Encouraging Words During Labour

Encouraging Words During Labour

Labour is a time of great physical and emotional change for women. The woman giving birth will likely feel emotions as she experiences contractions and delivers her baby. Partners, family members, and friends must be supportive during labour, especially if she’s new to the experience.

Also, encouragement is one of the most powerful tools a woman can use during labour. It’s not just about words but about using them correctly and at the right time. There are many ways to encourage women during childbirth. Words are powerful; they can heal and break us.

Words spoken in a loving, encouraging way can help us get through the most painful and challenging experiences of our lives. The key is to make sure you choose words that are appropriate and helpful at that moment. However, it is important that you know what to say and how to say it in a way that will truly help your partner.

When choosing encouraging words during labour, it’s important to think about the context of your relationship with the woman and what words may be most beneficial for her at this time. This will remind her that there is a reward waiting at the end of their labour and hopefully make them smile despite their pain.

Below is a long list of encouraging words during labour that you can use to help a woman cope with pain, manage her emotions, and make her feel more relaxed during childbirth.

Encouraging Words During Labour

You can do it! I know you feel so far from being able to experience labour that you even question whether or not it’s possible. But please, be encouraged. Speak good words to yourself before, during and after. You can give birth when and how you want; your body is made for it.

1. Being at the right place at the right time to reassure, encourage and comfort your partner during labour can be incredibly powerful. Your encouragement will help her through those moments of discomfort and challenge, encouraging her to breathe through it all.

2. During childbirth, there are many ups and downs. When good things happen, it’s important to acknowledge those successes, such as coping with your labour or how far you’ve come.

3. You are doing great and better than you think. Stay calm and go with the flow. You’re going to be amazed by what your body can do! This is all about your birth experience, and it is so special to you and your baby. Congratulations on getting this far!

4. You are getting close to the birth of your baby. We know you’re tired and probably in a lot of pain, but also know that you have what it takes to be an amazing mother. You’re doing great!

5. Labour is hard. But it’s even harder when you don’t have any support around you or when you feel like the only thing you can do is scream. Encouraging words during labour can help you breathe, stay focused, and feel confident.

6. When you’re in labour, having a good support person or team to help with the encouragement can be beneficial. If you are birthing at home, your partner may be there with you, and if not they can help make sure your other supports are there.

7. For those who have gone through the labour process, or those who are expecting their first child in a few months, we want to remind you that you are doing amazing things. There is no easy journey, but you’ve got this.

8. You are doing so well. The baby is doing great! Rest and relax while you’re pushing. You will be rewarded with a beautiful baby.

9. Labour and birth are what your body has been working towards! The hormones and contractions in your body are designed to give you the tools and strength to bring your baby earthside safely.

10. Being a new mother is a challenging time in your life. Many people are trying to define what it means to be a mother. There’s no right or wrong way, just what works for you and your baby. Remember: you got this !!

11. Labour is the most beautiful and strongest kind of work. You are in the right place doing what you were supposed to do.

12. This is your time. You are strong and capable, and your fear is being overcome. Through this birth process, you are opening up to new possibilities, new life and a whole new world of possibility ahead.

13. You are a wonder. You are a miracle. And you have worked so hard to get here. Thank you for making my life whole again, no matter how many times you experienced an emergency that delayed your arrival.

14. Labour is a joyful process—and childbirth is no different. What is the best reminder of the power of your mind? Expectant parents can take solace in knowing that childbirth is natural and normal, with every woman’s body being unique regarding how it responds to labour.

15. It’s time to get into the zone – stay present every moment, don’t think about what’s next, and let your body and baby do the work.

16. You’re going to do it. I know you can. You’re strong and tough; you’ve got this—so breathe in and out. Let’s move through this together.

17. Your strength, stamina and courage are limitless. Let yourself be guided by your heart and intuition; you are a million miles ahead of where you started!

