Deep Love Letters for Her

2023 Deep Love Letters for Her (Your Girlfriend)

But then, sitting down and taking one’s time to write Deep Love Letters For Her is not really easy. You may end up racking your brain without really making her feel impressed by your words or writing anything lovely.

I know that you don’t want that, do you?

Yea, of course, you don’t. That’s why I wrote these collections of 100+ Deep Love Letters for Her so as to help you ease off the stress of writing any Love Letter For Her, I mean your lovely woman.

Because, that’s why you are here, right?

So here you go… 100+ Deep Love Letters for Her – Your Girlfriend.

Romantic Love Letter for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

The best collection of romantic and deep love letters for her from the heart. The best of love letters for your girlfriend.

1. The Depth of My Love for You
Darling, I know that this message will still not really paint the depth of love that I have for you. Because I’m not good with words. But then, you should know that I mean my words when I say I love you so much that I often feel sad not to see you even just for a day. I really wish that you are here with me dear.

2. My Heart Always Skips a Beat
Ever since the day that I met you, my heart skipped a beat. I instantly knew that you are the only one for me. Now, I don’t know how miserable my life will be when I leave you, because you are like the sun to my world, you light it, baby, your presence alone is a timeless blessing that is pretty hard to come by.

3. I am Addicted to Your Look
From the very moment my eyes glanced at you for the first day, I became so addicted to your looks and when I made the move to ask you out which you later agreed to be my lover. It made me realize that your deeds are adorable such that I became so spellbound never to be away from you, even for a split second.

4. I Am Nothing Without Your Love
Without your love, to be honest baby. I will be nothing. My life will be boring, unexciting and void. I need you to fill the vacuum that my first gaze of you bored in my heart. Darling, as you read this letter, I need you to know that my love is still strong and meant for you dear.

5. I Am Forever Attracted to You
The very moment I learnt about your habits and your forgiving heart, I instantly became so attracted to you that I can’t spend even a minute away, when I’m at work without craving to see your comely face, touch your lovely body and show you how much I care.

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6. My Love for You Is an Unending Journey
My love for you is a journey and I can’t tell when I will stop. Because, my heart is deeply in love with you that it has made a declaration to spare a space for your affection, no matter the circumstance that life may throw at it. Sweetheart, I will always be here for you and I’m going nowhere. I will stay with you.

7. I Will Never Let You Go
I will stay with you forever, without letting you go even for a second, baby. It’s a choice I’ve made to always stay by you and make you feel happy even when it’s at the expense of my leisure, I will not mind making you happy every single second I spend with you dear.

8. You Are My Friend Forever
I don’t just see you as a girlfriend, no, I don’t. I see you as a friend and a close companion, way closer than what a friend even means, dear. That’s why I mean my words when I say that I see you as a fulfilled dream and a satisfied burning desire.

9. I Can’t Just Help But Love You Always
I often get questioned by friends to tell them why I love you, but to their greatest surprise, I tell them that I can’t help but, to love you.
As in, I don’t even have a reason for loving you. And I just don’t find it reasonable and logical not to show you my affection.

10. I Want to Love You More Daily
If there is any better way than this to make you know that I really love you and that I see you as a darling, I will. With no hesitation, I will instantly do that just to make you feel happy. For what’s the essence of having a lover that doesn’t care about you? I care baby… For you.

11. What’s life without your love and affection for me? I always wonder how unexciting, unhappy and boring my life’s journey will be without a lovely, charming and caring damsel like you in my life. For every single moment I think of you, I feel like I’ve just been made a king of a great kingdom. I mean my words – your life gives me courage and boldness to live.

12. Life was boring, unexciting and empty. I used to long for companionship, until the very day that I made you. Even the very first minute we met, I knew that my boredom has come to an end. What more? You are lovely too and I appreciate you for that baby.

13. I see you as a star that gleams in the sky at night. You are so special and lovely dear. I just can’t do away with you and find life as happy as I want it to be. Because, your presence in my life and the vacuum that it feels in my heart is such, that no sane person will hope with. I appreciate you so dearly dear.

14. If doing awkward things are what will help me prove my love for you dear, I will not tarry to do my those things just to make you feel happy. It’s a decision I’ve chosen to take no matter the pain it causes. For your love is precious thing in my life that I cant take for granted even for a second.

15. My sweetheart, For all that you’ve been for me, for all that you will be, live and do. I write this letter to let you know that my love for you is sincere, genuine and forever. I’m not using words to make you feel happy, just like that. No, I need you to know that I am really in love with you and willing to go extra miles to make you happy.

