College Graduation Wishes for Nephew

College Graduation Wishes for Nephew

Graduating from college is a great achievement that should be much celebrated. This is the result of hours, days, months and years of study and hard work, which should not go unrewarded.

Your nephew just graduated from college and trust me, it is a big deal. If you are looking for ways to celebrate his graduation, this is one of the best. The college graduation wishes for nephew in this post will make him feel happy and loved.

What else are you waiting for? Go ahead and celebrate your nephew with these messages and quotes as he graduates from college!

Best College Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Nephew

Dear nephew, I am not just proud of you because you graduated from college today, I am more proud because you keep leading an excellent life and you’ve remained a positive influence on my life. I love you and I wish you the best only.

1. Congratulations to my darling nephew. I wish you success in all ramifications as you are graduating from college today. You have done so well and I’m very proud of you!

2. May lines fall for you in pleasant places, lovely Nephew. Congratulations on your graduation! You have done us proud.

3. May you keep breaking new grounds. I celebrate you, my dear nephew. Congratulations on your graduation from college!

4. You will not stop making us proud. We are so proud of who you are growing up to be. I love you. Congratulations on your graduation, nephew!

5. Dear nephew, you thrive more excellently and beautifully. I’m so happy for you.

6. You have made the whole family proud of you again. I am happy that you are graduating from college today. We dearly love you. Keep winning.

7. You will always rank among the best, my dear nephew. I wish you God’s best in your life’s journey. Congratulations on your graduation!

8. Like the stars in the sky that shine brightly, you will shine brighter and brighter because it’s your time to shine. Congratulations, lovely nephew!

9. It’s your graduation from college today, nephew. I am so happy for you. The sky is surely not your limit, dear. Wish you the best.

10. I pray God fills your life to the top with grace. Congratulations on your graduation, my darling nephew.

11. Dear nephew, I pray that you will keep excelling in all your endeavours. Happy Graduation dear nephew.

12. Happy Graduation darling nephew! More breakthroughs for you. More achievements to make and more successes. Cheerio!

13. I wish you all the happiness in this world dear nephew. The moment to celebrate you is here. Happy Graduation!

14. Hey nephew! I wish you more life to greatness. You deserve to be celebrated because today is your graduation from college. Happy Graduation!

15. I felicitate with you dear nephew as you graduate from college today. I love you dearly.

16. May God shower upon you His choicest blessings. Happy Graduation dear nephew!

17. It’s so beautiful to celebrate your achievements with you. My dear nephew, congratulations on your graduation. I love you.

18. You are a golden child. You have the right to be celebrated today, nephew. Congratulations on your graduation.

19. You will keep growing fantastically dear nephew. Happy Graduation!

20. Congratulations to you, dear nephew. I wish you good luck and the best in everything you do.

21. We bless God for giving us the grace to witness this day with you dear nephew. God will grant you more grace to witness more of your successes in life. Happy Graduation!

22. You have been highly favoured by God to be counted worthy to be celebrated today. May God bless you more than you can ever imagine. Happy Graduation dear nephew.

23. May you prosper in all your ways, dear nephew. Happy Graduation!

24. Congratulations to you, dear nephew on your graduation. I wish that you forever live in victory and success.

25. May you keep making progress in every aspect of your life from glory to glory dear nephew. Happy Graduation.

College Graduation Messages to My Nephew

Congratulations on your college graduation, dear nephew. This is just the beginning of the so many great things that will happen in your life. You have done so well and the entire family is truly proud of you. Keep soaring and blazing trails!

26. I’m happy to have you as my nephew. You never stop making us proud. We will always be there to celebrate your wins. Congratulations dear!

27. You have been the best thing that has happened to me. Dear nephew, I will always be here rooting for you. Happy Graduation.

28. My darling nephew is now a college graduate. So far so good, God has been so faithful to us. Happy Graduation to you.

29. Hey nephew!
Today is such an amazing day. Congratulations to you as you graduate from college! Love from your aunty.

30. I love you intentionally dear nephew. You will always succeed in all that you do.

31. You are a star dear nephew. I celebrate you big. Congratulations on your graduation from college.

32. You live a life full of God’s grace and mercy. Happy Graduation dear nephew.

33. A day will never pass without God blessing you. Happy Graduation to my dear nephew.

34. As you graduate today, you step into more greatness and your steps will never be hindered. Happy Graduation my nephew.

35. Your future is great and made perfect by God. It will never know any calamity. Happy Graduation nephew!

36. You will soar even better than an eagle. Keep on winning my dear nephew. Happy Graduation to you.

37. You are a blessing to the family. We join in celebrating your achievements. Happy Graduation dear nephew.

38. You have been a wonderful nephew to me. You grow so fast and I can’t wait to see you become who you want to be. Happy Graduation dear. Your aunty loves you.

39. Seeing you grow this big and making successes is something of joy to me. I’m so proud of you. Happy Graduation my dear nephew.

40. Cheers to the coming amazing years that you will be celebrated. Happy Graduation my dear nephew. I love you.

41. Life can be full of ups and downs but I wish you nothing but the best in life. Happy Graduation my dear nephew.

42. I am happy to see you pursue your dreams dear nephew. I pray you will never give up. You will always have my support. Happy Graduation.

43. It’s a super-duper moment we have today with my darling nephew as he graduates from college. Congratulations!

44. I pray that as you journey through, God will help you and because he helps you, you will not be put to shame. Happy Graduation from college nephew.

45. God will always surround you with His goodness, favour, mercy and courage to keep doing your best dear nephew. Happy Graduation.

46. God has blessed you, my darling nephew. He will keep blessing you and also make you a blessing to others too.

47. I am happy that you are making progress in your endeavours. It’s such a beautiful thing, dear nephew. I celebrate you as you graduate from college.

48. One thing as your aunt feels so amazing, to watch you grow and see you excel in your areas of life. I’m glad you are finally graduating from college today dear nephew. I’m proud of you!

49. God will bless all that concerns you, my nephew. Happy Graduation to you.

50. As the whole family is happy to see you graduate from college today, so am I. May we always be there to celebrate you in every phase of your life dear nephew. God bless you real good. Happy Graduation!

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