18. The entire process of labour is a beautiful, spiritual experience. It’s easier when you walk into it with a positive mindset and armed with knowledge. We’ve got your back!

19. Having a baby is like a roller-coaster: you get to feel the adrenaline, sweat and pain of intensity. But it’s always worth the ride!

20. You are not alone. Every contraction is a step toward what you need to do. When the nurses tell you to push and cry, know that they see you doing it. You are doing it.

21. You’ve been through a lot and are about to meet your baby. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you can’t. Breath. Everything else will work itself out!

22. The journey of bringing life into this world can be an incredible experience, whether it’s the first, second or even third time. But one thing is for sure: We’re honoured to be able to experience it with you.

23. It’s easy to get caught up with the pain of labour and not realise that you’re in control. Expect a smooth delivery and a positive experience. Stay positive, and you’ll be surprised how well you do!

24. You can do nothing to make this pregnancy better than what you are doing now. Unite, and let’s get this labour started!

25. There are many ways to know when you’re in labour. The pain, the increased heart rate and the breathing… all indicate it’s time to go to the hospital.

26. When you’re in labour, the hours fly by. Sometimes it feels like it will never end. When you have your baby, time seems to slow down and the things that used to seem so important become insignificant. But don’t worry, every moment is worth celebrating. Everyone has a purpose—and there will be more as soon as this one ends!

27. Breathe in and breathe out, reach for the stars, and know that your spirit is strong enough to make it through this process.

28. Labour is a beautiful thing. Surround yourself with the people that make you feel most comfortable, and remind yourself why having this baby was worth it.

29. A mother’s greatest love is for her child, and this is true regardless of whether the child is born inside or outside the womb.

30. Labouring is about expressing your inner strength, shape and power. Believe in yourself and be strong like a tree is strong.

31. It’s time to move forward into a new adventure, and you can do it with as much grace and power as possible. And remember, you don’t have to do everything alone.

32. When labour is a struggle, remember that we are more than just our bodies. We were designed to give birth and raise children. We are carrying something wonderfully powerful—and as our bodies change, so does the strength of that legacy.

33. Giving birth is the most powerful thing you’ll ever do. It’s hard, hurts, and can be scary, but don’t be afraid. Breathe and trust that God is with you.

34. When we give birth, it feels like our spirit is being reborn, and many women say they feel more connected to their inner child. If you had an amazing childhood, that’s a good thing.

35. You’re almost there. This is the most amazing feeling in the world, and I promise you it will be even better than you can imagine.

Encouraging Words for Labour and Delivery

When it comes to labour and delivery, you’re giving birth. It’s not about how hard or long it is to bring a new life into the world—it’s about how strong you are and what you do with what is coming. You need to be encouraged and believe in yourself.

36. Imagine you have a friend who is experiencing labour and delivery. Don’t forget to tell them that they are doing an amazing job.

37. Labour is the hardest thing a woman will go through in her lifetime. You are so strong and courageous, you have been preparing yourself for this day for nine months, but it doesn’t matter if you have to push or cry: You will be fine.

38. Breathe. You are doing great. Your baby is safe and healthy in your arms. You will meet your child for the first time in a few more minutes.

39. You are not alone. You are surrounded by an army of women who have been there before you and will meet you again.

40. Your babies will make their entrance into the world. You must show them how much you love them and give them the best start possible.

41. Be brave and trust that your body knows what to do. And if possible, have a partner by your side to help you through the process.

42. You’ve made it through the first few weeks of pregnancy; you’re at home in bed and about to go into labour. Here’s a little reminder: you are strong!

43. You’re doing great. Keep breathing, keep pushing, and you’ll be here with your precious baby in no time!

44. Labour is a beautiful thing. It’s a time to connect with your body and celebrate the process of bringing your baby into the world.

45. Labour is a special time to connect with your body and let it do its thing. Don’t be afraid to feel what you’re feeling. You are doing so much good for your baby!

