Birthday Week Wishes for Yourself

2023 Trending Birthday Week Wishes for Yourself or Someone Special

I say it all the time and I feel a need to reiterate that all the love your friend and family deserve is about as much as you deserve.

There is a lot going on in 2023 that already steals the joy . it is now an onus that you ensure nothing trespasses on your day, not even any day in that week.

Some of the best ways may not come in gold plate. But, they have a silver lining and I think this is okay to find them in messages like:

Happy Birthday Week Quotes and Messages

There’s nothing stopping you from splashing the digital space with wishes about your birthday or that of someone special to you. Use these Happy birthday week wishes, messages and quotes for yourself, friends, lover, family members or any other special person celebrating their birthday this week.

1. I would be ungrateful if I let the week go without throwing a tantrum of celebration! It is my birthday week and things couldn’t be better.

2. I am dedicating this week to the man who has watched me grow since cradle. Happy birthday in advance.

3. It has been such a glorious ride since I met you. Why wont I dedicate a week   to celebrate about this one man that always damns all circumstance to make me happy.

4. I am beyond elated to be alive and bouncing this week that i get to celebrate silver jubilee.

5. I have nothing to complain about, cosmos has been really good to me, celebrating throughout this week would still not be enough to show gratitude .

6. I have come this far because of someone like you and I feel no guilt or remorse that I have mentally dedicated every day of this week to celebrate the wonder that you are.

7. Great people like you are worth celebrating daily. If daily activity has robbed me of this one thing, it would be a crime to still neglect your wonder in your birthday week.

8. I am one of the most blessed among God’s creatures. I say this with ultra confidence about my beautiful present and wonderful future as I pick every day of this week as my birthday.

10. If you are still worried that I have declared a whole week to celebrate myself and the day I was born, I suggest you snap out of it because I am not backing out.

11. It is beyond having a world me day, I have now expanded my horizon to celebrating a world me week! Yes, I am that thrilled about this coming birthday.

12. All that you have done for me this year is enough to celebrate you for the rest of the year. So, picking all the days in your birthday week to do what should have bee done for a whole year isn’t blowing things out of proportion.

13. You deserve to have a great birthday . Hence, I have accepted the onus to celebrate you like I have never celebrated anyone. Everyday this week is yours to enjoy and I will make sure of it.

14. I almost lost you this year. It was at this point that I knew how important you’re to me. So, this week I will be fulfilling my promise of celebrating your birthday in a grand style.

15. I think this week belongs to me as much as the deal day belongs to me. I am not even going to pretend like I won’t be partying all week.

16. In case you see me celebrating In a grand style all week. Remember that a day in the week belongs to me land I am one to make the week count as much as the day.

17. One thing has kept me floating in happiness this week, the fact that my birthday is just around the corner.

18. A lot of things to celebrate about you my friend. So, I have chosen to to pick one core this to celebrate about you everyday this birthday week.

19. This week would have passed as an ordinary one. Except, one of the day I the week is someone great’s birthday. This means that there is nothing ordinary about the week.

20. I feel like a king today as I have felt days before . I think this has a lot to do with the fact that my birthday is in two days. Safe to say, my core has registered this week as my birthday week and has decided to celebrate.

21. Against odds and reasons, you stood to support me and my dreams. This week is not enough to celebrate you. But, since it is your birthday week, I can make do.

22. Some years are just so good that everyday automatically becomes worthy of celebration. This year is that kind but since it has come with its busy schedule, I have decided to make it the best one yet. I deserve a full blown celebration on my birthday.

23. Everything feels bright and beautiful this week and I know why. It is my birthday in three days!

24. You are allowed some shenanigans this week as long as you do not hurt anyone. Your birthday is tomorrow!

25. If I take time out to wish good tidings every day this week including the day, I will still not be able to exhaust your awesomeness. Happy birthday!

26. I am of the opinion that a day can suck if we so much as give it the power to and it is pure bliss if we but in the right oomph. I am getting a great day on my birthday regardless of life’s many troubles. I celebrate me!

27. This year has been a reflection of a true ‘I am not lucky, I am blessed’ story.. And I hope that my birthday gives me even more things to celebrate.

28. I just realised that I would be celebrating silver jubilee come Wednesday, and I can’t keep calm.

29. I do not care if anyone has ever used the phrase before me. But, I feel like it’s about time to start wishing myself a happy birthday week.

30. Excitement is top on the list of things I have been feeling this week. and no feeling’s greater. Birthday week is lit!

31. It is about to be as awesome as I am, this birthday thing is going to be as beautiful as I am. Happy birthday week to men .

32. It has taken me so long to realised that I woe it to my self to be actualised. And, I’m still very glad that Even when things became clear eventually, they became clear after all. Happy birthday week to me.

33.  I am feeling so happy. I’ve actually been feeling this way since it dawned on me that I will be fifty soon. Logic would expect that I would be sad. But, sad is not for me anymore. Happy birthday week to me.

34. I could pass for your favorite company these days, give the accolades to my upcoming birthday.

35. I am more than chuffed to be celebrating this peculiar age with as many loved ones as cosmos has blessed me with.

36. I hope to have a lot of fun this new year. To me. Life didn’t just get serious at 30, it just got better. Happy birthday week.

37. If you already have plans to make me the best cake and you haven’t made it, make it a round figure cake. I will be 40 after all. Too round to not be acknowledged! Happy birthday week.

38. It is not even my birthday week yet and I feel like the universe just snapped back into focus. What a way to celebrate a birthday week.

39. I do not ask for nothing much this coming year. I only want health and peace like never. Yes, I am aware it is not the day already. But, cut this birthday girl some slack!

40. I hope that I exhibit kindness and clemency to all around me and above all realise that I deserve just as much. Happy birthday week to me

41. I could dance around the house or scream and these people would not still reckon with me. Well, thanks God I need no company to be giddy. Happy birthday week to me.

42. It may sound petty to some that it is just the seventh day to my birthday and I already talk so much about my birthday. Well, I guess I am petty and a little happy.

43. I have just realised again that birthdays help you to reflect I’m not even celebrating yet and I feel like a lot should change as I start a new year. Happy birthday week to me.

44. A new year signifies hope and abundance. I key into both as I sashay through this birthday week.

45. If you have ever planned your own birthday party, you would know the real deal starts way beyond the d- day. Happy birthday week to me.

46. How if feel right now is undescribable, I am most elated that I can feel this wonderful through your gaze and in your arms. It is not even my birthday yet! What a glorious week.

47. I wish all the weeks in a year had a promise of cake and doing anything I want. This is all I get. So, trust that I am making the best use if this birthday week.

48. I love everything about the aura this weeks brings with it. I could bask in it forever. Happy birthday week to me.

49. Of all the things I am most excited about in life, my birthdays always top the chart. This year isn’t any different. It is very glaring from the birthday week.

50. Just a few days to my birthday and I already feel so blessed and privileged.

What do you think about these self wishes? Aren’t they just perfect.

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