College Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Niece

College Graduation Wishes and Quotes for Niece

Because it is a time and occasion to celebrate an accomplishment, the pains that students have to go through for the space of time studying and also as excitement for what lies ahead, college graduations are actually big deals. The graduating student deserves a toast, cheer, hugs, celebration and even a party if it can be afforded.

As your niece is graduating, it is a source of joy to you. You may (or may not) have supported financially and in every other positive way but still, it is family over everything: hence the least you can do for your niece is sending across a few lines of graduation wishes and safe landing messages.

One good thing about the world right now is that technology has made life easier, even if you are not able to physically attend the ceremony, you can still send your love and thoughts across to your niece.

Away from the ups and downs of college life, your niece is set to go out into the real world, so some words of wisdom is not completely a bad idea.

And another suggestion is, make sure you have some gifts prepared for the celebrant, don’t be the boring and very clueless uncle or aunt.

You may be emotional from all of the excitements still, words of motivation for your niece should not be that difficult to send out to her.

You can have them printed on cards, put them as a handwritten note or even a mail, anything to let your niece know that you definitely share in her joy.

With the college graduation wishes and quotes for niece below, you will find the right words to celebrate her day.

College Graduation Quotes for My Niece

I do not have any reason not to celebrate your graduation today my dear, because even beyond expectations you have definitely made us proud. College was hard but I’m sure you know that life is not any easier, well that’s enough quotes for today. Congratulations to you, my niece.

1. Happy graduation to my niece who has got not just the looks but the brains and now the degree. I wish you a very smooth life ahead.

2. It wasn’t easy. I’m so sure of that, still, you made us all proud. I can’t wait to behold the woman you will become.

3. I’m a proud aunt today as you, my niece is finally out of college. Congratulations to you, dearest.

4. Keep learning and soaring in the journey of life, I wish you more feats and achievements ahead.

5. One of your lifelong dreams come true, you are now a graduate and I celebrate with you today. Congratulations, sweetheart.

6. All of your hard work has paid off and I am sure you are so on top of the world today. Enjoy your graduation, congrats to you.

7. I have waited so long to say this and now I finally got the chance. Congratulations and more grease to your elbow, my dearest niece.

8. A step closer to your dream, and you are steady on your way to achieving them all. Congratulations to the latest graduate in town.

9. Here comes the reality and the launch into real-life situations, I hope you are all set for it. Congratulations to you, my dearest niece.

10. It feels just like yesterday that you were a baby; a new addition to the family. Look at how far you have come. I am super proud of you, dearest niece.

11. Even if you have to start job hunting tomorrow, still enjoy today your graduation as it won’t ever recur. Congratulations, baby.

12. You are not one to give up and you have shown that to us all yet again with this college degree. Congrats, pumpkin.

13. Nothing prepared me for the fact that you are an adult already and now, a college graduate! Girl, that was fast.

14. Today, let’s have fun and celebrate your graduation as much as you want it. Tomorrow or next week, we face the reality and start job hunting. Congratulations, baby girl.

15. Your future is bright and here already, so go for it. Congratulations on your graduation today, dearest niece.

16. My niece is a college graduate already and I am super proud! You got class baby, and I wish you all of the best to come.

17. So far, you have done so well, my favourite niece, trust me. All I wish for you right now is that you continue to do well and have a nice life ahead. Congrats niece.

18. If you decide on a party today, I totally support you because you so deserve that baby. Welcome to the real-life of after college.

19. I never for once doubted your strength and excellence, I always knew you had it in you. I am so happy for you my dear niece, congratulations on your graduation.

20. The world is surely waiting for you so go ahead and show them all what you got. Congrats baby girl.

Best College Graduation Wishes for Niece

One of the best and the most favourite of my niece, you have done so well yet again. Watching you go through college was nice but now that it is your graduation it feels so good. One of my wishes for you today is that you will continue to excel in life, baby. Congratulations to you.

21. Congratulations to you, darling niece, your college graduation is an indication that you are getting older and definitely better in this game called life.

22. College is sure one of those experiences we never loved but we also wished it never had to end. Now you will realize that. Congratulations my niece.

23. First class or second? Who cares as long as you are wiser and more experienced. It’s your graduation today my niece and I congratulate you.

24. Now you can take a deep breath and be glad that college has finally come to an end. Congratulations and make sure to enjoy your grad party.

25. Just think about how it all started and now it is finally ended. That was a hell of a long walk but it sure was worth it. Congratulations my dear and latest graduate.

26. I hope you won’t have to sit through a very long graduation ceremony because the party can’t wait. Congrats dear niece.

27. How does it feel like to finally be called a graduate? That’s what you are now and I’m sending my congrats across to you.

28. Your mom said it is a party over there, I hope that’s true because I cannot wait to celebrate your graduation.

29. No more new semesters and the only tests you will write henceforth are those of life. I hope you ace them all as you aced college.

30. The future that you always talked about is here now and I only hope you’re prepared for it. Cheers to you on becoming a college grad.

31. You made it, you did it and we are so proud of you right now. Congratulations dearest niece.

32. A college graduate right now, way to go, girl. Let’s pop cans shall we?

33. Cheers and congratulations on the finer things that are coming in with being a college graduate.

34. Your mama raised you well, we all can see that. This is an outstanding achievement dearest niece.

35. Only the good things of life are permitted unto you henceforth. Cheers to you dearest niece, you sure have done well.

College Graduation Messages for Niece

Are there any other words I could use today to celebrate your graduation from college asides congratulations? I’m sure you’ll be getting loads of it as messages today so I wanted to make a difference. I am thankful to God for you dear niece, and I wish you all of life’s best.

36. You outdid yourself this time and everyone knows that. Thumbs up baby and congratulations on your graduation.

37. Another addition of college graduate to the family, now that’s a good one.

38. Even if I am not sure what today is which really doesn’t matter, it’s your college graduation day and we are all set to celebrate you.

39. Get ready to start securing the bags, that’s what’s up right now. Congratulations dearest college graduate niece of mine.

40. Tomorrow, a new title is added to you, but today we feast because it is your graduation!

41. After several months and a great deal of hard work, you came out very fine darling and that is just good. Congratulations to you.

42. The girl you were, the lady you are and the woman you are becoming, we are all proud of it all. Congratulations and more achievements dearest niece.

43. I know a very beautiful, smart and exceptional girl graduating from college today and that is you, my niece. Cheers to your resilience and success baby.

44. Not even high school but college, that’s where you are graduating from today and we are so excited about it.

45. Today will forever remain beautiful in all of our hearts as it is the day that you graduate from college. Baby, we are so happy and very proud.

46. Your graduation today is only the beginning of all the good things that are to come to you. Congrats my niece.

47. Now, the future is here for you and I wish you all of the best that you can make out of it. Big congrats baby girl.

48. You have always shown that you are an exceptional one and it is evident today. You have done so well dearest niece, welcome to real adulthood.

49. I hope you are ready because the world is so ready for you. Congratulations, you’re a grad now.

50. College learning is done and dusted, unto the next. More success in life darling.

Your niece had put in all of her best and she is now out of college, it is so much hard work so, you sure need to show that you celebrate her efforts. These college graduation wishes and quotes for a niece are just perfect whether you will be showing up at her graduation or not because no matter what, family over everything.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.

You are always welcome to put your thoughts in the comments section and please, share this post before you go. Many thanks!

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