First Birthday Wishes for Wife After Marriage

First Birthday Wishes for Wife After Marriage

Birthday is that time of the year when we feel so good and happy, unlike every other day. Birthday is always very special for some people because they get to receive wishes and presents from people who matter to them.

When it’s your wife’s birthday, you have no choice but to celebrate her and make her happy and comfortable on her birthday.

You go all out to get her beautiful presents or even go as far as planning a surprise birthday party for her, with close people in attendance.

After planning all of this, it’s not a bad thing to send her some beautiful wishes. It will make her happier because you get to express your feelings in the wishes and she gets to blush as she reads them.

Making this happen might be a bit difficult because you might not get the right flow of words, that’s why the first birthday wishes for wife after marriage below are there. I hope they help you in doing just that.

First Birthday After Marriage Wishes for Wife

Loving you is a privilege, and I don’t ever want to misuse it. Knowing you is a blessing, and I don’t want to stop enjoying it. It’s your first birthday after marriage and I can’t do less than sending you beautiful wishes. Happy birthday, my wife.

1. In my eyes, you haven’t aged a bit; you are just exactly like the woman I fell in love with. You are drop-dead stunning and gorgeous. It’s your first birthday after marriage, and nothing has changed, except for the fact that you keep getting better. Happy birthday, my wife.

2. Everyone knows my wife is the most beautiful woman on earth, so no one can argue with me on that. Baby, I still haven’t stopped loving you even after so many months with you. You make me so happy. Happy birthday, baby. I love you.

3. People only see the only sweet part, they don’t know how much work we put into this marriage. I’m the happiest man to be doing life with you. It’s your first birthday after marriage, and I can say you have been doing very well. Happy birthday to you.

4. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife who makes me happy at all times. I want you to know that I am a happy man because of you. The love and respect you have for me is out of this world. I promise never to take you for granted. I love you.

5. You were the only one who stood by me when there was nothing. You have been through it all with me, and I can’t stop thanking God for making us end up together. I have enjoyed the most beautiful times within the last year. I want to continue this with you. Happy birthday.

6. You are not just a wife to me; you’re a business partner, a counsellor, a best friend, an inspiration and everything to me. I keep thanking God for making our meeting possible. I will continue to love and cherish you till death do us part. Happy birthday my love.

7. No woman has ever loved me as you do. So many people might be wondering why I love and spoil you at every slight opportunity, they will never understand. I’m promising you again that I will never mess up. Happy birthday, my woman.

8. Some people say love is hard to find; I am not disputing that, but then, I found you! You are the greatest blessing of God to me. I can’t appreciate God enough for you. Happy birthday, my darling. We will forever be in love.

9. I don’t care who is well or not, as long as you are very okay. You mean the world to me baby and I’m thankful to God for giving me everything I need to love and treat you well. It’s your first birthday after marriage and we need to celebrate! Happy birthday.

10. You’re such a hardworking, well-mannered and responsible woman. You don’t joke with your reputation and that’s why you do the right thing always. I’m the happiest man to have you in my life. It’s been a pleasure going into this union with you. Happy birthday, babe.

11. I’d advise you don’t stress yourself today. It’s your first birthday after our wedding, so I want to make sure you are comfortable. My baby, I have never regretted a moment with you. You treat me like a king with the biggest palace. I’m grateful for everything. Happy birthday.

12. I’m taking today off, so I can stay with the love of my life. You know how much I love to be beside you on your birthday, so today won’t be an exception. Happy birthday, my wife. If there’s an afterlife, I’d love to be with you again. I love you forever.

13. Even though things haven’t started working as planned, you never changed your stance on our marriage. You know the right words to utter even when I am angry. You just love to see me happy, and I do too. Here’s wishing you all the best for the new year. All my love.

14. I never really understood the meaning of love until I met you. Even though I had a mother, that didn’t change anything. I’m glad I found you. I will do everything humanly possible to make sure that you always bless the day we met. Happy birthday to you.

