Get Well Soon Messages and Quotes for Myself

Get Well Soon Messages and Quotes for Myself

Sickness/illness is inevitable in one’s life, ranging from headache to chronic ones. People deal with sicknesses in different ways, as well. Some say bad things into their lives because of the pain they go through at that moment, while some deal with the pain with faith, by praying and using their medications. Sickness isn’t what one can run from, but with the right people around, the pain can be subsided.

When talking about the right people, I mean, people that speak positivity into one’s life in this condition. People that care and love you, despite your sickness. This can even be more effective than the drugs being used.

Below are get well soon messages for myself you can help yourself with when you’re sick. Be free to pick as many as you want, because your health is more important.

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Powerful Get Well Soon Prayers for Myself

I have never been in such an unfortunate situation. This is beginning to weigh me down. I have prayed all the prayers I know could heal me, all to no avail. Lord, as I make my prayers even more powerful, let me get well soon. Amen.

These powerful get well soon prayers for myself are capable of healing you, without having to go to the hospital. You will be amazed at how powerful they are.

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1. Never thought I could be in a condition as painful and unbearable as this. It’s hard to believe that this illness is taking longer than normal. God, you know how I feel more than anyone else. Please, heal me. Amen.

2. I don’t know why it’s taking this much time to recover from what seemed to be just a headache. Lord, I don’t know what to do anymore, other than to look up to you. I pray that I get well soon, so I can go about my normal life. Amen.

3. Even though the pains from this sickness keep getting much, I know it’s not even half as strong as I am. And I believe with prayers and the use of my medications, I will be well again. Amen.

4. Dear Lord, it’s me your daughter. I’m here to thank you for my life, and most importantly, my health. I have been bedridden for too long enough. Lord, I want me out of this sick bed as soon as possible. Thank you for answered prayers. Amen.

5. A full recovery is what I want, Lord. Cancer can’t be in my life when you’re there. Lord please, I want me out of this sad condition. It’s unbearable, and I don’t want to beg for death, because I believe it’s not yet time for me to die. I decree and declare peace upon my health. Amen.

6. I feel lifeless and hopeless. I can’t go to work. I can’t even do anything. Lord, I think it’s time to be healed. Lord God, please heal me perfectly. I want to be able to do the things that make me happy. Amen.

7. Worrying is not my portion, no matter how much pains I feel. I wish myself all the comfort and care that will keep and sustain me during this time. May I get well very soon and be back to my normal self. Amen.

8. With good health, one can do anything. But with sickness, one is as good as useless. Lord, I don’t want to be useless, I want to be useful. Please, get me back to my normal self. Let me be whole again. Amen.

9. It’s been months since I stopped hearing the sound of things. Lord, deafness is not my portion. I’m a child of God, and I deserve a happy and healthy life. Lord, restore my ability to hear. Amen.

10. As the doctors have tried their best to make sure I am free of this sickness, but luck isn’t forthcoming, Lord I put my hope in You because no medicine is as potent as hope. So, I will always be hopeful that You will heal me of this sickness in no time. Amen.

11. Lord, I really can’t wait to see myself healthy and safe again. I have been admitted here for too long. Lord, please intervene. I want to leave this hospital hale and complete. Amen.

12. Lord, my being in this condition has made me realize there’s none like You. You give and take lives, and no one dares question You. Heavenly Father, I have seen people walk out of this hospital alive, with no complications. Please, perfect my healing. Amen.

13. I have been battling with syphilis for a long time now. Nothing seems to be working for me. You’re the Only One I know that doesn’t fail. Dear God, please come to my rescue, and heal me of this disease.

14. Nothing feels right as I am laying on this hospital bed. Even life has no meaning to me anymore. I’m tired of feeling this way, Lord. I pray for my speedy recovery, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

15. I’m so positive and optimistic about You healing me, Lord. I know Your thoughts for me are of good and not evil. Please, send down Your healing so I can be healed from my ailment. Amen.

16. Wishing myself all the positivity in the world. I need more of You, Lord. Please, come through for me. I wish myself a speedy and full recovery from this illness, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

17. In this crucial time of my life, I have come to realize that death can come at any time. Lord, I have no power of my own, I rely solely on Your power. Please, fight this battle for me. Amen.

18. If not for this illness, I may not have realized how powerful You are, Lord. My only prayer now is that I feel better and leave this hospital very soon. May God bless me with a healthy and lengthy life, from henceforth. Amen.

Get Well Soon Myself Messages

Even as I go through this painful experience, the only wish I have for myself is that I get well soon, in no time. A lot of messages come from my family, friends and well-wishers wishing that I get well soon. Lord, please, grant your wishes.

Hoping to get well soon? These get well soon messages for myself below will do the magic. They are filled with words of encouragement to keep you going, even when you’re in so much pain.

19. Ever since this illness started, my family and friends have been sad. I weep, whenever I think about them. Lord, I am going through a lot, and I’m not happy about this. You’re the only One who can bring me out of this mess. Lord, come through with full force. Amen.

