Happy 15th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 15th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

We have varying degrees of relationships with our cousins. We might be good friends with some and a little distant from others but irrespective of how close or detached we are to them; they form part of our extended family.

Birthdays are special days and sending birthday messages and wishes to your cousin on their special day is the least we can do to show our love on such a day.

We do not necessarily have to send long messages or get wordy birthday cards. The most important thing is we write messages that convey our deepest regard for our cousins.

This post contains happy 15th birthday cousin wishes and quotes you can send to your cousins on their birthdays. Enjoy.

Fifteenth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

Dear cousin, as you celebrate your fifteenth birthday on this lovely day, I pray you will overcome all the challenges that life has thrown at you and that you will have all that you have ever wished for. Stay positive.

1. 15 is a big deal so, celebrate and have fun. Happy birthday to you cousin, I wish you all the best.

2. I pray that turning 15 will make remarkable differences in your life and you will always look back at your fifteenth year with appreciation

3. I can’t believe you are 15 already, you are growing so fast. Happy birthday to you, however you choose to spend the day, have fun.

4. My wish for you as you turn 15 is all you wish yourself. So, start making your wishes.

15th Birthday Messages for Cousin

I had to send this message as soon as I learnt it was your 15th birthday. You are a good and caring person and I love having a cousin like you. Happy birthday to you, have fun and enjoy your day fully.

5. Play a lot and laugh a lot. Have all the fun you can before you cross into adulthood. Happy birthday, cousin.

6. You inspire me a lot, your life is a huge inspiration to everyone around you. Happy birthday dear cousin.

7. My childhood was interesting because we got to play and have a lot of fun together. Happy birthday to you cousin, you are loved

8. Keep being the generous and kind person that you are and protect your loving heart from the toxicity in the world. Happy birthday to my cousin with the kindest heart

Happy Fifteenth Birthday Cousin Quotes

Happy fifteenth birthday to my special cousin. I saw a quote somewhere and it inspired me to write this for you. You are a fearless, bold and confident person and people like you take over the world. Cheers to more beautiful years

9. I am not Santa but let me know what you want for your birthday and who knows, you might get it. Happy birthday to you.

10. I know you are a big dreamer and it’s ok. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve to have big dreams, you do. Happy birthday to you

11. Happy birthday to you dear cousin. Be careful of the decisions you now as they might impact your future. Being 15 is a big deal

12. On your birthday today, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and laughter. Happy birthday to you

Birthday Wishes for 15 Years Old Cousin

Wow! I can’t believe you are 15 years old already. There are just a few years left before you become an adult so take my advice and enjoy the remaining years you have left as a teenager without responsibilities. Happy birthday cousin

13. Enjoy these moments of your childhood because they are special. Happy birthday to you, I hope you are excited.

14. Happy birthday dear cousin, I hope you know you will always have my backing and support through life. Enjoy your day today

15. Happy birthday to my brilliant cousin. You are a very hardworking person and I believe you will reap all the benefits soon.

16. Happy birthday to the sweetest cousin ever. The world is a better place with you in it

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 15

Dear cousin, as you turn 15 today, I wish you clearer visions and goals and I pray life will remain good and favourable to you at all times. Enjoy your day maximally as you won’t get another birthday in the next 364 days

17. My wishes for you are a lifetime of fun and laughter. Happy birthday to you.

18. You are only 15, which means you have the rest of your life ahead of you. Have fun!

19. Even if we are far apart, I will still celebrate you. Distance can never come between us, it is not enough barrier. Happy birthday.

20. Happy birthday to you dear cousin. You are one of the people I consider dearest to me and I hope we remain close no matter where life takes us.

I hope the collection of happy 15th birthday cousin wishes and quotes above inspires you to take a moment and send your cousin a happy birthday message.

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