Happy Birthday Prayers for Mother In Law

Happy Birthday Prayers for Mother In Law (2023)

There is an air of excitement that accompanies a birthday celebration. A feeling of joy, appreciation, thankfulness and general well-being. People tend to take stock of their lives- their aspirations, achievements, health etc- before a birthday anniversary. Looking inward makes people count their blessings and hope for a better tomorrow.

This feeling of thankfulness makes the day special. Whether the actual birthday is celebrated with fun and fanfare or not, celebrants’ day is made special by the outpouring of gifts, prayers and good wishes they receive from their families, friends and well-wishers. This is what makes a birthday anniversary ultra special!

A mother is special and dear to one’s heart. A mother in law is just as special, deserving of the same sincere affection, respect and honour due to your mother. She is the reason you have a treasure for a wife or husband. She’s the vehicle of fortune that brought peace and joy to your home. A child is often a reflection of his/her upbringing. A man or woman is a product of his childhood training and experiences.

It’s your mother in law’s birthday, it’s time to make her day beautiful and meaningful with happy birthday prayers. Praying to God on her behalf is one way of making her happy. Lifting her before God in supplication is much more than only what money can buy. It’s the age when prayers are well appreciated.

You’ve made provisions to make her day wonderful, it’s time to back it up with prayers and good wishes. Do you care to make your choice of appropriate 2023 happy birthday prayers to your amazing mother in law? Have fun taking your pick birthday prayers for your mother in law.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Mother-in-Law

Best of birthday wishes and birthday prayer messages for mother-in-law from son-in-Law and daughter-in-Law. Make your mother-in-law turned mother feel grateful for having you as a son or daughter on her birthday.

1. A special day for a special woman of honour. A mother in Israel, a mother to all. Dear mama, you’re such a delightful soul! Loving, kind and supportive. You aren’t my mother in law, you are my mother in love. You have such a large heart. On this special day of yours, may the Lord bless you with sound health, sound mind, peace and joy. May He give you a long life to enjoy your children’s children. May you become more relevant as you increase in age. In the mighty name of Jesus, your wisdom shall increase, evil shall be far from you. It shall be a new year of more testimonies for you, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, sweet mother like no other!

2. People call you an iron lady. I know you as a strict, no-nonsense loving woman. The joy I experience daily in my home is as a result of the product of the strict upbringing you gave my husband. Dearest mother, my heart blesses you! May the Lord my God bless and reward your labour of love with long life, good health, sound mind and stupendous blessings. May you live to reap the fruits of your labour upon us your children. May you age gracefully, in Jesus’ name. Your children’s children shall call you blessed! Have an awesome day, ma.

3. You are one of the special blessings I have in my life. Sweet mummy, I bless God for giving me such a wonderful second mother. You’re worth more than gold and all the treasure in the world. May the Lord bless you and be with you, mum. May He listen to the voice of your supplication. When you call Him, He will hasten to respond to you. Dear Lord, grant my heartfelt prayers concerning my dearest mum, give her good health, strength and vitality. May she spend the rest of her days in joy and peace. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Happy birthday, mum.

4. Saying you are the best mother in law in the world, is no exaggeration. You’re a great pillar of support for my husband and I. We adore you, mummy. You are the joy of eternal generation, a genuine mother with a great heart. My heart blesses you today. May this new year bring showers of blessings upon you. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places and the Lord will secure your lot. Everything that makes you happy will never give you cause for worry in Jesus name. We love and appreciate you, mummy. Happy birthday to you, ma.

5. A wonderful birthday celebration to my amazing and great mother in law, like no other. You are a rare breed, mummy. An amazon! Thank you for singlehandedly bringing up my beautiful wife and her siblings. You are blessed, ma. May you live to enjoy the fruits of your hard labour. May the fruit bring joy and satisfaction. In the mighty name of Jesus, you shall be adorned with great honour. Your eyes shall see only good, no evil news shall come to you. May you continue to enjoy the blessings of God in the lives your children, amen. Have a beautiful new year.

6. To a most wonderful and caring mother in law, I wish you the happiest birthday ever! I feel extremely blessed to be part of your family. I counted myself lucky the first time you gave me the biggest and warmest hug in history, to welcome me into the family. Dearest mother, you are blessed ma. No evil shall come upon you, no scourge will come near your dwelling. You shall live long and well, to declare the glory of the Lord in the land of the living. When others are saying there’s a casting down for them, then you’ll arise and declare a lifting up. Love you, ma.

