Happy 11th Birthday Nephew Wishes Messages and Quotes

Happy 11th Birthday Nephew Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Your nephew is the son of your sister or brother and is, therefore, an important person to you; sometimes your nephew is like your own son and the relationship you have with them is often fun and magical

It is only therefore necessary that you try to be part of his day either by giving him special birthday gifts or sending cute birthday messages to him

You should also try to get lovely gifts for your nephew and select the one that would resonate well with him. This post however has a collection of happy 11th birthday nephew wishes, messages and quotes you can choose from to make his day brighter.

Happy 11th Birthday Wishes for My Nephew

Happy 11th birthday to my amazing little nephew. My heart is full of love for you and I wish you a beautiful new year full of more adventures and fun. Enjoy your day today and eat all the cake you want

1. I am so excited my little angel is 11! Don’t worry, I am going to be here to celebrate every of your birthday. Happy birthday, love.

2. I believe you are going to be very useful to your family, society and your generation in general. Happy birthday to you, nephew

3. Dear nephew, on your birthday today, I wish you a beautiful new year of life and a beautiful birthday celebration

4. Although you can be very mischievous, I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world. Happy birthday little nephew!

5. You are the most adorable boy in the world and I am very proud to have a boy like you as my nephew

6. You remind me of all that is fun and beautiful about life and I thank God every day for you. Happy birthday dear nephew

7. You are the cutest little boy on Earth and life wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have you as part of it. Happy birthday!

8. You are an amazing nephew, one that brings a smile to all of our faces. We are thrilled to celebrate you now and we wish you a happy birthday.

9. You have been a constant source of joy and blessing to the family, may God continue to uplift and increase you in all areas. Happy special birthday to you. Have a big one!

10. May every day of your life be filled with all the good things you desire. Your birthday is a perfect time to let you know you are greatly loved. Happy birthday to you!

11. I woke up today to the notification of your birthday and it gladdens my heart to know you are a year older already. You are growing too fast, slow down!

12. Birthday blessings to you dear nephew, thanks for the sunshine and laughter you bring to my life, have fun!

13. Dear nephew. You have been a great addition to the family and I want to use this opportunity to tell you I love you so much.

14. Fortune smiled on your parents when it gave you to them. May this same fortune keep smiling down on you dear, happy birthday!

15. I heard you have been naughty but that is only allowed when you are around me. Happy birthday dear nephew, save up the naughtiness for when I get to see you again

16. Happy birthday to the best nephew in the world. I tell people every time that my nephew is an absolute angel and it’s the truth.

17. Happy birthday to the most well-behaved boy I have ever met, I am looking forward to celebrating more years with you.

Nephew 11th Birthday Wishes and Prayers

I can’t believe it is my little adorable nephew 11th year birthday already, I wish I was there to participate in the festivities and I pray there would always be multiple causes of celebration for you and your parents. Happy birthday, honey!

18. I pray that today will usher you and your family into a beautiful new season. Happy birthday little nephew and yes, I am always praying for you

19. There is absolutely no way I can ever forget your birthday even if I am a hundred miles away. Happy birthday dear nephew.

20. You are not too young to start making career and life plans. Happy birthday little nephew Happy birthday to you!

21. Good things should happen to good people, you are a good boy and I pray good things will continue to happen to you in all areas of your life. Have a wonderful birthday celebration dear Nephew!

22. My wishes for you are that you grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I celebrate you!

23. May new and beautiful things continue to happen in your life as you carry on in the journey of life. Happy birthday to you!

24. I pray that each day of your life shall be pleasant and filled with beautiful experiences. Happy birthday to you dear Nephew. Have a lot of fun!

25. A special shoutout to you on your birthday. Continue to be the sweet and lovely boy that you are and I wish you long life and prosperity.

26. Just as the path of the just shines brighter, may your paths always shine brighter. You are celebrated on your special day. Happy birthday to you!

27. I pray God empowers you with all the strength you need to face life challenges even as you grow. Happy birthday!

28. I am always going to love and pamper you for as long as I live. Happy birthday darling nephew.

29. Make a wish and blow out your candle and your wish would come to pass. Happy birthday, honey!

30. Happy birthday to my favourite nephew, it has been beautiful to watch you grow and I am never going to miss out on any of your birthdays!