15. I’m only a happy man because I have you. Without you, my life will be blurry. I still don’t know what made you accept me and I don’t care to know. All I want to do is make you enjoy this marriage. Happy birthday, my wife. I love you.

16. Meeting you still seem like a mystery, because I never planned it. God knows the best for us, and that’s why He made our meeting possible. Trust me, you are the sweetest woman ever. I couldn’t have preferred another woman. Happy birthday to you.

17. It’s the birthday of the most important person in my life. It’s a great thing to be beside you on your first birthday as a wife. Every moment of this marriage has been blissful. I can’t wait to enjoy it more. Happy birthday to you.

Wife First Birthday Quotes

No amount of money presents or even birthday quotes can sum up to how amazing you are. You have been there for me, even when there was nothing. Congratulations on your first birthday after marriage, baby. I love you.

18. The love I have for you is the purest and truest. I can’t stand doing anything bad to you. I love you enough to annoy you every time, this has helped me to know you better. I couldn’t have preferred to be somewhere else today. Happy first birthday as a wife.

19. Unlike other days, I will not ignore you if you scream my name today. I will give you the honour of your birthday, lol. Happy birthday to the most beautiful and annoying wife ever. I couldn’t have chosen a better pair. Please, keep annoying me.

20. In the last year, you have made more sacrifices in this marriage than I have. I appreciate everything you do, both in my presence and absence. Only God can reward you accordingly. As for me, we will meet in the bedroom. Happy birthday, wifey.

21. Talking about love, I never knew I could be so lucky. Love has never been my thing because I keep suffering heartbreaks. Thank you for giving me pure and undiluted love. I promise to always love you too. Happy birthday.

22. Just so you know, it’s our birthday. No, it’s not just your birthday, but ours. Right now, I’m feeling on top of the world. God has been so good to us in the last year. For every mountain we have faced, glory awaits us. Happy birthday, my love.

23. You are such a wonderful wife. The moment my parents approved our marriage, I knew there was something special about you. Thank you for turning my life around and changing it for the best. I will choose you over and over again. Happy birthday, darling.

24. Nothing else makes me happy than your presence; it’s where I want to be always. Thank you for choosing to do this with me. I won’t even lie, it has been totally beautiful and I can’t wait for more years to roll in. Happy birthday, baby. I wish you the best.

25. You make a wonderful wife. You are the woman I have been waiting for all my life. I never knew you were right beside me. Thank God I summoned the courage to make the move. It’s your first birthday after marriage, and I’m still the happiest husband ever. Thank you, wifey. Happy birthday.

26. I have had different thoughts on what exactly to get you on your birthday, but trust me, I can’t seem to come up with any. You’re the best woman ever, and the fact that you will soon put to bed makes me very proud and excited. Happy birthday, my love forever.

27. As annoying as you are, I have promised to always love you. What’s marriage without a stubborn and lively partner. You don’t know how happy I am to be your husband. Happy birthday, dear wife. I can’t wait for more annoying times from you.

28. I can’t just imagine answering the title “husband” to another woman, hell no! I choose the best and the best makes me happy, so what else do I want? Baby, thank you for giving me this level of love and happiness. I won’t stop doing the right thing. Happy birthday.

29. It’s your birthday, and trust me, you are not as excited as I am. I have been waiting, because it’s your first birthday as a wife. The past few months with you have been heavenly. Sometimes, I feel like going to the altar with you again and retake our vows. Happy birthday, my love.

30. I have so many things to tell you today, but first, you make me the luckiest man on earth. I have never been deserving of this much love. I have only just started to love you, trust me. I will make sure love is the only thing you get in abundance. Happy birthday, Mrs.

31. I love the way you say my name. I love how you jump on me each time I get back from work. I love how you accept that I’m your king and you, my queen. Thank you for loving me the way you do. I can’t wait to start doing much more for you. Happy birthday, my love.