7. Happy birthday to a mother in law like no other! Did I just say in law? No, mummy! You are my second mother. You didn’t just accept me into the family, I WAC welcomed and treated like your blood daughter. I love, mummy. On this special day of yours, may the Lord bless you lavishly. May He gladden your heart with every secret desire of yours. May your joy know no bounds as you increase on every side. People diminishes in their old age, mama, you’re an exception to that rule. You’ll grow wiser, smarter, and healthier. It shall be a year of all-round blessings. Lots of love from your grandchildren!

8. Happy birthday to a beautiful, strict but loving mother. Thank you for giving me a perfect husband, your son. He’s an exceptional man because you an extraordinary mother. I’m so proud to call you my mother in law. God bless you, mummy. May the dew of heaven fall upon you, refresh you, and strengthen you. In the name of Jesus, your joy shall be multiplied. You shall be continually relevant. You shall rejoice over your children and grandchildren. You shall not sorrow over any of us. Have a beautiful new year, ma.

9. Happy birthday to a special woman of honour and valour. Dearest mother in love, for all your selfless acts of service, may the Lord increase you on every side. You shall go from strength to strength. May the divine power of God envelope and protect you. None of the diseases of old age shall touch you. You shall age with grace, fresher, healthier, fitter and better. He will be your ever-present help in trouble. Your joy shall he continually filled with inexplicable joy. Congratulations, ma.

10. Happy birthday to the kindest, most accomplished mother in law in the world! You’re loving, kind and extremely beautiful in all its description. Your children call you blessed! We that are adopted by you by marriage declare you extraordinarily blessed! Dearest mother by law, mummy by choice, may the lied fortify you with His grace. May He shower you with His goodness and answer you speedily when you call on Him. We celebrate you, ma.

11. I remembered the first time I met you. I was tongued tied and filled with trepidation, awed by your very presence. I was just an upcoming humble young man, with nothing but love to offer your daughter and a future that I was sure would befit a Princess. A gracious Queen that you are, you put me totally at ease. Welcomed me with your charming smile and made me feel like a Price. Dearest mother, you’re exceptionally beautiful! Gracious, kind, loving and honourable.

12. May the Lord heap His favour on you. At His command, may the universe be kind to you. In this new year, may the Lord go ahead of you. He’ll smoothen every crooked path and open doors of greatness for you. He will bless your going out and prosper your coming in. The Lord shall keep His angels charge of you, to protect you from every harm. I cover every second in every minute of every hour, in each day of your new year, in the precious blood of Jesus. I surround you with walls of fire and angels. No evil shall penetrate or cut short your life, in Jesus name. Enjoy an awesome time in God’s presence.

13. My beautiful mother in love, on this special day of yours, may the Lord bless you from above, and cause His face to shine upon you. May He be gracious to you, and bless you with the abundance of His household. May the Lord hear all your prayers and grant all you the desires of your heart. The mercy of God shall speak for you in the day of trouble. The Lord shall keep you from all evil; His banner of love over you shall keep you safe at all times. Happy birthday, ma.

14. Today is the day the Lord has made; I rejoice with you, my beautiful damsel! Happy birthday, dear mother. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. May God watch over you and everything that concerns you. May He keep you as the apple of His eyes, and shield you from all evil. This new year, I hide your life with Christ in God. Lines shall fall upon you in pleasant places, your lot shall be secured in Jesus name. May the Lord shower you with His unfailing mercy, unchanging grace and unlimited blessings in Jesus name.

15. Sweetest mother in law! Mother to everyone! From today on, the windows and doors of heaven shall be opened to you; there shall be an outpouring of God’s showers of blessings upon you. Men and angels shall favour you. May the Lord bless you with more wisdom, increase your knowledge and grant you more understanding, in Jesus name. When you call for one, thousands shall respond to your needs. Your grey hairs shall fill you with joy, not sorrow, all the days of your life. Happy birthday, ma.

