Prayer for 7th Birthday Girl

Birthday Prayers for My 7 Year Old Daughter

Daughters are beautiful on the family tree and having a girl around the home is so much fun that you can’t help but admire them. They are a unique part of the family and their birthday is to be celebrated with so much adore. Prayers are essential part of celebrating them as it prepares them for the days ahead.

Knowing how beautiful it is to pray for our family members, we should extend this beauty to the girl in the family who just clocked 7 and here you will find beautiful and powerful birthday prayers for my 7 year old daughter that will spur them to a beautiful future. Encourage them with these prayers on their birthday and make the day fun-filled one for the 7-year-old girl and the whole family.

Happy Birthday Prayers for 7-Year-Old Girl

It’s the height of love and affection to include some birthday prayers on the list of gifts to give a seven-year-old girl (or boy). These prayers for 7th birthday are cute for the birthday girl. 7th birthday prayer for girl.

1. Sweet daughter, as you celebrate your 7th birthday today, God will make you an eternal excellency and you will be a joy of every generation. Your new age is blessed and you will keep shining. I love you baby girl! Keep growing!

2. I bless God for giving me a gift of you. It has been a wonderful 7 years with you in my life. You are blessed beyond every curse and your days keep shining. You are a wonderful baby girl and I wish you prosperous years ahead.

3. May the Lord continue to bless you, dear child. You will grow to be great and you will do exploits. You have brought joy to our family and I pray you will always be joyful and excellent. Happy birthday, daughter!

4. It is my humble prayer that God keep you in perfect peace and keep you from all evil. Dear child, keep growing and don’t let anyone put your light out. I love you! Happy birthday, child!

5. As you celebrate your birthday today child, your light will shine in darkness and what God has planned for you will be fulfilled. God be with you. Happy birthday, daughter!

6. Your 7th birthday is beautiful and I can see the wonderful child you’re growing into. Dear daughter, I wish you a happy birthday and the Almighty God will bless your life and your future. You will be a shining light.

7. My love, this 7th birthday will bring you into a season of happiness and good fortune. Happy 7th birthday my child. Keep growing in the light of God. I love you!

8. Dear child, God will shower you with unlimited blessings. Your 7th birthday will mark the beginning of new things in your life. Have a fantastic birthday daughter! God bless you!

9. Darling, happy birthday to you! As you grow older by the day, I pray that God will bring you to a season of ease and all the good things God has for you will come to pass. Happy birthday to you my child.

10. Your presence in the family has been a blessing and every moment has been much fun. I pray that the fun that you bring will not become sorrow and God will keep protecting you in every aspect of your life. Keep growing in God’s grace dear. Happy birthday!

11. Happy birthday, niece! On your big day, I ask that God will uphold you and see you through every aspect of life. I love you!

12. I pray that the heavenly Father bless your heart dear. You will continue to grow in the love of God. Happy 7th birthday!

13. My niece is a year older and that makes her 7. It’s such a wonderful time with you in our lives. God will be with you always. Happy birthday!

14. My daughter, happy birthday to you! You will excel in life and be a blessing!

15. On this 7th birthday, I ask the Lord to protect you and bless you always! You won’t miss it in life, dear child!

16. I bless the day you came to the world and this 7th birthday, I pray that you will experience divine guidance in all you do. Happy birthday baby girl!

17. You are one of my greatest gift on this planet and having to watch you grow these 7years has been fantastic. God bless your days, beautiful!

18. My sister in whom I’m well pleased, happy 7th birthday to you! I ask God to keep you strong and beautiful for me.

19. I pray you will always be happy and you will find joy in all situations in life. Happy 7th birthday niece!

20. It is my favorite baby girl birthday and I pray you will be blessed with all your heart desires every day! Happy birthday, sweetie!

21. It’s your big day and you’re 7! Isn’t that amazing! God bless you my dear child and protect your ways.

21. Growing up will be fun for you, that is my utmost prayer as you celebrate your 7th birthday niece!

22. With good health, your days will be filled and you will have every reason to rejoice. Happy 7th birthday my kid sister!

23. I pray that God endows you with knowledge as you grow. Happy 7th birthday my sweet daughter!

24. You will grow with understanding and you won’t be ignorant in your life. Happy 7th birthday to my kid sister!

25. In all spheres of your life, you will experience joy all the way. Happy birthday sweet child!

26. You are blessed beyond every challenge. Your 7th birthday is beautiful, dear niece.

27. Happy 7th birthday daughter! The arms of God will hold you always!

28. I pray that your heavenly Father will come through for you at all times. I celebrate your 7th birthday dear sis!

29. I know you carry excellence all around you. It won’t wear out from you. Happy 7th birthday niece!

30. Your big day will mark the beginning of goodness in your life. Happy 7th birthday!

31. You are blessed, dear child. Your 7th birthday opens you to a new dimension of victory.

32. My child, blessings be multiplied on you as you grow. Happy birthday!

33. My sunshine, may the Lord give you all you ask for according to His will. Happy 7th birthday to my genius!

34. On this great day of yours, niece, you will begin to experience divine guidance. I celebrate your new age!

35. Happiness will call your life its home. Happy birthday, dear child. Keep excelling in all you do.

36. My wonderful gift, God bless you on your 7th birthday and beyond. You will grow to do exploits.

37. Every step you take is protected! Keep growing in grace, my sweet niece. Happy birthday!

38. See who is a year older today! My sister, happy 7th birthday to you. God will grant you great success!

39. My child, God who allowed you see this new age will make you see many more. Happy birthday!

40. Success in all your ways my sister. 7 years looks good on you!

41. Smile daughter, it’s your 7th birthday and may the Lord be with you as you grow.

42. I love you baby girl! You are a daughter that brings happiness to the family. Joy will always fill your heart, dear!

43. Your existence is for a purpose and I pray you won’t miss that purpose dear. Happy 7th birthday to you, niece!

44. All your days on this planet will be beautiful! May the Lord be with you. Happy birthday, child!

45. The world may be dark, but I pray God shines His light on all your days. Your 7th birthday is blessed, dear!

46. God will mould you into the beautiful being He has created you to be. Happy 7th birthday, child.

47. I love you, niece and I pray that your 7th birthday will propel you to the greater joy ahead in your life. Happy birthday!

48. God will send you help at every age and you won’t lack anything good, sister. Happy birthday!

49. My dear child, as you celebrate your 7th birthday, happiness will be an everyday experience for you. I celebrate you, dear!

50. You deserve a happier life every day and that is what I pray for you on your 7th birthday, today. Happy birthday, dear!

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