46. You’ve helped another human being come into this world and become part of their future. It’s your job to care for them, love them and protect them from the world at large—and yourself.

47. You are doing a great job, and your little one is counting the minutes until they can meet you. You might be nervous, but there is no reason to worry.

48. Nothing is more inspiring than the birth of your baby. The joy you feel when your body has gone through this incredible change, and your love for that little person growing inside you can’t be measured.

49. To the women in our lives who are getting ready to bring a new life into this world. You are powerful and beautiful; as you have learned and experienced before, it will be okay.

50. It’s all about being present, focused and calm. Let each contraction remind you to love your body and give birth with grace.

51. Just know that you are not alone in this childbirth experience and that the experience will be over before you realize it.

52. These days, we’re all in this together. The most important thing is to ensure you and your baby are both healthy and comfortable.

53. You’ve made it through the first 12 of your 42 weeks, and you know what? You can do it. You are so strong and so capable; you are amazing!

54. You’ll have so many chances to practice mindfulness in your labour and delivery that it’ll be easy to remember to bring all of your attention inside and savour every moment.

55. Labour and delivery are wonderful things. It’s part of what makes us special as women, and yet so many of us have a fear of “what if something goes wrong?” But don’t worry, everything will go as planned.

56. The best thing to happen to a mother during labour is to feel supported, encouraged, and loved by those around her.

57. We know when you’re in labour, and your mind is fickle, it can be difficult to stay focused. The good news is that when you get through the first few hours, things do get easier.

58. We’re ready to meet you. We’ve got your back through every birth; we’ll help you bring your baby into this world with confidence and grace.

59. You are not alone. All the women have pushed through natural birth and walked into this world. You are amazing, you are beautiful, and you will be okay.

60. The journey towards the birth of your baby is filled with many highs, many lows, and many normal moments. But there’s one thing that can never be outgrown: faith in yourself and your ability to cope with any challenge you may face.

61. You’ve never felt so alive as you are during labour. A feeling that is hard to describe but one that will last a lifetime!

62. It’s time to welcome our beautiful little girl into the world. Feel the love, breathe in the excitement and prepare to get busy.

63. You are strong! You are brave! You are beautiful, and you have the power to do anything. Just remember that you fought hard for this baby; now it’s time to fight with your body so she can fight back in her way.

64. You’re doing so well! You’ll be able to hold your baby soon. You’ve been so brave and patient. You are amazing.

65. Believe it or not, your strength and courage are more powerful than any pain you feel. Keep positive through it all, and let the most gentle birth ever be Pain-Free!

66. You can do it; you’re so strong. Let your baby’s arrival be the moment of your greatest strength, right there when you need it most.

67. There is power in your words, especially when those words are true. Your strength will be born from the inside out and positively affect others.

68. Your labour is a transition that brings you towards a new life. Let it be your greatest gift of love to yourself and your baby.

69. There’s a reason it’s called “labour.” It’s not easy, but it doesn’t have to be the end. Keep pushing through those contractions, and know that you’re almost there.

70. You are powerful. You are strong. You are beautiful and strong. Your body is designed to birth, nurture and protect this little human. Breathe deeply as you prepare yourself for these incredible moments in your life.

71. When you’re pushing and pulling and feeling the pressure, remember that all of this is for a reason. The baby inside is worth it!

72. I don’t know if you feel like giving up or are just trying to get through the day, but remember…every labour is different, and you are doing this for a reason.

73. The power of your words changes the way people feel. Speak with confidence, use positive affirmations and practice gratitude.

74. When your baby is born, it’s like a beautiful light has just been turned on inside you. It’s so bright and beautiful; it shines through your whole body and fills you with love and warmth.

75. Labour is not a race; it is an art form. Sometimes the most beautiful thing about it? It doesn’t end when you give birth.

76. You’ve come a long way, baby. You have made it through the first three months of this pregnancy, and now you are ready to meet your little one. This is it!