16. Happy birthday, my children’s adorable grandma. Today is a very special day for all of us because you mean the world to us. Thanks so much for accepting me wholeheartedly as your daughter in law! I cherish you. May the Lord crown your beautiful head with the oil of gladness, goodness and favour. I pray that God will decorate you with His mercy, honour and grace. In this season and the rest to come, the Lord shall give you unbroken seasons of rejoicing in Jesus awesome name.

17. A wonderful birthday wishes to a rare gem. My husband is an ideal soulmate because you’re an exceptional destiny moulder. My daughter’s darling grandmother, I wish you a new year filled with resounding testimonies, overflowing blessings, unlimited favour and extravagant grace. May the excellent spirit of God be liberally poured upon you and distinguish you for more outstanding achievements. Have a beautiful day, ma!

18. I celebrate you now and forever, mum! I am proud to have two awesome mothers. My own mum and you, my mum in love and law. Thank you for accepting me so unreservedly and for all the things you’ve patiently taught me. So, I pray for you today, that you shall move from glory to glory. Whatever new venture you lay your hands upon shall prosper. Your future glory shall exceed your past achievements. The Lord will daily load you with benefits and keep you as the apple of His eyes. His mercy shall encompass you and peace like a river will flood your soul. Cheers, ma!

19. Happy birthday, my beautiful mother in law. You are my second mummy the day you accepted me as your daughter. A cheerful teacher with life’s valuable lessons at her fingertips! Thank you for mentoring me. I love you. A huge congratulations to you, ma! May you live to celebrate more beautiful years in sound health. You will enjoy God’s goodness and favour all the days of your life. Every part of your body shall be renewed. None shall fail you. You shall be as strong as the unicorn. It’s a great honour to share this beautiful day with you. Have a wonderful new year, mummy.

20. My heart is full of joy, I feel like singing and dancing to a melody of thanksgiving. It’s my darling mother in law’s birthday! A brand new day in a brand new year heralds a new chapter filled with promises and hope. The day breaks bright and beautiful: it is a sign of wonderful things ahead. Happy birthday, my dearest mother in law. The joy of the Lord shall be your strength. His light will shine upon your ways. When the enemy of your soul comes against you like a flood, the Spirit of the living God shall raise a standard. You shall live out your years in good health, sound mind and surplus provisions in Jesus name. Enjoy your day, ma.

Even when you have a cranky mother in law, her birthday is a special time to celebrate your beloved spouse’s mother. Hard hearts get melted by loving words and prayers. Just like these:

21. Happy birthday, my exemplary mother in law. A woman of principle and integrity. An excellent role model. Thank you for always being there for your daughter and I. Your sound counsels are priceless. Your generous love is unrivalled. I can’t wait for you to teach and impact my children. May the Lord crown the new year with favour, grace, mercy and joy for you. You will never diminish, your value shall increase to infinity. You will live out the rest of your days in sound health, sound mind and peace. Have a lovely day, mama.

22. Happy birthday, ma. On this special day of yours, I lift you up before the Lord, I speak His mercy and favour into your life in Jesus’ name. You shall continue to fulfil purpose and live a blessed life. You will not grow tired or weary in doing good. May you continue to be relevant. May the Lord’s angels watch over you. Thank you for treating me as a member of the family from the first moment my wife introduced us. I was feeling so nervous but you graciously put me at ease. You are wonderful, my second mummy. Have a joyous day, ma.

23. Happy birthday, ma. The Lord shall be your refuge, your strength and your shield in the day of trouble. You shall escape every plan and plot of the wicked. You will escape the snare of the evil ones. You shall not retire to expire, the Lord will empower you to do greater exploits in Jesus name! Have a beautiful new year, dear mother in law!

24. Happy birthday, mother dearest. An uncommon in law with uncommon strength, love and grace. You shall be blessed above all people. God will clothe you with the garment of honour. In Jesus name, your mouth shall be filled with songs of praise. You will continue to be a blessing to your generation, ours and your grand children’s. We celebrate you, our rare gem.

25. Happy birthday to an Amazon! A one-man squad! A breeder of rare gems! Dear mother in law here is wishing you a year filled with tremendous blessings, unending favour, unlimited joy and extravagant grace. The Lord will continually satisfy you with good health, prosperity and long life. Your sun will not set in your prime and all your expectations shall be fulfilled in Jesus name. Have a great year ahead, ma. Cheers!