32. Nothing is ever going to change my love for you. I knew what I was getting into before I asked that you be mine. Even if there are disagreements and fights, our love will conquer them all. Happy birthday, my darling. Tonight, we make a baby!

33. Without you in my life, it would have bled! I sincerely don’t know how best to make my intentions known, but I’m sure that you are sure about my love for you. Today, I do every single thing you ask of me. Happy birthday, my beautiful wife. I love you.

34. Distractions will always come, but our love will be stronger than them, and this will make us stay focused. You are the only woman I want to be with forever. My love is enough to make you happy forever. Happy first birthday as a wife. Enjoy your day.

1st Birthday Wishes for Wife After Marriage

Of all the people in my life, you are 1st. No one is ever going to take your place, because you are irreplaceable. Here’s sending some lovely wishes your way on your birthday. Happy first birthday after marriage, my wife.

Nice places to take your wife on her first birthday after marriage.

35. You simply are the best. Before I met you, it was a battle of looking for the best woman. Until you came through, I never knew my best woman was nearer than I thought. Thank you for saying yes to me. Happy birthday to you. We still have more years to go.

36. With you, I look forward to a wonderful life ahead. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I’m so happy that I have a woman who loves me despite my shortcomings. Thank you for choosing me. Happy birthday, darling.

37. You were with me when others left me. With you, I have never been left alone. You cry and smile with me. You know exactly what to do to get me in the best mood. All I want to keep doing is make you happy, my love. Happy birthday to you.

38. It can’t be just you and me today, so better get ready. I have invited close family and friends and they will all be here to join in the celebration. I know you have a lot of things to do, but please, let me have my way today. Happy birthday, baby.

39. No one tells me the truth as you do. You take your time in thinking about how best to make your observations known, and also provide corrections. You just be the most intelligent woman ever. Thank you for accepting to start up a family with me. Happy birthday to you.

40. It’s your first birthday as a wife, and I can’t be happier. The feeling will be out of this world, on your first birthday as a mom. Today, I will go all out to celebrate you. I will let the whole world know I chose the best. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

41. It’s your first birthday as a wife and months of being married to you. These months have been the best of my life. Each day, you give me a new reason to love and stay faithful to you. I couldn’t have asked for a better wife. I choose to celebrate you today, honey. Happy birthday to you.

42. The fact that I don’t know how to act all loved up doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I love you so much more than you think because you are the best part of my life. I’m thankful for these past months with you. Happy first birthday as a wife, my love.

43. You taught me how to love. I never knew I was going to sign up for everything good when I proposed marriage to you. Thank you for bringing about the best moments of my life. I will always cherish you. Happy birthday, my love.

44. I have never been so interested in love with any woman. You just came into my life and changed almost everything about me. I’m now a whole and complete man because of you. All I want to do is keep you close to me forever. Happy birthday, my woman.

45. I know you’re a naughty woman, but that is not enough reason not to celebrate my beautiful wife. I see beyond your naughtiness, baby. You are a hardworking woman who also takes good care of her husband. Trust me, nothing is taking me away from you. Happy birthday.

46. I knew I had gotten to my last bus stop, the first time I set my eyes on you. You were so beautiful. And then when you started giving your speech, I knew I had to do something fast. Thank you for coming home with me. Happy birthday, my wife.

47. Who would’ve thought we would end up together? After many years of friendship and looking for partners for each other, we decided to try this. Look where we are now. Look how great our marriage is. Happy first birthday as a wife. I hope you enjoy your day.

48. You are the only one I can count on. The level of trust that exists between us is a great one. Sincerely, I keep thanking God for bringing you my way. I’m thankful for this marriage and all the lessons it brings. Happy birthday to you, baby. It’s you and me forever.

49. So many people die looking for their life partners, but I found mine when I am still young. Thank you for making yourself available on that fateful day. I will never forget the circumstance that brought us together. Happy birthday, my darling.