16. Darling, I hope you are doing good? I wrote this letter to let you know that there is something so peculiar and special about you. It’s about the way you smile, giggle, walk, talk, think and even advise me on things that require help to decide on. I can’t imagine how shapeless my life will be without you, my dear. You’ve been a big-time blessing to my life.

17. My darling, I hope you are doing good and in good health? I wrote this letter to let you know that I am deeply in love with you. For the Joy you make me feel is out-of-this-world. It’s very rare to find your kind in this age. I’m not hyping. You are so sweet, lovely and understanding. I really appreciate you every single moment of my life.

18. Sweetheart, my day is going well and I hope that yours too is? I’ve been thinking of how best to portray my love for you but I failed… My words are not as perfect as I want them to be. But then, I need you to know that you are the best, the loveliest and an angel. I love you, dear.

19. Good afternoon dear, I hope your day is going well? I’ve just been thinking of you since morning and wondered how best to tell you how much I love you. I know you’ve heard me say this so many times, but I need you to know that I mean my words, dear. Love you…

20. Good morning to you my darling. I felt it from within to remind you of my genuine love for you dear. It has never been this before… I used to stay away from men. Until I met you and my mindset completely changed. Such that, I can’t even spend a single minute without thinking of you my dear. I love you so much.

21. Hello, my sweetest angel. I hope you are doing good and everything is fine? Being away had been so very boring and unexciting. I’ve missed your smell, your voice, touch, looks and gait. Lest I forget to tell you how precious you are to me… I’ve missed your lovely gestures and loving heart too that always understands when things go amiss between us, dear.

22. Hello, my angel. I wrote this letter to say hi, and also check on you to be sure that you’ve been fine all this while. I must say that I am seriously missing you every single minute of my life dear. It’s been lonely for me. I’ve got no one to talk to or even spend time with. How I wish you are here with me… I love you, dear.

23. Hi. Baby, I hope that life has been fun for you? I am in deep sadness over your absence. I really never wanted to be away from you even for a single day. Anyways, I know you care and I want to remind you of my genuine love for you and also, to say that no matter how lonely I will be, I will never cheat on you.

24. Sweetheart, I know you are now bored that’s I’ve left you alone for quite some time. I hope you understand that it’s not really my wish to make that way, but I’m under an obligation to travel. I know that you may begin to suspect that I’m cheating on you or likely to become unfaithful. But no, I promise to keep to my words like I’ve always done.

25. Darling, I have been thinking of you all day long. It’s been so unexciting and seemingly void to be away from you for some time. I hope that you know how sincere my love is. I will never let go of you or even make the attempt of breaking the vows we made to each other when we met and agreed to be lovers.

26. Honey, my life is full of fun because of you, I’ve got no one to say thanks to if not you. You’ve been of immense help, affection, concern, encouragement and support to me. I really wonder how miserable my life would have been if not because you’ve chosen to be my lover.

27. Darling, have I ever told you this before?… One sure thing u know that you have and will never break is the very big you made. Yes, they say that humans betray. But then, I’m pretty sure that you won’t. I trust you, I don’t believe in the saying that goes; “trust no one. I choose to break the norm. Because I don’t only love you, but sincerely trust your being.

28. Honey, I’ve chosen to live my life for you… Read that again. I mean my words, because I’m not kidding. I’ve made the decision to finally give you my all and I’m more serious than the very day we even walked down the aisle with you as we got wedded. See, you are the only person I’ve come to live way beyond any other woman I’ve met in my life that once feigned to love me.

29. My angel, I am serious thus time around… Unlike I used to be like, I want to make a sincere statement here. I love you so much and I’m willing to go all out to make you really see for yourself, the depth of my affection. It’s not a mere saying to make you think I do when I don’t in reality. Today, as you read this message, I need you to know that I’m serious when I say that I live you.

30. Honey, my sweet and lovely angel. I hope that you are in good health. I’ve been trying your line sometimes back but it couldn’t go through. I know you’ve missed me too. But, I miss you a lot, way more than you do. That’s why I wrote this letter to check on you and be sure that, YOU – my angel is fine and also remind you that I love you… Hoping to hear from you soon.

31. Sweetheart, I just can’t explain how sweet and lovely you are to me as my girlfriend. I appreciate your presence in my life the more than the way I do for air, that I breathe. See, I love you for all that you are and I cherish the moments we share with you. I love you so much, my dear.

