Happy 10th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 10th Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Feeling like celebrating your 10-year old cousin and you are too excited to get the right words to wish a little boy? Don’t be dismayed for that is the reason I am here. Whether it is a big celebration or a small one. Whatever it may be, messages have played an important role in communicating our feeling to others.

Celebrating a 10-year old cousin is something fascinating and it helps to get to know your cousins very well. 10th birthday is the beginning of the double digits birthday and what the 10th birthday is called may spur on the very good moments you want to create or re-create.

One of the ways to wish a cousin below a 10th happy birthday is by showing them how big they have grown and how you adore them now as big boys and big girls. You can do these through birthday wishes and prayers.

For the best concept and technique, you’ll need to scroll down this list of happy 10th birthday cousin wishes and quotes. The best 10th birthday messages for your cousin as they turn 10.

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Tenth Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

My adorable cousin has the tenth anniversary of life today, and my prayers are long life. The best of my wishes are for you on this occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

1. Happy birthday to my little cousin, This is the last time you will be called little because as form today, you have entered the double-digit ages. I pray for your success and growth and I wish you all the best.

2. Happy Tenth birthday to you, my beautiful cousin. I am glad to see you evolving to become the better of your version. Happy birthday dear cousin.

3. Dear cousin, you are no longer a baby, you are now a big girl. Congratulations to you on your tenth birthday. You are blessed.

4. More blessings to you, dear cousin as you celebrate your tenth birthday today. I pray that the light of God will always shine on your path.

10th Birthday Messages for Cousin

On your 10th birthday, my dear cousin, I have a message of hope for you and I know that your years will be crowned in glory and honour. Happy birthday to you.

5. Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin. Your 10th birthday is here and you should let go of those toys. Cheers.

6. Happy birthday to the newest big boy in town. As from today, you will be called my buddy. So, happy birthday to you cousin.

7. Dear cousin, how does being 10 years feel like? I have been there before and I can testify that it’s a beautiful thing. Happy 10th birthday to you.

8. On your 10th birthday, all the best things of this world will be yours but for a keep as you tap into it daily as you grow and develop for its maximum use. Have a splendid day, my cousin.

9. When you become 10 years, you begin to have a feeling of being big. YES, YOU ARE. Happy 10th birthday to you, my pretty cousin.

10. Dear cousin, I am happy that you are climbing higher and getting better. This is your platform for greatness. Ride on it. Happy 10th birthday to you.

Happy Tenth Birthday Cousin Quotes

The best quotes to give on a tenth birthday are for a beautiful cousin like you. I wish you beautiful life and one full of amazing moments. Happy birthday to you.

11. If the number 10 is the beginning of your double-digit, then your tenth birthday is the beginning of your double blessings. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

12. Happy birthday to you my special cousin. I adore you all the more today as you celebrate your tenth birthday. Greater years are before you. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 10 Years Old Cousin

My 10 years old cousin, I cherish you and I wish you a life filled with love and joy. This new age is to your growth and greater development. Happy birthday to you.

14. Happy big 10 years birthday to you, dear cousin. I wish you more and more blessings and prosperity. Keep shining.

15. You are 10 years old. I wish you more and more years. May the next 10 years take you into a beautiful stage for entrance into 20 years and many more to come. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

16. From infancy, we begin and the journey begins. Today, you are 10 years old and in few years you will be 15 years. I wish you every year a better one than the previous. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.

17. Get on board, my lovely cousin. Take the wheel and ride into greater achievement in life. Congratulations on your 10 years today, my cousin.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 10

Dear cousin, I am very glad to see you turning 10 years today, I wish you abundant life in good health and many more achievements and successes recorded here on earth.

18. I was there when you clocked 5 years, and as you are turning 10 years today, I wish you pleasant life and many successes. Happy birthday to you, my cousin.

19. Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin. Happy birthday my beautiful 10 years old cousin. More grace and better growth for you.

20. My wishes for you, dear cousin as you turn 10 years today is that whatever you need for great growth and development will be available for you. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

Making your 10-year-old cousin glad on their birthday is a beautiful thing to do and with these happy 10th birthday cousin wishes and quotes here, be rest assured that your best inner feeling has been communicated. Feel free to share and if possible, drop a comment of the feedback from your cousin.

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