50. If every married people could have a partner as supportive as you, then marriage will be easier for them. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with someone as selfless as you are. I better get ready for a greater life ahead. Happy birthday, my baby.

Birthday Wishes for Wife First Birthday

Here’s sending you some birthday wishes on your special day. It will always be a pleasure to marry you. Thank you for being my wife and best friend. Happy first birthday as a wife.

51. These past few months have been the most peaceful months of my life. I have enjoyed so many privileges under your care. No matter how convenient I feel with doing anything, you must lend a hand. I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I’m grateful to God. Happy first birthday as a wife.

52. You are my whole life. Without you, my existence will make no meaning. I know you feel so blessed to have me but trust me, I feel more blessed. I hope there’d be no issue hard enough to break what we have. Happy first birthday after marriage.

53. It’s your first birthday after marriage, and I can say you have done well. Even though there are still much more to marriage, you keep advancing. Thank you for choosing this little boy. Happy first birthday as a wife.

54. You are my whole world. You give my life a beautiful meaning. I have never regretted going into this union with you. It keeps giving me reasons to love you more. My dear, thank you for loving me despite all my mess-ups. I promise to keep making you happy. Enjoy your day.

55. As long as I am fortunate enough to find my life partner in this lifetime of mine, then I have made something meaningful out of my life. I enjoy every single moment with you, my baby, especially when we talk about our businesses. Happy first birthday as a wife.

56. Thank you for making me understand that there’s no life outside of marriage, you must be plain with your partner. Thank you for trusting me enough to let me know about every single detail of your life. I promise to make this marriage worth it. Happy birthday to you.

57. I am the most fortunate man to have a beautiful wife like you. With you by my side, I know I will never go through hard times with fear. You are a wonderful woman and I wish you all the best. Happy first birthday as a wife. I love you.

58. I wish you could know just how much you mean to me. I wish you could know just how much I love you. For years, you have been my backbone. You gave me more encouragement than any of my friends. My dear, I hope you are ready because we are doing this forever. Happy birthday to you.

59. It’s your first birthday as a wife, and I can proudly call myself a great husband. While you deserve all of the pampering and love I shower on you, let’s not forget that I am the best husband. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I love you so much.

60. I am never going to make you regret ever choosing me. I knew exactly what I wanted, that was why I came for you. And ever since we got married, you have given me more than I expected. I have a beautiful gift for you but wait till it’s bedtime. Happy first birthday after marriage.

61. I am not a troubleshooter neither am I a fighter but for you, I will fight anyone (including my parents.) You were there for me when everyone else left. It will be so callous of me to pay you with evil. You will have your best moments in this marriage. Happy first birthday as a wife.

62. My wife, I can’t wait for you to become a mother. Our baby deserves all this love you spoil me with. To be very honest with you, I am very happy today. It’s been almost a year since we got married and it’s your first birthday after marriage. I am indeed blessed. Happy birthday.

63.Indeed, I don’t joke with my money, but baby, please take all of it. You deserve even much more, and I pray God blesses me enough to take good care of you. Thank you for being a respectful and sweet wife. Happy first birthday as a wife.

64. Your love makes me see clearly. When I think of how much you love me, I do not need my glasses to see clearly. Thank you for making my life beautiful in so many ways. I promise to always be the husband you’ve always prayed to have. Happy birthday to you.

65. You better rise and shine, because it’s your birthday. Before you woke up, I had made preparations for a party with close family and friends. Everyone will be here to celebrate with us today, so get in your best mood. Happy birthday, baby.

66. I’m a proud husband because you made it possible. While I keep progressing, my wife keeps prospering. So many couples wish to be like us. I just keep thanking God that I found you. Happy birthday, my love. I want to continue this with you.

67. If you know how many couples are inspired by our love story, then you will know that we are the best. The ability to forgive and understand each other has helped us. I’m glad I didn’t marry a nag for a wife. Congratulations on your first birthday as a wife, honey.

