Sweet Birthday Wishes for Husband After Baby

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Husband After Baby

It’s not just your husband’s birthday but it is also a time when he has become a father. Whether it’s his first time or not, babies are blessings.

So, you have two great blessings to celebrate in your family; the birth of your husband and the birth of his baby.

How do you celebrate this? Well, find highlighted below a collection of sweet happy birthday wishes for husband after baby.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband After Baby

Happy birthday to my baby, whom I just gave a baby. I wish you the grace to exceed your expectations in life and be the best father ever. Best of the year to you, my lovely husband. I love you and our baby.

1. You first became my husband before you became a dad. Seeing you perform both roles perfectly makes me feel really proud to be called your wife. Happy birthday, hubby.

2. Thank you for keeping this same energy we shared before we welcomed our baby. I’m sure even after we have more kids, we will still be like this. Happy birthday, my loving husband.

3. I’m positive that if roles were to be swapped between us, you would love to carry our child and play all the motherly roles by yourself. Happy birthday, hubby. Thank you for waiting up with us even through sleepless nights.

4. You were worried sick about how you would do as a first-time dad but, look at you now, everything came naturally to you, and I love how great you’re doing so far. Happy birthday, honey. You shall live to see and nurture more of our babies.

5. You have no idea how happy I feel to see you spend time with our baby. I love how much devotion you are giving us despite being a first-time dad. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

6. I honestly thought that after our first baby, you will start looking at me differently because of the changes in my body. But I was wrong because you even love me more now. Happy birthday, king of my heart.

7. Happy birthday, hubby. I want to appreciate you for being a great husband and dad. I enjoy every bit of the love and attention you give to us. You play the daddy role so effortlessly.

8. One of my fears has been that after our baby, you would no longer want to come very close to us but, ever since we had our child you have been really supportive, and nothing beats that. Happy birthday, hubby.

9. I’m sure you do know that you are spoiling us silly. I’m enjoying being a mother and also being a wife all thanks to you, my husband. Thank you for always being available to help out. Happy birthday.

10. After the arrival of our baby, things became, even more, easier than I thought. You took up the responsibility and always make sure we are comfortable. I love you so much, my husband. Happy birthday.

11. It’s your first ever baby as a dad, and let me just say you are doing far beyond my expectations. Thank you for carrying out the responsibilities of being a dad greatly. I adore you more now. Happy birthday, honey.

12. I know that if our baby could talk, she’d have expressed how much love you show her. Thank you for being a wonderful dad. Happy birthday, my love.

13. We weren’t so sure from the beginning about having a baby but, look how much we both have done, especially you. I feel really happy seeing you do so great as a dad. Happy birthday, sweetie.

14. Happy birthday, dear hubby. Thank you for standing by me and sharing the duties of raising this awesome child together. You make me so happy.

15. Oh, how I love the way you love our children! You are such a great dad. Happy birthday, hubby. Seeing you this enthusiastic makes my heart swell with joy.

16. Anyone who doesn’t know you will think you can’t cope with being a great dad, I mean from the way you rock your nicely fitted suit to the exquisite office you work in. It pleases me to see how you drop all of that at work before getting to our house. Happy birthday, hubby. You’re the best.

17. Look whose birthday it is today! Happy first birthday as a dad, love. You rock fatherhood so well. I appreciate all that you do for us.

18. It’s a wonderful privilege raising such an amazing child with you. Happy birthday, hubby. After having our baby, I started seeing a more adorable side of you I never knew existed.

19. You’re such a caring husband. Thank you for staying with me all through the difficult times of motherhood. It’s a great relief seeing how much you want to give your best to us. Happy birthday, love.

20. If anyone should be getting an award for the role of the best dad, it will definitely be you. Thank you for playing the role of a wonderful husband and a great dad to me and our babies.

21. Having someone like you as my husband is such a great blessing. You have shouldered us through thick and thin. I celebrate you today for being the best dad ever.

22. Thank you for carefully helping me escape post-partum depression by giving me and our child so much attention and love. You are special and I love you so much. Happy birthday.