31. Life can be crazy but don’t worry; I will always be there to guide and support you. Happy birthday honey.

32. Your life is a miracle; everything that has happened to you from your birth to this point has been nothing short of a miracle. Happy birthday, nephew!

33. You are blessed beyond measures, lifted beyond curses and elevated beyond oppressions; Happy birthday dear nephew.

34. Not so many families are blessed with a special human like you, but you came to us as a blessing and it’s worth celebrating now and then. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Wishes for Nephew Turning 11

My birthday wish for you dear nephew as you turn 11 is that you will experience no limitation as you go through life and you will get to experience every of your childhood dreams and aspirations. Happy birthday darling

35. I wish you beautiful times and happy moments. Happy birthday to you dearie.

36. You are not so small anymore you know, you are going to be a teenager in just a little while and its beautiful to watch you make so much progress through life

37. I am sending you warmth and hugs on your birthday, may it the beginning of new things in your life. Happy birthday to you!

38. Keep being amazing and wonderful. Nephew may all your heart desires be met as you added another year today. Happy birthday to you!

39. God will shine his light upon you and make all you do prosper. Happy birthday to you! I wish you long life and prosperity!

40. May new opportunities come your way and may this be one of the best birthdays for you. Happy birthday to you! Long-life and prosperity.

41. Someone as sweet as you deserve to be celebrated. May all you want from life be granted unto you. Happy birthday dear nephew.

42. Nephew, it is my prayers that you will continue to shine and excel in all that you do. Happy birthday to you! I wish you long life and prosperity!

43. I wish you a life free of stress and anxiety as you continue to grow through life. Happy birthday to you! Have a lot of fun!

44. You are such a wonderful gift to the family. We are blessed to have you. May you continue to bring us joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you! I wish you long life and prosperity.

45. I wish you a smooth path as you grow through life. Happy birthday to you my wonderful nephew. Stay strong. Happy birthday to you!

46. Sending you lots of love on your birthday. I want you to know I will always have your back 24/7 even when your parents are being tough.

47. Sweet words are not enough to describe you on your birthday. I just pray for more grace and wisdom for you. Happy birthday to you!

48. My wishes for you are peace, health, joy, and long life. Happy birthday to you! Have a blast and much fun!

49. I believe your 11th year is going to be way better than the last and you will have an amazing year. happy birthday

50. Your parents are not the only parents you have, you are a son to me as well and I will always look out for you. happy birthday

51. I owe your parents my appreciation for deciding to have you. You are a special little boy that I value a lot. Happy birthday dear nephew

Birthday Wishes for 11 Years Old Nephew

It is wonderful my little nephew is 11 years old already. My birthday wishes for you are success and long life on your birthday. I also wish you would retain the kind heart that you have till now adulthood because it is part of what makes you unique

51. In few years, you would be an adult! I am not excited about that because I want you to be my baby forever. Happy birthday, honey.

52. It doesn’t look like you have changed a lot, no matter how much you grow, you will always be my little nephew

53. Don’t worry, whenever you need me, I will be there, always. Happy birthday dear nephew

54. As you grow bigger, start dreaming big as well. Happy birthday little nephew

55. You are growing incredibly smarter for your age and I am proud of you. Happy birthday to my smart little cousin

56. Maybe you are not so little anymore but that does not mean I will stop pampering you. happy birthday dear nephew

57. You still have quite a journey into adulthood but don’t be daunted, we are going to be here to guide you till you become an adult. Happy birthday!

58. A special birthday shoutout to you on this special day. Enjoy yourself today and do have a beautiful day

59. May you grow without limits and excel in the journey of life. I wish you long life and prosperity dear nephew, happy birthday to you!

60. The sun does not struggle to shine, may you not struggle to excel in life. Happy special birthday to you!

61. Seeing you grow up is a blessing, keep making everyone around you happy. Happy birthday to you. I wish you all the best!

62. You have always been a happy boy, keep smiling and keep infecting the world with your laughter. Happy birthday!

63. You are a gifted little boy, the type we read about in the papers. Happy birthday dear nephew. You are going to be a blessing to your generation.

64. You are unstoppable, little superman! You are going to grow and attain your full potentials. Have a beautiful birthday celebration.

65. You have a special heart and it’s a heart of gold and I pray that the good inside of you will continue to grow and not dwindle. Happy birthday to you!