68. Some people get into our lives just to ruin things the more, while some come to correct all the ills and make it even better than it was. You fit in the latter category, baby. Thank you for turning my life around. Happy birthday to you.

My Wife First Birthday After Marriage Quotes

My wife, from the depths of my heart, I write this quote to you. It’s your first birthday after marriage. Within few months of being your husband, I have recorded more success than I have experienced all my life. Thank you for doing this with me. Happy birthday.

The perfect way to plan your wife’s birthday.

69. I have made a couple of mistakes in my life, but I am thankful that I didn’t make any mistake in choosing a life partner. God gave me the best woman, and I will forever be grateful to Him for that. Happy birthday, my beautiful queen.

70. Whenever I set my eyes on you, love is all I see. Going through life, your love will always be enough for me. Going through difficult times, your love is everything I want. Baby, it’s been the best moments of my life with you. Happy first birthday as a wife.

71. Expressing myself to anyone has always been a big deal for me, this is because I have never had a best friend. Meeting you, I knew you were the one I have been waiting for. I love how I am free to tell you every single thing. You are my best part. Happy first birthday as a wife.

72. My baby, you are a wonderful wife. You are the best. I thank God for not allowing me to miss this beautiful opportunity, it would have been hell. Happy first birthday as a wife, my love. I can’t wait to show you more of an amazing husband.

73. It’s that time of the year when I get all goofy and crazy with you, baby. We have been celebrating your birthday together for five years, but now, it’s your first birthday after marriage. I am grateful for the blessings you have brought us in the past years. Onto the next phase, baby. Cheers!

74. If there’s anything I love most about you, then it will be your act of generosity and kindness. There’s nothing you can’t give to people around you. You are so loving and selfless. I just thank God I met you. Happy first birthday as a wife.

75. You are my lover and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Life with you has been truly amazing. It hasn’t been free of obstacles, but knowing that you are in my life makes me go through them like a king. Happy first birthday after marriage. I love you.

76. The one I love most is you. If I tell you I love you more than my mom, you had better believe me because it’s the truth. Thank you for making sacrifices for two, most times. Thank you for always getting things done before I show up. I will choose you again. Happy birthday.

77. The best moments of my life are the ones spent with you. Whenever I am with you, I feel at home. It has been like this even before we got married. It’s safe to say I want to spend the rest of my life loving and caring for you. Happy first birthday as a wife.

78. It’s your first birthday as a wife, and I can tell how happy you are right now; I am happy too. Looking back at how it all started, we can only thank God for growth and peace. You have brought me more peace than I have enjoyed all my life. Happy birthday, my wife.

79. Your first birthday as a wife is here and I am super excited to welcome you into this new year. As someone who has been and experienced this particular age, I will advise you have as much fun as possible. Go out, make good friends. Also, spend more time with your husband. Happy birthday, my dear.

80. Whoever says there is no love is a fool. True love exists and I am enjoying it in all its entirety. Thank God for you, the story would’ve been different. Happy first birthday as a wife. I hope you like how I plan to make you feel today. I love you so much.

81. You are that person who came into my life and turned it around. I don’t know if I have done anything that warrants such beautiful love, but I appreciate it all the same. You are my life and I wish you a very happy first birthday after marriage.

82. Tell me how you feel today because I want to know. As for me, I feel very fly; I feel on top of the world because it’s my wife’s birthday. Thank you for being the best wife ever. I hope this year brings you all the best. Happy first birthday as a wife.

83. You are a great wife, and I can tell you will be a greater mom and mom-in-law. I hope this year brings you as much joy and happiness that you have brought and continue to bring into my life. Happy first birthday after marriage.

84. You sure know how happy I can be when it’s time to celebrate with you. I wake up every morning and thank the Lord for bringing you into my life. You are the best part of my life because you complete me. Happy birthday, my beautiful wife. I love you forever.