26. Happy birthday, my gorgeous, always on point, mother in law, mother in love and mother in life! May the Lord keep you and preserve you. May He keep you from evil, protect, guard and guide you. May this new year bring seasons of laughter, joy and exponential blessings to you and all your children. Have an awesome new year, ma!

27. Dearest mother in law, on this special day of yours; I wish you a lifetime of happiness, inexhaustible supply of favour, unlimited blessings and a variety of all that your heart earnestly desires. May we, your children, continually give you joy. You will not sorrow over any of your children. Happy birthday, ma. My husband, children and I love you loads!!

28. Happy birthday, dear mummy. Thank you for taking me as your own son. May the good Lord bless you in all areas of your life. Your cup of joy shall overflow and your fountain of blessings shall never dry up in Jesus name. You are blessed, ma!

29. May your glow never dim, dear mummy. May you continue to shine and dominate. Your garment of glory shall shine brightly. It will not fade, tear or get stained, in Jesus name. Here’s wishing you a well-spent long life, in good and sound health. You are blessed today and forever. Happy birthday, ma!

30. Here is wishing an extraordinary mother a most wonderful birthday celebration ever! May God continue to be with you. He will bless you and strengthen you. His glory will be your rear guard, and His abiding presence shall encompass you. Your lot shall be secured, mummy. Happy birthday, sweet mother. You surpassed the ‘in-law’ brand! You are the real deal, ma!

31. Thank you for giving me the most precious gift in my life. Thank you for entrusting me your beautiful daughter. May the unction of God flow ceaselessly upon your life. When you need the Lord, His abiding presence shall be with you. Happy birthday. Enjoy your day.

32. Happy birthday, my gem of a mother in law. We appreciate your sacrifices and labour of love. We cherish you, mummy. May the Lord be with you and grant you every desire of your heart. Have a fantastic birthday, mother!

33. Another day of celebration is here, again! I cover your life, home and work in the blood of Jesus. You shall not share in the wickedness of others. You shall always escape every evil plans, plots, arrows, imaginations and snare. You will continue to triumph over all life’s travail. Happy birthday, mummy! You rock!

34. This new year, the joy of the Lord shall be your unfailing strength. You’ll go out in peace and come back rejoicing. The Lord will be your shield, shade and shelter. He will prosper the work of your hands. All your heart’s desires will meet with God’s favour. May God bless you with much joy. It shall be well with you. Cheers to my dearest mother in law.

35. As the Lord graciously add another year to your age, may He give you the grace to enjoy peace and happiness. Happy birthday, my sweetest mum in law. Love you, ma!

36. To the most charming, caring and loving mother in law in the universe; I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration! May the Lord bless you a thousandfold. May He decorate you with greater honour and glory. May your joy be full and overflow. Cheers, ma!

37. This year, you’ll experience the supernatural hand of God in your life, home and business. Miracle upon miracles shall be your lot. Your packages of joy shall keep rolling in till you become overwhelmed. Happy birthday to my special mother in law! Love you loads, ma.

38. Happy birthday, dearest mother in law. You’re the rainbow that beautifies our horizon. May the Lord bless you non-stop. Today shall mark a new season of good tidings for you. You shall know no pain or sorrow in Jesus name. Congratulations, ma! We adore you.

39. May the Lord reward you with the abundance of His storehouse, mummy. May He single you out for special favour. Every season of life from now on shall be good for you. May the Lord bless you bountifully. Happy birthday, my beloved mother in law. You are so special that words aren’t enough to describe you. We all appreciate your ceaseless care. We love you, ma.

40. Happy birthday, mummy. May you always stay happy, vibrant and healthy. May the Lord bless you and gladden your heart. May He give you good health and a sound mind. Thank you for your relentless efforts in making my home with your son peaceful. Thank you for being an adorable grandma to our children. Have a spectacular day, ma!

41. To my perfect gift from God, beautiful birthday wishes to you. Your darling daughter is the best version of yourself. You’re such a treasure, ma. May the Lord perfect all that concerns you and fulfil all his promises to you. There shall be a performance; none of His words shall fall to the ground in Jesus’ name. Have a wonderful birthday, ma!

42. May the living God breathe His very life into you. May He refresh your soul always and grant you the desires of your heart. Happy birthday, second mum. I love you.