32. Honey, I dreamt about you yesterday… I saw you snapping my lips and after a few minutes, we walked down the aisle together, followed by a procession. It was like a large chunk of heaven given to us to bite. It was really lovely and fun. See, I know that, that’s how our marital journey will begin, right? I love you, baby.

33. Darling, I doubt if my words are not the perfect way to paint how exactly my heart feels for you, because you are so beautiful and lovely that I will only end up running out of my diction store trying to string the right words to describe how much I love you.

34. Hello, darling. I hope that you are in good health. I’ve been thinking about you all day like I always do. I just want to remind you that I love you and I will always do my dear. You are the most beautiful and loveliest girl that I’ve ever met. I appreciate you, my dear.

35. Sweetheart, I’ve been so happy and excited to be your lover ever since the first day that we met. It’s been so sweet and lovely to be with you, my dear. I appreciate you my angel and can’t wait to meet you again. I’ve missed you so much, my love. Don’t forget that I love you.

36. Honey, I hope you are doing good? It’s been quite some time since the last time we talked. I want to to use this short letter to remind you that I’m so much in love with you. Even though, I’ve been tempted, so many times to cheat on you. But then, I’ve made up my mind never to be unfaithful and I mean it dear. I kid you not. Kisses.

37. Sweetheart, my greetings go to you from the deepest depths of my heart. I crave to see your face and hear your voice, ever since the first day that we parted. That’s why I want to use this letter to check on you and also to tell you that I’ve missed you so much and I can’t wait to meet you, soon.

38. Good afternoon my love. I hope that you are doing good and in good health. I want to use this letter to remind you that my love for you is unconditional and that, I will never let you down. I will do my best to see that I won’t cheat on you, my dear.

39. My lovely angel. I began to fall in love with you since the very first time that I saw you walking down the street. It’s nice, lovely and sweet to have an angelic personality like you who cares and is always caring. I love you so much than my words can ever describe.

40. Good morning my Love. I hope your night was well spent? Or… are you still sleeping on your bed? From the very first time that I met you, I became so much attracted to you. My life has found rhythm ever since the first day that I met you, I appreciate you, dear.

41. Baby, I hope that your night was cool, dear. I’ve missed you so much and that’s why I write this letter to tell you sincerely of how to love you so much, baby. Your presence shines upon my world just as the sun does, and I love you deeply my sweetheart.

42. Hello, my sweetheart. I hope you’re doing good in your daily endeavours? See, It’s because of you and no one that I smile and feel happy about life than I would have done without you. Despite the harsh times, we are in, you still give me more reasons why I should smile and live life happily. I appreciate you, dear.

43. Good morning my sweet wife, you have been the best woman beside my mom that has had a great positive impact on me. It’s amazing and lovely as to how much influence you have brought into my life, I’m still grateful to God and will forever be, for the decision I took to say that u love you. I love you deeply.

44. Hi, my sweetie. I hope that you have been having a good time all this while? You know that I love you right?… Yea, I do… Way more than your thoughts could make you think of my affection for you sweetie. I appreciate and love you so deeply. You ate the bomb.

45. Hello, my sweetest angel. For what on this earth will I trade your love for? Is it money? Or pride, or unfaithfulness? I know that it’s uneasy to keep to one’s words. But then, this is a true and sincere commitment that I’m making dear. I am ready to beat brunt of loving you. For you are the one whose love, I will forever love for, dearie.

46. My angel, do you know that you are the sweetest of all angels? Yea, I appreciate you so much, my love. You have been a big-time blessing to my life, not just making me feel happy about life. But, also making me see reasons as to why I should giggle and smile every single day, I appreciate you, my dear.

47. My love, I hope that you are doing good in all that you partake in? I’ve been longing to see you for long. I guess your lovely face is still glowing, right? And… You are in good shape too. See, I crave to experience your presence daily, my love. I miss you so much that I can’t wait till when you come back. I love you…

48. Hello, sweetie… I have been thinking about you and how life has been with you. I know, you may begin to think that I don’t really care about you. But then, I do… At least, way more than you could ever imagine. Because, when I said that I love you, I didn’t just do that for saying sake, I miss my words. Love you baby…

49. My angel, my heart and my wife. You are a great blessing to my life. I wouldn’t have been where I’m at today, if not for you. I really appreciate you so much, my dear. If every wish I make or crave for was within my reach, I will try as much as I can to make you happy at all times, even if it means jumping down from the sky to please you. I love you…

50. Hello, my dear? I thought about asking you this questions… What’s life if the person who loves you rarely cares about you? What is “love” if the “lover” is not working to go all miles to make you happy? See, my sweetheart, I will do everything that I can to make you happy in life. It’s an honest promise that I’ve made to do just that for you, my love.