23. You have so many distinguishing qualities, my man. Thank you for being an amazing dad. I never knew that things will be this simple after having our baby.

24. Happy birthday, my hubby. Thank you for giving up a lot of things for me and our baby. I’m totally blown away by your love and devotion.

25. Nobody will believe how much you have given up to be close to me and our baby. It’s your first birthday as a dad, and I can’t help but smile remembering how good you have been to us. Happy birthday, my love.

Wishes to My Husband on His First Birthday as a Father

I’m celebrating with so much joy, your first birthday as a father because you have surprised me greatly by how great you are at being a father. My wishes for you, my husband, are grace and strength to live your life on earth with a purpose. Happy birthday, sugar.

26. Happy birthday to the best first-time father in the world. You’re the joy in our lips and the song we sing. Our baby and I are saying thank you for loving us unconditionally.

27. Anybody who hasn’t been close enough to watch you display your fatherhood qualities will think that I make exaggerations talking about you. Happy first birthday as a father, my special one.

28. Not one minute have I thought you would be this great as a first-time father. I’m sorry for doubting you. You proved my fears wrong and even went ahead to get 5-star honours as the best first-time father of the year. Happy birthday, my love.

29. You have been so sweet, hubby dearest. Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with me. I totally could not have done it without you. You’re such an incredible first father. Happy birthday!

30. I enjoy having you around, even our baby feels your presence too. You gave up so much to spend time with us, and I can boldly crown you the best first-time father of the century.

31. Falling in love with you remains the best decision I have ever made. I didn’t know that you’re not only capable of being a kind husband but, also an amazing father to our precious daughter.

32. I have always cherished your strength and attention. Even after childbirth, your duties to me and our baby never depreciated. Happy birthday, my kind husband.

33. This woman right here is honoured to be your wife and the mother to your son. Thank you for rocking fatherhood so well. I couldn’t have imagined it this way but, you made it possible. Happy birthday, hubby.

34. I knew you were the one for me right from the moment you looked into my eyes and said I love you with every ounce of assurance in you, and to date, you have never proven otherwise. Happy first birthday as a father, darling.

35. I see how you hold our child. More importantly, I see how you hold me. You juggle both roles perfectly like no man’s business. Happy first birthday as a father, honey.

36. You have blessed me with the best gifts. Having an amazing husband who loves his child so well is the dream of every woman. It’s your first birthday as a father, and I’m more than delighted to be called your wife.

37. I became lucky the day I said I do to you on the altar of God. I never knew I signed up for the best life. As a first-time father, you have done so great, and I’m glad that you are forever mine. Happy birthday, love.

38. Till today, I’m glad I never listened to the voice of the people that talked down on your ability to be a good husband. Not only have you proved them wrong, but you have also been a wonderful first-time father. Happy birthday, sugar.

39. There is absolutely nothing you haven’t done for me and our baby. I married a wonderful man. I tear up every time I remember how good you are to us. Happy first birthday as a father, darling.

40. You make raising our son so easy. For a first-time father, you are doing wonderfully well. Happy birthday my love.

41. Between seeing your first birthday as a father and becoming a father to someone, I don’t know which is more joyous to you, my husband. Happy birthday, darling. I love the look of both happiness and fulfilment on your face.

42. You have been a great husband; patient, caring, kind, and attentive. I see how you look at our baby, everything feels surreal, I know, and I trust that our son will not look too far to find a role model ’cause you’re one already. Happy birthday.

43. It’s your first birthday as a father, how pleasing it is to share such an amazing journey with you. I have no doubts that you will be an amazing father to our little girl.

44. You’re the king of my world. When you took my hand, you made me stand tall like a true queen. Happy first birthday as a father, my love.

45. You have no idea how fulfilling it feels to see you experience this great moment. Happy first birthday as a father, my dear husband. I appreciate all your efforts towards giving us the best life.

46. I know how busy your career keeps you. Regardless, you have dedicated every little time you had to us. I and our baby is saying thank you for always being there for us. Happy first birthday as a father, sweetheart.

