lifetime of happiness in prosperity and good health. I love you, dear boyfriend.

13. Happy 28th birthday to the throb and throttle of my heart. You are the reigning prince of my heart, my charming boyfriend. You are my knight in shining armour, my forever champion. Thank you for always watching out for me. I love you to the moon.

14. Yippie, it’s your birthday, love of my life! Happy 28th birthday, dearest boyfriend. You are my smile prompter; the one with the express goal of making me happy. I love you to bits; head over heels helplessly in love with you, my darling. I wish you a birthday as special as you are. Cheers!

15. Happy 28th birthday to the boss of my heart. I love you so much, telling you repeatedly is beginning to sound like a litany. It’s your special day, I should make it ring in your ears. Sing it in the melodious voice ever. I love you to stupor, darling boyfriend. I wish you love, light and happiness. Enjoy your day!

16. Happy 28th birthday to you, my love. Each day with you is an experience of unending delight. You are truly the man of many dreams with a permanent residence in my heart. May your days be joyful and filled with tremendous blessings. Love you always, darling boyfriend.

28th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

‘A special birthday greetings to my special boyfriend on your 28th birthday. ‘I love you’ sounds lame, but it’s the uncoated truth delivered in its simplest form. Yes, I love you and I’m sending you loads of kisses with hugs today and forever.’

A birthday shoutout from you to greet your beloved boyfriend on his 28th birthday is the real deal to make him happy:

17. A wonderful birthday to my gorgeous boyfriend at 28. You fill my heart with so much love, pleasure, excitement and happiness that it’s like a modern fairytale love story. I love you, my heart’s delight. Here’s wishing you all that your heart desires this new year and forever.

18. Happy birthday to my dearest boyfriend at 28. Loving you makes me feel so delirious with happiness. I love the way you love me openly without restraint. You are a precious gem; a rarity among men. I wish you the best birthday ever!

19. Birthday greetings to the world’s best boyfriend ever! At 28, you are a year younger, smarter, richer and better. May this day bring you loads of happiness, fulfilment and everything good in life. Hugs and kisses from your baby girl of life!

20. A wonderful 28th birthday greetings to my amazing boyfriend. You are the chief executive officer of my heart. The comptroller of my control button. This new year, you’ll go from strength to strength. May all your wishes come true. Love you!

Cute 28th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

‘Happy 28th birthday to my premium boyfriend. My heart is on a permanent mortgage to yours, I’m delighted to be your will captive of love. Here’s wishing you a memorable new year of pure bliss and great exploits. Cheers to an amazing year ahead, my love!’

Nothing like cute wishes to ginger your boyfriend’s heart on his 28th birthday:

21. Yay! It’s your birthday, bae! Happy 28th birthday to my delicious fountain of love. Darling boyfriend, I’m thrilled to my bones to let you know I love you so much I do not find the right words to express the depth. Rock your day like the star you are!

22. Happy 28th birthday to my amazing, cool, calm and finger-licking handsome boyfriend. I wish you the most fabulous celebration ever. I love you, my darling guy.

23. Happy 28th birthday, my sunshine. Your love brightens every moment of my day, so I wish you a day as bright as the star and a year as wonderful as you are. You are my joy; my heart overflows with happiness from loving you. You’re the most precious gem, buddy. Have a great year, bae!

24. To the one whose sweet smile makes my heart flutter, a beautiful 28th birthday wishes to you. You are my good luck charm, everything works just fine because you are in my life. I love you madly. May the universe be kind to you today and always!

25. A lovely and sweet birthday to a prince charming at 28. Darling boyfriend, you mean the world to me and I cherish you more than anything in the world. I wish you long and good life in abundant prosperity.

Funny 28th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

‘You are so witty, mischievous and full of sarcasm, such that nothing but a funny birthday wishes from me to you, is acceptable on your 28th birthday. Dear boyfriend, please get ready, I’m coming to kidnap you for a weekend getaway for two. Ransom is your cherished heart forever. Happy birthday, Sugar. I adore you!’

Tickle your darling silly with these hilarious/funny 28th birthday wishes for boyfriend:

26. Happy 28th birthday to my dashing boyfriend. You just won the jackpot: me! I’m your treasure and the best gift you can ever have on your special day. I present myself to you in a wrapping of a special TLC. Have a fabulous day, sweetie!

27. Happiest and wondrous 28th birthday to my hot as a yummy chocolate boyfriend! Congratulations, Honey. Please, send you account details, I’d like to shock you with money for your favourite chewing gum. Thank me not, what are girlfriends for? Love you forever!

28. Happy 28th birthday to my exceptional boyfriend. My lollipop, you are a perpetual bundle of delicious delight and I love you like that. You are so sweet that I’m looking forward to gobbling you up like my favourite candy. Have a fun-filled day, my crush!

29. Happy 28th birthday, my premium boyfriend. I’ll like to give you out for hire so that I can use the proceeds to celebrate your birthday in a huge way. Aren’t I pretty smart! Yes, it’s how we roll! Get ready for the transaction, I’ll prepare for a way out of this world groove. Love you, sweetie!

30. My love for you is like taking sips of sparkling rich wine. Sweet but heady and intoxicating. I’m so high I’d love to get drunk on you. Nothing bad in being labelled a drunk for love’s sake. Happy 28th birthday, dearest boyfriend. You rock my heart with glee. I love you passionately. Enjoy your day!

Beautiful! You just reassured your boyfriend of your undying love and devotion. Filling up his love tank with excess supply from you is the most extraordinary. You just made his day!

Love is beautiful. It’s a powerful force that makes the day a memorable one for him. These love messages will go a long way to communicate your love to your heartthrob and will be the highlight of his birthday. It is as special as any gift you’re giving him. More even, because words are powerful. It is also more effective than the verbal words of love you exchange over a voice or video call. Splattering these messages on all your social media while tagging him, is really thoughtful of you. He will surely adore you for it. He also gets to read it all over again each time his heart yearns for your affection.

Celebrating your endearing boyfriend’s birthday with witty, funny and meaningful words of love, is an unforgettable experience for the love of your life. Special memories are built on such for a meaningful and lasting relationship.

Thank you for availing yourself of this write up for your boyfriend’s 28th birthday celebration. I bet you’ll get s positive feedback. Kindly share with your friends, family and colleagues. I’ll appreciate any comments, questions or suggestions.

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