77. Breathe and trust. Breathe and breathe again. Trust the process, know you are doing the right thing, and eventually, it will be over soon enough.

78. When you’re ready to push, don’t just think of what you want to push out. Think of who is waiting on the other side and how much they want you to be there.

Encouraging Words for Mom in Labour

The medical bills and sleepless nights will pass, but the struggles experienced while bringing your child into this world are tremendous. Don’t fear the pain; every mom is stronger than they look, and you can do this. Just breathe, speak encouraging words to yourself and keep calm.

79. When you are in labour, every little thing feels like a challenge. But remember: every little step you take is an act of faith and strength because you are a warrior who has come a long way to get here.

80. The strongest force in the universe is love. In the middle of labour, you feel the most powerful force in the universe: love!

81. No words describe the feeling you get when your labour passes a certain point, and you know it’s time. The anticipation, the ache, and the worry all pass instantly. You’re completely focused on bringing this little being into the world, and you realize that all that matters is how they look at you and their first cry.

82. You are doing this, not your body. You have a choice in the matter. You can choose to breathe and be calm, or you can let yourself get worked up and stressed out by worrying about everything that’s going on.

83. As you go into labour, remember that you can do anything. You have everything in your power to bring the baby into this world.

84. Breathe in, breathe out. This is exactly what you are doing while giving birth to your baby. You are giving birth to your new life.

85. Becoming a mother is one of the most daunting, rewarding, life-changing experiences ever. This is why it’s important to surround yourself with great people who will help you through the process and open their hearts to support your desire to become a parent.

86. You’re not alone. You are loved beyond measure, and your baby is a gift from above. Our best wishes to you during this precious time.

87. You are doing a great job; you’re almost there. Keep pushing through this last part, and don’t forget to stretch the last few hours of your labour.

88. We’ve all been there—you’re breathing deep, and your body is stretched beyond its limits. You are full of anticipation and hope, yet you know that natural birth is the next best thing to impossible. Until now – until today.

89. It’s a beautiful thing to see your child being born. And it’s even more beautiful when you know the experience was worth it!

90. As your body prepares to birth your baby, you create a new chapter in your life. The hours of labour will be full of pain and challenges, but the joy of bringing a baby into this world is hard to describe. 

91. You’re stronger than you think. You’re stronger than your fears. And you are special and perfect just the way that you are.

92. When you’re in labour, it’s easy to feel like you can’t do anything right. But know that all the things that seem wrong are signs of your amazing strength!

93. There’s no way to describe the feeling of giving birth. The only thing that matters is that you trust the process and remember to breathe.

94. Dear babe, you are doing the most amazing thing humanly possible, and slowly but surely, the rest of the world will soon see it- our new baby!

95. You’re not alone! Your body is working hard to bring your baby into the world. The pain will pass, you’ll be glad you did it, meaning mommy needs a little extra love.

96. Give birth surrounded by the love and support of your family, friends and health care team. Look around as you breathe in that wondrous feeling of new life.

97. That moment when you start to feel the baby move! It’s called a contraction, a sign that the baby is coming out. Keep the faith, and don’t stop pushing until your baby is born.

98. A new mom is never alone. The whole world is at her back, ready to celebrate joy and adventure with her. Keep going for your daughter’s sake and the sake of all moms out there.

99. Your labour is your own, and you don’t need anyone to tell you how it should feel or look. Hold tight and know that your body is doing this for you, so trust in it.

100. In labour, it’s important to stay positive and focused. You’re doing an amazing job, so don’t forget to tell yourself now and then!

101. This labour thing isn’t a walk in the park. You will be tired, sweaty, and exhausted by the end. But once you hold your new baby in your arms, you will know why it was all worth it.

102. The cost of giving birth to your baby cannot be measured in money. The pain you experience during labour pales to the joys of being a mother.

Hello there! Thank you for going through this collection of encouraging words during labour. I hope you will use them to encourage a mom in labour. Feel free to share your thought in the comment section below.

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