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51. Hey my sweetheart,
I’m quite sure that you don’t expect any text at an hour of the day like this, right?
Yea, I don’t always act upon my role as I should but still, you do as much as you can to double task, especially when I don’t get paid my salary at the month’s end. To be honest, if there is any woman that I appreciate so much then it’s you. I love you so much over your selfless efforts, my dear.

52. Good morning my cute wife,
If there is anyone I always run to when I feel bitter then it’s you, you make me feel comfortable and have some relief even when there is just a little hope. I appreciate you more than I can ever express it in this letter. I hope that as you go through it, you will realize and at least, believe that I have you at heart.

53. Sweetheart, how I feel for you is genuine and real – I kid you not. I say this with all seriousness sweetie. Because it’s a feeling that comes from within. See, I take you as precious as the way I do to myself. I love you deeply my sweetheart.

54. Darling, do you know that I’m always dreaming about our coming years?… And every time I peep into your eyes, all I see is our future; a happy newly married couples smiling and tending the kids about in a beautiful garden, giggling and making harmonious plans for the future. Sweetie, I must say that I just can’t hate you, ever.

55. My sweetheart, you have indeed left an indescribable mark in my heart that I can’t even write an appreciation of in this single letter, right now. Anyways, I wrote this letter to make you be sure. In case you are still doubting that; I sincerely love you from the deepest crust of my heart, my dear. I do, genuinely.

56. Sweetheart, if there is anything that makes me wonder about how lucky I am to be your friend, then it’s your modesty, your gentility and forgiving heart. I’ve been wondering how comes such a rare-to-find person like you became a friend to me. I must say that I love you so much, my dear.

57. Sweetie, I’ve chosen to be your lover since the first day that we met and so far, I can’t say that I’m regretting that move I made. It’s a decision I will live to be happy that I made, forever. Even if life brings forth a horrible thing to set us apart, I will still be here with you, my dear.

58. My darling, I wrote this letter to tell you that; for all that you’ve ever sacrificed for my sake, just to make our relationship grow stronger. I’m appreciating you so much for every bit of that, my dear. It’s rare to find such a selfless mindset, I’m sincerely grateful and I appreciate you, my dear.

59. Honey, hope you are doing good? Guess what… I can’t believe that it’s almost a year now since when we met. It was a sunny day(if I could remember) when I first talked to you and… The rest is history… Baby, I appreciate you so much because you saying “Yes” has made all the difference. Love you…

60. Baby, I Love you deeply, way more than the word can ever mean or describe one’s true affection for a lover. It’s indeed a blessing to be in an ever-burning relationship with you, my dear. I appreciate every single second I spend with you. Kisses.

61. Sweetheart, for every single thing that you do for me. I’m grateful for your efforts, baby. I sincerely appreciate you for all that you’ve been doing for me, dear. You are the queen of my world. You are more than what the word; “beauty” can ever describe. love you deeply and appreciate you my darling.

62. Hello baby… How is life with you? I guess you are smiling about how life is treating you now. You know I deeply love you, right? Yea, I do. I know that it’s not easy to be in a relationship with an annoying person like me but still, you’ve been enduring and making sure that the bond between us does not wane. Baby, I Love you so much for your affection.

63. Baby, you are the queen of my little world and the only one who does as much as she can to make me happy about life. Baby, I appreciate you so much than your imagination can ever think of, appreciate you way more than this letter can explain. Kisses…

64. Baby, I hope you are fine and doing good as usual. I rarely tell you things like this; you are the most romantic woman that I’ve ever met in my whole life, the queen of other women who are called queens. I’m not saying this to hype or flatter you, my dear. I mean every single word that I typed, my love.

65. Baby, you know that I love you right? Yea, I do… And will forever make sure that I make you feel on too if the world. I will crown you with blessings and make sure that your years of life are entirely full of bliss. This, I’m pretty sure, may sound too-good-to-be-true. But, I mean my words baby, trust me.

66. With you, nothing feels sweeter than such moments… Baby, you are the only one who makes me feel happy about this void called life, it’s because of you and nothing but your humble, loving and caring self that makes life interesting and lovely for me and I really appreciate you so much for that. I love you.

