Happy 17th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 17th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

The 17th birthday; the birthday that keeps almost every teenager on their toes. How beautiful it is! Celebrating a 17th-year-old demands you know the type of messages that will spur a teenager up on their birthdays because they need those messages more than ever.

It is normal to find yourself on the difficult path of determining what best to wish a 17th-year-old cousin, but with your arrival on this page, that problem is solved and you could be sure of getting that touch but scintillating messages for your teenage cousin.

Be it a direct message or one to be pasted on your social media wall and timeline, you have it all here in these happy 17th birthday cousin wishes and quotes, and a quick read through will give you the needed nudge to start sharing the messages.

Seventeenth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

On your seventeenth birthday, I wish you joy like a river and a life filled with all the peace and goodness needed for growth. These are my prayers for you, dear cousin.

1. Happy birthday to the most fabulous cousin I have on the occasion of her seventeenth birthday. I pray for your prosperity and I pray for your good health all year round.

2. No one should underrate any seventeenth year old because 17 years is not a joke. Happy birthday to you, my pretty cousin. I wish you many abundant years in your life.

3. May the years in your age count and may the joy in your life double your life. I wish you love and comfort in your life. Happy seventeenth birthday to you, my lovely cousin.

4. My dear cousin, happy seventeenth birthday to you. At 17, you have shown great tact for discussions and wisdom to handle affairs. Wishing you all the best and love.

5. There is no amount of excitements that beats the knowledge that you are clocking your seventeenth birthday today. I wish you all the best in your endeavours, my precious cousin.

17th Birthday Messages for Cousin

My Cousin, how beautiful it is to see you clock 17 years today. My message to you on your birthday is that you should always look for the best no matter what may come your way. Have a splendid day, cousin.

6. Dear cousin, your 17th birthday isn’t a surprise. We knew it could always come. I have a message for you; continue to push for success as you cannot be limited. Enjoy your new age.

7. Birthdays are beautiful when you have beautiful people all around you. Happy 17th birthday to you, sweet cousin. I wish you pleasant surprises and overflowing goodness.

8. There are birthdays and there are some birthdays; the best of them is the 17th birthday. I pray that everything you desire to be shall be granted to you. Enjoy your new age great cousin.

9. Happy 17th birthday to you, my dear cousin, I hope you have a great and splendid day. You deserve all the fun and love today. Wishing you all the best in life.

10. Your 17th birthday is another opportunity to be thankful for how far you have gone. I wish you success and breakthrough as you journey in life. Cheers.

Happy Seventeenth Birthday Cousin Quotes

Dear cousin, there are many wonderful quotes attributed to the growth of life and the stages therein. I wish you a memorable birthday and great rewards for your efforts. Happy seventeenth birthday, dear cousin.

11. A man is the architect of his own life. As you mark your seventeenth year today, I wish you goodness, mercy and favour all year round. Happy birthday to you dear cousin.

12. There are many pleasant moments in life but one of the most memorable is the birthday. On your 17th birthday, I wish you a day with joy, peace and calmness of mind. Happy birthday to you.

13. Happy birthday to the most handsome cousin. I wish you many more years in prosperity, fulfilment and in sound health on your 17th birthday. Cheers.

Birthday Wishes for 17 Years Old Cousin

To my 17 years old cousin, I wish you many happy returns of the day and a life full of great exploits at all sides. Happy birthday to you.

14. Dear cousin, I wish you all the goodness in this new year and in this new age. May all your dreams come to pass and may success never walk away from you. Cheers.

15. Your 17th birthday makes you a year stronger than the famous sweet 16. I wish you more wisdom to function in this new age and more knowledge to take on the task that will announce you, dear cousin.

16. Happy birthday to you, fabulous cousin. There are many more bounds for you to break I to as you cannot be limited and I know that you are unstoppable. Happy 17th birthday to you. Have a splendid day.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 17

I am so glad to see you turning 17 years today. As you continue to grow and climb on the ladder of life, I pray that success follows every of your work. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

17. Last year, I witness you celebrating your 16th birthday, today you are turning 17 years in a newer dimension. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin. Sending to you loads of pleasant wishes.

18. I have a lot to say to you but I know that the best is reserved for you. Happy birthday to my cousin turning 17 years today. Have a great day as you begin to rise higher and higher.

19. Turning 17 years is not just a day’s job; it is one that is done with great care and efforts. You are not just 17 years but you are 17 bigger than when you started this journey. Have a wonderful celebration.

20. Being 17 years is another reason to be thankful. Many wished for it but are not here. I pray for the mighty hand of the Lord to always be with you in anything you do. Cheers.

Celebrating people is a great gesture and if you do that to your own cousin, then you have done a good thing. Share these happy 17th birthday cousin wishes and quotes with your cousins celebrating 17 years on earth.

You are also free to edit it to fit into any age. Make them all happy.

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