Happy 31st Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Happy 31st Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband

Some husbands are worth celebrating even every day of their life, but much more, on their unique days like the day they were brought to this world, it is definitely much worthy of celebrating.

Some husbands are such wonderful beings, of course, they are sweethearts. Sometimes, they can be so annoying but above all, they are darlings.

So, it’s your husband’s birthday, his 31st birthday, much more than the gifts and party you may plan, sweet and romantic happy birthday wishes and quotes will go a long way in strengthening the chord of love between you and your husband.

Isn’t that true?
Yes or yes?

Celebrate your husband on the occasion of his 31st birthday with these sweet, romantic and lovely happy 31st birthday wishes and quotes for husband.

Now, collect from these lovely collections!

Happy 31st Birthday Husband Quotes

You are my world and my sunshine, having you as my husband makes me a very proud and happy woman. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 31st birthday.

1. You make me strong whenever things go wrong. The world looks fair to me through you because of the love you’ve shown me. I will love and stay with you forever my heartbeat. May your day be fruitful and filled with happiness. Happy 31st birthday.

2. No name fits me other than your name, no day was perfect until the day you gave me your name and put a ring on my finger. So am going to make your day today perfect and unique so enjoy. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

3. My every day is fulfilled waking up seeing you by my side. Lucky as ever being your wife. Have a splendid day because today is your day. Happy 31st birthday, love.

4. To my everlasting boyfriend, thank you for being my covering, my love and my all. For being a friend that can be depended on and I really appreciate it. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

5. The priest of the linage of grace and peace, the love of my life, God very own gift to me… I am blessed and so much graced to be your wife and your help. Happy 31st birthday, sweet love.

6. On this special day which is your 31st birthday, I give my all to you because all of me loves all of you, all your perfects and imperfections. You are my end and my beginning. Love you so much, dear. Happy 31st birthday.

7. My love for you must be a kind of blind love because I can’t see anyone else but you. The moon may be high but the love I have for you is higher. Thanks for loving me also. Happy 31st birthday, heartbeat.

8. I don’t know what is it that makes me love you so much darling, I only know I always want to love you and make you happy. I want to spend each moment of the day with you. It’s your day, baby, rock it. Happy 31st birthday, darling.

9. Loving you is an opportunity but you loving me is a blessing and a gift given to me from above. I love you, darling. Happy 31st birthday.

10. Words aren’t enough to describe how wonderful, hardworking and awesome you are. Always making our family look good and taking care of, we love so much. Happy 31st birthday, sweet honey.

11. Your presence in my life has always made me special, my love for you is multiplied by infinity and added with eternity. You are always loved. Happy 31st birthday, my special love.

12. Happy birthday to you my favourite person. 31st birthday is a remarkable one because it’s your first birthday in your 30s. So cakes and celebrations are sure. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

13. My covering, my shield, my shoulder, heavenly- sent, words aren’t enough to describe you, sweetheart. May you live long darling and may we grow old together. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

14. You are the happy ending of the Cinderella story I could ever wish for, my prince, thanks for all you’ve done, thanks for choosing me and allowing me to choose you and thanks for the happy ending my love. Happy 31st birthday, my prince charming.

15. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. The treat I am going to give you today will be splendid and you are going to love it. May this day be awesome as you are. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

31st Birthday Wishes for My Husband

You are not just my husband, but also my best friend, my mentor, my head, my crown and my soulmate. I wish you not just the best but things better than the best. Happy 31st birthday.

16. In the honor of your special day honey, I ordered and prepare special dishes with a lot of love packed inside to celebrate you because you are loved. Wishing you the best 31st birthday ever, enjoy your special packages with love. Happy birthday, sweetie.

17. I thank the Father our lord for bringing you my way And making you who you are today to be mine and mine forever. I celebrate This amazing day with you, my love. I wish you more goodness, meekness, righteousness and fullness of God forever. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

18. Happy 31st birthday to a special person I love so much who is bringing so much joy and happiness to my heart. You are my love, my friend, my brother, and my father. May wisdom be your companion as you journey on in this your new age. Happy birthday, sweetie.

19. Happy birthday to my superhero, my supporter, a partner in success and my lovely husband. Wishing you the best today and forever. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

20. If I were to be asked in another life I will still choose you, to wake up by your side every day of my life. Wishing you a great year ahead, darling. Happy 31st birthday, my soulmate.

21. You gave me a new perspective of life, you gave me a new personality and added more value to me. So your today is going to be sweetened and valued, I’m so sure of that. Wishing you the best 31st birthday ever, my darling husband.

22. Loving you gets exciting and fantastic every day because you are a rare gem I could ever wish for. Loving you is so sweet, sweetie. Happy 31st birthday, my love.

23. Happy birthday to the most loving, caring and romantic husband in the whole world. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on your 31st birthday, sweetheart.

24. My best friend, being your best friend before we got married was the best thing I ever got but being your wife is eternally the best thing I will always have. Happy 31st birthday, my bestie for life.