43. May the Lord be with you, and protect you this new year. May His mighty hands rest upon you. in Jesus name. Happy birthday, dear mother in law. We all love you.

44. Best wishes to our dearest mum. The Lord will satisfy you with long life, peace of mind, and sound health to enjoy the rest of your days, in Jesus name. He will renew your youth like the eagle. Happy Birthday, ma! We wish you many happy returns.

45. Happy birthday to our beloved mummy. Continue to swim in God’s glory. Your strength will not fail in the day of adversity. Lots of love from us with loads of kisses from your grandchildren. Cheers, ma!

46. A glorious birthday wishes to my amazing mother in love. You are love impersonated! May the Lord continue to bestow more grace, wisdom, goodness and greater glory upon you. May God perfect all that concerns you and transform your dreams into reality. Congratulations, ma!

47. Happy birthday, mummy. The Lord shall perfect your healing in Jesus name. Your health shall flourish like a palm tree. You shall be of sound mind. This new year, your strength shall be renewed like the eagles. You’ll recover every lost territory. There shall be no loss recorded of your blessings. Have a great day, ma’am.

48. Happy birthday to the most amazing mother in law in the whole world! You are a living witness of selfless love and endless sacrifices. A mother to all: caring, generous and supportive. Our pillar of strength when life gave us a knockdown. Mummy, may the Lord give you special gifts and lots of testimonies this new year. You shall live long and well to enjoy the fruit of your labour. It shall be a year of all-round blessings for you. Congrats, ma!

49. Happy birthday, my darling mother. I find it impossible to call you my in law. You aren’t just a priceless treasure, but you are an angel, ma. Thank you for always inspiring me. Thank you for being a good role model. May the Lord grant you more wisdom, grace and unction to fulfil all your purpose. I love you to distraction, mum!

50. Happy birthday, dear mother law. I can not define what you mean to us. You are so loving and adorable, a real gem! I pray for you this morning, your peace shall be great! Enjoy God’s abundant favour today and always, mother dearest!

51. You are such a blessing to this family, dear mother in love. You are a real blessing! May He show you mercy, favour and extraordinary grace for great exploits. Have a blessed birthday celebration, ma!

52. A special day, starting on a special note on a very special person’s birthday. Happy birthday, dear mother in law. You are an amazing woman. It’s clear where my wife got her beauty, brains and character from. Mummy, may the Lord bless you today and always. May He level all mountains and smoothen all crooked paths in your way. May He give you fresh wings to soar through life’s adversity. May He make your latter end more glorious than the previous, in Jesus’ name. Happy birthday, ma.

53. I wish you a lifetime of favour, sound health, blessings, peace and love. May you continue to enjoy God’s special favour all the days of your life. The Lord shall give you uncountable reasons to rejoice. Happy birthday, darling mummy.

54. Mother dearest, you’re such a special bundle of blessings. You doubled as my mother and mother in law! A seasoned counsellor, advisor and life guide. You’ve brought so much joy to our hearts with your simplicity; you certainly deserve the best from the throne of grace. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and be mightily gracious unto you. He’ll give you cause to laugh, sing and dance this new year. Your expectations shall be surpassed, in Jesus name. Happy birthday, ma. Have a fantastic day: the bill is on us!

55. Happy birthday to my children’s favourite grandma. The Lord shall bless you exceedingly in Jesus’ name. Your life shall not be cut off; the Lord shall keep you safe till your grey hair. Have a wonderful day.

56. Happy birthday, mother dearest. May this year be filled with music, love and laughter. Promotion, upliftment, unprecedented breakthrough and unlimited joy shall be your portion in Jesus name.

57. Happy birthday, ma. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace this new year. May God bless you lavishly today and always. You’re a rare breed, limited edition mother in law. We love you Cheers!

58. Happy birthday, mum. Calling you, mother in law seems lame and inappropriate. You received me warmly as your own daughter and helped me to navigate marriage treacherous path. May you enjoy God’s extravagant grace today and forever. Thank you for being every shade of awesome. Lots of love from all of us!

59. Happy birthday, mother in law of distinction. This new year, your root shall go deep down into the fertile soil of God’s love, and your leaves shall spread forth on every side. You shall bear more fruit of eternal glory in season, in Jesus’ name.