47. The first time you held our baby, you were so nervous and excited at the time. It made me really happy to see you like that. Happy birthday, hubby and thank you for playing such a huge role despite being a first-time father.

48. I was scared that I might not be able to give motherhood all that it takes but, thanks to you, my husband, for being a sweet soul. You did not only reassure me in words, but you also went ahead to prove it with actions. Happy birthday as a first-time father, love.

49. It’s your first birthday as a father and I know you’re feeling really excited. I have no doubt you will rock fatherhood with everything you have in you. Happy birthday, hubby.

50. You have weaved this family with so much love and devotion. Our child will have no hard time looking up to you, my husband. Have an amazing first birthday as a father experience.

Happy Birthday Messages for Husband After Baby

Sweetie, I know you are overwhelmed with all the messages you got after the birth of our baby. And it’s your birthday just a day after, so I hope you are ready for more and even more displays of love from me. We are celebrating double blessings and I can’t keep calm. Happy birthday, sweet husband.

51. With you in my life there is nothing else I want more. Experiencing the joy of seeing you become a father is super thrilling. Happy birthday, hubby.

52. Ever since I have known you, you have been so selfless and loving. I’m forever grateful for all the bits and pieces of your great humanity, my wonderful husband. Enjoy your first birthday as a father.

53. Thank you for spreading joy and laughter in our home, hubby. You’ve been a great father, and I can’t wait to see you celebrate in full swing.

54. Happy birthday, my darling husband. I love the way you love me and our child. Happy birthday, darling.

55. It’s your first birthday as a father, and I can’t be more thankful for the privilege of going on this journey with you. Happy birthday, my lovely husband.

56. I can feel the bounds of excitement all around you, my husband as you celebrate your birthday and the birth of our son. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

57. Anybody who sees how much work you put in to see your family happy will think you have had the experience before but, it’s your first birthday as a father. Happy birthday, my king.

58. All through my journey as a pregnant woman, you never for one day made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough. Thank you, sweet hubby, you rock fatherhood so well.

59. I see all your efforts towards giving us a good life. Happy first birthday as a father, my love. Thank you for all you do.

60. There is nowhere I would rather be than in your arms, my husband. Happy birthday, sweet hubby and father. Everything comes so naturally to you, and I feel really blessed to be called yours.

61. Our journey into parenthood is going to be fun, I know that for sure. Look how great you’re already doing as a father. Happy birthday, sugar.

62. I can’t imagine the euphoria in your heart as you celebrate your first birthday as a father. Happy birthday, hubby. I have loved you since day one.

63. Every day, I’m reminded of how wonderful you have been as a husband to me. Honestly, I’m lucky to be your wife, and our baby is luckier to have you as a father.

64. No man completes me as you do. Being married to you remains my best choice. You’ve particularly surpassed my expectations as a father. Happy birthday, sweetie.

65. Becoming a father has made you even more attentive and loving to me and our child. I love you so much, my husband. Happy Birthday.

66. Look who is now a father! You, my darling. You’re the dream of every woman, our son is lucky to have a good father like you. Happy birthday, darling.

67. I sincerely want to appreciate you today for making me and our baby so comfortable. I hope you enjoy your birthday, love.

68. I’m wowed by how much effort you put into becoming a father. I expected you not to know much about fatherhood, but I was amazed when I discovered you’ve been studying and making researches, honey. Happy birthday.

69. Knowing you till this day has been such a thrilling experience. Your love and devotion give me butterflies. Happy first birthday as a father, my husband.

70. I love how seriously you are taking fatherhood. I never knew this side of you existed. Have a wonderful birthday, my love.

71. My husband, you’re an amazing father. You handle being a father perfectly. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

72. Sincerely, I’m very grateful for all your love and encouragement all through the period of my pregnancy and even after childbirth. Cheers to an awesome father! Happy birthday, my love.

73. My darling, you’re simply the best. Each time I look at how you take care of our baby, I am grateful once again that you are my husband. Happy birthday!