67. Honey, how are you, I hope you are doing fine like I left you?… I’ve been missing you so much and I thought it’s nice to send you a message so as to check on you. It’s not really fun being away from you, baby. I must say that I crave to be with you more than ever before. Love you…

68. If not for you, baby… My love, the one reading this letter, I really wonder how boring and unhappy life will be for me. It’s because of your selfless sacrifices, gifts, support and advice that has contributed in bringing me thus far. I must say that you are very helpful and I see you like an angel who is out to help.

69. Sweetheart… Have I ever told you this? If there is anything that makes me not just like but, love you. Then it’s the way you understand me despite my awkward, odd and somewhat weird attitude that can make you get angry or pissed off. I know I’m annoying at times but, I need you to understand that I mean I won’t ever make the attempt of hating or letting you go. Love you…

70. Baby, I appreciate you way more than anyone that I’ve ever found in my life – as a girlfriend. You are strong, hardworking, daring and still humble. It’s really amazing and lovely to see a millennial like you breaking the norm by living an exceptional life worthy of emulation. I wish to be like you when I grow up. Lol.

71. Honey or should I say, baby?… You know that I love you so much than I can’t even describe with my best words or creativity right? Yea, I can’t… It’s not hype. For, why would I make a statement that I don’t really mean? See, I appreciate your beauty, your worth, your essence, your life, your deeds and presence and I will never despise you. Kisses…

72. Sweetheart, I couldn’t sleep last night… But Wait, don’t panic. I wasn’t sick or feeling ill. It’s because of the way I’ve missed you so much that I couldn’t merge my eyelids for more than an hour. I kept thinking about how we used to clutch and hold each other tight that we can’t spend an hour without kissing… I really miss you, baby. Love you…

73. Sweetheart, I know that you are probably sad that I’ve not been sending you any message or calling you. Well, it may seem like I don’t care but, I really do. Honestly, it’s just that network has been bad and your lines are not going through. I love you bae.

74. Baby, my love. For all that you’ve been doing for me all these years, I’m using this opportunity to say that I heartily love you, way more than my words can ever describe my dear. It’s no joke. I will forever love you with no hesitation or contemplation. I love you…

75. Baby, if for anything I’m being asked to trade away(exchange) in this world with your affection. I will not mind letting it go, no matter how pricey or valuable it is, as long as doing that will let me still keep your love. I love you, baby, I really appreciate you dearly.

76. Life is boring and unexciting. I really wonder how piteous it would have been if not for your presence that had spice up the experience for me. Darling, you are like a spice inside food that gives it tastes. I appreciate you dearly, baby. I just can’t even think of a nicer or better word to use in appreciating you. Love you…

77. Honey, you are sweet, lovely, charming, caring and so dear to me, way more than I ever thought you will be. It’s amazing to find a caring, understanding and lovely wife like you. Life wouldn’t have been as fun as it is, if not for you my dear. I appreciate you so much, my love.

78. My sweetheart, I see you as my lover and a wife that is just too lovely and outstanding from other ladies. Yes, they may seem to be like you. But, your love is out-of-this-world. It’s pretty hard and scarce to come across sincere affection like yours dear. You are an iconic woman, a model and an amazing personality that others will like to be like, even me. Lol. Love you…

79. Sweetheart, my heart used to be an emptied cleft, until you came into my life and fill it up with love and affection. I must say that I’m so grateful for your love. It’s very rare to find a woman that cares about her husband like you do, I’m so grateful my love.

80. Hello, baby… I know it’s being a long time since the last time that you heard from me, right? And you are sad… Sorry, baby I still love you okay?… I miss you too, I never wanted to be away for so long. Anyways, I send you this letter to still remind you that I care for you baby and I love you deeply.

81. Baby, see. I will never take you from granted even for a second. I know that you may think that it sounds too good to be true. Well, I mean my words dear. I can’t flatter you when I’m already in love with you and have promised to be your true love. See, honey, I treasure every single bit of love that you show me. I love you…

82. What’s life without a friend? What’s a friend without a lover? What’s a love without commitment? I know that I sometimes don’t commit to doing the needful as your lover. But still, baby, I promise to do my best to make ends meet. I will from now on, try as much as I can to see that I make you smile like never before. Love you…

82. To my sweetest angel. I write this letter to make you know that I’m still in love with you every now and then. It may seem like I don’t care, but I do baby. I sincerely love you way more than you could ever think of. I’m not hyping, because that’s the true feeling my heart has, baby.