60. Happy birthday to my dearest mother in law! Your daughter has brought so much joy to my life, my heart blesses you, mum. May the Lord establish you firmly, bless the work of your hands and enlarge your coast. Life has different seasons; may you enjoy God’s abundant grace in all seasons of your life. Congratulations!

61. May this day bring unlimited joy, unprecedented blessings and endless grace to you, and always. Happy birthday, my darling mother in law. You’re such Have a spectacular day, ma!

62. The Lord shall keep you safe in the day of trouble. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. May the Lord command His blessings upon you and satisfy your desires with good things. Happy birthday, mother dearest! The in-law bit was snatched the day you received me as your son. You redefined and refined the ‘in-law’ with an admirable flourish. Have a great day, ma.

63. Dearest mother in law, you aren’t just a year older, you’re smarter, cuter and better! The Lord shall keep you safe from all evil. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Have a blissful day!

64. Hurray! I can’t keep quiet: it’s my beloved mother in-law’s birthday celebration. As I celebrate you on this side of eternity, may the host of heaven rejoice over you. May the Lord delight in you and bless you mightily. Happy birthday, my lovely dove!

65. Happy birthday, dear mummy. A mother you are, in law you’re not! May the Lord set you apart for His glory. May your river of joy flow unhindered. May the Lord increase you on every side and exalt your horn like that of the unicorn. It’s a year of overflow: of blessings, favour and all that your heart desires. May the Lord restore your peace and joy.

66. You are a distinguished mother in law to be proud of! Your relentless desire is to see us doing well in life. Thank you for the business connections, countless gifts, and constant prayers to bring us to this level. You’re highly appreciated and loved, mummy. I do not feel the keen sense of loss over my mother’s demise, any more. You’re her able replacement. May the Lord grant you endless happiness for your kindness and give you reasons to always smile. Happy birthday, sweet mother.

67. Happy birthday to a gentle soul with a heart of gold. Beloved mother in law, I wish you many happy returns. Thank you for being a constant source of stability and peace in my home. May the Lord remember your good deeds and reward you with deeds with stupendous blessings. May you never know a single day of sorrow. Have a beautiful day

68. Happy birthday to a dazzling beauty! You’re an amazing woman to have as a mother in law. I do not only count myself as lucky to have you and your family take me in as one of your own. I didn’t just marry a good man, I gained a whole family of loving people. I wish you a new year filled with joy, devoid of sorrow and everything your heart desires. Have a wonderful celebration!

69. Happy birthday to a fascinating mother in law. You are fun-loving, happiness dispensing, caring mother. I pray God will keep your heart pure with joy. We love you, mummy. Have a fabulous celebration!

70. To a distinct woman of extraordinary grace, happy birthday to you. From my mouth to the ears of the Lord, is an earnest prayer to give you the best from the abundance of His treasure house. Happy birthday, my dearest mother in law. Wish you the best with love.

71. When I need someone to pray or share a deep burden with, for me it’s you, my dear mother in law.
Happy birthday dearest mother and prayer warrior! May God grant you an abundance of peace, the fullness of joy, long life and godly wealth. May your days be filled with pleasures of His grace and mercy. The longer you live, the brighter you will shine for Jesus. You will finish this race strong and very well in Jesus’ name. May this year be your best year yet. Many happy returns of today.

72. Celebrating my super wonderful mother in law, mentor and solid support system on her special day. As God adds another year to your age today, I proclaim open heavens over your life and ministry. I decree ease and God’s divine favour on all your ways. The dividing lines will hence fall for you in pleasant places. Happy birthday, ma.

73. Dear mother in law, you’re my special gift from God and my priceless package from my husband. You fit into every reliable and heartwarming relationship I have ever longed, with an older mentor. l decree mountains shall bow down for you, valleys shall be filled and all crooked ways shall be made straight for you in Jesus’ name. Henceforth, the dividing lines will fall for you in pleasant places, and your lot shall be secured. Dear mama, continue to shine for your light has come and the glory of God has risen upon you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Happy birthday, ma.

74. Happy birthday, my children’s darling grandma! We rejoice with you as you celebrate your birthday today. May you prosper like the palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon. We wish you many more glorious years ahead. We love you dearly.