25. Wishing you a very fantastic happy birthday hubby. Spread your wings and fly so high because you are loved and cherished. Happy 31st birthday, my lovely husband.

26. My king, my lord, my prince as I use to call you, in this life and in the after-life I will always love to be your princess. Wishing you prosperity, peace and joy on your 31st birthday.

27. Years ago my dashing and handsome husband was born on a day like this and am so glad for a day like this because I’ve got you and I’m wishing you a blessed day, months and years ahead as we celebrate your 31st birthday. Happy birthday, my heartthrob

28. Wishing you a life full of happiness, a life full of rivers of love and wealth. May you grow with sufficient grace and attain more success. 31 looks perfectly good on you my love. Happy birthday!

29.I and the kids appreciate all your effort in caring for us and we love you so much. Happy 31st birthday, darling.

30. My forever, the one who I cherish the most, the one in whom I am well pleased. So happy to always have you by my side. Wishing you a happy birthday, long life and prosperity. Happy 31st birthday, forever mine.

31st Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband

I have you and I am yours, I pray that I never lose you and may you never lose me. May we never lose any of our kids. May you be blessed beyond measure. Happy 31st birthday, my dear husband.

31. Heavenly Father, I thank you for another life opportunity you have given my husband and for the grace, you have bestowed upon him. Darling, I pray that from this day henceforth, that you will prosper in all your endeavours. Happy 31st birthday, darling.

32. Happy birthday to my husband. May you be blessed abundantly with wisdom to be the head and not the tail, you are blessed forever, my love. Happy 31st birthday, best hubby.

33. Happy 31st birthday sweetie, I pray that our Father who is in heaven bless you with so much in a way that you can never imagine, age with sufficient grace, my better half. Happy 31st birthday, love.

34. Happy birthday, my best part, you are blessed with an abundance of love, I rebuke every setback in your life, go forward and prosper, my love. Happy 31st birthday!

35. I pray that open doors of opportunities be open for you, in this new year of your life and that you shall be elevated into more successes and wealth. Happy 31st birthday, my sweet love.

36. My soulmate, may the good Lord surround you with edges that can never be broken, guide your path and bless abundantly. Happy 31st birthday, love.

37. On this day, O Lord I pray that this new year be fruitful, colourful, a season of your life filled with happiness, joy and lots of love. Happy 31st birthday, my husband.

38. May you be the best in all that you do, there will be no time you shall fail, today and forever. Happy 31st birthday, sweetheart.

39. On this day, your 31st birthday I decree that no assault of the enemy shall befall you, no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper, may the good Lord bless you abundantly. Happy birthday, heartbeat.

40. It’s my husband birthday today, gory be to God most high. The goodness of the Lord shall be yours in all you do and may your life be filled with abundant mercy. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

41. I decree that today which marks the beginning of a new season of your life, whatever you lay your hands to do is blessed, it shall be well with you today and forever. Happy 31st birthday, my lovely husband.

42. Thank you so much my husband for all you do. May the Lord keep on watching over you for us. May the Lord enrich you with more of His blessings. I and the kid love you so much. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

43. Almighty God, I thank you for the life of my husband. My husband, I pray that you grow in grace, many more years in God’s wisdom and understanding. Long life and prosperity in the knowledge of the Son of God. Happy 31st birthday, sweetheart.

44. Happy 31st birthday to my lovely and lively husband. May you be the head and not the tail always, remain blessed forever. I love you and happy birthday once again.

45. As you mark your 31st birthday darling, may you increase in strength, in wealth, in wisdom, in creativity and may you spend your days in sound health. Enjoy your day to the fullest. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

46. My great love. I pray to God to always keep you happy and grant all your heart desires. Happy 31st birthday, best hubby.

47. Honey, as you are a year older today, may you grow in grace to know the Lord more and to inherit the Lord’s kingdom. Happy 31st birthday!

48. I pray for you, that the Lord will bless you with sight to see far to know the hope of God’s calling and to do the Lord’s will at all times even in the days of your flesh. I love you, darling. Happy 31st birthday.

49. Oh Lord grant my husband strength to press on more in life doing great things as he clocks 31. Bless him with sufficient grace and mercy for his journey in life, amen. Happy 31st birthday, love.

50. I believe God in his mercies has blessed you with his eternal pleasure and you will fully embody them. May you grey in God’s abundant grace. Happy 31st birthday, honey.

I believe with all sincerity, your husband would be immensely filled with joy and happiness receiving any of these awesome happy 31st birthday wishes and quotes for husband.

You have actually not just made his day but his whole year.

Therefore, ensure to take as much as you can from these love coated wishes to celebrate your darling husband.

Sure, you’d be happy you did!

It will also be very great if you can share your thoughts and comments on this post, I’ll really love you to do so!

You can also share this post with any of your friends, family or colleagues who you feel would need it in celebrating their husbands. You do well!

I say that may your husband be blessed and your home be saturated with peace and joy. Happy 31st to your husband.


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