66. In the light of your birthday celebration, may all you desire to come to pass. Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew.

67. Your happiness is contagious and I hope it will spread out the same on this special day of yours. Happy birthday to you!

11th Birthday Quotes for Nephew from Aunt

It’s your 11th birthday and I am elated. Quote me on this dear nephew; you are going to be a problem solver in this world. It’s so obvious you are a genius, you are a special kid and I am proud to be your aunt.

68. As your aunt, it’s my job to show up for every event and celebration that concerns you and yes, I take my job seriously. Happy birthday sweetheart.

69. Words are not enough to describe your awesomeness. You are an amazing boy and it is difficult not to love you. happy birthday dear nephew

70. This is a special birthday wish from me to my amazing nephew as he turns 11. I wish you comfort and joy throughout your lifetime.

71. We might be far apart but that does not mean I will refrain from doing my duties as your favourite aunt. Happy birthday dear nephew

72. If all children could be like you, a lot of people will choose to make babies. Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew

73. Why have a child of my own when I have a lovely nephew like you. Happy birthday, honey!

74. I will always be there for you and I will always be available when you need me. Happy birthday dear nephew, I love you

75. You are not only growing older, you are growing smarter and cuter. I love taking you out with me, you make me proud.

76. Don’t worry, when you are done with today celebration, I will take you somewhere nice tomorrow. Happy birthday dear nephew, you rock!

77. You never cease to amaze me, your journey so far in life has been incredible and I am very proud of you

78. You have been through so much, you are a strong little boy and o your birthday today, I want to remind you of how incredible you are. Happy birthday dear nephew

79. We may not always see each other but you hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday my awesome nephew!

80. I hope I am still your favourite aunt, let me know if I need to step up in any way. Happy birthday to you my little superhero

81. May life be favourable to you and may all you look forward to in life be yours. Happy birthday dear nephew

82. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurray!!! It is your special day; I am sending you warm wishes for your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

11th Birthday Messages for Nephew from Uncle

Happy 11th birthday dear nephew. You have been a wonderful addition to our family and my life specifically as you make being your uncle an effortless task. Have fun today and don’t forget to make your wishes before you blow out the cake

83. Happy birthday to my carbon copy. Since you look so much like me, it’s only fair I play a fatherly role in your life as well. I love you.

84. A party will not be enough to express the kind of love and attention you deserve. Just want you to know that you are greatly celebrated. Happy birthday to you!

85. Happy birthday to you chap! Grow a little older and I am going to take you around the world.

86. I hope you know you are my favourite nephew because you truly are. Happy birthday to the best nephew in the world.

87. You might be young but I love hanging out with you. Happy birthday dear nephew, take good care of yourself.

88. You are smart, cute, and fine. You are everything an uncle could desire as a nephew. Happy birthday to you!

89. Am sending you a gigantic cake on your birthday but wait! Just kidding. I wish you more celebrations. Happy birthday!

90. Stay blessed and happy dear nephew. May today be the beginning of great exploits for you, happy birthday!

91. Your birthday comes around once a year so, I feel it is the perfect time to remind you of how precious you are to the family. Happy birthday to you!

92. Seeing the rapid rate at which you are growing gladdens my heart. I wish you a very great birthday.

93. May you become who you were born to be dear nephew. Happy birthday to you! I wish you long life and prosperity!

94. Birthday shoutout to you on this special day. May all your aspirations come true. Happy birthday to you!

95. I wish you all the best life has to offer on your birthday because you deserve them and more. Happy birthday to you!

96. Have much fun, lit the candlelight, make a wish and say a prayer. Happy birthday dear nephew, enjoy!

97. I wish I could take time off to spend your birthday with you. Happy birthday to my favourite person in the world.

98. You are different from most of the children I have met, you are way more polite and respectful and I have high hopes for you. Happy birthday dear nephew

99. Don’t be afraid of anything and don’t let fear stop you from doing anything you need to do. Happy birthday dear nephew

100. Happy birthday to you dear nephew, welcome to a new season of your life and always keep in mind that you are loved.

Words are very important and your nephew will no doubt appreciate a birthday message from you.

If you like the collection of happy 11th birthday nephew wishes, messages and quotes above, kindly leave a comment and share.

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