20. Lord, this isn’t where I belong. A hospital where sick people are being treated isn’t where I belong. Lord, I pray for a quick recuperation, as I’d love to be out of here very soon. I wish I get well soon. Amen.

21. I would never wish this kind of experience upon my worst enemy. This sickness has given my life a setback. This isn’t how I planned my life, Lord. I never prayed to be a cancer patient. Lord, please heal me, and let me get well soon. Amen.

22. Today, I choose to have some faith and confidence. I’m so sure that everything will be alright, and I will feel as strong as I have never felt. I just want to get well soon. Amen.

23. Sickness is so very exhausting, I can’t even look myself in the mirror anymore. I feel like I’m very ugly and I don’t worth being alive. I know this isn’t Your plan for me, Lord. Come and do things Your say so I can get well soon. Amen.

24. I know I’m not going to die this way. Death will never take me away untimely. I am hoping in You, Lord. I put my trust in You, and I know I won’t be disappointed. I can’t wait to get back home to my family and friends.

25. People close to me come here every day and show how sad they are, because of my illness. Lord, I think it’s time You heal me of this sickness. My family and friends are unhappy about this. We are only hoping that I get well soon.

26. Lord, I’m tired of reading healing messages from people. I want to be myself again! I want to feel happy and jiggy again. Lord, please restore good times in my life. Amen.

27. I am wishing myself lots of love and blissful wishes for me to get well as soon as possible. Lord, I know you will bring me out of this sickness, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

28. It brings me great joy to see that I’m feeling very better than I was yesterday. This means I’m getting there, and with time, this sickness will be a thing of the past. Hoping to return to being myself. Amen.

29. Lord, I’m a very happy and sweet soul, and I don’t deserve to go through all this pain. I’m too weak to go through this alone. Lord, please I need Your divine intervention. I just want to get well soon.

30. I have always eaten healthy foods. I don’t even smoke, so I wonder where this lungs problem is coming from. Lord, I don’t know why this is happening, but You do. Please, make things easy for me, as I’m getting weaker by the day. Amen.

31. My family and friends are in deep sadness, right now. The complications that come with this sickness have left everyone sad and depressed. Lord, we don’t deserve this. Please, touch me so I can get well soon. Amen.

32. I have been told that the house feels boring and quiet without your presence. Lord, my family misses me, and can’t wait to see me get back on my feet. Lord, answer their prayers over me and make me get well soon. Amen.

33. I was beautiful, but this sickness made me ugly. I was lively, but this sickness made me boring. I was happy, but this sickness made me sad. Lord, I really want things to get back to the way they were. I want to get well soon. Amen.

34. My family and friends are lonely without me. They miss me, yet this illness seems like something that’s not stopping soon. You’re the only One who can make me get well soon. Jesus, intervene and make me return home safe and sound. Amen.

35. I can’t deal with this anymore. Lord, give me the strength that’s needed to forge ahead. I want to be active and joyful like I always am. I want to get well soon and be happy again.

36. I decree strength from above. I am feeling so weak, God. I pray that I start to enjoy Your healing. Lord give me enough strength to be able to get well soon. Amen.

Speedy Recovery to Myself Quotes

The only compensation for a sick person is a speedy recovery, and this is the only thing that I wish myself as I go through these pains. No amount of quotes from people can get me well if I don’t speak positively into my condition.

No one can genuinely wish you a speedy recovery than yourself. That’s why you have the speedy recovery to myself quotes below to choose from. With this, you’re on your way to recovery.

Three gifts to get yourself when you are sick.

37. I hate to take medicine, that’s why I try as much as possible to be healthy always. Not until this accident happened. Lord, my right leg is gone, I feel so much pain. I don’t want to die now. Let me be free from this condition, Amen.

38. I hate to be in the hospital. I have never been to the hospital for myself. This sickness is killing me slowly. Lord, I don’t want to continue in this pain. I want my recovery to be as speedy as it can get. Amen.

39. Lord, I thank you for a successful surgery. I feel so at home, right now. Meanwhile, there is still some healing left for me. I want to be recovered in no time, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

40. Being away from my family and friends has been so boring for me. I miss them a lot, but this sickness keeps tying me down. There’s nothing impossible with God, so I’m trusting Him to grant me a speedy recovery. Amen.

41. I need comfort and peace like never before. I need to stop getting weak by the day. I want to start doing the things I enjoy doing. I want to be happy again. God, please grant me a speedy recovery. Amen.

42. I can’t even smile again. My spirit keeps getting weakened, with each passing day. People say I am no more beautiful. Some don’t even recognize me anymore. Never have I felt so empty. Lord, if it’s Your will to keep me alive, grant me a speedy recovery from this illness. Amen.

43. Only God has the key to good health. Here I am looking up to God for a speedy recovery from above. I’m getting fed up with my condition. Lord, make Your divine intervention available to me. Amen.

44. I want to feel my usual self again, in no time. I want to be able to do what I like. I want to stand on my feet, really soon. Lord, hear my cry and prayers. A speedy recovery is my portion, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

45. I pray that my recovery is quick and speedy. I miss my family and friends, and I can’t wait to see them again. I also can’t wait to start work. Lord, grant my heart’s desires. Amen.