75. Happy birthday to my super-duper second mother. I’m giddy with excitement to celebrate a woman of substance. A woman of timber and calibre. Bespoke qualities. Ultra special. Kindness personified. An embodiment of love and sheer goodness. Absolute pure heart. May God bestow His blessings upon you today and always. May He keep you as the apple of His eyes. Have a lovely celebration!

76. It’s your birthday, ma’am, and I choose to express my gratitude. Thank you for your unflinching support when life dealt my family a rough hand. Thank you for your help, advice and love. We rode the high storms of life challenges to the point of a breakthrough with you as our angel. You aren’t my wife’s mother, you are mine as well! Mummy, we love you. May the Lord reward your good heart with the best of His storehouse. Happy birthday, mother. You’re mightily blessed, ma!

77. A rare gem, that’s what you are, mummy. You love me unconditionally. My faults are nonexistent as far as you’re concerned. You indulge my many whims and fancies like I’m your last daughter. I know I am. Marrying your son was my legal adoption into your beautiful heart. Your love makes my world go round, smooth and nice. Thanks, mama! I love you massively! May the Lord bless you richly. May He continually set you apart for His favour. Happy birthday, darling mother. You’re the best!

78. Having such an awesome woman as my mother in law is a privilege I wouldn’t trade for all the gold in the world. This new year, your peace shall be great. Your joy shall be full. Your blessings shall know no limit. You’re mightily blessed, ma! Happy birthday, mother.

79. Happy birthday, dear mother. This new year, the Almighty God will counsel you with His eye upon you in every step you take from this moment and beyond. When you call on the Lord for anything, He shall answer you. May the Lord continually protect, preserve and watch over you. May He fulfil your heart desires, and direct your path in every situation of life, in Jesus mighty name.

80. Happy birthday, my unforgettable mother in law. I appreciate your selfless sacrifices in building my family. You’re a priceless treasure! As you start this new year, the seal of God will preserve you. The Host of Heaven will watch over you. Your sun will rise and the heavens shall open to you. The Lord God will engrave your name in the heart of destiny helpers and you will receive favours without measures in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

81. Happy birthday, mummy. You’re the world’s best mother! I love you. Thank you for taking the pains of being motherless away from my heart. This new year, may the Lord show Himself strong and mighty on your behalf. The Lord will shine His face on you and cause you to rejoice. You will find favour before God and man and this will ensure your speedy movement to the top. God will release His angels to cause people to bless you now and always. Your long time expectations shall manifest and all things will work together for your good in Jesus name.

82. Happy birthday to the best mom ever! Your son got his world-class caring method from you! You are beautiful! Thank you for training my husband to be an ideal husband. This is the day the Lord has made and we shall rejoice and be glad in it. The hands of the Almighty God shall abide with you. It shall be well with your going out and your coming in. You shall no longer have a better yesterday because God shall daily supply and surpass all your needs. Whatever represents defeat in your life, the Lord will by His mercy turn it to victory and you will rejoice in Jesus name.

83. Since the first day I came into your family, I’ve enjoyed the privileges and joys of being treated as your daughter. Dear mother in love, you are a blessing! I love you without reservation. Happy birthday to you, ma. May God continually deliver you and keep you in His pavilion. No evil shall know your address and no pestilence will be able to locate your abode! Mercy will be your garment and joy will be your crown, in Jesus Name!!!

84. Happy birthday, dearest mother in law. Thank you so much for trusting me with your precious. daughter, I will surely not disappoint. May the Lord fill your cup of joy to the brim till overflows. May He bless you with all that you desire. In the name of Jesus, may you always have reasons to celebrate His goodness. Have fun, mom. We’re coming over to make it happen.

85. On a day like this, reflection and appreciation are in order. Thank you for being an inspiration. Thank you for your unflinching support and encouragement. Thank you for accepting me exactly the way I am. More importantly, thank you for raising an exceptional son, who happens to be my amazing husband. I look forward to you teaching our children valuable lessons from your wealth of experience. Happy birthday to a mother, who was my in-law, but now my second mother for life. May the lure bless your good heart lavishly.

86. You’re a beautiful woman, mum! Stunning, elegant and ageless! Your real beauty is your loving heart, radiating from within. Your generosity is matchless! Your kindness is legendary! Dear mother, I gladly strip you from the needless in law in addressing you, you’re my mother through and through. How can I not love you? Happy birthday, my darling mother. May you be as mightily blessed as you do to me.