1st Happy Birthday Prayer Messages for Wife

Happy 1st birthday after marriage, my love. This marriage is all beautiful and peaceful because of you. As you mark another special day, may God turn to you and do you good. You shall not be found wanting. Enjoy your day, my wife.

85. I wonder why it doesn’t even seem like you’re ageing a bit! You’re still as beautiful and gorgeous as ever. All thanks to me who gives you peace of mind, lol. Happy first birthday as a wife, my lovely woman. This year, you shall be blessed and highly favoured. Enjoy!

86. Whenever I call you the most beautiful woman, you have to believe I am not saying it to flatter or make you feel good, I am saying it because it’s the fact. You are drop-dead gorgeous. I am so lucky to have you in my life. Happy first birthday after marriage. God bless your existence.

87. Year in year out, I will continue to be the same man you fell in love with; that’s a promise. Your best years are still ahead and trust me to be right beside you as you age. Thank you for being the coolest wife ever. Happy first birthday as a wife, my love. I love you.

88. You should know I won’t go, that’s the last thing you should worry about because it’s never going to happen. Let’s make this a birthday to remember. It’s all about you today and I want to make you feel like the happiest woman alive. Happy first birthday after marriage.

89. With you by my side, I know we are just going to keep working towards being a better couple. We will keep correcting ourselves without condemning ourselves. We will keep learning, unlearning and relearning. Happy first birthday as a wife, darling. Have a fantastic one.

90. I wish I could scream to the world, so it can know I finally ended up with the most wonderful woman ever. So many people mocked and told me I will never find you, but mercy said no. Happy first birthday as a wife. I can’t wait to start making babies with you.

91. I don’t feel any form of regret at all, because I got married to the woman I have always loved. I am not even embarrassed in telling all my friends that you are the one who made me a lucky man. I feel lucky and proud to have a woman as focused as you are, my wife. Happy birthday.

92. I know it’s your best day and that’s why I want to seize the opportunity to apologize for all the wrongs I have done to you. I never meant to hurt or disrespect you. I know you will forgive me because you have a good heart. This is your best year yet. Happy birthday.

93. From the deepest part of my heart, I want to thank you for all the sacrifices you’ve made both in my absence and presence. You mean the whole world to me, and I will keep proving my undying love for you. Happy first birthday after marriage.

94. For years, I keep falling in love with the wrong people. But now, I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful and supportive life partner like you. I wish you true happiness on your birthday, and always. Happy first birthday as a wife. Cheers to greater heights.

95. No words can describe exactly how I feel about you. You are the reason for my existence. If not for you, I would’ve been long gone. Our marriage isn’t the best, but you keep making efforts to see it flourish. My dear, thank you for choosing me. Happy first birthday after marriage. God bless you.

96. In you, I have found more than a wife. In just one person, I have found a friend, an encourager, a business partner and an inspiration. The sweetest thing is that I will spend the rest of my life with this person. You make me feel so blessed, my wife. Happy first birthday after marriage. You are blessed.

97. I wish you could always be by my side and never leave me, my wife. Life without you is empty and meaningless. I have never felt so sure of spending the rest of my life with anyone, except you. I love you so much, darling. Happy first birthday as a wife.

98. You are a perfect woman who believes so much in an imperfect man like me and ended up getting married to him. You have given me the greatest opportunity, and I promise never to misuse it. Happy first birthday after marriage. I love you, baby.

99. You are my life, my breath, my inspiration, my peace, my love and everything. It’s so hard to tell my story without you appearing more than I do. I promise to keep the fire of our love burning forever. Happy first birthday after marriage.

100. Ever since we got married, I have never stopped smiling. So many people have commented on how much I glow, it’s all because I have you in my life. If there’s a reason to ever stop loving you, let it die forever! Happy first birthday after marriage.

Hello dear reader, thank you for always stopping by to check out what’s on this page. I hope you found one or two of those first birthday wishes for wife after marriage up there. Please don’t stop coming for more. Thank you.

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