74. I have heard a lot of women complain about their husbands but, each time I come home to mine, he remains awesome. Cheers to your first birthday as a father, honey.

75. On behalf of our baby and I, I’m wishing you a really wonderful birthday. Thank you for taking great care of us. We love you!

Cute Birthday Greetings to My Husband After Baby

My husband, you were probably not expecting this many birthday greetings from me. It’s just that I’m so excited to be celebrating you just after the birth of our baby. I’m also so happy his cute face is just like yours. Happy birthday, love of my life.

76. Ever since I had our child, I started feeling more connected to you on a whole different level. This journey has been so worth it because of you, and I appreciate the man you’re to me. Happy birthday, my husband.

77. When I look at our baby, all I see is you. I hope she gets to have all your charming charisma and values too, honey. Happy birthday to my amazing husband.

78. Not only that you’re a loving husband, but you’ve also become a father too. It pleases me to hear this new thrill in your voice. I promise to make you a happy man always, my husband. Happy birthday!

79. The journey to becoming a mom wouldn’t have been easier without you. You have been so remarkable with your patience and care. Here is to wishing my amazing husband a happy birthday!

80. Happy birthday, my husband. Listening to your deep baritone voice whenever you sing to our baby leaves me in so much admiration. I’m in love with you all over again.

81. It has been a great privilege to be called yours. You’re such a sweet man. In my next life, I would still want to be married to you, my husband. Happy birthday, and welcome to fatherhood.

82. You have brought this baby and me nothing but love and satisfaction. Every day, you keep making great efforts towards having a bond with our child. Tell me how this child won’t grow so fond of you. Happy birthday, my husband.

83. You have been great succour to me. You held me together with the bounds of your love. Happy birthday, my husband. Cheers to an extraordinary new beginning!

84. Having a child with you is super amazing. I never thought I would be this happy becoming a new mom. Happy birthday, my husband. You deserve the best in this life.

85. Apart from the feeling of being in love with you all over again, I feel fulfilled being a mother to someone, and likewise, I know you feel the same way too. Happy birthday, my husband.

86. These are times when I count my blessings. Happy birthday to the best father to my child and the sweetest husband in the world.

87. I’m honoured to have you as my husband and also the father of my child. We want you to know that we are very lucky to have you in our lives. Happy birthday, my husband.

88. You double as the best husband and father. You are indeed the most amazing thing that has happened to me and our newborn. Happy birthday, my husband.

89. Happy birthday, my husband. Moments with you and our baby are the most enjoyable times of my life. I cherish you a lot. Always remember that.

90. Ever since we had our child, you have been everywhere, doing the most you can. I’m grateful for the gift of a good husband. Happy birthday, love.

91. You are the greatest blessing of my existence. Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories. Happy birthday, my husband.

92. Happy birthday, my husband. Welcome to a new beginning of the greater good. May you cherish each day of this new year starting with the joy of being a father.

93. Thank you for making parenthood so easy, and thank you for being a selfless husband and father. I wish you all the best for this new journey. Happy birthday, my husband.

94. I love you excessively, my husband; just like you love me and our baby. Happy first birthday as a father.

95. I love how you go the extra for me and our baby. Happy birthday, my husband. I wish you more fulfilling years on earth.

96. You put so much effort into making me and our child happy and comfortable. You’re our biggest feat. Happy birthday to an amazing husband.

97. You have remained the man I first fell in love with, even after we had a baby, you are still very sweet and super supportive. Happy birthday, my husband.

98. You are the biggest miracle God did for me. I’m so glad to watch you extend the same love you have for me towards our baby. Happy first birthday as a father, my husband.

99. You brought back my brightest days, just seeing you literally makes me happy. Happy birthday, my husband. Enjoy every bit of your day.

100. I’m blessed with a man who adores me and is the best father to our baby. There is absolutely nothing else I want more. Happy birthday, my husband.

It’s not every day that someone gets to celebrate their birthday just after getting a baby. So, make sure to give your husband a remarkable experience, starting by sending him any of these sweet birthday wishes for husband after baby.

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