46. Felt alone, since the inception of this illness. No one wants to see or talk to me. I heard my sore smells from afar off. Lord, I do not deserve a painful life. Rather, I deserve a life full of peace and love from all. In all, I wish myself a speedy recovery.

47. Lord knows I don’t like being sick. The smell of drugs puts me off, but I’m in this already, and only God can pull me out. Lord, it’s time to get out of this unfortunate condition. Please, grant me a speedy recovery. Amen.

48. Nothing gladdens my heart other than being able to play around and be happy. This illness has deprived me of everything that makes me happy. I’m tired of being in this condition. Grant me a speedy recovery.

49. One’s health is the most important thing in this life. Once you’re not good health-wise, everything doesn’t make sense. Lord, restore my health by granting me a speedy recovery. Amen.

50. I’m very sure I will get past this phase. Yes, I’m strong and determined, nothing will stop me from getting better. I will keep using my drugs, and keep hoping in God to grant me a speedy recovery. Amen.

51. I have family and friends waiting for me at home. They’re waiting to be reunited with me again. They’re waiting to see me happy and healthy again. Lord, grant their desires by making me recover speedily. Amen.

52. There are no obstacles big enough to overpower Your grace on me, Lord. Whatever this is, I believe I will triumph and come out strong. Grant me a speedy recovery, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.

53. Oh yes, I have all it takes to pull through this unfortunate condition. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and this sickness isn’t an exception. I will recover speedily, by His grace. Amen

Wishing Myself Quick Recovery

A quick recovery only comes when the mind and soul are settled. My mind and soul are far from being settled, right now. I’m not much of a person that likes to be hospitalized or use drugs, that’s why I am wishing myself a quick recovery.

Are you sick/ill? Don’t worry about getting better, as these wishing myself quick recovery messages will make you get back on your feet in no time. They are filled with hopes and assurance of a healthy life.

Energy foods for a sick person.

54. I believe I’m on the road to recovery, but this can’t happen without You, Lord. I want You to grant me a quick recovery from this illness. I want to be perfectly fine again. Amen.

55. Oh now I value my family and friends more. This sickness has made me realize some things, one of which is you never know the value of what you have until you lose it. Lord, make me well again, so I can do things right with my family and friends. Amen.

56. I have always known myself to be a strong person, and coming out of this sickness will make me even stronger. Lord, let Your will be done by granting me quick recovery. Amen.

57. I’m so optimistic about my getting well. I will never let negative thoughts ship into my mind. I know that there’d be a positive result soon that will make me get up on my feet, in Jesus’ name. Quick recovery, Oh Lord. Amen.

58. I wish I could do something to take this pain and discomfort away. It doesn’t feel easy at all. Only You know and see what I am going through, Lord. Please, make my health recover quickly.

59. This is a very challenging time for me and my family. While watching my mum cry day and night, I keep praying to God for quick recovery. I want to start making my mum happy again.

60. I can’t wait to see myself completely healthy and happy again. It’s been so long I enjoyed myself. This sickness has brought so much pain already. I want a quick recovery, as soon as possible.

61. This is a very difficult and challenging time for me and everyone close to me. My prayer is that God should see me through this difficult time and bless me with good health and quick recovery. Amen.

62. I can’t wait to see myself completely healthy and happy again. I miss my very happy and jovial self so much. Lord, it’s high time this illness left me. I wish myself a quick recovery. Amen.

63. I’m in so much pain and I wish it subsides as soon as possible. I can’t wait to be very strong and healthy again. Lord, grant me a quick recovery from this deadly illness. Amen.

64. There’s no prayer God can’t answer. In fact, what God cannot do doesn’t exist. Lord, hear my cry and prayer. I want to be out of this mess, in no time. I want to be granted a quick recovery. Amen.

65. I miss having my family around because they’re my life. They can’t even move on without me. I have caused them so much pain enough, already. I want to be alive to make it up to them. I wish myself a quick recovery. Amen.

66. Since this illness started, I have never stopped praying to God for peace, because it’s been from pain to pain. But I find solace in trusting God, all the same. I know He will grant me a quick recovery.

67. All I want is to see is my healthy, lively and happy self. I’m tired of living in pain and bondage. I break free from this illness in Jesus’ name. I wish myself a quick recovery. Amen.

68. I want my strength renewed, Lord. I want God to bless me with great health and a heart filled with joy. Death is not my portion. I will live to declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living. Amen. Quick recovery, in Jesus’ name.

69. I pray that every second draws me closer to perfect healing. I pray that I am whole and complete again. I pray that I flourish in good health and a sound mind. The most important thing for me is quick recovery. Amen.

70. My absence from my family keeps breaking them. This isn’t what I want. It breaks my heart to see my mother cry, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Lord, grant me a perfect and quick recovery. Amen.

Hello there. Thank you so much for stopping by to check the get well soon myself quotes and messages I have on this page. I’m very sure you got something that suits your condition.

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