Happy 17th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Happy 17th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

At 17, most people still battle a lot of insecurities and are still trying to find their place in the world.

So, when 17-year-olds are affirmed in words and actions, it goes a long way to validate them and make them feel like they are destined for greatness.

If you have a niece that is this age or becoming that age soon, the least you can do is be that person for her and her birthday use the best birthday wishes for your 17-year-old niece to make her happy.

Best Birthday Wishes for Your 17 Years Old Niece

I hope that you have the best birthday celebration as you become 17 years old on this special day. You deserve that and much more, I wish you the best, my dearest niece.

1. You are living your best life at your tender age and I could not be happier for you. Happy birthday beautiful niece.

2. Today is the day to celebrate someone really dear to me. Happy birthday to my beat niece.

3. You are doing so well for someone so young. Happy birthday to my darling niece.

4. Take it from someone who has been there. You are doing fine. Happy birthday to my cute niece.

5. Not many people get me as you do, my darling. Happy birthday to my favourite niece.

6. Happy birthday to my great niece. Your 17th is the beginning of great tidings for you.

7. You have everything it takes to take the world and be great in it. Happy birthday to my strong and courageous niece.

8. Happy birthday to my loving niece. You have redefined love for me and I can’t say that you don’t make me proud.

9. May this day bring you genuine happiness because you deserve it. Happy birthday to you.

10. You have been destined for greatness since birth. continue to go and live your life like you believe it. Happy birthday to my loving niece.

11. I am so chuffed at the direction your life is taking at such a tender age. Happy birthday dearest niece.

12. You continue to show me that age is but a number. Happy birthday to you!

13. You are so sound and so grounded in your thought. Happy birthday to my smart niece.

14. I think it is fair to pick this day to let you know that although you are young, I learn a lot just by watching you. Happy birthday to you!

15. Happy birthday to my favourite niece – well, more like, my one and only niece. you are so amazing!

16. You are definitely on top of the list of God’s blessings to me. Happy birthday to my lovely niece.

17. You can be whoever you choose to be! you have proven times without number that you are destined for greatness and I am proud. Happy birthday to you.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Niece Turning 17

I wish you a birthday that is as beautiful as you and hope that my prayer and message are clear enough when I say I see you turning things around in the world that you live in. Happy 17th birthday, dear niece.

18. My daughter already looks so much like you and I cannot wait for the resemblance to materialize in the important places. Happy birthday to you!

19. We are so blessed to have a wonderful soul like you as a daughter. Happy birthday to our beautiful niece.

20. It is the big 17 and I am glad to be celebrating with you. Happy birthday precious niece.

21. You have done so much in the last few days to earn you that happy place. I hope you get it. Happy birthday to you.

23. You are such a rare gem and have been so for the longest time. happy birthday to our niece.

24. You have been so lovely and warm towards the people around you. Thank you for being someone I can be proud of and happy birthday dear niece.

25. May this big 17 be a wonderful milestone for you. Happy birthday to my lovely niece.

26. You are constantly doing the good work when at such a tender age. Happy birthday to my precious niece.

27. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. Just stay happy and enthusiastic about life.

28. The possibility that you are happy always is slim. But, if possible, in all options, every time, I want you to always choose your happiness. Happy birthday, my lovely niece.

29. Happy birthday, to my wonderful niece. There is nothing you put your heart to that you cannot achieve.

30. I want to remind you that you are an exemplary teenager among your peers. Happy birth my sweet niece.

31. I cannot wait to take you on a loving journey on this day to remind you that you deserve to have the best birthday celebration. Happy Birthday, beautiful.

32. Everything that has happened to you since birth has proven that you are meant for greatness. Happy birthday to my great niece.

33. There is nothing in the world that can hinder you from being great. Take that from me! Happy Birthday to you.

34. May the celebration be as sweet as you and your days on earth be filled with joyous celebration. Happy Birthday to my dear niece.

Happy 17 Birthday Niece Quotes

May this be a happy celebration for you and may this 17th birthday be a harbinger of good tidings to my dearest niece so that she can quote me in future and say, she said it!

35. Nothing in the world is going to take your joy away from you. Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece.

36. I hope you believe in your ability to be the best among peers. Happy Birthday to you.

37. My utmost prayer is that you never stop believing in your power. Happy Birthday to my powerful niece.

38. You do so much for your community at such a young age and I am proud to know you. Happy Birthday to my kind niece.

39. May this birthday celebration stay with you for years to come as the celebration that ushered you into greatness. Happy Birthday to you, my dearest niece.

40. You have the most beautiful smile and the most amazing personality at 17. I love it! Happy Birthday to my amazing niece.

41. Everything you have said you would achieve before 17, you have done! well done, and happy birthday to my lovely niece.

42. May the world rise in your favour as from this moment. Happy Birthday to you my dearest.

43. You have been a great support system even when you did not have to. Thank you and happy birthday to you.

44. It is that time of the year; I am excited to have your kind as a niece. Happy Birthday to you.

45. I am beyond elated to be celebrating the most brilliant 17-year old that I know. Happy birthday to my smart niece.

46. Everything you will encounter this new year will bring you closer to your dreams in life. Happy Birthday to you, my dearest, smartest niece.

47. I know you enough to know that your greatest desire is a scholarship. May you get that and more. Happy Birthday to my smart niece.

48. You are my favourite person through and through. Happy Birthday to my lively niece.

49. I wish you a prosperous and fruitful year ahead. Happy Birthday to my loving niece.

50. You are going to shake the world with your greatness; I can feel it. Happy Birthday to you.

Get your record to pick some of the most soulful best birthday wishes for your 17 years old niece for your niece and watch her light up from reading them on her birthday!

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