83. Hello, my darling. You are my angel, my heart, my one and only sweet wife. Besides you, I will not have any other lover again, even when you are gone. I mean my words. See, I have already made up my mind to love you alone or never love anyone, ever since I’ve noticed your affection towards me. I love you deeply.

84. No matter the degree of trouble we may face in life, I will never let you go. I will keep to the terms of our marital agreements that we will never part irrespective of the ups and downs we may be obliged to pass through in life. I love you sincerely baby. Your lovely husband.

85. What’s life, when I have all the riches, the fame, the games, the contests and still not have you as my wife? Life will still bore me, I’m pretty sure. Because you’ve been more than mere music that makes my life lovely and a rhythm that brings about some excitement. I love you deeply.

86. I’m. grateful for yet another day, baby and I hope that you do same too? I’ve missed you for quite sometime baby and I thought it will be nice to send you this letter to remind you of my affection for you, baby. Nothing makes me feel so excited about life like thinking about your lovely voice and how God has been making you recover from your ill-health, baby. I Love You Deeply.

87. Darling, of all that you’ve ever sacrificed just for the sake of our relationship before we even make the attempt of marrying. I’m using Tue letter to make you that I appreciate you deeply and I will continually do my best to show back my appreciation again, I love you baby.

88. Darling, it’s been a fun time being with you, I know that life has been somewhat boring at times and that, I don’t always get to make you feel happy too as expected. But then, I need you to know that I still care baby. My love for you is not a thing I just say orally, but a feeling I have from the heart.

89. For all the good things that life has predestined for you baby, may God help you enjoy them all. I appreciate and sincerely love you, my dear. It’s my hearty wish to see that you get the best out of life. If I had magical powers, I would have made it feasible for you, to help you crush your goals with ease.

90. Darling, you make, form and happen to be the queen of my world. It’s an exciting experience to have you as my lover baby. I appreciate you way more than you could ever imagine in your life. It’s a sincere feeling that I have for you baby, I Love you deeply.

91. Sweetheart, you’ve missed me, right?… I know, that since from day one, a moment like this will likely come when I will miss you or either way and one will have to write you a letter to remind you of my love for you. So, that’s basically why wrote this letter; to check on you and also, remind you of my love, baby.

92. Darling, I know you won’t even believe me when I say that you are the key motivation I have here that keeps me going. I really appreciate you, my dear. I am so happy to have you as my sweetheart. It’s indeed more like a rare opportunity to find a lovely person like you, my dear. I appreciate you so much.

93. For all that you’ve been doing on your own part in this relationship baby, I must say that I’m sincerely grateful over your love and affection. If there is anything that makes me happy about life and my love life, then it’s you; over your sacrifices and forgiven heart too. I Love You deeply…

94. Honey, I hope life has been a bit fair with you, at least? I’ve been seriously missing you so much, my dear. I’ve missed you so much, my love. Life has been a bit hard and stressful these days from my end. Anyways, I just thought it will be nice to say “HI”

95. Baby, my love… I’ve longed for your companionship for quite a long time that I have become so emotionally sick and bored too. I must say that you are like the sun is to the sky, a necessity that I just can’t do without baby, I Love you deeply.

96. Life may be a bit uneasy and unexciting to you. But then, I wrote this letter to comfort you and also remind you of how letting goes many things bother you without letting go, can make you emotionally down. Just don’t give you yet and always don’t forget that I love you, dear.

97. My one and only angel. See, living life without you is like a dance without music, right? Yea, you are the rhythm that makes me dance in a harmonious and melodic tune. Because you are just like my drive and lover, I appreciate you so much, my dear.

98. Honey, I’ve missed you baby. I can’t even wait till when I’m done to come over and hug or kiss you baby… I really want to be in your soft and warm arms sharing the moments with you like never before. Truly, if there is anything I heartily long for, then it’s your companionship, wifey.

99. Hello, my love. I have been missing you like never before since I went to the meeting. How I wish you are around here to hug and kiss me. Yea, that kind of love we both show each other when we are all alone and home… Till I come back, okay? Take care of yourself for me, I love you wifey.

100. Sweetheart, I hope that life is treating you fine? Yea, if not I will like to know what’s up with you. You know that I’ve missed you too, right? that’s why I wrote this letter to inquire about your state of health. I’ve missed you so much that this letter can’t even paint how sorrowful and boring life is, without you. I love you, baby.

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