87. A wonderful birthday wishes to the most beautiful woman with the most generous heart in the universe! You are a pure delight, mom. A real angel of blessing! As you a year younger today, my prayer is that God will continue to make your light to shine. You shall move from glory to glory in Jesus name.

88. A zillion thanks to the best second mother in the world. Happy birthday, sweet mom. May the Lord shower you with the desires of your heart, in Jesus awesome name.

89. Sending you massive love and best wishes on your birthday, ma. I know God loves me deeply when He gave me two amazing mothers. How can I define perfect with a rare gem as a husband? May the Lord reward your labour of love plentifully. You’ll live in good health and a sound mind. In Jesus name, God shall give you a new song to sing. Happy birthday, mom!

90. Happy birthday, mother. You are not s typical mother in law. You don’t fit any stereotype. You’re completely special all by yourself. A great mother! A wonderful grandmother. A prayer warrior! God bless you real good, ma’am.

91. Happy birthday, dear mother.
Starting from this moment, your little shall move from thousands to zillions. God will give you a divine encounter before this year runs out that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Anything that slows you down, is removed. And above all, God will make you surprisingly and exceedingly great. You will sing your songs of victory in every area of your life in Jesus wonderful name.

92. It’s your birthday, mom! You’re a star, deserving of celebration!! May the Lord give you cause to celebrate. Your mouth will be filled with praises and your heart with thanksgiving. Cheers to a brand new year. We love you, ma.

93. When I think about you, what comes to mind is ‘Dependability’. It’s your birthday, dearest mom. No word is good enough to sufficiently describe you. You are a special breed! Loving, kind, dependable mother of all time! A beautiful birthday to you, mother of my husband, my second mom. May your sunrise and the heavens open its blessings to you. May the mighty hand of God wrought great miracles for you in Jesus name. Congratulations, ma!

94. Mother after my heart, happy birthday to you. This day and forever, God will grant you answers that will terminate every trouble. The victory of God will swallow battles before they get to you and the riches of God will arrest any need that may be standing against you. Powers fetching your waters without replenishment will die. God will judge any power repaying you evil for good. Your reward will be larger than your labour in Jesus mighty name.

95. To the best mother in law, happy birth to you. I love you. May this year be full of new testimonies in Jesus name.

96. Straight from my heart to the best mother in love ever, happy birthday to you. The Mercy of God will re-write your story and make you a bigger bundle of success. While others are planning to retire, men and women will beg you to occupy positions you are not qualified for and you will operate under Open Heavens for great exploits in the mighty name of Jesus.

97. You are a godsend, mother. You’re the answers to all my secret prayers about an ideal mother in law. Loving, kind, caring and compassionate, you exceeded my expectations! Happy birthday, mom. May your strength be renewed like the eagles. May you experience God’s abundant blessing, in Jesus name.

98. The movie world is wrong, after all! You’re my evidence, mom. Great mothers in law exist and thrive. You lead the endangered specie! You’re a delight to have as a mother in law. As a matter of fact, I should get sued for calling in law! You’re my mom through and through. The one I never had, as mine died at birth. God bless you lavishly for all you do to make life a wonderful experience for us. May you receive a million fold of your good works. Happy birthday, ma. You rock!

99. Happy birthday to my children’s favourite grandma. We love you.
This new year, your destiny shall be refreshed and your youth, renewed. He will heal you of all past disappointments and repair your broken heart. God will lead your path to permanent blessings in Jesus name.

100. Happy birthday to my special gift from God. Dearest mother in law, you mean the world to us. I hereby denounce the law to declare you mine by love! Thank you for rearing an amazing son. He’s an exemplary husband. Mom, the source of your living waters shall be purified. You will flourish, prosper and be evergreen. Your children’s children shall call you blessed in Jesus name.

It’s been a real pleasure writing this piece! I hope you’re also delighted in making your choice. Women are the salt of the world: mothers are priceless treasures.

We are what we are today because of their love, training, discipline and sacrifices! They may have all the money and material comfort in the world, but they can never have enough of our love, appreciation and care.

Trust you made her day extra special!

Kindly share this post with your friends and loved ones. Help them to celebrate their mothers in law.

Do you have comments or questions? You are free to drop them. I will be glad to hear from you. Thank you.

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